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Bennett, William Richards, 1932-2015 Victoria (B.C.) Parliament Buildings (Victoria, B.C. : 1898- )
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[Legislature opening]

News item. Premier Bennett with the press. He says: "Running for the Legislature isn't coming down and passing laws to restrict every other group in our society". On restraint: "The MLAs in our party, and we as a government, are prepared to do more than talk about it. -- we are prepared to exhibit leadership . . . in both private and public sectors." NDP MLAs comment: "Promise of vague things to come . . . There is the theme of restraint running through it . . . ." Socreds using the financial situation as "justification" to erode the opposition. Promise of increased assistance for people between ages of 55 and 59 under the Guaranteed Annual Income for Need Act. King on need: "It's the kind of mentality that has politicians playing God in terms of determining whether or not people are in need." Conservative MLA, Scott Wallace, is fairly positive, but says: "It doesn't have any specific advisers". The whole speech, he says, is concerned with the financial difficulties and "the restraint that must be exercised." He doubts the wisdom of "taking the tax off property for people over 65, regardless of their income."

[CHEK-TV news film -- public demonstrations]

Stock shots. Footage of strikes and demonstrations in Victoria and vicinity. 1. Camosun College support staff - CUPE Local 2081 - picketer. 2. Picket line at Administrative Centre, Greater Victoria School Board. CUPE Local 2081, Camosun College. 3. Pickets - re: Bill 46, labour rally. 4. Handicapped people demonstrating at Legislature. 5. Anti-Trident protesters on zodiacs in the Inner Harbour. Colour Guard. 6. "Save the whales - foil the hydrofoil." 7. Anti-nuclear demonstration. 8. "ICBC rates unfair." 9. Anti-sealing demonstration. 10. Demonstration against use of 2,4-D. 11. Boaters demonstrating re: moorage rates. 12. "Save Youth Services" demonstration. 13. Premier W.R. Bennett with protesters and media. 14. Rally protesting Ministry of Health [Bob McClelland?]. 15. Pro-choice rally. 16. Pro-life rally. 17. Environmentalists rally. 18. Demonstration against sewage dumping. 19. Pro-lifers. 20. Unemployed rally. 21. "Kids want a bus" rally. 22. Demonstration against Raven Lumber. 23. Pro-life demonstration. 24. Native rights/housing march and demonstration. 25. Rally against Bill 15.

[CHEK-TV news film -- December 1979 and January-August 1980]

Stock shots. 1. Flood scenes - houses awash, roads washed out, etc. 2. Seaspan's Santa in the Inner Harbour. 3. More floods and washouts. 4. CUPE Local 727 on strike in a flood. 5. Snowstorm - car wrecks and toboggans. 6. Small oil spill? Divers. 7. Premier Bill Bennett and unidentified woman [Bella Abzug?]. 8. More flood footage. 9. CPR train wreck. 10. Flotsam and jetsam on the beach. Clean-up. 11. Burst pipes in Chinatown. 12. Nuns demonstrating. 13. Fire - good action shots. 14. BC Hydro pickets. 15. Glenshiel Hotel - seniors demonstrating. 16. Student rally against tuition increase. 17. Demonstration in front of the Legislature. 18. Royal visit - [given the date, probably Princess Alexandra]. 19. Lambrick Park Secondary - vandalism. 20. Sooke Forest Products. 21. Reception - Prince Charles and Grace McCarthy. 22. Damaged aircraft - light planes. 23. Airport arrival [of ?]. 24. Satellite dish at Legislature. 25. Fernwood News. 26. Fire at the British Columbia Provincial Museum. 27. Village Green Inn in Duncan. Police artist sketches. 28. Airport arrival - [state visit?]. 29. "The Daily Colonist" shuts down. 1858-1980. The last issue. 30. Moving a house through city streets. Saanichton School. 31. A satellite dish or telescope [?] on the Legislature lawn.

[CHEK-TV news film -- May-November 1979]

Stock shots. 1. Outdoor speech - Pierre Trudeau. 2. Joe Clark. 3. Ship in harbour - the "Chavez". 4. Small freighter "Samarkanda" being unloaded. Police boat; gunny sacks. 5. Naval vessel. 6. Colour Guard at the Legislature. Lieutenant-Governor [presumably Bell-Irving] reviewing troops. Demonstrations re: Rock Creek, Cheekye-Dunsmuir power line. Premier Bill Bennett and cabinet ministers. 7. Demonstration at Harbour Square re: BC Buildings Corporation. 8. Colonist newspaper headline re: Sandanista victory. 9. Harmac strike banner - PPWC Local 8. 10. Pickets in front of the Empress Hotel. 11. Evangelical baptisms - field service. 12. Water bombing - blazing forests. 13. Interior of cathedral interior - unidentified dignitary. 14. BC Ferry aground on the rocks. Damage review. 15. Forest fire and water bombers. 16. Craigdarroch Castle. 17. Victoria Conservatory of Music. 18. Sketch of masked person. 19. BC Ferry & Marine Workers Union - on strike. 20. Submarine. 21. Fire - unidentified location. 22. The Raeside cartoon of "Vander Zalm picking the wings off a fly". 23. Flag raising outside Legislature. 24. James Bay Lodge. 25. Royal Trust Building. Police and military personnel. [A bomb or hostage taking incident?]

[CHEK-TV news film -- political people, reel 3]

Stock shots. Footage of political personalities from Victoria and Vancouver Island. 1. Lieutenant-governor & Premier W.R. Bennett at Legislature opening. 2. [Lord Mountbatten?] 3. Lieutenant-Governor Walter Owen. 4. Sam Bawlf - Social Credit cabinet minister) and Victoria MLA. 5. [Unity Task Force Member?] 6. Charles Barber - NDP MLA (Victoria). 7. Same as above - outside Legislature. 8. Joe Clark - leader of Conservative party, with local MPs Don Munro and Alex MacKinnon. 9. Bill Vander Zalm - Social Credit Minister of Municipal Affairs. 10. Dave Barrett - NDP Leader of Opposition. 11. Pat McGeer - Social Credit Minister of Education, re: tunnel. 12. [Federal Minister of Small Business?] 13. [Political pollster?] 14. Dave Barrett - NDP Leader of Opposition - bashing Socreds, calls for election. 15. Same as #13 above. 16. Governor-General Ed Schreyer. 17. Ed Broadbent - federal NDP leader. 18. Jean Chretien - Liberal MP and cabinet minister. 19. Pierre Trudeau - Prime Minister (1978 election?). 20. Joe Clark - at Victoria Airport.

[Premier W.R. Bennett, ca. 1978]

News footage. Miscellaneous footage of Premier W.R. Bennett. On an open-line talk show at the CJVI radio studio, he discusses a study of the proposed fixed link to Vancouver Island. At a press conference, he compares federal subsidies to east and west coast provinces. At the Legislative Buildings, he welcomes Washington Governor Dixy Lee Ray, discusses the sale of gas to the U.S.A., takes part in "The Big Run for Little Brothers", etc.