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Kamloops (B.C.) Series
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"Watson" G. Funamoto and his album : May 29, 1942 Fitzwilliam, B.C.

The series consists of a photograph album created by G.W. Funamoto in 1942 to document his time in various Japanese internment camps along the Yellowhead Highway and the Slocan area.

The album contains 169 b&w photographs, including postcards and other commercially produced prints, and includes images of various Japanese internment camps such as Red Pass and Lemon Creek; images of a unidentified camps (possibly Princeton and Tashme) and images identified as Slocan City, Sandon, New Denver and Kamloops. There are also various commercially produced images of the Canadian Rockies, photographs of what may be family and friends and images of the BC Public Works activities involved in road building. There is very little in the way of captions and other identifying information although there are some inscriptions in English and Japanese. The album also contains two British Columbia Security Commission 5 cent coupons.

Funamoto, G.W.

Vernon bankruptcy minute books

  • GR-1886
  • Series
  • 1923-1956

Bankruptcy minute books of meetings of creditors held in Vernon, Kelowna, Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Merritt and Penticton, 1923-1956.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Vernon)

Timber tenures from the Kamloops Forest District

  • GR-3769
  • Series
  • 1962-1986

The series consists of various timber tenures from the Kamloops Forest District of the Department of Forests and its successors. Records date from 1962-1986.

Forest tenures in this series include cutting permits, timber licences, timber sale licences, timber sale harvesting licences, licences to cut, timber berths, tree farm licences and free use permits. The licences provided the licensee with the right to harvest timber from a specific area. These files document the management of timber licences and include records relating to the issuance, administration, planning, cancellation or deletion, extension and monitoring of the tenures. Files may have A numbers, T numbers, X numbers, or other numbers specific to a type of tenure.

The files may contain a copy of the licence, forms, reports, maps of the area that will be logged, ministry approvals, operating plans, annual reports, as well as a wide variety of correspondence with the licensee.

The records were transferred to the archives under several numbers in the Ministry of Forests ORCS schedule (881261). However, most of the records in this series predate the creation of ORCS, and may have file codes from the old Ministry of Forests File Directory, such as 850-16.

British Columbia. Kamloops Forest District (1913-1978)

Register of judgements

  • GR-2177
  • Series
  • 1930-1931

Register of judgements.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Kamloops)

Records of E.T.W. Pearse

  • GR-3764
  • Series
  • [1915]

The series consists of receipts, financial tallies, and other notes that may have been created by ETW Pearse during his time as government agent at Kamloops. The records largely relate to the County Court case of Rex v. Marshall. The series also includes several trade licenses signed by Pearse dated June 1915, as well as inward correspondence sent by the Provincial Police. Although the provenance and creator of the records is unclear it appears that they were created by ETW Pearse in his capacity as government agent at Kamloops. The series also consists of a list of 71 men with their place of residence and occupation. This list appears to be in Pearse’s handwriting and is undated. Orders in council indicate that Pearse held a number of positions, including those of government agent, gold commissioner, registrar of vital events, and registrar of voters. It is therefore supposed that the list of men is a list of eligible voters in the area around, or slightly prior to, 1915.

The records were found loose in a volume of records from Kamloops County Court, and it is likely that they were subsumed into the Court as the responsibilities of government agent were assumed by other offices.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Kamloops)

Record books

  • GR-2450
  • Series
  • 1883-1918

Registrar's record books for civil cases. (2 vols.)

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Record books

  • GR-2178
  • Series
  • 1879-1949

Registrar's record books (mostly from Assizes). After October 1910 they take the form of minute books. (2 vols.)

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Record books

  • GR-2559
  • Series
  • 1891-1912

Record books of financial transactions and minutes kept by Official Administrators Frederick J. Fulton and A.D. Mcintyre at Kamloops and other locations.

British Columbia. Official Administrator (Kamloops)

Record book from Assizes at Kamloops, Clinton, and Lytton

  • GR-1889
  • Series
  • 1885-1904

Record book from Assizes at Kamloops, Clinton, and Lytton, June 1885 - Dec 1894; Oct 1904. This volume is a combination of record book, minute book, judgments, and bench book.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Record book

  • GR-2180
  • Series
  • 1913-1960

Record book for criminal cases mostly under the Speedy Trials Act (index volume). Ca. 1944 this volume takes the form of a minute book for criminal cases.

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

Record book

  • GR-2453
  • Series
  • 1924-1950

Bankruptcy record book.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Provincial prison reports

  • GR-3434
  • Series
  • 1905, 1911

The series consists of ten reports sent to Frederick Hussey in 1905 and 1911, in his capacity as Superintendent of Provincial Police and Inspector of Gaols. The wardens at each of the Provincial Gaols at Victoria, New Westminster, Nanaimo, Nelson and Kamloops returned an annual summary of the activity of the gaol with attached monthly reports and annual returns of the prisoners received. The reports include: lists of staff and salaries; financial expenditures, prisoner work statistics and number of prisoners in custody including the name, age, country of origin, profession, crime, sentence and conduct of each.

British Columbia. Superintendent of Police

Presentments of Grand Juries

  • GR-3247
  • Series
  • 1909-1929

Presentments of Grand Juries from 1909-1913, 1918 and 1929 after visiting public institutions of Kamloops and district. They report on Tranquille, public schools (poor ventilation), the Provincial Gaol (overcrowded), Provincial Home, Court House (poor lighting), Royal Inland Hospital, Land Registry Offices, Old Mans Home, Provincial Police (who need a regular uniform), roads and bridges. In 1911, the need for accommodation for the travelling public is mentioned. In Spring 1913 there is concern about the inadequacy of the Indian Act to punish those supplying liquor to Indians, hardship to the city of Kamloops when prisoners are released with no means to pay their fares home, more rigorous enforcement of the Offensive Weapons Act and inadequate pay for Provincial constables. The presentment from 1929 expresses concern about "the menace of assault" for teachers.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Partnership declarations

  • GR-2452
  • Series
  • 1894-1922

Declarations of partnership.

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

Minute books

  • GR-2179
  • Series
  • 1913-1954

Registrar's minute books for civil cases.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Minute book

  • GR-2171
  • Series
  • 1913-1954

Registrar's minute book for civil cases.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Mechanics liens

  • GR-2360
  • Series
  • 1906-1927

Mechanics liens, unnumbered (1906-1909) and #26 to 448 (1910-1927).

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

Lytton, Kamloops and Ashcroft Government Agent records

  • GR-4107
  • Series
  • 1858-1949

This series consists of a variety of records created by Government Agents and other government officials stationed in the Lytton, Yale and Kamloops area from 1858-1949. The records include registrations of water rights (mostly for mining purposes); placer mining forms; mining record books recording mineral claims, placer claims, leases, records of abandonment and bills of sale; and an unlabeled cash book covering Cache Creek, Bonaparte, Okanagan, Tranquille, Dead Man’s Creek, Savona Ferry, Kamloops, and Nicola which records office expenditures and collectorates such as school taxes, property taxes, leases, road tolls, court fees, water records, licences, etc.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Lytton)

Lytton Gold Commissioner's records

  • GR-1054
  • Series
  • 1859-1874

Series contains the records of the Assistant Gold Commissioner, Lytton, B.C. relating to pre-emptions. Letters inward to Henry Maynard Ball, April 12, 1860 to December 3, 1860, and letters inward to John Boyd, 1870-1871. Includes correspondence, notices, and other papers on pre-emptions at Nicola Lake, Boston Bar, Lytton, Cache Creek, Kamloops and in the vicinity of various Indian Reserves. Also an account of moneys received by the Collector of General Revenue, Similkameen, 1861.

Lytton Gold Commissioner's records

Miscellaneous papers re pre-emptions 1860-1873

Source: GR Finding Aids

Finding aid: item list.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works

Kamloops Supreme Court wills

  • GR-3730
  • Series
  • 1986-2004

The series consists of original wills filed in the Supreme Court of Kamloops between 1986 and 2004. The wills are filed by a sequential number that also corresponds to a probate case file number found in GR-3001. The wills appear to be originals that were removed from the probate case files and filed separately. Not every individual with a probate file had a will.

A nominal index to probates can be found in GR-3001. Once a case file number has been found, this can be used to locate the correct file in the wills series.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court probate cause books

  • GR-2556
  • Series
  • 1878-1987

Probate cause books, 1884-1979 and case record cards, 1979-1983, and copies of wills, 1878-1911. A few entries are from the County Court. Cause book entries for probate numbers 2253 (1942) to 8188 (1982) are indexed. See GR-1577 for an index to probate numbers 1 to 1500 and GR-2990 for probate numbers 2300-8100. For probate files 1 to 2715 (1881-1946) see GR-1562 and for probate files 2716 to 8944 (1946-1984) see GR-3001. For probate files to 1992 see accession 83-1116.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court orders and judgements

  • GR-2451
  • Series
  • 1881-2000

The series consists of civil orders and reasons for judgment created between 1881 and 2000. Early records are from the Yale district, although the majority of records in the series relate specifically to Kamloops. The records are largely arranged chronologically by filing date, which can sometimes be several months after the order was issued in court. Between 1954 and 1973, orders were arranged by volume and folio numbers. Records were compiled into volumes based on filing date. Each folio is comprised of one order. The Archives does not currently have records for the period 1974 to 1982. Between 1983 and the late 1980s, some civil orders were filed by a sequential number. From the late 1980s onwards, the court filing system returned to using volumes and folios; however the volume number began again at 1. Many of the volumes contain indexes.

Civil orders are the formal expression of the ruling of the court and reasons for judgment provide the court's rationale. The records relate to a variety of civil matters, including adoption orders.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court index to probates

  • GR-1577
  • Series
  • 1885-1936

This series contains an index to probates, nos. 1-1,500. Note that the files are not arranged in date order so several probates from 1928-1936 (numbered 1501 and higher) are not included in this index. See GR-1562 for probate files 1-2715 (1895-1946).

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Kamloops Supreme Court criminal case files

  • GR-2486
  • Series
  • 1883-1949

Criminal case files from Kamloops and Clinton, 1883-1902; 1906-1949. Includes Assize, County Court, Speedy Trials, informations, depositions, indictments from many places (Ashcroft, Lytton, 150 Mile House, Vernon, Fairview, Quesnel, Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Lillooet, etc.)

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

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