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Great Northern Railway Co.

Correspondence, 1905, Robert (Robin) W. Dunsmuir to James J. Hill soliciting financial aid to purchase the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway from James Dunsmuir thereby preventing the purchase of the railway by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

Photocopy presented by David Wilkie, Victoria, 1976. Original in the possession of the Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Great Northern Railway Company

Hudson's Bay Company

Standing rules and regulations of the H.B.C.'s fur trade established by the Council for the Northern Department of Rupert's Land.

Presented by J.A. Pearce, 1974.

Hudson's Bay Company

Hudson's Bay Company. Archives.

Finding aid to HBC records on microfilm in the Public Archives of Canada: section A, Headquarters records; section B, post records; section C, Ships' logs, books and papers.

Presented by the Public Archives of Canada, 1972.

Hudson's Bay Company. Archives

Hudson's Bay Company. Archives

Hudson's Bay Company Archives microfilm register for reels 1199 to 17M12. The register lists documents filmed from1988 to 1996 in classification number order and gives a description, inclusive dates, number of frames, etc. for each document. For microfilm of earlier registers see MS-2053. Series listed include post 1870 London Office correspondence, post journals, 1905-1949; post correspondence inward and account books, 1870; ships records; Governor's papers and Commissioner's office papers, private records; Land Department deed copy books, 1870-; French government correspondence, 1904-; maps and pre-1870 atlases.

Purchased from the HBC Archives, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1997.

Finding aid: see finding aid for MS-0855.

Hudson's Bay Company. Archives

Hudson's Bay Company Archives microfilm registers

HBC Archives microfilm registers, vols 1-10, listing in HBCA classification number order for documents microfilmed between 1950 and 1984. For each document the registers give series and reel number, HBCA classification number, brief description, dates, date received for filming and number of frames, and notes. HBC records 1670-1870 with the exception of maps, post 1870 London records, to ca. 1919, and Post Journals and correspondence copy books to ca. 1910 are listed.

Presented by the HBC Archives, Winnipeg, 1985.

Finding aid: list of reels which are available on inter library loan; table of contents to microfilm registers; note on HBCA by HBCA, 1979; extract from Public Archives of Canada description of HBC records on microfilm. Researchers may also want to consult "Finding aid to HBC records on microfilm in the PAC" (MS-0855).

Hudson's Bay Company. Archives

Immigration Branch border entry lists

Border entry lists, 1908-1918, of the Immigration Branch. This unit contains those reels which have British Columbia entry ports on them although other Canadian entry ports do appear.

Canada. Immigration Branch

Immigration Branch ship's passenger lists

This series contains Ships' Passenger Lists of the Immigration Branch of the Department of the Interior. These records (part of the National Archives' Record Group 76) are passenger lists for various ships arranged chronologically by date of arrival for the ports of Vancouver and Victoria 1905-1919. Also included in this series are lists of ship arrivals at Vancouver and Victoria 1900-mid 1908, prepared by the National Archives-of Canada, and "Reports of Monthly Steamship Arrivals" for the ports of Vancouver, Victoria and adjacent Pacific ports 1905-1922.

Canada. Immigration Branch

Indexes to policy and subject files with regard to immigration

Alphabetical indexes to policy and subject files relating to immigration, citizenship, and other functions of the department. Includes dates and file numbers. The files form parts of RG 26, Citizenship and Immigration and RG 76, Immigration Branch, Public Archives of Canada.

Canada. Department of Citizenship and Immigration

India Office correspondence and other records

This series consists of transcriptions of records from the British India Office, including, extracts from Factory Records (China), 1787-1789; minutes of the Committee of Correspondence, 1785-1788; Court minutes, 1785-1788; and miscellaneous letters received, 1785-1788. Ships mentioned in the records include: Captain Cook, Experiment, Imperial Eagle, King George, Nootka, Prince of Wales, and Queen Charlotte.

Great Britain. India Office

International Fact Finding Committee (Canada-United States, 1931)

This series contains International Fact Finding Committee records to October 1931. In the early 1930s, separate Canadian and American committees (Canadian 1931, US 1930) were formed to study the proposed B.C.-Yukon-Alaska highway. The two committees met as a joint fact finding committee in Victoria in 1931. The Canadian committee did not publish a report but reported the results of its investigation to the U.S. Dept. of the Interior. The published report of the American commission contains information collected by the Canadian committee. This volume, which contains material relating to the study and the joint meeting, consists of notes on the joint meeting, route reconnaissance reports, preliminary construction estimates and individual reports on mineral, forest and water resources in the proposed route areas of British Columbia (2 copies).

International Fact Finding Committee (Canada-United States, 1931)

Inventory of the records of the Office of the U.S. Local Inspectors, Seattle Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation

This series consists of a photocopy of the preliminary inventory of the records of the Office of the U.S. Local Inspectors, Seattle Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation (Record Group 41). Compiled by William John Williams, 1979.

Seattle Federal Archives and Records Center

James Island "Explosives Days"

The series consists of 193 black and white photographic copies made from George C. Grubb's album that he called "Explosives Days" which documents his time on James Island BC between 1913 and 1919. The photographs focus mainly on the construction and operation of the Canadian Explosives Ltd. (CXL) activities during World War I, including the building and transport of homes for the workforce and the construction of various chemical plants for TNT production. Other photos show the wharf, the incline railway, scows, workmen and cable laying.
The copy photographs are arranged in BC Archives historic photo (HP) number order but their original arrangement in the album may have been by the photograph numbers recorded in the alpha-numeric number field.

The photograph captions were provided by Grubb, along with detailed notes about the various activities, recorded on the backs of the photographs. These notes have been added to the scope and content fields at the item level.

Grubb, George C.

Kennedy, Dorothy I.D., 1951-. Victoria.

(1) "Utilization of Fish by the Chase Shuswap Indian People of British Columbia. "
(2) "Utilization of Fishes, Beach Foods, and Marine Mammals by the Th'ulus People of British Columbia."
(3) "Utilization of Fish by the Colville Okanagan Indian People."
(4) "Utilization of Fish, Beach Foods, and Marine Mammals by the Squamish Indian People of British Columbia."
(5) Utilization of Fish by the Mount Curry Lillooet Indian People of British Columbia." [Manuscript prepared jointly be D. Kennedy and R. Bouchard] .

Presented by R. Bouchard, B.C. Indian Languages Project, Victoria, 1975.

Kennedy, Dorothy I.D.

List of Tate manuscripts of Tsimshian tales

Ethnological and linguistic notes and writings relating to the Kwakiutl Indians (7 reels); Henry Tate's accounts of Tsimshian tales (1 reel).

Microfilm (pos.) 1897-1940 35 mm 8 reels [A00835-A00842]

Ethnological and linguistic notes and writings relating to the Kwakiutl Indians (in the language of the Kwakiutl Indians) written by George Hunt and revised by Franz Boas [reels A00835-A00841]. Henry Tate's accounts of Tsimshian tales [reel A00842].

Reel A00842

Source: MS Finding Aids

Presented by British Columbia Indian Languages Project.

Finding aid: list of Tate manuscripts.

Columbia University Libraries. Special Collections

Manitoba census returns

Returns from Manitoba census, 1870; returns from Red River census, 1831-1847; returns from Red River census, 1849, 1832-1833; returns from Manitoba census, 1856.

Canada. Census Office

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