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  • GR-2806
  • Series
  • 1903-1923

Assignments (indexed).

British Columbia. County Court (Grand Forks)

Bench book

  • GR-2197
  • Series
  • 1964-1984

Bench book (indexed) for Supreme Court and County Court chambers actions. The notes on court proceedings stop in 1975 however, His Honour Judge A.D.C. Washington added notes in 1977, 1978 and 1984 about his years of service

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Princeton)

Boundary Gold Commissioner records

  • GR-0231
  • Series
  • 1890-1922

The series consists of records created by the Boundary Gold Commissioner between 1890 and 1922. It includes correspondence inward, records of claims, certificates of work, conveyances of claims, water record and records of free miners certificates. Records may also relate to the Kettle River and Osoyoos Mining Recorders.

British Columbia. Gold Commissioner (Boundary)

Calendar from the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks

  • GR-3078
  • Series
  • 1903-1928

Calendar from the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks showing date and hour, name, age, place of birth, religion, trade, literacy, use of liquor, charge, office charging, name of officer charging, plea, name of presiding magistrate and details of the sentence (Duration, fine, costs). There are no entries for 1921.

British Columbia. Police Court (Grand Forks)

Calendars for criminals cases

  • GR-2463
  • Series
  • 1935-1953

Calendars for criminals cases heard in Princeton.

British Columbia. County Court (Princeton)

Cash book

  • GR-2455
  • Series
  • 1914-1969

Cash book from Supreme Court, County Court and Small Debts Court including Suitors' Funds.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Princeton)

Cause books

  • GR-2159
  • Series
  • 1938-1977

Cause books, 1938-1957; 1975-1977.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Princeton)

Cause books

  • GR-2155
  • Series
  • 1927-1964

Bankruptcy cause books (indexed).

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Princeton)


  • GR-1046
  • Series
  • 1919-1920

Series contains correspondence files relating to water licences and irrigation in the vicinities of Rock Creek and Greenwood, and the southern Okanagan valley.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-2573
  • Series
  • ca. 1913-1931

Boundary District Provincial Police files, consisting of correspondence, reports, jail calendars, vouchers, etc., from Coalmont, Fairview, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Hedley, Keremeos, Midway, Oliver, Penticton, Phoenix and Princeton, and correspondence with other police districts and with Victoria Headquarters.

These records were copied from originals loaned by the Penticton Museum in 1981. The originals had been transferred to the Penticton Museum and Archives by the Penticton area RCMP detachment. In 2006, the records were transferred to the BC Archives (accession 95-5924).

The numbered files that were microfilmed (40-1113 to 40-3500) appear to be consistent with the transferred originals. However, there are additional records on the microfilm (see the “Correspondence” and “Miscellaneous” sections in the Finding Aid).

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force (Boundary District)

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-2837
  • Series
  • 1903-1953

Correspondence, memos, circulars, audits, returns, ledger sheets and tax forms from the office of the Official Administrator.

British Columbia. Official Administrator (Grand Forks)

Correspondence outward

  • GR-2805
  • Series
  • 1900-1916

Correspondence outward (indexed letterpress volume) from Grand Forks Supreme Court registrar, S.R. Almond.

British Columbia. County Court (Grand Forks)

Day book of Constable H.J. McDougall, Fairview

  • GR-0420
  • Series
  • 1913-1914

This series consists of a day book of Constable H.J. McDougall of Fairview covering 6 December 1913 - 18 December 1914.

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force (Boundary District)

Firm declaration book

  • GR-2804
  • Series
  • 1896-1928

Firm declaration book (indexed) includes partnerships from Greenwood, Midway and Phoenix.

British Columbia. County Court (Greenwood)

Gaol or lock-up calendars

  • GR-2782
  • Series
  • 1927

Gaol or lock-up calendars, November 1927.

British Columbia. Provincial Court (Princeton)

Grand Forks County Court civil case files

  • GR-2798
  • Series
  • 1925-1944

Civil case files, 1925, 1927, 1941-1944 with the exception of probate/estate files (GR-2797) and appeals (GR-2799) which have been removed from this series and are filed separately.

British Columbia. County Court (Grand Forks)

Grand Forks County Court dockets

  • GR-0578
  • Series
  • 1898-1904

This series consists of dockets from the County Court of Grand Forks. Includes index.

British Columbia. County Court (Grand Forks)

Grand Forks Police Court record books

  • GR-3083
  • Series
  • 1926-1948

Provincial Police Court record books showing name of prosecutor, name of defendant, nature of the charge, costs, name of arresting office, name of gaol or lockup, order or conviction, amount of fine, name of presiding magistrate or justice and "remarks", 1926-1936 and 1937-1948.

British Columbia. Police Court (Grand Forks)

Grand Forks Supreme Court civil case files

  • GR-2794
  • Series
  • 1900-1947

Civil case files with the exception of probate, divorce and adoption files which have been removed from this series and are filed separately.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Grand Forks)

Grand Forks Supreme Court letters probate

  • GR-2558
  • Series
  • 1944-1951

The series consists of letters probate created in the Supreme Court of Grand Forks between 1944 and 1976. The records are arranged chronologically by filing date, and are in bound volumes. The 1944-1951 volume is identified as volume 4, but volumes in container 831138-0001 - which are assumed to be volumes 5, 6, 7, and 8 - are unidentified. A typical record gives the date that the deceased's will was proved in court, the name of the deceased, the date of death, and the name of the person to whom estate administration was granted. The records also list the value of the estate. Records in this series provide evidence of the process through which wills are probated and processed in British Columbia.

The probate number for each individual is listed at the top of this form until 1975, when this practice ceases partway through the year. Along with the name, this number can be used to trace the probate file in GR-2793. Probate files often contain a copy of the deceased's will.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Grand Forks)

Greenwood County Court record book

  • GR-0579
  • Series
  • 1909-1914

This series consists of a records book from the Greenwood County Court. The book has been used for the following purposes: minute book, Jan 1909 - Mar 1914; jury lists; account book, 1900; and dates of County Court sittings at Greenwood and Grand Forks. The volume also includes pages used as a ledger and a list of tools and supplies stored at Midway. The minute book section also includes some Supreme Court cases.

British Columbia. County Court (Greenwood)

Greenwood Supreme and County Court orders

  • GR-2802
  • Series
  • 1912-1919

The series consists of a volume of indexed orders from the:
Greenwood Supreme Court, 1912-1916 (p.1-22)
Greenwood County Court, 1916-1919 (p.22-30).
An order is the document, filed in the court registry, which sets out the decision of the judge or master.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Greenwood)

Greenwood Supreme Court probate orders

  • GR-1881
  • Series
  • 1901-1921

Probate orders, including Letters Probate and Letters of Administration, 1901-1921.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Greenwood)

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