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Agapius Honcharenko fonds

  • PR-1582
  • Fonds
  • 1863-1890

The fonds consists of correspondence and an article of Agapius Honcharenko pertaining to Alaska.

Honcharenko, Agapius, 1832-1916

Agassiz Police Court Magistrate's record book

  • GR-2114
  • Series
  • 1839-1951

Magistrate's record book showing name of accused, act contravened, plea and sentence. Pages 382-400 contain Magistrate's records from the Small Debts Court.

British Columbia. Police Court (Agassiz)

Agnes Deans Cameron fonds

  • PR-1365
  • Fonds
  • [18-?]-[1920?]

The fonds consists of photographs either collected or created by Agnes Deans Cameron and reflect her activities and subject interests. The works of several photographers are present in this collection, including studio portraits, field photographs and composite works marketed by Victoria based Mrs. R. Maynard’s Photographic Gallery (1862? to 1912).

Photographs in container 000774-0001, folder 4, appear to document her trip from Chicago to Herschel Island. Several of the photographs in this folder appear in her published work, "The New North." Other photographs in this folder document similar subject matter and have markings on the verso indicating that they may also have been submitted for publication.

The remaining photographs in this fonds appear to have been collected by Cameron based on their subject matter, and Cameron has made notations on the verso of several of these photographs. Cameron was a school teacher and published numerous pamphlets; she may have acquired the photographs for these purposes.

Cameron, Agnes Deans

Agnes Green fonds

  • PR-0815
  • Fonds
  • 1881-1882

The fonds consists of a notebook kept by Green while touring Europe, containing poems, sketches and aphorisms.

Green, Agnes

Agnes Walker fonds

  • PR-1434
  • Fonds
  • 1885-1887

The fonds consists of a journal and narrative of Agnes (Knight) Walker.

Walker, Agnes, d. 1915

Agricultural and Rural Development Subsidiary Agreement project photographs

  • GR-3340
  • Series
  • 1982-1984, 1992

The series consists of photographs created by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food between 1982 and 1984. These photographs were taken to document irrigation and drainage projects carried out by the Ministry under the Agricultural and Rural Development Subsidiary Agreement (ARDSA). ARDSA projects were managed and administered by the Agriculture and Rural Development Agreement branch (ARDA) of the Ministry. This federal-provincial program provided joint funding of up to $60 million from the federal Department of Regional Economic Expansion (DREE) and the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food. ARDSA funds were directed into four areas including primary resource development funds for irrigation and drainage projects which increase the agricultural productivity of land resources. The 419 photographs in this series include black and white and colour prints and negatives, and colour slides of various projects which took place around the province. Many of the projects and locations in the photographs have been identified but some have not. Not all the prints have negatives and not all the negatives have associated prints. In addition there are negatives intermingled on the strips that appear to be personal photographs of children and houses; probably associated with the photographer. The series also includes a published copy of an executive summary which evaluated the ARDSA program in 1992.

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture and Food (1980-1986)

Agricultural insurance programs

  • GR-3815
  • Series
  • 1997-2006

The series contains the records of the Business Risk Management Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (and its predecessors) in relation to agriculture insurance and income assistance programs. The records cover at least the following programs: Whole Farm Insurance Program, Agricultural Income Disaster Assistance, Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization, Calf Set-Aside Program and the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Recovery Program.

Records in the series include financial records (administrative costs journal vouchers, audit reports, inventory price lists), organization charts, records related to federal and inter-ministerial agreements and/or committees, executive services (briefing notes and correspondence referrals), advertising projects, media releases, reports and other similar records.

The records are arranged according to the Administrative Records Classification System (schedule 100001).

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Agricultural Land Commission committees

  • GR-3794
  • Series
  • 1997-2006

The series contains the records of various committees in which the Agricultural Land Commission participated for the purpose of documenting their role in the protection of agricultural lands in British Columbia. These committees include:

Greater Vancouver Regional District Technical Advisory Committee
Greater Vancouver Regional District Habitat Task Group
Greater Vancouver Regional District Technical Advisory Committee on Housing
Langley Agriculture Advisory Committee
Surrey Agriculture Advisory Committee

The records include minutes, meeting agendas, correspondence, annual reports on the Livable Region Strategic Plan and other informational documents referred to in meetings, such as copies of bylaws, statistical reports, zoning maps etc.

Topics covered by these committees include public transit, residential growth, livability, affordability, regional development, homelessness, economic development, municipal law enforcement, social planning inventory, housing, commercial real estate, growth management, sustainability, biodiversity conservation, childcare, industrialization, agriculture and habitat lands, zoning, farming practices, agri-tourism and protection of agricultural lands.

British Columbia. Provincial Agricultural Land Commission

Agricultural Land Commission correspondence referral replies

  • GR-3799
  • Series
  • 2003-2008

The series consists of correspondence referrals received by the Agricultural Land Commission from the Ministry of Sustainable Resource. The records cover the period 2003 to 2005 and include a handful of referrals from the time the commission began reporting to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands in 2005.

The referrals usually include copies of letters sent to the Minister which were forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission for reply or for informational purposes only. These include replies on which the Commission was copied (CC’ed). There are also drafts written by the Commission that were to be forwarded to the Minister for signing.
The topics covered in these letters are wide-ranging but are mainly about re-zoning questions or concerns from the public regarding projects on or near agricultural lands.

The records in the series are arranged in chronological order by date received. They are covered by ARCS 280-30.

British Columbia. Provincial Agricultural Land Commission

Agricultural program policy files

  • GR-2323
  • Series
  • 1975-1999

The series consists of eight policy files and reports relating to Agricultural programs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, and its predecessor agencies, created from 1975 to 2001. The records have been classified under the Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Operational Records Classification System (ORCS) and consist of the following files:
21200-00 - Agricultural loans : agriculture land development assistance program (ALDA), 1975-1994
22300-00 - Agricultural loans : guarantees feeder associations program, 1990-1995
22300-00 - Agricultural loans : guarantees feeder associations program : manual of policy and procedures, 1991-1994
25200-60/EOFL - Economics of off-farm litter disposal options for South Coastal BC poultry farms, 1992
32200-00 - Education & awareness : exhibitions, fairs & societies, 1999
44200-30/BCEMB - British Columbia Egg Marketing Board : regulation impact report, 1998.
46200-40/FTAA 01 - Policy, innovation & development : Free trade of the Americas : general, 2001.
46200-40/BTISS 14 - Policy, innovation & development : bilateral trade issues : Canada/USA : cattle & beef, 1999.

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (2000-2005)

Agriculture Clippings book

  • GR-0387
  • Series
  • 1918

Scrap book containing newspaper clippings relating to agricultural issues and events.

British Columbia. Dept. of Agriculture

Agriculture committee files and agreements

  • GR-3791
  • Series
  • 1996-2006

The series contains the records from various committees, commissions and other groups collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands and its predecessors. These records include correspondence, reports, notices, memos, and draft changes to legislation and regulations. The series also contains a small number of discussions, drafts, correspondence and other records related to agreements between the Provincial Ministry and its Federal counterpart, inter-ministry agreements, agreements with other bodies.

The records are organized by subject and follow the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS schedule 10001).

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Agriculture policy committee meeting files

  • GR-3894
  • Series
  • 2004-2007

This series contains records relating to policy and legislation development, specifically the development of a National Food Policy Framework and the Next Generation of Agriculture and Agri-food Policy. The committees were made up of representatives from the federal government and officials from each province and territory. Meetings are typically divided between Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers. There are also a number of meeting files from various working groups on specific topics on the agriculture sector meant to inform policy. The folders are arranged into folders by meeting date.

Types of records that can be found in this series include meeting agendas and supplementary documents such as presentation copies, proposals, backgrounders, correspondence and reports. Specific topics that the series covers includes discussions on food policy as it relates to science, innovation, renewal, business risk management, globalization, safety, quality and the economy.

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Agriculture program reports

  • GR-3788
  • Series
  • 1985-1987

The series contains computer-generated reports of various analyses conducted for the Ministry of Agriculture and their various programs, notably those of the Pesticide Program. The records show how the Ministry was involved in monitoring contaminants in dairy, produce, livestock, and sources of contaminants that may affect the agricultural industry in British Columbia, such as soil samples, animal feed, and animal drinking water.
The reports detail which biological sample was submitted (plant, soil, water, animal tissue) and from where. The reports also provide information about the cost of the analysis and the amount and types of pesticides, metals or other contaminants found in the sample, if applicable.
The records are generally arranged by program. In cases where the program covered a large amount samples from across British Columbia, the records were further divided by region.

British Columbia. Environmental Laboratory

Agriculture public information photos

  • GR-3660
  • Series
  • 1963-1984; predominant 1977-1980

Series consists of public information photographs from the Dept. of Agriculture and its successors. The photos depict a wide range of agricultural activity in the province and were used by the ministry to promote the industry and the work of the department. The photographs were originally brought together by the ministry’s Kelowna office and document many industries including farming and food processing. There are files containing images of fruit, vegetable, poultry, dairy, honey and wine production. There are also a large number of files relating to the Agricultural and Rural Development Subsidiary Agreement (ARDSA) which document farming and food processing as well as other areas such as irrigation and fencing.

The files have been arranged into three main groupings: ARDSA images, slide presentations, and general images. The records consist primarily of 35 mm slides although there is also one audiotape and one file that contains contact prints and negatives. Some files also contain the script that was used for presentations.
The records were selectively retained by the BC Government Records Management Branch in accordance with the Special Media records schedule (102905).

The following ministries were responsible for the creation of these records:
Department of Agriculture (1963-1976)
Ministry of Agriculture (1976-1980)
Ministry of Agriculture and Food (1980-1984)

British Columbia. Dept. of Agriculture

Agriculture risk management executive files

  • GR-3893
  • Series
  • 2004-2008

This series contains records from the Risk Management and Competitiveness Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, and later the Strategic Industry Development Branch. More specifically, these records originated in the office of Harvey Sasaki who was Assistant Deputy Minister in that division.

The records cover a variety of executive functions, notably committee work, correspondence, and briefing notes. Within committee and group work, the series contains Strategy meeting agendas and meeting minutes. These files concern agricultural issues, fisheries issues and minister’s issues. The files are accompanied by copies of presentations, technical reviews, action items, notes and reports. There are also a significant amount of files from the Canada-British Columbia Agricultural Framework Implementation Agreement Management committee, Executive/Directors meetings, Executive Committee of the Investment Agriculture Foundation. MAFF chapter leads meeting and Competitiveness Circle meetings. Please note that meetings regarding policy discussions and recommendations related to an agricultural framework for Canada can be found in GR-3894.
There are also a small number of files dealing with executive issues. These files are arranged into folders by issue and contain meeting minutes, reports, financial statements, correspondence and memos from ad-hoc groups tasked with discussing these issues. This includes topics such as the Orchard Replant Program and disaster planning, among other topics.

Briefing notes in this series cover topics related to the Risk Management and Competitiveness division and are typically destined to the attention of the Deputy Minister or Minister. Briefing notes are divided by tabs and folders contain a cover page listing a table of contents with information such as CLIFF number, issue title, date, tab number and the originating branch that sent the briefing note.

Correspondence files contain letters written by the ADM Risk Management and Competitiveness Division or letters on which the ADM was copied to. Letters are mainly replies to inquiries sent from other government agencies to Sasaki or his associates. There are also letters addressed to agricultural foundations, courts, agriculture councils and industry members.

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Agriculture Special Services Director's records

  • GR-3079
  • Series
  • 1974-1979

Director of Special Services' correspondence, reports, minutes, press releases, files regarding legislation and program files for dairy, engineering, entomology, plant pathology, soil, veterinary and youth development (farm vacations).

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture (1976-1980)

Agriculture today : items and out-takes

  • GR-3937
  • Series
  • 1959-1973

The series consists of 64 film reels of stories or items (including out-takes from items) dealing with various aspects of agriculture in BC, produced for television broadcast by the Horticultural Branch of the B.C. Dept. of Agriculture, between 1959 and 1973. Topics include: cattle, chinchilla raising, diseases of plants, fruit-growing, fruit tree care, grain growing, insects, irrigation, mushroom growing, poultry raising, ranching, vegetable planting and harvesting, etc. The series was originally broadcast by CHBC-TV Kelowna, and later by several other stations as well.

British Columbia. Horticultural Branch

A.H. Chambers fonds

  • PR-1800
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1915-1930]

The fonds consists of glass negatives of houses, some in Nanaimo, and views of northern B.C. and of the Victoria area.

Chambers, Arthur Hyde, 1852-1935

A.H. Holland fonds

  • PR-1481
  • Fonds
  • 1909-1911

The fonds consists of survey books of A.H. Holland, produced during his work in the Cariboo region, including his survey for the Fort Fraser townsite.

Holland, A.H.

A.H. Maynard collection

  • PR-1258
  • Collection
  • [between 1896 and 1932]

The collection consists of four discreet collections of photographs, the bulk of which are lantern slides. The majority of the fonds consists of several sets of lantern slides, the bulk of which contain photographic subject matter dating from 1868 to 1930. The photograph collections are attributed to Albert Hatherly Maynard, son of early pioneer photographer Richard Maynard (1832-1907). Within lantern slide collections, slides from creators of other distinct lantern slide collections (likely Charles Frederick Newcombe and William A. Newcombe), appear to be included. A small number of flexible negatives are also included in one of the accessions.

A large number of lantern slides depict scenes of the Fraser River gold rush era of the 1860s, in the regions of Yale to Barkerville, Quesnel and Cottonwood in the interior of British Columbia. Many of the reproductions of photographs featured in the lantern slides in this collection are attributed early pioneer photographer’s works including those created by Richard Maynard during the 1860s and A.H. Maynard’s works produced in the 1920s. It also includes the photographic works of other early B.C. photographers including Frederick Dally (1838-1914), likely Louis A. Blanc who documented similar subjects as the Maynards particularly Barkerville, the Cariboo and the Cariboo Roads in British Columbia during the period before and after the Fraser River gold rush of the 1860s. A small number of photographic works by Frederick Dundas Todd (1858-1926) and F. [Dewitt] Reed are also contained within several of the slide collections.

Accessions 198203-025 and 198203-065 consist of slide compilations that depict a visual narrative of the history of Barkerville, the Cariboo Road and Cariboo region in the B.C. interior during the period of the 1868 Fraser River gold rush era and sixty years later in the 1920s. The bulk of the scenes of the gold mining resource industry, as well as views of transportation roads and routes along the journey to the goldfields. To a lesser extent views of other resources industries (forestry, agriculture, fishing and farming/ranching) are depicted against the nature and lands of the B.C. interior. Mining towns within the Lighting Creek and Williams Creek Districts, including Barkerville (before and after the fire of 1868), Richfield and Cameronton are represented, as well as other scenes representing the following views of gold mining operations: claims sites, posed group portraits and likenesses of miners, equipment and the production activity of early mining technology of associated mining companies, businesses and partnerships in the area. Photographs of mining claims and claims sites and the miners and labourers involved at Mucho Oro, Aurora Gold, Minnehah, Never Sweat; The Rankin Company (Grouse Creek), Ne’er do Weel (Grouse Creek) and the Canadian Grouse Company (Grouse Creek) are included in the sequences. Imagery along and of the Cariboo Road(s) are described as depicting various views, scenes and activities including: freight and trade transportation, transportation methods and transportation routes (ox pack teams, gold escorts; steamer “Reliance” and Fraser River crossings; travelers); views along the Cariboo Road(s) that include the geological terrain of the Fraser River (its river banks and surrounding forested and arid landscapes) at various points along the route to the goldfields including the Fraser Canyon and Lady Franklin Rock; examples of civil engineering as such as bridges; homes and ranches as well as accommodations such as roadhouses and hotels (70, 83, 108 and 150 Mile Houses, Pioneer Hotel, Van Winkel Hotel at Stanley, Colonial Hotel at Soda Creek and the Hastings Hotel) and businesses (Masonic Hall at Barkerville) in colonial service towns and mining communities and settlements. Indigenous communities do not appear to be identified in lantern slide captions, though the geographical regions documented in slides reflect many traditional Indigenous territories in which the Fraser River gold rush traversed and was situated. It appears that traditional Indigenous fishing methods are present in some views, likely in those of the Fraser River. Several photographs of geological specimens (gold nuggets) are included within the set. There appear to be very limited images of regional wildlife. There are a small number of group photographs reflecting the diverse population of gold miners, pioneers and travelers of the Interior B.C. (“Crew of SS "Nechacco"), including women and children. The views from the 1920s, appear to reflect A. H. Maynard’s trips to Barkerville, the Cariboo Road(s) and the Cariboo region. Finally, there are several views described as from the period in between 1868 and the 1920s. These slides depict views including those of the Fraser Valley region by F. Dundas Todd, a surveying team in “East Kootenay” and a few images described as the Okanagan.

A smaller collection of lantern slides (accession 198203-066) feature a random mix of Fraser River gold rush era views, military subjects, theatrical entertainment and other topics. Many slides appear to be images reproduced from works of art, books and other published materials. Documentation of theatrical productions include images of scenes and portraits from Shakespearean plays (Macbeth, Othello, A Winter’s Tale), as well as Anne Hathaway's cottage. It also includes documentation of the destruction of religious institutions during World War I, primarily in Ypres. Some of these slides indicate “mounted by Edgar Fleming, Victoria, B.C.”

Another collection of photographs (accession 198201-068) consist of 107 black and white flexible film negatives depicting Canadian and American views taken between the period of May and June 1914. These include views include of Bowmanville, Toronto and Niagara, Ontario in May 1914; Rochester and New York, New York in May and June, and the "Rio Grande" in Colorado in June of the same year. Photographs of American destinations such as San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlantic City including Freemount Park, Salt Lake and [Ogden], Denver and Washington, DC are here. Several locations on Vancouver Island identified as Victoria, Saanich and Mill Bay also housed in this group of photographs. This unit also includes film negatives described as “C.P.R.y [Railway] 1914”. 25 copy prints were made from these negatives due to deterioration of original film negatives.16 images of Bowmanville and Toronto in May 1914 and 9 images of Vancouver Island including Victoria, Saanich and Mill Bay are available.

Maynard, Albert Hatherly

A.H. Menzies fonds

  • PR-1262
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1929, 1964

The fonds consists of Menzies' photographs of family, friends, and local agricultural associations and activities.

Menzies, A.H.

A.I. McLean fonds

  • PR-1594
  • Fonds
  • 1877

The fonds consists of McLean's survey book for a survey near Edmonton.

McLean, A.I.

Air quality studies

  • GR-3784
  • Series
  • 1964-1973

The series consists of records relating to various air quality studies in British Columbia. These records were created by the Environmental Laboratory and its predecessors, the Chemistry Laboratory and the Division of Laboratories of the British Columbia Health Service, for the purpose of pollution and dustfall monitoring in the air.

Included in the records are air monitoring data and analyses from various communities in B.C. These files include raw data from equipment readings, zoning maps, results, correspondence and a paper submission to the Air Pollution Control Association, project cost estimates, correspondence regarding appropriate and new procedures for scientific instruments and the analysis of air quality, documentation regarding site visits, photographs and graphs.

British Columbia. Environmental Laboratory

Air survey report

  • GR-1559
  • Series
  • 1940

This series includes a copy of "The Small Scale Air Survey Camera" by G.S. Andrews, Air Survey Engineer, February 1940.

British Columbia. Forest Branch

Aird Dundas Flavelle fonds

  • PR-0898
  • Fonds
  • 1903-1964

The fonds consists of a diary, correspondence, account journals, a ledger, share certificates, a minute book, photographs and school certificates of Flavelle and of the Thurston Flavelle Lumber Company.

Flavelle, Aird Dundas, 1888-1973

Airtankers footage

  • GR-3717
  • Series
  • 1972-1973

Series consists of unedited video footage. Videotape footage (from bird-dog plane) of airtanker operations at various test fire sites in BC. Among aircraft used are: P2V7, DC-6 and A-26. Footage also includes scenes from the ground at the airfield and on hillsides overlooking the test sites, practice sessions of rappelling from test structures and from helicopters, water dump tests on the ground and other related activities.

British Columbia. Forest Service. Protection Division

Al Bowen fonds

  • PR-1218
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1910

The fonds consists of Al Bowen's photographs of Vancouver Island, railroad construction and camp scenes.

Bowen, Al

A.L. Trotter fonds

  • PR-0166
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1938

The fonds consists of negatives depicting England and Scotland, the Okanagan, Duncan, the Gulf Islands and other B.C. locations.

Trotter, A.L.

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