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Provincial Industrial School for Boys
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Correspondence and other material

  • GR-2956
  • Series
  • 1912-1919

Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper cuttings and tenders (accepted and rejected) for provisioning the institutions under the jurisdiction of the Inspector of Gaols: Provincial Industrial School for Boys (1913-1918), Provincial Industrial School for Girls (1914-1919) Kamloops Gaol (1912-1918), Nanaimo Gaol (1913-1914), Nelson Gaol (1913-1918), New Westminster Gaol (1913-1918), Oakalla Prison Farm (1913-1918), Saanich Prison Farm (1915-1917) and the Victoria Gaol (1912-1914).

British Columbia. Superintendent of Police

Provincial secretary correspondence

  • GR-0344
  • Series
  • 1917-1926

This series consists of correspondence inward and outward, and interdepartmental memos of the Provincial Secretary, pertaining to provincial mental health care institutions, mothers' pensions, child welfare, and adoption laws from 1918-1926.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Provincial Industrial School for Boys records

  • GR-0491
  • Series
  • 1919-1977

This series consists of Provincial Industrial School for Boys records, 1919-1977. Records include correspondence of the principal of the school 1926-1942, case summaries of students 1970-1977 and lists of students 1919-1977. For the period 1974-1977, females are listed as well as males.

Provincial Industrial School for Boys

Boys' Industrial School Inquiry records

  • GR-1424
  • Series
  • 1930-1944

This series contains records from the Boys Industrial School Inquiry. Commissioners C.W. Topping and Eric Pepler were appointed January 12, 1934 to investigate and report upon the administration of the Provincial Industrial School for Boys. The records include the original letters of complaint from the staff, the proceedings, evidence and exhibits presented at the proceedings, and correspondence of the commissioners and the Provincial Secretary regarding the inquiry. The records also include a file regarding an investigation at the Colony Farm (Essondale) in the same year and a report of the Superintendent of the Provincial Industrial School for Boys in 1944.

British Columbia. Boys' Industrial School Inquiry (1934)

Deputy Provincial Secretary records

  • GR-0497
  • Series
  • 1930-1946

This series consists of the personal files of the Deputy Provincial Secretary, Paschal de Noe Walker, 1930-1946. Records deal with health and welfare facilities (hospitals, industrial schools, etc.), social services, elections, libraries, museums and a variety of other programmes and services administered by the Provincial Secretary's department.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Provincial Secretary executive records

  • GR-0496
  • Series
  • 1929-1947

This series consists of executive records of the Provincial Secretary, covering a wide variety of topics. The Provincial Secretary's department was responsible for a broad range of legislation and activities - including the civil service, provincial elections and (until 1946) health and welfare services. These records comprise part of the former Provincial Secretary's Central Registry. This registry consisted of general correspondence, policy directives, branch reports, inter-departmental memoranda, circulars, grant applications, and a host of miscellaneous documents.

The finding aid consists of two parts. Part I is a box/file list showing the original order and arrangement of the records. The records fall into six categories or subseries:

A. General correspondence: correspondence inward (with replies), reports, circulars, etc.
B. Appointments: correspondence, commissions, oaths of allegiance of coroners, magistrates, and other appointed officials.
C. Resident Physicians: correspondence re: grants paid to physicians in isolated communities
D. Grants: correspondence and reports pertaining to grants paid to various community groups and charitable organizations, service clubs, etc.
E. Workmen's Compensation Board: circulars, etc.
F. Contemporary card indexes: alphabetical subject index cards. Part II: Subject Index

Part II of this finding aid consists of a subject index compiled by the Provincial Archives of BC. The index indicates the main topics or subject areas - e.g. Provincial Infirmary, Elections, Industrial Schools, etc. which are documented in GR-0496. The index does not claim to be comprehensive or exhaustive, but it should help researchers to locate documents which concern particular institutions or activities.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Correspondence and reports from Department of Provincial Secretary

  • GR-1665
  • Series
  • 1887-1953

This series contains miscellaneous correspondence and reports. These records were originally a part of the Provincial Secretary's central registry but, for reasons unknown, became separated from the department's main files. A wide variety of subjects are addressed in these records.

Many of the records in this unit concern investigations carried out under the authority of the Departmental Inquiries Act and the Public Inquiries Act. Many relate to conditions in public institutions and activities of government employees. Many inquiries relate to hospitals and schools in the province, including Vernon Mental Hospital, Tranquille Sanatorium, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and Provincial Mental Hospital at Essondale. Other inquiries and Commissions include bribery of the Liquor Control Board, the Beban Mine disaster, Royal Commission on Dominion Provincial Relations, Inquiry into the death of John Meredith Sweeney and the state and management of the Quartermaster Stores of the Provincial Police Force.

The records also relate to child welfare programs, including the general management of the Provincial Industrial School for Boys and to the Girls' Industrial School, ca. 1930-1945. Additional documents in this collection relate to subjects such as squatters' claims at the Granville Townsite [Vancouver (1887)], to the Fraser River Flood Relief programme (1894), applications for seed, the Victoria Consolidated Hydraulic Mining Co., government perquisites, legislation, estates, and to proposed sites for the University of British Columbia (1910). "Anti-Oriental" petitions and voting returns of the 1924 beer-by-the-glass plebiscite also included.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary