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Clinton County Court orders and judgments

  • GR-3622
  • Series
  • 1972-1975

The series consists of orders and judgments created in Clinton County Court between 1972 and 1975. The series also consists of one index volume. The records include cases related to payment of wages, mechanic’s liens, and small claims. This volume also includes divorces. The series is covered by ORCS 51100-32 in Court Services schedule 100152.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-1388
  • Series
  • 1941-1947

This series contains Yale district Provincial Police files dating from 1941 to 1947. The records consist of subject files containing reports and correspondence inward and outward of district headquarters at Ashcroft with Bralorne, Bridge River, Lillooet, Spences Bridge, Clinton, Lytton and Ashcroft detachments, C division headquarters at Kamloops, and others.

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force (Yale District)

Crime reports

  • GR-3598
  • Series
  • 1932-1944

The series consists of a letterbook containing crime reports produced or collected by Sergeant John William Hooker during the course of his duties as a British Columbia Provincial Police (BCPP) officer while posted to Coquitlam, Grand Forks, Nelson, Smithers, Prince George, Clinton, Ashcroft, Spence’s Bridge, Merritt, and Kamloops between 1932 and 1944. The records cover a variety of crimes and social issues—particularly in small, rural communities. In addition to generic social issues, the records from Grand Forks (file 3) relate primarily to Doukhobors, and include reports on the settlement of Gilpin.

The majority of the reports were produced by Hooker. Some supplemental records (copies), such as an inquest, inward correspondence in relation to particular cases, and a reason for judgement are interfiled with the crime reports.

The records are arranged chronologically and by detachment location. The records do not capture all crime reports filed in a particular district, but were likely selected by Hooker. Some of these files have been labeled in pencil “Personal file.” The records consist primarily of crime reports on standard BCPP letterhead. Each report contains the district, detachment, and the date, as well as an overview of the case and persons involved.

Some of these records may also be available in GR-1388: Correspondence and other material created by the British Columbia Provincial Police Force of the Yale district. John William Hooker's personnel card, which provides details of the service of constables, including marital status, date of first appointment, station, and various postings, can be found in GR-0091, vol. 30-31.

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force

Supreme Court civil case files

  • GR-3623
  • Series
  • 1922

The series consists of Supreme Court case files created in 1922. There is evidence that at least one file (1/1922) was originally created in Ashcroft before being transferred to Clinton, and records related to the case can be found in GR-1954 (Ashcroft Supreme Court civil case files). The records consist of various court forms and correspondence and are arranged by case number. The series is covered by ORCS 51100-20 in the Court Services schedule 100152

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Clinton)

Woodmen's liens

  • GR-2959
  • Series
  • 1919-1961

Woodmen's liens (Numbers 1-152).

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Mechanic's lien register

  • GR-2961
  • Series
  • 1915-1960

Mechanic's lien register.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Clinton County Court plaint and procedure book

  • GR-1648
  • Series
  • 1914-1984

This series contains a plaint and procedure book, January 1914 January 1952 (No. 1/1914- No. 10/1951). This volume also includes Supreme Court civil cases, January 1922-July 1952 (No. 1/1922 - No. 14/1952)- and County Court criminal cases. Indexes are included. The series also consists of container 929018-0028 with a 1953-1956 plaint and procedure book (index included), and indexes for the period 1957 to 1984. Plaint and procedure books for 1957 to 1984 do not appear to have been transferred to the Archives.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Small Debts Court case files

  • GR-3620
  • Series
  • 1914-1915

The series consists of summonses, receipts, lists of debts, and correspondence created during the course of small debts cases in Clinton between 1914 and 1915. The records are arranged by case number. At least some of the records in this series appear to have passed through the custody of the Government Agent at Clinton, although they appear to have been ultimately managed by the Small Debts Court. The records are covered by ORCS 51360-20 under Court Services schedule 100152.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Clinton)

Clinton Supreme Court minute book

  • GR-0711
  • Series
  • 1909-1919

This series consists of a minute book of the Clinton Supreme Court, Oct. 1909 - May 1919.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Clinton)

Letters of administration and letters probate

  • GR-3621
  • Series
  • 1892-1960

The series consists of letters of administration, including those with will annexed, and letters of administration granted to the Official Administrator. The series also consists of grants of letters probate (container 929018-0027). The records are arranged by date. Records in this series were created and administered between 1892 and 1960 by the County Court and Supreme Court of Clinton. The majority of the records were created by the County Court, although there are several instances of “Supreme Court” being added by hand to forms bound in a County Court ledger. Several of the individuals mentioned in this series have related files in GR-3619. Records in this series are covered by ORCS 51460-25 and 51460-27 in Court Services schedule 100152

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Clinton County Court civil case files

  • GR-3619
  • Series
  • 1888-1930

The series consists of bills of sale, chattel mortgages, correspondence and related court documents for cases heard in the Clinton County Court between 1888 and 1930. The series is arranged chronologically and by case number and covers civil disputes in the immediate vicinity of Clinton. The series also contains several probate cases that were filed in the County Court. These are for Max Hoffman (died 1919, case dated 1922), George Lasher (died February 1924, case dated 1924), Charles Truran (died November 1918, case dated 1924), Laurence Arthur Killgore (died November 1923, case dated 1924), and Edmond Lambert (died July 1923, case dated 1924). The records in this series are covered by ORCS 51100-20 of the Court Services schedule 100152.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Record book from Assizes at Kamloops, Clinton, and Lytton

  • GR-1889
  • Series
  • 1885-1904

Record book from Assizes at Kamloops, Clinton, and Lytton, June 1885 - Dec 1894; Oct 1904. This volume is a combination of record book, minute book, judgments, and bench book.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Clinton County Court probate/estate files

  • GR-3130
  • Series
  • 1884

Probate case files from the County Court, 1884, 1939, 1957-1960 and from the Supreme Court, 1960-1972. Also caveats, 1974-1976.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Supreme Court Assizes record book

  • GR-1826
  • Series
  • 1878-1909

Supreme Court Assizes record book including juror's lists, 1878-1909; Supreme Court cause book, 1892-1909; County Court plaint and procedure book, 1879-1881; Court of Revision assessment records, 1891-1903; and register of bills of sale of mining claims in the Lillooet District (including Big Bar and Anderson Lake), 1878-1891.

Pages 3-17; Register of Bills of Sale of mining claims, Lillooet District (Big Bar, Anderson Lake) (mostly signed by Mining Recorder), 1878-1891

Pages 21-100; 135-200; Supreme Court Assizes record book, Clinton, includes jurors lists, 1878-1909

Page 87; Supreme Court Civil cause books, Clinton, 1892-1909

Pages 100-133; County Court plaint and procedure book, Clinton (1/79 - 4/81), May 1879 - 1881

Pages 205-215; Court of Revision - Assessment, Clinton, 1891-1903

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Clinton)

Bills of sale and orders-in-council

  • GR-1825
  • Series
  • 1873-1912, 1914-1922

Register of bills of sale, 1873-1912 (case nos. 1-856). This register is primarily for Clinton, but also includes bills of sale from Williams Lake, Canoe Creek, and Ashcroft. Copies of orders-in-council relating to the administration of bills of sale are also included. An alphabetical index to the names of grantors listed in this volume is tucked into the front cover. An alphabetical index to the names of grantees was later discovered in a different accession and is available in 002340-1022.

The series also consists of several type-written pages of bills of sale and chattel mortgages dating from 1914 to 1922. The 1914-1922 records were originally transferred with registers of bills of sale from Kamloops, but were not found to match the Kamloops records. The case numbers run from 1047 to 1598 and cover bills of sale from Ashcroft, Upper Hat Creek, Clinton, Lillooet and Lytton. A comparison between many of the grantor and grantee names in the 1912 and 1914 records suggests that both sets of records belong to the same series.

Related Orders-in-Council:

OIC: established C.E. Pope with authority for Polling Divisions of Williams Lake, Canoe Creek and Clinton, 25 Apr 1873

OIC: Lillooet named as a district (based at Clinton) for Bills of Sale, 1 Oct 1895

OIC: Cariboo district also to be handled at Clinton for Bills of Sale, 9 Jan 1896

OIC: changing base of County Court of Cariboo from Ashcroft to Clinton, 23 May 1905

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Bench book

  • GR-2034
  • Series
  • 1871

Bench book of civil and criminal cases heard by Justice H.P.P. Crease on circuit at Yale, Clinton and Richfield, 1871.

British Columbia. Supreme Court

Assize calendars from various locations

  • GR-1926
  • Series
  • 1870-1965

Criminal assize calendars for Victoria. Also includes criminal assize calendars for Yale, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Clinton, Richfield, Kamloops, Quesnellemouth, Cassiar, Laketon, Glenora and Lytton, 1870s.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Kamloops Supreme Court civil case files

  • GR-2525
  • Series
  • 1868-1949

The series consists of Kamloops Supreme Court civil case files from 1868 to 1949 as well as several County Court files that appear to have become interfiled at some point of the records's history. Files before 1914 have a Clinton or Yale Registry stamp even though the hearing seems to have been in Kamloops. Records in accession G88-103 were transferred separately, and include a notice of sheriff's sale from Prince Rupert, an assortment of loose law stamps, correspondence regarding cases, and oaths of allegiance for Norman Bole of New Westminster and William Ward Spinks of Kamloops. It is unclear how some of the ephemera came to be included with these records.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Clinton County Court plaint and procedure books

  • GR-0568
  • Series
  • 1867-1913

Plaint and procedure books for County Court of Lillooet, 1867-1874, including cases heard at Clinton, 1867-1895. Also include one Registrar's record book for County Court of Lillooet at Clinton, 1895-1910.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Record books containing brand registers and other material

  • MS-2831
  • Series
  • 1861-1956

Two record books containing brand registers for Kamloops and Clinton districts 1873-1914, as well as water records for Clinton district 1877-1879. The Kamloops volume also includes collectorate records from the Gold Commissioner at Yale for 1861. The index for the Clinton volume is in GR-1487, box 2, file 1. Also included are 6 volumes of office diaries, 1948, 1951-1953, 1955-1956, used by Thomas Moore, Recorder of brands.

Moore, Thomas, 1948-1956. Recorder of Brands

Lillooet District water rights records

  • GR-0844
  • Series
  • 1859-1915

This series consists of seven volumes of records of the Water Commissioner, Lillooet, B.C., related to water rights, 1859-1915. Includes grants of water right, licences, plans, notices, etc. Volume 5 covers area from south of Lillooet to 150 Mile House and includes Hanceville and Big Creek; volume 3 includes lots on the North Thompson.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch. Water Commissioner. Lillooet

Records of the Government Agent, Clinton

  • GR-3762
  • Series
  • [192-?] – 1927

The series consists of assorted forms and records that may have been used by the Government Agent in Clinton in the 1920s. The series includes a formulaic Grand Jury statement signed by C A Semlin, as well as forms and instructions for opening court, a memorandum on the fees and expensees allowed to witnesses attending speedy trials and assizes, and several blank forms for County Court matters. Several of the records bear the letterhead or stamp of the Clinton Government Agent.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Clinton)