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Construction records, court house building, Nanaimo, B.C.

  • GR-0081
  • Series
  • 1895

The series consists of a bill of quantities for a new court house building, Nanaimo, B.C. in 1895.

A complete bill of-quantities (tender) consists of the following sub-contract sections: excavator, mason, and bricklayer, carpenter and joiner's work, slater's work, plasterer's work, plumber's work - heating and electric light, coppersmith's work and painter's work.
A summary of the sub-contracts for each complete tender was also submitted. The collection consists of a list of tenders and eight completed tenders.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works. Works Branch

Architectural proposals and consultants reports

  • GR-0386
  • Series
  • 1967-1974

This series consists of architectural proposals and consultants reports on topics connected with the construction of public buildings, urban development, siting, traffic patterns, and design requirements. Reports have been created for the Department of Public Works by various sources, including Arthur Erikson Architects, The Environmental Analysis Group (TEAG), UBC School of Architecture, BCIT, Vancouver City Planning Department, and other various architects and engineers.

British Columbia. Dept. of Public Works

Report of Judge on Commission on Charges Against J.P. Planta, Police Magistrate of Nanaimo, 1894

  • GR-0476
  • Series
  • 1895

Two copies of Judge Eli Harrison's report of the Commission to enquire into certain charges against Mr. J. P. Planta, police magistrate of the city of Nanaimo and into his general conduct as a police magistrate. One original copy and one carbon copy.

British Columbia. Commission to enquire into certain charges against Mr. J. P. Planta, police magistrate of the city of Nanaimo and into his general conduct as a police magistrate [1894]

Commission of Inquiry Into the Accident in the Number One Slope of South Wellington Coal Mines (1915)

  • GR-0805
  • Series
  • 1915

This series consists of the records of the Commission of Inquiry Into the Accident in the Number One Slope of South Wellington Coal Mines, 1915. Commission records consist of correspondence, transcripts of evidence presented at the hearings, and original signed report which includes a history of the mine.

British Columbia. Commission of Inquiry Into the Accident in the Number One Slope of South Wellington Coal Mines (1915)

Nanaimo Jurors' Rolls and Lists

  • GR-0861
  • Series
  • 1899-1902

This series consists of Juror's Rolls and Lists for Nanaimo, B.C., 1899-1902.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Commission on the Beban Mine Disaster (1937)

  • GR-0908
  • Series
  • 1937

This series consists of records of the Commission on the Beban Mine Disaster,1937. Commission records consist of transcripts of hearings and report.

British Columbia. Commission on the Beban Mine Disaster (1937)

Accounts ledger of the Nanaimo Ranger Station

  • GR-0964
  • Series
  • 1922-1939

This series consists of accounts ledger of the Nanaimo Ranger Station, for car running costs, launch running costs, tire distribution and telephone accounts. The book also contains an office diary for 1939 and an undated inventory of equipment on hand.

British Columbia. Forest Branch

Grand and Petit Jury Lists

  • GR-1321
  • Series
  • 1900

This series contains certified copies of the Grand and Petit Jury Lists for Nanaimo district, 1900.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Legal opinions offered by Attorney General

  • GR-1459
  • Series
  • 1864-1879

This series contains legal opinions offered by Attorney General on a wide range of subjects. For more information on the subjects covered, please consult the attached finding aid.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Registers of brands (cattle and horses)

  • GR-1487
  • Series
  • 1873-1914

This series contains registers of brands (for both cattle and horses) kept by district recording offices prior to 1914. Registers pertain to brands registered in Cariboo, Similkameen, Okanagan, and Nanaimo districts. This series may be used in conjunction with other district brands registers (GR-0409 - GR-0412) and with post-1914 brands registers (GR-1488). A regulated system of branding or marking livestock in British Columbia began with the Cattle Ordinance of 1869 (32 Vic., No. 114) which established a procedure whereby cattle brands and other distinctive markings could be registered with district magistrates for a fee of 25¢. The system developed further with the Cattle Marking Act, 1875 (BCS 38 Vic. c.14) which defined "cattle" to include "horses, mares, fillies, foals, geldings, colts, bulls, bullocks, cows, heifers, steers, calves, sheep, hogs, mules and asses." Recording officers were appointed by cabinet for each electoral district and were authorized to keep a register of brands and markings; local justices of the peace were empowered to ensure that brands were not duplicated, obliterated, or defaced and penalties were set for infractions. In 1881 the registration fee was raised to 50 ¢ (Cattle Brands Act, 44 Vic. c.4) and in 1888 provisions were made for regional cattle districts, whose boundaries were not necessarily identical to those of electoral districts. A distinction was also made in 1888 between the Mainland and Vancouver Island: in Mainland districts, brands were to be registered by an "authorized recording officer" usually the local Government Agent while on the Island brands were to be recorded by district magistrates. These distinctions were abolished in 1894 by the Cattle Act Amendment Act which confirmed Government Agents as "authorized recording officers" throughout the province. The procedure of registering brands was streamlined and centralized by the Brand Act of 1914 (4 Geo. 5 c.9). With this act, provision was made for a Recorder of Brands (responsible to the Minister of Agriculture) and a three man Board of Brand Commissioners. After 1 July 1914 all applications for brand registers or transfers were made through the Recorder's office in Victoria. The fee for brand registration was increased to $1.00 and henceforth all brands were to be renewed annually at a cost of 50 ¢. GR 1487 consists of brands registers and indexes kept prior to 1914. In most cases, the registers show the name and address of brand owners, the date and certificate number of the brand registration, and a description of registered brands and markings. Registers pertain to both cattle and horses. Since the districts covered by the registers were not rigidly defined, researchers may have to consult more than one volume to locate specific brands or brand owners. This series may be used in conjunction with GR 0409 GR 0412 (Registers for Cariboo, Lillooet, and New Westminster, 18701913) and with GR 1488 (post1914 brands registers and indexes).

British Columbia. Recorder of Brands

Reports and Presentment of Grand Jury, Fall Assize, October 1900 and Spring Assize, 1904 and 1910

  • GR-1857
  • Series
  • 1900

Presentment of Grand Jury, Fall Assize, October 1900 and Spring Assize, 1904 and 1910. Reports on conditions of the hospital, court house, schools, Opera house, theatre, Provincial jail, city jail. Also addresses the fees for jurors, the need to enforce the Speed Law with regard to automobiles, the system for train dispatching and signalling, and the need for an enquiry into the ease with which Indians procure liquor.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Nanaimo)

Assize calendars from various locations

  • GR-1926
  • Series
  • 1870-1965

Criminal assize calendars for Victoria. Also includes criminal assize calendars for Yale, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Clinton, Richfield, Kamloops, Quesnellemouth, Cassiar, Laketon, Glenora and Lytton, 1870s.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Selected Public Works project papers

  • GR-2008
  • Series
  • 1892-1905

Papers relating to the building of the Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.; lists of drawings, spreadsheet of contractor bids, accounts, letters, inventories, extras and alterations, landscaping, payments, etc. Also included are letters concerning the second design competition and one sheet, dated 1896, of costs for the Nanaimo Courthouse.

British Columbia. Dept. of Public Works

Cause books

  • GR-2028
  • Series
  • 1887-1948

Cause books, 1887-1890; 1894-1948.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Nanaimo)

Register of Attendance

  • GR-2070
  • Series
  • 1862-1865

Register of Attendance, Nanaimo "Colonial" School, 1862-1866. The Register, showing the names of pupils attending the second public school in British Columbia, was maintained by Cornelius Bryant, schoolmaster from 1856-1870. Also included, on a loose sheet, is a detailed schedule showing time devoted to various subjects on a typical school day.

Nanaimo School District

Grand and Petit Jury Register

  • GR-2090
  • Series
  • 1928-1970

Grand and Petit Jury Register for Nanaimo; alphabetical lists giving name, occupation and address.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Nanaimo)

Administrative record books

  • GR-2118
  • Series
  • 1890-1912

Administrative record books kept by the Official Administrator, Mr. McAloney (to 1908) and Frederick L. Leighton (after 1908). Volume 1 begins as a Nanaimo City Police record book and has the pages prior to July 1908 glued together at the top.

British Columbia. Official Administrator (Nanaimo)

Record books

  • GR-2119
  • Series
  • 1948-1950

Record books from Nanaimo City Police Court.

British Columbia. Police Court (Nanaimo)

Registrar's record book

  • GR-2125
  • Series
  • 1897-1914

The series is a registrar's record book from the Nanaimo Supreme Court, kept between March 1897 and October 1914.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Nanaimo)

Plaint and procedure books

  • GR-2127
  • Series
  • 1902-1924

Plaint and procedure books (1/1902 - 4/1924).

British Columbia. County Court (Ladysmith)

Plaint and procedure books

  • GR-2129
  • Series
  • 1950-1977

The series consists of plaint and procedure books created between 1876 and 1881, and 1885 to 1977. Volumes until 1955 are partly indexed, and volumes between 1955 and 1965 contain indexes slipped in the front of the volume. Volumes created between 1966 and 1977 do not include indexes. Indexes for the years 1974 to 1977 can be found in GR-3612. For 1882-1884 see GR-1727. Naturalization lists for 1892-1900.

British Columbia. County Court (Nanaimo)

Cause book

  • GR-2143
  • Series
  • 1904-1905

Cause book (indexed) 2/1904 - 218/1905.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Nanaimo)

Assize court calendars

  • GR-2144
  • Series
  • 1916-1949

Assize court calendars, 1916-1923; 1926-1964.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Nanaimo)

Nanaimo Supreme Court probate/estate files

  • GR-2213
  • Series
  • 1881-1948, 1949-2005

Probate/estate files from the Supreme and County courts from Nanaimo and district.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Nanaimo)

Partnership declarations

  • GR-2225
  • Series
  • 1894-1947

Partnership declarations. There are partial indexes to these declarations in GR-2283.

British Columbia. County Court (Nanaimo)


  • GR-2273
  • Series
  • 1894-1941

Partnership index, 1894-1941; individual index, 1894-1906. These are indexes to the partnership declarations in GR-2225.

British Columbia. County Court (Nanaimo)

Personal and official papers

  • GR-2277
  • Series
  • 1913-1951

Personal and official papers of Victor C. Fawcett, Official Administrator of Nanaimo, ca. 1900-1940. Official papers (Files 1-10) include court documents, police records; the personal papers (Files 11-13) relate to Edgar and Myra Fawcett.

British Columbia. Official Administrator (Nanaimo)

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