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Vancouver Island (B.C.) Series
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Vernon Llewellyn Denton records

Correspondence relating mainly to Simon Fraser and an atlas produced by Denton; notes and a typed manuscript relating to Simon Fraser, plus several copies of Fraser's 1806 and 1808 journals and letters 1806-1807. There are notes on the fur trade, early Vancouver Island, the Cariboo gold rush, Sir James Douglas, confederation and the Canadian Pacific Railway; and on Louis Riel and the Metis rebellions.

Denton, Vernon

Henry Labouchere papers

Correspondence with Edward Ellice, Lord John Russsell, Sir George Grey, Baron Panmure, John McDonald, and James Booth on colonial affairs, including trade and militia matters affecting British North America and the HBC fur trade; memorandum concerning Vancouver Island Colony.

Photocopies 1849-1857 91 p

Henry Labouchere, first Baron Taunton was born in 1798, obtained his early education at Winchester and received a B.A. from Christ Church, Oxford in 1821. In 1828 he received his M.A. He was first elected as a liberal Member of Parliament in 1826 and served in a variety of posts including Lord of the Admiralty (1832); Master of the Mint, privy councillor, and Vice-President of the Board of Trade (1835); and Undersecretary of War and the Colonies (1839). He was appointed President of the Board of Trade in Lord Melbourne's cabinet, 1939-1841, and served in the same capacity under Lord John Russell's ministry, 1847-1852. He became Secretary of State for the Colonies under Lord Palmerston from 1855-1858 and it is to this period of his career that this collection of papers pertains.

Source: MS Finding Aids

Photocopies presented by the Public Archives of Canada, which holds the originals in MG 24, A58, 1975.

Finding aid.

Vancouver Island Supreme Court of Civil Justice bench book

  • GR-2032
  • Series
  • 1853-1856

Series consists of one bench book for Colony of Vancouver Island Supreme Court of Civil Justice civil and criminal cases heard by Judge David Cameron at Fort Victoria from November 1853 to January 1856 and one criminal case at Nanaimo in May 1854. It also includes civil cases heard at Victoria in the Inferior Court of Civil Justice in 1856. The volume additionally served as a criminal record book for 1853, a cause book for 1856, and a Registrar's record book for 1853. It opens with a notation that Judge Cameron's commission was read and that he took his seat on 6 October 1853. The Registrar also notes that he received the court seal from Judge Cameron.

Vancouver Island. Supreme Court of Civil Justice

Land sales reports

The series consists of annual reports of land sales and pre-emption claims on Vancouver Island. Also includes land sale receipts 42-244 (part of I.170).

Vancouver Island (Colony). Office of the Surveyor General

Epitome of land sales

The series consists of books containing land sales records for Victoria, Esquimalt, Metchosin and Sooke districts. The series may include but is not limited to, land sales registers, land sales records, lists of sections and lots, sums deposited for lands and town lots, and land sales account ledgers. The names of purchases, district, section, payment in sterling and payment dates may be recorded.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Office of the Surveyor General

Survey notebook

The series consists of a surveying notebook (cover labelled "Trigonometl. Memda."). It contains 51 pages of sketches, instructions, notes, drafts of letters, etc. covering Victoria, Esquimalt, Nanaimo and Metchosin districts.

Pemberton, Joseph Despard, 1821-1893

General correspondence

The series consists of correspondence and miscellaneous documents relating to land sales on Vancouver Island. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Office of the Surveyor General

Voter's lists and poll books for Vancouver Island

  • GR-0484
  • Series
  • 1860

This series consist of voters lists and poll books for the Vancouver Island House of Assembly elections, 1860-1866. Includes electoral districts of Nanaimo (1865), Esquimalt (1865), Victoria District and Victoria Town (1865, 1866) and Sooke (1866).

Vancouver Island (Colony). Sheriff

Copies of Admiralty correspondence related to British Columbia

This series consists of 125 pages of typescript copies of correspondence. The pages are numbered 98-223, and the location of pages 1-97 is unknown. The originals were created between 1858 and 1861. The correspondence is between various members of the British Admiralty, or between the Admiralty and government officials from the colony of Vancouver Island.

The correspondence relates to topics such as: the construction of the Esquimalt navy base, powder magazine and lighthouses on Southern Vancouver Island; the deployment of Royal Marines, Royal Engineers, ships and gun boats to and around Vancouver Island; fights between various First Nations groups and conflicts between Indigenous Peoples and settlers at Victoria, Nanaimo, Fort Rupert [Port Hardy] and Haida Gwaii.

Great Britain. Admiralty

Reports to the Governor

The series consists of reports to the governor of the Colony of Vancouver Island from the Dept. of Lands and Works regarding land sales on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Governor (1851-1864 : Douglas)

Mainguy, Daniel Wishart, 1842-1906. Chemainus; Farmer.

Journals (4 vols.) describing his voyage from England around Cape Horn to Vancouver Island (last entry made at 9 deg. S. lat.), Jan - April 1863, his life at Chemainus and a visit to Victoria, Jan 1-14, 1869, his departure from Victoria and return to England via San Francisco and New York and the first part of his lengthy visit in England, Nov 1876 -June 1877 (vol. 1); his activities in England, Jul 1877 - Aug 1878, including visits to the Channel Islands and France and his return to Vancouver Island via Halifax and the U.S., Aug - Nov 1878 (vols. 2-3); his work on the CPR in the Fraser Canyon Jul 1882 - Oct. 1883 and his work as a constable at Chemainus, Oct - Nov 1884 (vol. 3). Vol. 4 contains humorous accounts by others of a visit by Mainguy to Leamington, 1878, his stay in Halifax, 1878, and a trip from Drynoch to Spences Bridge, Christmas, 1882.

Mainguy, Daniel Wishart

Requisition book

  • GR-0427
  • Series
  • 1863-1864

This series consists of a requisition book from the Colony of Vancouver Island Police and Prisons Department.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Police and Prisons Dept.


  • GR-1308
  • Series
  • 1863-1864

This series contains letterbook copies of despatches from Governor Douglas to the Senior Naval Officer of Esquimalt during the period 6 July 1863 to 15 February 1864. Most of the correspondence herewith concerns measures taken against possible attacks from indigenous populations on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Governor (1851-1864 : Douglas)

Colony of Vancouver Island Supreme Court of Civil Justice bench book

  • GR-2031
  • Series
  • 1863-1865

Series consists of one bench book for Colony of Vancouver Island Supreme Court of Civil Justice chancery cases heard by Chief Justice David Cameron between January 1863 and August 1865.

Vancouver Island. Supreme Court of Civil Justice

Douglas Land District land register

  • GR-2632
  • Series
  • 1864-1865

This series consists of a Douglas Land District land register from Range 1, Section 1 to Range 8, Section 20 on Vancouver Island. Entries date from 1864-1865. The registers record the land in numerical order and records the alienation of land from the Crown (by purchase, preemption, lease, etc.). Information may include the name of the purchaser, dates and numbers of certificates issued (including Crown Grants), dates and amounts of payments, and reference numbers to correspondence files and field books. The volume contains an alphabetical name index.

British Columbia (Colony). Lands and Works Dept.

Blue books of the Colony of Vancouver Island

Series consists of "blue books" containing a compilation of statistical information, public accounts and general information about the Colony of Vancouver Island. Each volume includes a table of contents and includes the following sections: 1) Taxes, duties and other sources of revenue 2) Fees 3) Revenue and expenditure 4) Comparative yearly statements of revenue and expenditure 5) Local revenue 6) public debt 7) Military expenditure: militia 8) Public works 9) Legislation: laws, proclamations, etc. 10) Political Franchise 11) Council and assembly 12) Civil establishment 13) Officer who have given security for discharge of their duties 14) Pensions 15) Abstract of expenditure for civil, judicial, ecclesiastical establishments, etc. 16) Foreign consuls 17) Population 18) Savings banks, friendly societies, immigrants and emigrants, etc. 19) Ecclesiastical return 20) Education, newspapers and reviews 21) Coins exchanges, etc. 22) Imports and exports 23) Shipping 24) Agriculture, cultivated and uncultivated lands, wages, etc. 25) Manufactures, mines and fisheries 26) Grants of land 27) Gaols and Prisoners 28) Charitable and literary institutions.

The series also consists of 11 pages which may be draft copies of several parts of the 1863 blue book.

Great Britain. Colonial Office


  • GR-1169
  • Series
  • 1860-1865

This series contains letters inward and outward of J.D. Pemberton and B.W. Pearse, Colonial Surveyors. It also includes copies of correspondence with Edward Stamp and Gilbert Malcolm Sproat pertaining to purchases of lands and various agreements on lands at Alberni and Barclay Sound in regard to the establishment and operation of a sawmill and a copper mining company. Includes a map of company land holdings in the Alberni valley.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Office of the Surveyor General


  • GR-1395
  • Series
  • 1865

This series contains correspondence from Elwood Evans, Acting Governor of Washington Territory, concerning British ships seized in Puget Sound.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Governor (1864-1866 : Kennedy)

Land sales registers

The series consists of registers of land sales in Victoria (1854-1858), North and South Saanich (1860), and other Vancouver Island districts (1860-1865). The series includes records of lands sold or auctioned. The lot and section number, name of grantee, number of acres, payee, and dates of payment are recorded.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Office of the Surveyor General

Estates in bankruptcy

  • GR-1823
  • Series
  • 1866

Estates in bankruptcy, 1861-1866. Prepared in March, 1866, as "A return of Estates in Bankruptcy as required for the Legislative Assembly by Resolution dated Nov. 30, 1866". This volume is indexed and gives the names of estates, dates, and details regarding proceedings involving the estates, 1 vol.

Vancouver Island. Supreme Court of Civil Justice

Records of the Colony of Vancouver Island Treasury

  • GR-4218
  • Series
  • 1860-1866

This series consists of a variety of records related to the Colony of Vancouver Island Treasury from 1853-1866. The majority of the records are various receipts, expenditures, estimates and financial statements of accounts. Accounts relate to a wide variety of government expenses, particularly those of the Land Office and transactions with the Hudson's Bay Company.

Other records include: a 1859 return of officers submitted to the Legislative Assembly detailing all employees of the colony, including their names, title, salary and remarks; an 1860 index of letters outwards including the date and subject; and a copy of the 1866 budget act with associated schedules.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Treasury

Leech Ditch documents

  • GR-4264
  • Series
  • 1866

This series consists of records related to the construction and maintenance of the Leech River ditch, flume and dam, also known as the Leach ditch from 1866-1867. The majority of the records are correspondence to and from BW Pearse, Acting Surveyor General for the Colony of Vancouver Island. Other records include contracts, reports, and financial records.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Office of the Surveyor General

Colonial Office correspondence outward to Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island: Entry Books of Correspondence, 1849-1867, (C.O. 410, vols. 1-2). This unit consists of letter-book copies of despatches from the Secretary of State for the Colonies (i.e. the Colonial .Secretary) to the governors of Vancouver Island. Subject indexes appear at the end of the volumes. Original duplicate copies of these records are catalogued as C/AA/10.2/1. Other copies, but of inferior quality, may be found on microfilm reel B00004 (1).

Great Britain. Colonial Office

Bench book

  • GR-2035
  • Series
  • 1865-1867

Bench book of criminal cases heard by Judge Joseph Needham, Nov 23, 1865 - Feb 2, 1867. 1 bound volume.

Vancouver Island. Supreme Court

Land sales receipt books

The series consists of books of receipts for sales and sub-sales of land on Vancouver Island. The series includes receipts for land purchased in Victoria, Esquimalt, Metchosin, Lake, Highland, South and North Saanich, and other districts on north Vancouver Island and sub-sale receipts for south Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Office of the Surveyor General

Board of Education minutes and other records

  • GR-1467
  • Series
  • 1865-1869

This series contains records of the Vancouver Island Board of Education and its successor, the British Columbia Board of Education. Records include minutes of Board meetings, letterbook of correspondence outward, account book of text books and other school supplies, and a notebook regarding Vancouver Island schools and visits to them by Superintendent of Education. The letterbook of correspondence and notebook of school visits in handwritten by Alfred Waddington.

Vancouver Island (Colony). Board of Education

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