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United States. Department Of State.

Diplomatic despatches. Despatches from U.S. consuls in Vancouver, Canada. Reel B09742, Nov 1890 - Apr 1898; B09743, May 1898 - Mar 1900; Reel B09744, Apr 1900 - Dec 1901; reel B09745, Jan 1902 - Dec 1903; reel B09746, Jan 1904 - Aug 1906.

National Archives microcopy T-114.

United States. Department of State

United States. Dept. of State.

Diplomatic despatches. Letters received by the U.S. Department of State from the Agent for Red River Affairs, November 25, 1867 August 17, 1870.

United States. Department of State

United States. Dept. of State.

Documents selected from Domestic letters, volume 78 of record group 59 general records of the Department of State, containing letters from the War Department, Nov. 18, 1867 - Jan. 29, 1868. These letters relate to the projected annexation of British Columbia by the United States. Includes articles clipped from American newspapers regarding the possibility of annexing British Columbia, 1868.

Purchased from the National Archives of the United States, 1955.

United States. Department of State

United States. Dept. of State.

Diplomatic despatches. Despatches from the United States consuls in Dawson City, Canada. Reel B9727, Apr 1898 - Aug 1899; Reel B9728, Sept 1899 - Dec 1901; Reel B9729, Feb 1902 - Aug 1905; Reel B9730, Sept 1905 - Aug 1906. National Archives microcopy T-560.

United States. Department of State

University of British Columbia. Special Collections Division.

Report on the Oscar Henry Solibakke papers project submitted to the library of the University of British Columbia Special Collections Division and the British Columbia Heritage Trust Student Employment Programme. Prepared by Logan W. Hovis. Contains an inventory of the O.H. Solibakke papers held at Special Collections.

Presented by UBC . Special Collections Division, 1983.

University of British Columbia. Library. Special Collections Division

Unpublished House of Commons Sessional papers

The microfilm reels in this series contain the unpublished Sessional Papers for the period 1916-1958. The Sessional Papers, which consist of reports, returns and other parliamentary papers tabled in the House of Commons, contain material which is both published and unpublished. It was decided to microfilm only the unpublished Sessional Papers because the published material, consisting mainly of annual reports of government departments and reports of Royal Commissions, are readily available elsewhere. No Sessional Papers are available for the period from Confederation to the end of 1915 because they were burned in the fire of 3 February 1916 which destroyed the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings. Also, there are several Sessional Papers missing, particularly for the year 1916, but after that date there is almost a complete set of papers available. The Sessional Papers are arranged by each Session of Parliament and are numbered in the order in which they were tabled in the House of Commons. In order to facilitate their use, an alphabetical and numerical list of the Sessional Papers for each Session of Parliament from 1916 to 1925 was filmed. For the period 1926-1958, a numerical list was filmed for each session only because there is no alphabetical list available. However, a consolidated General Index to the Journals of the House of Commons of Canada and of the Sessional Papers of Parliament was published on five occasions covering the following periods, 1867-1876; 1877-1890, 1891-1903; 1904-1915 and 1916-1930. In addition, consolidated general indexes are currently being prepared by the staff of the House of Commons to cover the years 1930-1945; 1946-1960 and 1962-1972.

Canada. Parliament

Victoria and Vancouver shipping registers

This series contains shipping registers for Victoria covering the period 1867-1908, and for Vancouver covering the period 1890-1945. Registers show tonnage, registered ownership, previous registrations, place of construction, description of vessel, particulars of engines, etc.

Reel B02527, Victoria (1867-1891); Reel B02528, Victoria (1881-1891); Reel B02529, Victoria (18971908); Reel B02530, Vancouver (1890-1945).

Canada. Marine Branch

Yakutat Tlingit songs, 1954

The series consists of copies of audio recordings of Yakutat (Tlingit) songs, 1954. Notes from tape boxes (including song titles, singers' names, recording dates, etc.) are copied in the documentation file.

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