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Kamloops Small Debts Court cause books

  • GR-1931
  • Series
  • 1930-1957

Cause book (indexed). (Missing entries: Feb - Oct 1952 and Apr - Jul 1956).

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Kamloops)

Minute book

  • GR-2171
  • Series
  • 1913-1954

Registrar's minute book for civil cases.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-2331
  • Series
  • 1884 1919

Correspondence, agreements, invoices, financial records, etc. from the administration of the estate of Thomas Spelman (Kamloops probate 997/1884).

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops County Court probate cause book

  • GR-2549
  • Series
  • 1891-1941

Probate cause book (indexed), 1891-1941; copies of wills, 1903-1912 and copies of civil suit orders, 1896. There are a few entries from the Supreme Court.

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

Commission on the Provincial Gaol at Kamloops, 1898

  • GR-0477
  • Series
  • 1898

This series consists of records of the Commission on the Provincial Gaol at Kamloops, 1898, including a typewritten report of Commissioner Albert Beck, correspondence, and handwritten notes of evidence.

British Columbia. Commission on the Provincial Gaol at Kamloops, 1898

Kamloops County Court civil case files

  • GR-2398
  • Series
  • 1885-1949

The series consists of civil case files from the Kamloops County Court, 1885 to 1949. Civil case files may contain the notice of claim or notice of petition, writs and affidavits, orders and a final judgment. The files are arranged by file number order.

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court cause books

  • GR-1626
  • Series
  • 1882-1952

This series contains cause books for civil cases.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Vernon bankruptcy minute books

  • GR-1886
  • Series
  • 1923-1956

Bankruptcy minute books of meetings of creditors held in Vernon, Kelowna, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Merritt and Penticton, 1923-1956.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Vernon)

Record books

  • GR-2450
  • Series
  • 1883-1918

Registrar's record books for civil cases. (2 vols.)

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Partnership declarations

  • GR-2452
  • Series
  • 1894-1922

Declarations of partnership.

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court criminal case files

  • GR-2486
  • Series
  • 1883-1949

Criminal case files from Kamloops and Clinton, 1883-1902; 1906-1949. Includes Assize, County Court, Speedy Trials, informations, depositions, indictments from many places (Ashcroft, Lytton, 150 Mile House, Vernon, Fairview, Quesnel, Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Lillooet, etc.)

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Architectural proposals and consultants reports

  • GR-0386
  • Series
  • 1967-1974

This series consists of architectural proposals and consultants reports on topics connected with the construction of public buildings, urban development, siting, traffic patterns, and design requirements. Reports have been created for the Department of Public Works by various sources, including Arthur Erikson Architects, The Environmental Analysis Group (TEAG), UBC School of Architecture, BCIT, Vancouver City Planning Department, and other various architects and engineers.

British Columbia. Dept. of Public Works

Kamloops Government Agent land records

  • GR-0522
  • Series
  • 1877-1977

The series consists of the business records, 1877-1977, of the office of the Kamloops Government Agent, including the records of several additional positions usually held by the same individual: Gold Commissioner, Mining Recorder, and Land Commissioner for the Kamloops Land District. The series also includes records of the Canadian Department of the Interior; most created and received by the Dominion Lands Agent at Kamloops as part of the administration of the Railway Belt.

Record types and subject matter include, but are not limited to the following: land alienation through pre-emption or purchase from the provincial government and homesteading or purchase from the federal government; a variety of leases of Crown land; other more general types of records; and records regarding Indigenous peoples and Indian Reserves.

Records related to land alienation include: applications for pre-emption records; land classification reports; forms completed by land inspectors of the Department of Lands Inspection Branch; declarations of occupation and permanent improvement on pre-emption claims; applications for homestead entry, cancellation, and abandonment; homestead Inspector’s reports; affidavits in support of an Application for Entry for a homestead, pre-emption or purchased homestead; land sales records including applications to purchase and certificates of purchase.

Records related to a variety of leases and other uses of Crown lands include: grazing leases; foreshore leases; dredging leases; indentures to reassign leases; special use permits; timber permits; water records including conditional water licenses, and permanent water licenses; applications for irrigation schemes; petroleum and natural gas leases; quarry leases; bar leases; coal leases; mining leases regarding surface and subsurface rights; applications for lease of crown-granted mineral claims; applications for placer leases under the Placer-Mining Act; and the lapse of a lease or forfeiture of a mineral claim to the Crown.

Other more general types of records include: correspondence regarding Crown grants; inquiries about land availability; surveyor’s reports; preliminary plans and correspondence for the surveys of townships; Soldier Settlement Board records including forms, correspondence and records of soldier land grants; attestation papers and discharge certificates; naturalization papers; personal correspondence; correspondence files on specific topics such as hay permit regulations or precipitation measurements; records regarding taxes; and business records of the office, including inter-department correspondence, circulars, and memorandum related to matters of land administration.

Files also exist for specific Indian Reserves, and can include correspondence; water records; surveys; and inspection reports created in the process of allotting new, and canceling existing Indian Reserves. Some files document instances of overlapping land use and conflict between settlers and Indigenous peoples on specific parcels of land.

Files are generally either correspondence files on a particular subject, or a variety of records related to a particular piece of land. Many files cover a wide time period and may be associated with multiple individuals or companies as land rights were often transferred to others or cancelled and reapplied for. Only the name of the first and last individual listed on the file is included in the file list. This means there may be additional names associated with files not included on the file list. The file list may also only include part of the legal description of land in cases where the description was exceptionally long, or included many different pieces of land. Single individuals may also have multiple files for each piece of land they are associated with.

Cartographic materials, consisting of blueprints and hand-drawn maps or plans, indicating the parcels of land relevant to the file, are commonly found throughout the records.

No file list or indexes were transferred with these records from the Kamloops Government Agent. Most files only included numbers with no clear names, so titles were created by the archives based on the contents of the files or by transcribing information on relevant file backs.

A fire on 17 September 1893 at the Dominion Lands Office in Kamloops destroyed some files. The contents for these files are marked [empty]. Files marked as [file back only] were likely destroyed in the fire, but then had their titles and some additional information transcribed by Lands employees onto file backs from letter books or other surviving records which were not transferred with these records.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Kamloops)

Assize calendars from various locations

  • GR-1926
  • Series
  • 1870-1965

Criminal assize calendars for Victoria. Also includes criminal assize calendars for Yale, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Clinton, Richfield, Kamloops, Quesnellemouth, Cassiar, Laketon, Glenora and Lytton, 1870s.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Kamloops Small Debts Court process book

  • GR-1932
  • Series
  • 1966-1968

Process book giving details of service of summons for Kamloops Small Debts Court, March 1966 - October 1968 (232/1966 1117/1968). Notes inside front cover give court fees and the procedure for completing a Small Debts Court summons.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Kamloops)

Record book from Assizes at Kamloops, Clinton, and Lytton

  • GR-1889
  • Series
  • 1885-1904

Record book from Assizes at Kamloops, Clinton, and Lytton, June 1885 - Dec 1894; Oct 1904. This volume is a combination of record book, minute book, judgments, and bench book.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Bankruptcy cause books

  • GR-2937
  • Series
  • 1921-1980

The series consists of several cause books for bankruptcy created in the Supreme Court of Vernon between 1921 and 1980. The cause books cover the Interior Region of BC, including Vernon, Penticton, Kelowna, and Kamloops. The cause book for the period 1921 to 1973 has been microfilmed, but the corresponding index is available in the original book format only. Page 1 of the 1921-1973 cause book has a note signed by G. Hunter, C.J.B.C., dated 12 April 1921 appointing Leonard Norris as Registrar in Bankruptcy for Vernon. The volume functions as a cause book for the Bankruptcy Court of British Columbia and the Bankruptcy Court of Canada for 1921-1923. In 1923 the entries read "In the Supreme Court of British Columbia - In Bankruptcy."

Indexes are not available for the period 1973 to 1980. The index covering the period 1921 to 1973 lists the name of the party and the corresponding page in the cause book. Typical cause book entries list the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s), as well as a list of proceedings in the bankruptcy case. Entries are arranged chronologically.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Vernon)

Kamloops Police Court record books

  • GR-3243
  • Series
  • 1940-1950

BC Provincial Police Court record books showing name of prosecutor, name of defendant, nature of the charge, costs, name of arresting officer, name of gaol or lockup, order or conviction, amount of fine, name of presiding magistrate or justice and "remarks", 1940-1946; 1946-1948; 1948-1950.

British Columbia. Police Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court cause book

  • GR-1627
  • Series
  • 1955-1957

This series contains a cause book for cases heard under the Bankruptcy Act. (Nos. G94/55 - P183/57).

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Mechanics liens

  • GR-2360
  • Series
  • 1906-1927

Mechanics liens, unnumbered (1906-1909) and #26 to 448 (1910-1927).

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

Record books

  • GR-2178
  • Series
  • 1879-1949

Registrar's record books (mostly from Assizes). After October 1910 they take the form of minute books. (2 vols.)

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Minute books

  • GR-2179
  • Series
  • 1913-1954

Registrar's minute books for civil cases.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court probate cause books

  • GR-2556
  • Series
  • 1878-1987

Probate cause books, 1884-1979 and case record cards, 1979-1983, and copies of wills, 1878-1911. A few entries are from the County Court. Cause book entries for probate numbers 2253 (1942) to 8188 (1982) are indexed. See GR-1577 for an index to probate numbers 1 to 1500 and GR-2990 for probate numbers 2300-8100. For probate files 1 to 2715 (1881-1946) see GR-1562 and for probate files 2716 to 8944 (1946-1984) see GR-3001. For probate files to 1992 see accession 83-1116.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Crime reports

  • GR-3598
  • Series
  • 1932-1944

The series consists of a letterbook containing crime reports produced or collected by Sergeant John William Hooker during the course of his duties as a British Columbia Provincial Police (BCPP) officer while posted to Coquitlam, Grand Forks, Nelson, Smithers, Prince George, Clinton, Ashcroft, Spence’s Bridge, Merritt, and Kamloops between 1932 and 1944. The records cover a variety of crimes and social issues—particularly in small, rural communities. In addition to generic social issues, the records from Grand Forks (file 3) relate primarily to Doukhobors, and include reports on the settlement of Gilpin.

The majority of the reports were produced by Hooker. Some supplemental records (copies), such as an inquest, inward correspondence in relation to particular cases, and a reason for judgement are interfiled with the crime reports.

The records are arranged chronologically and by detachment location. The records do not capture all crime reports filed in a particular district, but were likely selected by Hooker. Some of these files have been labeled in pencil “Personal file.” The records consist primarily of crime reports on standard BCPP letterhead. Each report contains the district, detachment, and the date, as well as an overview of the case and persons involved.

Some of these records may also be available in GR-1388: Correspondence and other material created by the British Columbia Provincial Police Force of the Yale district. John William Hooker's personnel card, which provides details of the service of constables, including marital status, date of first appointment, station, and various postings, can be found in GR-0091, vol. 30-31.

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force

Archibald McKinlay fonds

  • PR-1709
  • Fonds
  • 1840-1885

The fonds consists of diaries, correspondence, and financial records of Archibald McKinlay and the McKinlay family, as well as the official appointment of McKinlay to the Joint Indian Reserve Commission.

McKinlay, Archibald, 1811-1891

Cause book

  • GR-2157
  • Series
  • 1921-1968

Bankruptcy cause book (indexed). Front cover includes list of British Columbia Trustees in Bankruptcy.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Register of judgements

  • GR-2177
  • Series
  • 1930-1931

Register of judgements.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Kamloops)

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