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Inner Harbour (Victoria, B.C.)
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[Inner Harbour : hawkers, etc.]

Television stock shots. The first section shows street vendors with their carts (as well as musicians and tourists) on the Inner Harbour causeway. The second part (dated 10-Jul-1978) shows the demolition of the old Black Ball Ferry terminal on the Inner Harbour.

[CHEK-TV news film -- union strikes and picket lines]

Stock shots. 1. 20th Anniversary of BC Ferries. 2. Liquor Store temporarily closed. 3. Ferries. 4. Speech - remember the pension rule. ( Indoors.) 5. Outside the Legislature. Big crowd. 6. Pickets in front of the Empress re: BC Tel dispute. 7. Bank of BC protesters (BC Tel pickets). 8. BC Tel pickets at ferry terminal. 9. Picket parade in parliamentary precinct. 10. CUPW pickets - Legislature lawn. 11. Postal pickets at processing plant. Posties with signs. 12. Picket in front of Labatt's - brewery workers. 13. Street full of protesters. 14. Teamsters on strike - Local 213 at Air West. 15. United Fisherman & Allied Workers Union strikers. 16. Labour rally - inside auditorium. 17. Demonstrators in front of Legislature. Premier Bill Bennett on steps. 18. Public Service Alliance - pickets. 19. 2-4-D protest. 20. BCGEU pickets. 21. Retail clerks on strike against Woodward's. 22. BCTV strikers (NABET). 23. Construction workers protesting. 24. Large parade of protesters - Inner Harbour. 25. Yarrows Ltd. - flying pickets re: BC Tel hot equipment. 26. Pickets in front of the Empress.

[CHEK-TV news film -- areas of B.C. stock shots]

Stock shots. 1. Air West float plane with damage (a hole). 2. Totem carving. 3. Loading totem pole onto plane. 4. Premier Bill Bennett. 5. Hugh Curtis at sod-turning ceremony. 6. Creek, farm, etc. 7. CNR tanker cars and caboose. 8. Art class. 9. Tank farms on Victoria harbour. 10. B&W stills -- historical photos of the harbour. 11. Duke Point Industrial Park. 12. Construction. 13. Public meeting. 14. B&W aerial photos of Duke Point. 15. Mount Douglas Cross Road and surrounding streets. 16. Development model. 17. Ucluelet harbour. 18. Long Beach. 19. Campbell River. 20. Fish boats. 21. Port Alberni. 22. Construction. 23. Gold River.

[CHEK-TV news film -- harbour, bridge, convention centre

Stock shots. 1. Boeing jetfoil -- unidentified interview, jetfoil at dock. Other interviews. 2. "Princess Marguerite" being towed. 3. Johnson Street bridge. 4. New information centre -- construction. 5. Old factories and warehouses. 6. Inner Harbour. 7. Demolition crew. View from top of bridge. 8. Interview with Sam Bawlf [?]. 9. Bridge repairs. 10. Public speakers at meeting [City Council?]. 11. Architectural plans for Wharf Street. 12. Premier W.R. Bennett. Hugh Curtis. 13. Exterior shots -- Opposition MLA [?] and Hugh Curtis. 14. Models of Inner Harbour, Wharf Street. 15. Jimmy Pattison.

[CHEK-TV news film -- celebrity interviews and other footage]

Stock shots. 1. Public Service Alliance meeting - unidentified speaker. 2. Air Canada plane arrives. 3. Airport interior with Oriental family. 4. Unidentified (First Nations?) couple in apartment. 5. John Wayne - on his boat in Inner Harbour. 6. David Suzuki - interview. 7. Rolf Harris - at a school, Monday, February 9, 1981. 8. [Unidentified.] 9. [Unidentified.] 10. Peter C. Newman. 11. Pierre Berton. 12. School exterior. 13. Large tree fallen on power lines. 14. Storm damage. 15. Damaged vehicles. 16. Truck being pulled out of the Inner Harbour. 17. Overturned fuel truck in ditch. 18. Garbage on roadside - garbage truck in ditch. 19. The Snowbirds - planes flying in formation. 20. MLAs in the legislature. 21. The ferry "Queen of Prince Rupert". 22. Free bus. 23. Front-end loader. 24. Steam engine #4012.

[CHEK-TV news film -- various, #1]

Stock shots. 1. Lunar eclipse. 2. Train -- seen from the engine. 3. Hostel -- biking and back-packing. 4. Weather station. 5. Pipe organ repairs. 6. Harbour scene and architectural plans for development. [Brentwood Bay?] 7. Log booms. 8. Vehicle inspection station. 9. Beautiful British Columbia Magazine -- building, crates, foreign language issues. 10. Tall ship with four-masts. 11. Mushroom picking. 12. Rock carving -- petroglyphs. 13. "Resolution 13" to Premier W.R. Bennett. 14. Moving a piano. 15. Blessing the fleet [?]. Mass performed at the Inner Harbour. 16. Ticketing cars downtown -- upset meter man. 17. Fox Theatre -- Quadra Theatre [later the Roxy]. 18. Submarine. 19. Good Shepherd animal shelter -- animals. 20. Police and photographer in jewelry store. 21. Scenic cottage. 22. Shipyard -- dry-dock; "Adriatik"; " Pierre Radisson". 23. Submarine interiors -- H.M.S. "Conqueror". 24. Newspaper office -- "The Victorian." 25. People in historical costume -- "Princess Marguerite" [maybe inaugural run?] -- Queen Victoria, Captain Cook, etc. "Princess Marguerite" at sea. 26. Unidentified politician; Clive Jackson. 27. Letter re: "Princess Marguerite". 28. Unidentified politician. 29. Premier Bill Bennett with petition (or some other rolled-up paper).

[CHEK-TV news film -- September-December 1980 and January-February 1981 -- fires and police]

Stock shots. 1. Line of people holding hands in downtown Victoria. 2. Crowds and speeches in front of the Legislature. 3. United Way poster. 4. Inner Harbour. 5. Damage to Il Buco restaurant. 6. Stills of early steamship "Iroquois". 7. Divers [maybe looking for the "Iroquois"?]. 8. Floods. 9. Fire on the waterfront. 10. Fire at the Imperial Kitchen Centre. 11. Night fire. 12. Royal Bank. 13. Fire at Buffie's. 14. Fire damage at the Surfside Cabaret. 15. Brush fire. 16. Night fire in harbour. 17. RCMP detachment. Evidence of drugs. Bales of marijuana being incinerated. 18. Naval ship transporting marijuana bales. 19. SWAT team in action. 20. Helicopter activity - [looking for marijuana plantations?]. 21. Bales of marijuana being burnt. 22. Town and Country Inn. Cedar Hill Cross Road and Mackenzie. [Scene of an accident?]

[Jetfoils on Puget Sound]

Out-takes?. Footage of various Boeing jetfoil ferries in harbour and at sea, including Seattle harbour. Final sequence [dated 19-Sep-1976] shows jetfoil "Flying Princess II" entering Victoria's Inner Harbour.

[CHEK-TV news film -- July-December 1978 and January-April 1979]

Stock shots. 1. Fire on the dock. Shots of burnt shipyard. 2. Police & victim at Tolmie Apartments; gunshot? 3. Bank of Montreal vandalism. 4. Air Canada balloon in front of the Empress Hotel. 5. The tall ship "Eagle" enters the Inner Harbour. 6. Projectionist at the Odeon Theatre. 7. Visit by Prince Philip. 8. Police in action - dusting for fingerprints. 9. Fire at an older building, near the Salvation Army building. 10. Cedar Hill Community Centre - police investigating in the fields. 11. Brentwood College School - fire damage. 12. Inflatable roof. 13. Miniature submarine "Pisces IV" being sent to Ottawa. 14. Experimental aircraft. 15. Fire damage at a school. 16. Night shots of fire at Gorge Vale Apartments; daytime survey of damage. 17. Sooke Lake reservoir. 18. Unidentified state visit - military parade. 19. Airport arrival. 20. Fire at sea. Rescue operations. The freighter "G.B. Church". 21. Caterpillar munching away - aerial shots of forest. 22. Prince Charles welcomed by Premier Bill Bennett. Colour Guard. 23. Prince Charles giving speech and departing. 24. Sidney Fire Department pumper.

[Downtown nip retails]

News item. High-angle shots of Victoria's Inner Harbour causeway, double-decker buses and Government Street.

[Bennett ferry roll back]

News item. Premier Bennett is interviewed on the Inner Harbour causeway. He says that the Transport and Communications Minister is continually reviewing ferry rate structures. Rates will not go down, even in the tourist season. One of BC's main problems, he says, is the high cost of services, even in the forest industry where "we have lost our competitive edge." The Washington State Ferries, according to Mr. Bennett, do not have BC's high labour costs.

[Princess Marguerite]

News item. The NDP government bought the steamship "Princess Marguerite" for $275,000. Current decision to keep the ship was made by Jack Davis, B.C. Minister of Transport. Shots of the "Marguerite" in the Inner Harbour.

[Hartley harbour]

News item. Comprehensive views of the Inner Harbour on a clear day.

[Tourist brite]

News item. Footage of tourists on the Inner Harbour causeway on the Tally-Ho and on double-decker buses.

[Historic items]

Television stock shots. Footage includes: moving of Pioneer School; moving of Stavley School; Fort Rodd Hill artillery; Empress Hotel; [statue of?] Captain Vancouver; the New Year's baby, 1974 ; dismantling of Victoria Machinery Depot; Causeway up-date; historic buildings; Remembrance Day, 1974.

BC Centennial canoe pageant 1971

The item is a film print of special event coverage. To commemorate the hundred years since British Columbia joined the confederation of Canada as a province, the ten provinces and two territories each sent a seven-man crew into the B.C. interior for a nineteen-day sojourn over some 817 miles of provincial waters. The purpose was to draw attention to the challenge of Canada's outdoors and canoeing, and at the same time retrace the past routes followed by explorers. Travelling in twenty-five Norwester canoes, the flotilla began its journey from Fort St. James and concluded at Victoria's Inner Harbour.

Island life and places

Amateur film. Scenes of Vancouver Island, including the Victoria Inner Harbour, local tourist attractions, ocean shots, Chinatown, sailboats and nature shots.

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