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Carr, Emily Victoria (B.C.)
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Arts calendar : [Emily Carr Gallery]

Public access. Phil Kitley interviews Linda MacNaughton, curator of the Emily Carr Gallery, about the current exhibit at the Gallery, which ran from May 6 to September 26, 1987. The display celebrated the tenth anniversary of the gallery and featured a survey of Emily Carr works, manuscripts and donations.

Patricia Keir interview

CALL NUMBER: T4079:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Senator W.J. Macdonald and Armadale (part 1) PERIOD COVERED: 1851-ca. 1945 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1983-07-19 SUMMARY: Mrs. Patricia Keir discusses her forebears, especially Senator W.J. Macdonald and her father Gavin Hamilton Burns. Discussion of the family home, "Armadale", and its social scene. Comments on Emily Carr.

CALL NUMBER: T4079:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Senator W.J. Macdonald and Armadale (part 2) PERIOD COVERED: ca. 1913-ca. 1945 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1983-07-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mrs. Keir discusses purchase of paintings from Emily Carr. The demise of Armadale, ca. 1913-1945. [TRACK 2: blank; end of interview.]

Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher : Women in Victoria's art circles

Item consists of an audio recording in which Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher reads the text of an address that she [later] delivered as part of an extension program, "Victoria's Art Circles and Victoria's Women, 1932", offered by the University of Victoria in February 1983. The address discusses women artists in Victoria, particularly Emily Carr and other members of the Island Arts and Crafts Society.

The item was recorded in Victoria.

Gertrude Ball interview

RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1979-07-11 SUMMARY: Gertrude Ball discusses her recollections of early theatre in Victoria, including stock company productions at the Coliseum or Empire Theatre, before it became the McPherson Playhouse. She also recalls life at Emily Carr's boarding house, The House of All Sorts.

Harold Gelling interview

RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1979-07-23 SUMMARY: Harold Gelling recalls his experiences in the world of Victoria theatre, including the Oak Bay United Church drama group; Victoria Little Theatre; Beaux Arts; experiences as a young actor in Hollywood; (mid-1930s); more Victoria Little Theatre; radio drama on CFCT/CJVI; story of the Langham Court Theatre and the Victoria Theatre Guild; drama festivals; repertory companies; Reginald Hincks; Theatre Under The Stars and its Victoria offshoot, Starlight Theatre; story about Emily Carr; theatres in Victoria.;

Catherine Maclure interview

CALL NUMBER: T0715:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1963 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Catherine Maclure, daughter of Samuel Maclure, talks about her early life in Victoria; the Maclure family; grandfather Maclure; family farm in Matsqui; grandmother Maclure; childhood re;collections; Abbotsford and the family telegraph operators. TRACK 2: Miss Maclure continues her recollections of the Maclure family; family telegraph operators in various locations; Samuel Maclure';s education; his art and architecture; house designs in Victoria; his architectural partners, Cecil Fox, Ross Lott; Mrs. Samuel Maclure; her watercolours of Songhees Indians; her marriage; Margaret Simpson; Mrs. Samuel Maclure; the MacLeod family; Samuel Maclure's interests; houses and offices he designed.

CALL NUMBER: T0715:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1963 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Maclure, daughter of Samuel Maclure, talks about the Carr family and Emily Carr; British immigrants; Rudyard Kipling's visit; the Royal Navy; Sir Clive Phillips-Wolley; Warburton Pike; Victoria at the turn of the century; and the Chinese gardens in Fairfield. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Kathleen Agnew interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Agnew recalls her family coming from Montreal in 1913 and their introduction to Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Butchart. She discusses incidents involving the Butcharts at their home and gardens; t;he early cement site; the Bullen family; Jennie Butchart; the Flumerfelt family; other Victoria families; and her family coming to Victoria. TRACK 2: Miss Agnew recalls her family's first impression;s of Victoria; the family home; social life; the orchestra in Victoria; Emily Carr; Chinese servants; incidents at Prince Rupert; Victoria in the 1960's; tourism; the Empress Hotel; and changes.

Flora Hamilton Burns interview

CALL NUMBER: T1286:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Burns talks about Emily Carr's early years in James Bay; the Richard Carr family and house; recollections of the Carr family; Emily's art education; Emily's first contacts with the Indi;ans in 1898; her studies in France; her trips to northern BC and the exhibition in Victoria where no recognition was given to her work. TRACK 2: Miss Burns continues with her discussion about Emily ;Carr; her art; her financial problems and frustrations; Marius Barbeau's interest in her art; recognition from eastern Canada in the 1920's; trips east and further visits to the Indians on the coast; ;her pottery; hooked rugs; dog breeding; pets; her first writings; her holidays; her friendship with Miss Burns; her personality; appearance and attitudes; artistic isolation; and her love of the west.

CALL NUMBER: T1286:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Burns discusses Emily Carr's religious beliefs; her attitudes towards the Indians' religious beliefs and philosophy of nature; her painting and sketching of the BC landscape; Eric Newton's opinion of her; her later work and ill health. TRACK 2: Miss Burns describes the arrival of her grandfather, William John Macdonald, in Victoria in 1851 to work for the Hudson's Bay Company; her; grandmother, Catherine Reid; her grandfather's work; his role as gold commissioner, collector of customs, and post master; his importing and exporting business; the family's trip to Scotland; W.J. Macdonald's political career; his position as Senator from Vancouver Island in 1872; his appearance; her grandmother's family; "Armadale", the family estate in James Bay, and the subdivision of the property.

CALL NUMBER: T1286:0003 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Burns talks about Senator Macdonald's trips to England; his homes in Victoria; social life at "Armadale"; garden parties; entertaining the navy; and the Burns family. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Roberta E. Robertson interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mrs. Robertson recalls the James Bay area in the 1870s and 1880s; the causeway; the chain gang; her father, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Wolfenden; his arrival with the Royal Engineers; his work as King's Printer; his rifle shooting awards; the family home in James Bay; the founding of the Fifth Regiment; her first husband, Charlie Innes; her first home in Esquimalt and her later life. She talks about her early life; living conditions; black residents; Sir James Douglas and his family; Judge Crease; Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie; the Chinese; the Royal Navy and a childhood incident. TRACK 2: Mrs. Robertson continues with her recollections of the Carr family; Emily Carr's character; and childhood incidents.

Mrs. H.C. Scarth interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Florence Scarth (wife of Harry C. Scarth) talks about her memories and impressions of Emily Carr; the arrival of Mrs. Scarth's parents in BC; her trip to the Skeena; early Victoria; James Bay; the mud flats; Government Street; saloons; stores; residences; Chinese servants; the Indian reserve; Indian fishmongers; Chinese vegetable gardeners; milkmen; the Point Ellice Bridge disaster; the Klondike gold rush; other memories. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Margaret Clay interview

CALL NUMBER: T1323:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Clay discusses her impressions of Emily Carr; incidents; visits to Emily by Jack Humphrey and George Clutesi; Victoria's attitude to Emily; reaction to Emily's writings; the Carr family; Emily's house and her painting, "Vanquished", displayed at the International Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. TRACK 2: Miss Clay continues with her discussion about Emily Car;r's religious beliefs; recollections of James Bay; Agnes Deans Cameron; Englishness of Victoria; Victoria in 1962; and an anecdote about Emily Carr.

CALL NUMBER: T1323:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-05-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Miss Clay talks about the Victoria Public Library and its history; Helen Gordon Stewart; the children's section of the library and interesting visitors. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Myfanwy Pavelic fonds

  • PR-2283
  • Fonds
  • 1942-1944

The fonds consists of 29 handwritten letters from Emily Carr to Myfanwy Pavelic, with some to her parents, nearly all written in pencil, 1942 to 1944. There is also one letter from J. Delisle Parker to the editor of Victoria Daily Times about an exhibit in Vancouver of Pavelic's paintings.

Pavelic, Myfanwy (Spencer)

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