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100 Mile House District range management records

  • GR-3919
  • Series
  • 1923-2000

This series consists of range management records transferred from the 100 Mile House Forest district in the Cariboo Forest Region, 1923-2000. This series may contain records created by the 100 Mile House, Kamloops, Cariboo, Williams Lake and Clinton Forest Districts and/or Grazing Districts. Note that the names and boundaries of districts and regions varied over the years.

Records relate to the administration of Grazing Licences and Grazing Permits as defined under the Range Act, and Grazing Leases as defined under the Land Act, including issuance, amendments, transfers, billing, monitoring, policy administration, and plans specific to tenures, such as Grazing System Plans. Also includes records concerning additions and deletions of land and/or authorized Animal Unit Months (AUM) from grazing tenures. Records include tenure application forms, grazing plans, authorized livestock, correspondence, maps, records determining range boundaries and use, and information on range improvements and clearing.

Each file relates to a particular range tenure. Note that there may be additional individuals or companies who held the tenure who are not listed in the file title. Files are arranged alphabetically.

The ministries responsible for the Forest and Range Districts, and the years that they were responsible, are:

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands (1908-1945)
British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Forests (1945-1962)
British Columbia. Dept. of Lands, Forests and Water Resources (1962-1975)
British Columbia. Dept. of Forests (1975-1976)
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests (1976-1986)
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests and Lands (1986-1988)
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests (1988-2005)

This series is classified under ORCS number 15700-20 of the Ministry of Forests schedule (881261).

British Columbia. 100 Mile House Forest District

100 Mile House Forest District cutting permits and other timber tenure records

  • GR-3698
  • Series
  • 1973-2006

The series consists of cutting permits and other timber tenure records. These records were created from 1973-2006 by the 100 Mile House Forest District, a division of the Cariboo Forest Region. Files include cutting permits, forest licences, timber sale licences, timber sale harvesting licences, woodlot licences and licences to cut. Records regard the issuance, evaluation, administration, monitoring, planning, replacement, cancellation, deletion and extension of these timber tenures. The vast majority of records are cutting permits for forest licences. Licensees were required to apply for a forest licence and cutting permits in order to harvest timber.

The records may include legal documents, management plans, development plans, correspondence, forms, reports, maps, licences, permits, permit amendments and renewals, logging plans, cruise compilations, compilation summaries, reports, silviculture prescriptions, traverse cards, appraisals, harvesting reports and inspection forms, permit extension documentation, road permits, financial records, timber scales, timber mark designations, inspection records, photos, and stumpage fees.

The ministries responsible for creating these records, and the years that they were responsible, are:
Dept. of Lands, Forests and Water Resources (1961-1975)
Dept. of Forests (1975-1976)
Ministry of Forests (1976-1986)
Ministry of Forests and Lands (1986-1988)
Ministry of Forests (1988-2005)
Ministry of Forests and Range (2005-2010)

The records were classified as 19500-45, 19540-25, 19620-25, 19720-25, 19720-45, 19720-50 and 19720-55 in the Forest Operational Records Classification System (ORCS).

British Columbia. 100 Mile House Forest District

100 Mile House Forest District operational records

  • GR-3932
  • Series
  • 1970-2005

This series consists of resource management plans and procedures from the 100 Mile House Forest District, 1970-2005. The 100 Mile House Forest District is part of the Cariboo Forest Region. Note that their exact boundaries may have changed over the years.

The majority of files relate to the development of Integrated Resource Use Plans which are designed to resolve resource use conflicts in specific areas at the local level. Each file includes records relating to data concerning a specific area - usually a watershed or other distinct resource management unit. Types of plans include Resource Folios, Coordinated Access Management Plans (CAMP), Coordinated Resource Management Plans (CRMP) and Integrated Watershed Management Plans (IWMP). Files may include correspondence, reports, maps, photos, meeting minutes, community and indigenous consultation, and a variety of other records which may document the creation of plans, the annual review of plans by stakeholders, and the execution of the plan.

Procedure files relate to timber harvesting, silviculture treatments, stumpage rates, trespass, timber sale licences and harvesting weight scales. There is also a file related to road damage and an access study for English Lake.

The ministries responsible for the Forest and Range Districts, and the years that they were responsible, are:

British Columbia. Dept. of Forests (1975-1976)
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests (1976-1986)
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests and Lands (1986-1988)
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests (1988-2005)

Records are classified under numbers 11200-08, 11050-20, 12600-25, 12600-30, 12600-35, 12600-40 and 12600-60 in the Forest Operational Records Classification System (ORCS). Procedure files are classified with the secondary -02.

British Columbia. 100 Mile House Forest District

100 Mile House Forest District timber sale harvesting licences

  • GR-3650
  • Series
  • 1963-1990

The series consists of timber sale harvesting licences (TSHL) from the 100 Mile House Forest District. Timber sale harvesting licences were first introduced in 1967 and provided individuals and businesses with a permit to cut a volume of timber. This series documents the Government’s administration of timber licences during the period of 1963-1990.

Each file contains correspondence, reports and may also contain maps of the cutting area. The files also contain the TSHL application, cutting permit, timber value appraisals and reappraisals, stumpage rate notices, cutting plan maps, charts, clearance status inquiries, and inspection reports. The files are numbered with the licence number and, in many cases, a cutting permit number.

The records have been classified as 19590-45 in the Forest Operational Classification System (ORCS).

The ministries responsible for these records, and the years that they were responsible, are:
Dept. of Lands, Forests and Water Resources (1962-1975)
Dept. of Forests (1975-1976)
Ministry of Forests (1976-1986)
Ministry of Forests and Lands (1986-1988)
Ministry of Forests (1988-2005)

British Columbia. 100 Mile House Forest District

100 Mile House Women's Institute fonds

  • PR-1025
  • Fonds
  • 1952-1956

The fonds consists of a minute book of the 100 Mile House Women's Institute.

100 Mile House Women's Institute

140 Mile Women's Institute fonds

  • PR-1026
  • Fonds
  • 1963-1973 [Microfilmed 1976]

The fonds consists of minute books of the 140 Mile Women's Institute.

140 Mile Women's Institute

150 Mile House County Court index book

  • GR-0027
  • Series
  • 1919-1964

The series consists of an individual index book created between 1919 and 1964 under schedule "E", Partnership Act, by the 150 Mile House County Court.

British Columbia. County Court (150 Mile House)

153 Mile Store fonds

  • PR-1027
  • Fonds
  • 1899-1960 [Microfilmed 1976]

The fonds consists of the 153 Mile Store's daybooks, ledgers, suppliers ledgers, and a record of Dominion government aid to Indians.

153 Mile Store

1997 North American Indigenous Games fonds

  • PR-2212
  • Fonds
  • 1994-1998

The fonds consists of the records generated by the 1997 North American Indigenous Games in the course of managing the sport and cultural events that took place in Victoria, BC in August 1997. The fonds includes two series: the management files of Alex Nelson, Executive Director and Rick Brant, General Manager and marketing files. The management files are arranged by subject and include correspondence with the Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association of BC (ASRA) and other records relating to the management, administration and financial aspects of the games. The management files also include policy and procedure files, briefing materials, reports and minutes from meetings. The marketing files are arranged alphabetically by subject and consist of general files regarding all aspects of marketing the sport and culture events of the games. The marketing files also include a poster, examples of bronze, silver and gold medals and three videocassettes.

North American Indigenous Games (1997 : Victoria, B.C.)

48th Battalion C.E.F. Association fonds

  • PR-2296
  • Fonds
  • 1915-1980

The fonds consists of the records of the 48th Battalion, C.E.F., Association and includes correspondence, newsletters, programs and financial information from 1936 to 1980. Most of these records were created by the Association's Vancouver branch secretary, Al La Fortune. The fonds also includes a photograph album created by La Fortune between 1915 and 1959 which shows members of the 48th Battalion (3rd Pioneer Battalion) at the Willows training camp in Victoria, going overseas, in England and at Vimy in France. The album also has photographs of the Association getting together for their reunions in Victoria from 1947 to 1959.

48th Battalion C.E.F. Association

A. David Rogers fonds

  • PR-2191
  • Fonds
  • [Ca. 1950-1970]

The fonds consists of photographs created by A. David Rogers between 1950 and 1970 for both private and commercial purposes. The photographs were taken in Vancouver, Victoria and coastal areas and the subject include shipping, yachts, buildings, theatre, local artists and their work, street scenes and family photographs. There are also some images of the 1950 Chicago Fair and Banff, Alberta.

The fonds include several series of photographs that Rogers maintained using different sizes of film and each with their own numbering system. The 4x5 negatives are numbered from 1 to 1370 and have additional unnumbered negatives. Rogers indexed these negatives in number order and included a description and sometimes a date. The 2x2 negatives are numbered from 1 to 2867 and include three small sub-series of numbered negatives as well as many unnumbered ones. This series is not indexed but Rogers did create contact sheets of most of these, and often added names and dates to the printed image. The contact sheets were kept in six albums or binders and may have been used like a commercial catalogue. There is also an incomplete series of 35 mm negatives numbered from 1 to 558 with many unnumbered negatives and miscellaneous negatives included. Some of the negatives are labelled with brief information and dates.

Rogers, A. David

A Documentary History of the Cottonwood District, 1862 to 1913

  • GR-0354
  • Series
  • 1978

Photocopy of a 1978 report entitled A Documentary History of the Cottonwood District, 1862 to 1913. Includes an appendix of documents and sources, bibliography and illustrations.

British Columbia. Parks Branch

A. Driscoll fonds

  • PR-1482
  • Fonds
  • 1889-1899

The fonds consists of Driscoll's reports, correspondence and estimates pertaining to surveys in the Kamloops and Ashcroft areas, as well as the Railway Belt.

Driscoll, A.

Aaronson's Drug Store fonds

  • PR-1618
  • Fonds
  • 1914-1942

The fonds consists of prescription ledger and poison sales book of Aaronson's Drug Store.

Aaronson's Drug Store

A.B. Sanderson and Company fonds

  • PR-2409
  • Fonds
  • 1955-1974

The fonds consists of records from A.B. Sanderson Company, Ltd., primarily regarding project proposals, construction calculations and plans for engineering projects. The fonds includes: correspondence, calculations, plans and drawings regarding engineering contracts; reference material for engineers; newspaper clippings and promotional material on the company; and personal records of Adrian Barclay Sanderson. The company’s focus was on bridges, and the records represent work on major projects such as the MacDonald-Cartier Bridge, the Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge, and a number of Pacific Great Eastern Railway bridges.

In addition to bridges, the A.B. Sanderson Company was involved in a number of significant projects including the Mount Kobau observatory. Additional projects include the Esquimalt Sports Centre and the Mt. Tolmie Reservoir, as well as a number of schools, sports arenas, water treatment facilities, and industrial buildings on Vancouver Island and British Columbia. The records include inspection reports for the Canadian National Railway tunnels that connected the CNR lines to the Second Narrows rail bridge.

A. B. Sanderson was named as technical advisor to the Royal Commission inquiry into the Second Narrows Bridge collapse, and the records in this fonds related to the Second Narrows Bridge are primarily newspaper clippings and reports.

Financial records for the company were not in the custody of Ker, Priestman and Associates at the time of transfer and do not make up part of this fonds.

Oversize plans relating to specific jobs can often be found in containers 880055-0522 – 880055-0529, usually identified by the corresponding file or job code. An index to job numbers can be found in container 880059-1582.

A.B. Sanderson and Company Ltd.

A.B. Young photograph collection

  • PR-0089
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1912]-1928

The collection consists of a dismantled album of unknown provenance, probably created around 1912. Many of the 32 black and white images have captions which indicate that they are of the Fort St. John area. The images show transportation across the Peace River by canoe and scow as well as homesteaded property and livestock.

The collection also includes 38 miscellaneous black and white photographs (some postcards) that are mostly unidentified. Some are labelled as Prince Rupert, 1928, Butedale, Kennedy Island and Port Essington.

Young, Alfred Barringer

Abel Edwards fonds

  • PR-1661
  • Fonds
  • 1813-1814 [Microfilmed ca. 1984]

The fonds consists of journal and correspondence of Abel Edwards.

Edwards, Abel

Aboriginal Health Association of BC records

  • GR-3901
  • Series
  • 1992-2001

This series consists of the records of the Aboriginal Health Association of BC, under the Aboriginal Division of the Ministry of Health. Consists primarily of records of the Northeast, Northwest, Thompson Okanagan Kootenay, and Vancouver Island and Central Coast Aboriginal Health Councils. These regional councils were funded by the Aboriginal Health Association of BC to provided services and resources to individuals in their regions. These records include correspondence, meeting minutes, operating guidelines, annual reports, service agreements, funding agreements, contracts with service providers, newsletters, and other informational material. Files address providing information and resources related to tobacco use, mental health, addictions, The Red Road HIV/AIDS network and many other issues.

The series also contains administrative and operational records of the Aboriginal Health Association of BC, including health handbooks, annual reports, strategic plans, correspondence, and records documenting work with the First Nations Summit, Aboriginal Health Council Forum, Vancouver Aboriginal Council, United Native Nations, Association of Friendship Centres and Aboriginal Peoples Council.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Aboriginal health program files

  • GR-3679
  • Series
  • 1981-2010

This series consists of aboriginal health initiatives program or project development and monitoring files from 1981-2010. The records relate to the development of programs to address the health needs of Indigenous people throughout all regions of the province, including health initiatives in urban centres. Records include correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, grant application forms and statistics. Records were created by the Native Health, Aboriginal Health and Aboriginal Healthy Living groups under various health related Ministries over time.

Many of the files in accession 91-0802 related to alcohol, smoking and drug counselling programs for First Nations individuals in BC during the 1980s and the mid 2000s. These records include information on specific workshops, projects, and treatment centres across BC, including the Honour Your Health challenge and the Kick the Nic program. Records were created by the Native Health section of the Medical Services Commission and by the Aboriginal Health section of the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport. Records in this series document the development and monitoring of health programs for Aboriginal citizens as well as liaison activities for Urban Aboriginal Health Centres. Records in accession 96-0893 also document the work of the International Network of Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development group, an international working group of which the BC government was a member.

Records in accession 96-1250 include files on a variety of programs including the Cowichan Valley Hul'q'umi'num Health Services Working Group, First Nations Health Forum, The Path to Health & Wellness Committee, Stehlaq Aboriginal Healing Society, Ts'ewulhtun Health Centre Feasibility Analysis, and additional files on the Honour Your Health challenge.

Records in this series are covered by ORCS 70050-20, 70050-30, and 70050-50 of the Aboriginal Health Program ORCS (schedule 128755). Records have been selected for full retention.

British Columbia. Medical Services Commission

Aboriginal Healthy Living records

  • GR-3896
  • Series
  • 1993-2010

This series consists of records of the Aboriginal Healthy Living group and related records created from 1993-2010. Records include committee files, executive records, treaty negotiation records related to health issues, and aboriginal health education and research files.

Committee files include correspondence, presentations, terms of reference, records of decision, and other records. Committee files relate to the Provincial Aboriginal Social-Economic Strategy, Aboriginal Health Transition Fund Adaption Committee, Aboriginal Health Leads Committee, Aboriginal Health Network, Aboriginal Health Transition Fund Workshop Subcommittee, and Aboriginal Reference Group Meetings.

Executive records include briefing notes, referral replies and issues records.

Treaty negotiation case files relate to the negotiation of health related agreements with First Nations outside of the B.C. Treaty Commission process and the negotiation of formal pre and post treaty agreements. Records may relate to the identification and negotiation of the Ministry's responsibilities for the delivery and provision of certain health programs and services, the definition of new authorities for First Nations over the design and delivery of health programs and services, and the establishment of inter-ministerial and/or inter-governmental agreements. Files relate to Nisga’a pre-treaty agreements related to MSP and treaty negotiations, as well as the ʔaq̓am (St. Mary’s Indian Band) Community Care Home interim agreement and Maa-Nulth First Nations Treaty Society negotiation.

There are also Aboriginal health research project files on: First Nations Chief Health Committee Terms of Reference, the Special Cabinet Meeting on August 17, 2002 with First Nations Summit, and Status Indian Health Utilization database.

Ministries responsible for the creation of this series, and their dates of the responsibility, are:
Ministry of Health (1976-2001)
Ministry of Health Services (2001-2005)
Ministry of Health (2005-2008)
Ministry of Health Services (2008-2011)

Records in this series are covered by ARCS 200-20, 280-20 and 280-30, and ORCS 70150-20, 70180-30, 70180-40, 70020-30, 70120-00 and 70120-50 of the Aboriginal Health Program ORCS (schedule 128755). Records have been selected for full retention.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health Services (2008-2011)

Aboriginal issues project and group files

  • GR-3780
  • Series
  • 1991-2004

The series contains records created and accumulated by the Parks and Protected Areas Branch during consultations with Indigenous Communities in British Columbia regarding provincial parks and other protected areas.

The records are arranged according to BC Parks Operational Records Classification System (ORCS), Schedule 113827. Specific records in this accession correspond with the primary numbers 80010 to 80040 which concern Aboriginal Affairs. According to the records, files appear to have been created for each project, issue or Indigenous group, though they do not appear to be arranged chronologically or alphabetically as per the ORCS guidelines.

Records cover a broad range of topics but mainly include negotiation files, group-specific files and incident files. The Treaty Negotiation files consider common issues that span several areas in British Columbia that are being considered for protected areas, and how to deal with those issues. These include topics such as treaty negotiations regarding fish, habitat protection, water and wildlife, acquiring private lands for conversion to parklands, land selection approaches, and general policies regarding negotiations with Indigenous populations. Types of records include draft cabinet submissions, operational guidelines, correspondence, annotated decision documents, papers, positions, proposals, minutes, presentation notes, news releases, logs and backgrounders.

Group-specific negotiation files include records that chronicle the treaty process between the Provincial Government and the Indigenous groups living on or near potential protected areas. These records include discussion papers, instructions, correspondence, terms of reference and other background informational documents. Topics that arise in these discussions involve First Nations’ rights to harvesting fish, their role in fisheries management, economic opportunities and environmental concerns. Treaty negotiations involve Indigenous groups such as the Tsawwassen, Nisga’a, Lheidli T’enneh, Katzie, Northern Nations Summit (Carcross Tagish First Nation, Champagne Aishihik First Nation, Kaska Dena Council, Tahltan Joint Councils, Taku River Tlingit First Nation, Teslin Tlingit Council and Tsay Keh Dene), Te’Mexw, and the Skeetchestn Indian Band, among others.

There are also specific issue files that were created after the conclusion of treaty negotiations and the establishment of protected areas. These files are named either by the incident, project or the Indigenous group involved. Records relate to problematic use of protected areas by Indigenous groups that required legal consultation and special consideration in relation to their land-use rights. There are also files related to cooperative park management agreements, economic opportunities and funding for Indigenous groups living in protected areas. Records include court case summaries, legal advice, correspondence, and project proposals for the Economic Measures Fund by Indigenous groups.

British Columbia. Parks and Protected Areas Branch

Aboriginal liaison and First Nations consultation case files for the Cariboo Region

  • GR-3902
  • Series
  • 1985-2008

This series consists of Aboriginal liaison and First Nations consultation case files, primarily for the Cariboo region, from 1985-2008. These records document the Ministry of Environment and its successors' resource management involvement with First Nations groups and consultation with respect to resource management plans. Each file documents consultation and communication with a particular First Nation, Tribal Council or other Indigenous group regarding a variety of issues and practices related to resource management and use. File may be related to land claims, land use planning, the creation of sustainable resource management plans (SRMPs) and sub-regional area plans, or specific resource management and land management issues, including forestry, water rights, wildlife management and hunting, mining, protection of parks and cultural sites, and the creation of roads.

The files in this series were titled and organized in most instances as case files, based on the name of the First Nation involved in the consultation process. Many files document the creation and finalization of various kinds of agreements between the Ministry and First Nations groups. Files also include the planning and execution of joint projects, workshops and meetings to consult First Nations about the creation of resource management plans or to address specific resource management issues.

Files may include correspondence, reports, memorandums of understanding, agreements, financial records, business records of the relevant indigenous group, consultation protocols, maps, and newspaper articles and government responses to them.

Most files regard a particular indigenous group, mostly from the Cariboo and surrounding region, including: 'Esdilagh (Alexandria Band), Alexis Creek, Tl'etinqox Government (Anaham), Llenlleney'ten (High Bar), Bonaparte, Tsq’escen (Canim Lake), Stswecem’c/Xgat’tem (Canoe Creek), Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council, Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council, Cariboo Tribal Council, Northern Secwēpemc te Qelmūcw (NStQ or Northern Shuswap Tribal Council), Esketemc (Alkali Lake), Hamatla Treaty Society, Homalco, Lhoosk’uz Dene (Kluskus), Lheidli-Tenneh, Nazko, Nuxalk Nation Government, Lhtako Dene (Red Bluff), Saik’uz, Skeetchestn, Shuswap Nation Tribal Council, Xat’sūll (Soda Creek), Simpcw (North Thompson Indian Band), Yunesit'in Government (Stone Indian Band), Tsilhqot’in National Government, Tl'esqox (Toosey First Nation), St'át'imc, Ts'kw'aylaxw, Ulkatcho Nation, Whispering Pines/Clinton, T'exelc (Williams Lake Indian Band), and Xeni Gwet’in First Nations. Other Indigenous groups may be mentioned within files.

Note that some of these files were reviewed as part of the following litigation: Xeni Gwet’in First Nations Government v. Her Majesty the Queen et al.

Ministries responsible for the creation of this series, and their dates of the responsibility, are:
Ministry of Environment (1988-1991)
British Columbia. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (1991-2001)
British Columbia. Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management (2001-2005)
British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (2005-2010)

Records in this series are covered by ORCS 17020-20 and 17730-25 of the Resource Management ORCS (schedule 144100).

British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Aboriginal policy and program development files

  • GR-3899
  • Series
  • 1995-2003

This series consists of Aboriginal policy development files, 1995-2003. Files document the development of the provincial government's aboriginal socio-economic policy, as well as socio-economic issues of concern to the Metis, off-reserve, and non-status indigenous political organizations addressed at tripartite policy tables. Records include reports, cabinet submissions, correspondence, reference materials, records of decision, conference and committee records, work plans, agendas, briefing notes, agreements, and memorandums of understandings. Files are arranged by file number and generally grouped by subject.

Records regard the Vancouver urban development agreement focusing on the Downtown Eastside, the creation of a National Aboriginal Youth Forum, best practices in creating a National Aboriginal Youth Strategy, Federal Provincial Territorial Aboriginal Forum and steering committee, Provincial Aboriginal Social-Economic Strategy, Tripartite Self-Governance Negotiations with the Metis Provincial Council and United Native Nations, and Urban Aboriginal Strategy.

Records in this series are covered by ORCS 32050-30 of the Aboriginal Programs and Services ORCS (schedule 143921).

British Columbia. Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

Aboriginal relations and reconciliation communication office - communication projects

  • GR-4045
  • Series
  • 1996 - 2008

The series consists of records documenting communication projects developed by the office of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, Public Affairs Bureau. These records were created and received by the ministries that had responsibility for this office between 1996-2008: Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services (2005-2009), Ministry of Management Services (2001-2005), and Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations from 1996-2001.. The records in this series relate to the design, development, and implementation of communication projects for government agencies and ministries responsible for aboriginal relations and reconciliation across government, particularly the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. Communication projects are strategies for the release of information to the public. The project types range from drafting speeches or event planning, to creating minister’s speaking notes for question and answer sessions, or announcing a new government initiative. Many of these projects relate to communicating to the public about treaty negotiations and agreements such as agreements in principle, treaty agreements, interim measures and funding agreements between Indigenous groups and the government. The series also includes advertising project files which contain a communications project approval form, details of advertising costs and orders, order placement forms, and samples of the advertisement. Several files cover communication strategies on BC’s referendum on treaty principles in 2002.
The series is arranged by subject. It consists of communication plans, news releases, event planning materials, information bulletins, key messages, issues notes, articles, presentations, letters to the editor, submissions, media advisories, forms, questions and answers (Q and As), and speeches and speaking notes. The records are classified as 23100-30 communication projects and 23040-30 advertising projects under the Government Communications ORCS (schedule 881035).

British Columbia. Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

A.C. Bury fonds

  • PR-1624
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1906

The fonds consists of Bury's diary relating to his policing activities with the Royal Northwest Mounted Police.

Bury, A.C.

A.C. Hirschfeld fonds

  • PR-2204
  • Fonds
  • 1889-[ca. 1910]

The fonds consists of 81 glass negatives and 1 negative taken or copied by A.C. Hirschfeld between 1894 and 1910. The photographs include images of the Golden Gate Midwinter fair in San Francisco in 1894; photographs of Alaska, Atlin and Dawson City as well as interior and exterior shots taken ca. 1910 of the Hirschfeld home in Vancouver. The fonds also includes 10 copy negatives and 10 prints showing the Klondike Gold rush. Some show gold rush people on their way through a unknown pass to the gold fields, some Dawson City and the mines circa 1898. Other pictures show "The Scales," and the horse train.

Hirschfeld, A.C., 1866-1926

A.C. Lincoln fonds

  • PR-0647
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1940

The fonds consists of A.C. Lincoln's photographs and film footage of events at Fairbridge Farm School. Fonds also includes a register of the Fairbridge Farm School Wolf Cub Pack and miscellaneous correspondence and brochures relating to Fairbridge Farm School.

Lincoln, Alfred Charles, 1910-1984

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