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Provincial Secretary executive records

  • GR-0496
  • Series
  • 1929-1947

This series consists of executive records of the Provincial Secretary, covering a wide variety of topics. The Provincial Secretary's department was responsible for a broad range of legislation and activities - including the civil service, provincial elections and (until 1946) health and welfare services. These records comprise part of the former Provincial Secretary's Central Registry. This registry consisted of general correspondence, policy directives, branch reports, inter-departmental memoranda, circulars, grant applications, and a host of miscellaneous documents.

The finding aid consists of two parts. Part I is a box/file list showing the original order and arrangement of the records. The records fall into six categories or subseries:

A. General correspondence: correspondence inward (with replies), reports, circulars, etc.
B. Appointments: correspondence, commissions, oaths of allegiance of coroners, magistrates, and other appointed officials.
C. Resident Physicians: correspondence re: grants paid to physicians in isolated communities
D. Grants: correspondence and reports pertaining to grants paid to various community groups and charitable organizations, service clubs, etc.
E. Workmen's Compensation Board: circulars, etc.
F. Contemporary card indexes: alphabetical subject index cards. Part II: Subject Index

Part II of this finding aid consists of a subject index compiled by the Provincial Archives of BC. The index indicates the main topics or subject areas - e.g. Provincial Infirmary, Elections, Industrial Schools, etc. which are documented in GR-0496. The index does not claim to be comprehensive or exhaustive, but it should help researchers to locate documents which concern particular institutions or activities.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Personnel administration files

  • GR-2679
  • Series
  • 1974-1984

The series consists of files from the Personnel Administration Branch of the Ministry of Health, and its predecessor, the Dept. of Health, created between 1974 and 1984. The series includes general files on discipline, hours of work, and labour relations files including correspondence and negotiations with BCGEU (British Columbia Government Employees Union), BCGPEA (B.C. Government Professional Employees Association), CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees), RNABC (Registered Nurses Association of B.C.), and RPNABC (Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of B.C.). The files also include daily copies of the outgoing correspondence of several senior personnel officers.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Military paylists for BC government employees

  • GR-1760
  • Series
  • 1915-1918

Letterpress copies of military pay lists for government employees on active military service, February 1915 - December 1918. Pay lists show regular government salary less deductions of military pay and beneficiary.

British Columbia. Treasury Dept.

Isabel Bescoby fonds

  • PR-1185
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1937, 1950-1969

The fonds consists of Bescoby's correspondence, primarily pertaining to B.C. history, and photographs (1950-1959) documenting her career as staff training representative for the federal government.

Bescoby, Isabel M., d. 1969

Gaol Service applications

  • GR-0663
  • Series
  • 1911-1919

This series consist of Provincial Police Department Forms of Application for Position as Constable used in conjunction with employment in the Gaol Service. Applications include the applicant's full name, occupation, nationality, religion, age, date of birth, height, weight, health, marital status, length of residence in British Columbia, references, experience, etc. submitted in the applicant's own handwriting. Many are accompanied by letters of reference and the Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Office; some are annotated.

British Columbia. Superintendent of Police

Deputy Provincial Secretary records

  • GR-0497
  • Series
  • 1930-1946

This series consists of the personal files of the Deputy Provincial Secretary, Paschal de Noe Walker, 1930-1946. Records deal with health and welfare facilities (hospitals, industrial schools, etc.), social services, elections, libraries, museums and a variety of other programmes and services administered by the Provincial Secretary's department.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Correspondence regarding interpretation of the Superannuation Act

  • GR-0168
  • Series
  • 1920-1922

The series consists of correspondence of the Dept. of the Provincial Secretary with the Civil Service Commissioner from 1920 to 1922 regarding interpretation of the Superannuation Act and representations made by the Provincial Civil Service Association on various matters.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-1317
  • Series
  • 1963-1974

This series includes notes, reports, and correspondence concerning appeals to Cabinet pursuant to the Civil Service Act and to the Private Detectives' Licensing Act.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Commission on Employer - Employee Relations in the Public Service

  • GR-0561
  • Series
  • 1972

This series consists of the records of the Commission of Inquiry into Employer-Employee Relations in the Public Service, 1972. Records include briefs and exhibits submitted at Victoria, Vancouver, Prince George, Nelson, Kamloops, and those not spoken at a public hearing; subject files; and tapes of evidence taken at hearings. Tapes 4018, 1-5 transferred to Aural History Division. No tape exists for Victoria hearings.

British Columbia. Commission of Inquiry into Employer-Employee Relations in the Public Service (1972)

Civil Service War Memorial Fund agreement records

  • GR-0346
  • Series
  • 1930-1970

Agreement between George Griffith Aitken and John L. Colbert and the Trustees of the Civil Service War Memorial Fund, 1930; bank savings and chequing accounts, 1932 - 1970.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Civil Service Commission statements and classification lists

  • GR-0323
  • Series
  • 1944-1949

This series consists of records of the Civil Service Commission from 1944-1949, including, statement of salary increases by departments, numbers of employees classified and total increases granted to various salary groups; and classification lists for occupational groups in the civil service.

British Columbia. Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission records

  • GR-0101
  • Series
  • 1919-1945

The series consists of records created by the British Columbia Civil Service Commission between 1919 and 1945.
The records are typescript copies of annual reports, detailing statistical information such as names, marital status, salaries, classification, seniority, etc. of B.C. government officials and employees.
Box 1: 1919-21
Box 2: 1922-26
Box 3: 1927-31
Box 4: 1931-34
Box 5: 1935-39
Box 6: 1940-44
Box 7: 1945.

British Columbia. Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission records

  • GR-0137
  • Series
  • 1947-1964

The series consists of records created by the British Columbia Civil Service Commission. It includes personnel and general administration files and consists principally of correspondence re: recruitment, salaries, employee classifications, grievances, etc.

British Columbia. Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Commission Classification Division records

  • GR-0260
  • Series
  • 1944-1973

The series consists of records created by the Civil Service Classification Division between 1944 and 1973.
The records include correspondence between the Civil Service Commission and departmental personnel officers, deputy ministers, etc. regarding classification and salaries, reorganization of government offices; classification reports; job descriptions and completed job questionnaires; employee groups submissions, briefs and related correspondence.
The correspondence and records are arranged alphabetically by government department and include: correspondence emanating from the chairman's office and from the office of the Chief Personnel Officer and from other commission staff to Ministers of the Crown, Deputy Ministers, and personnel officers located in the various government departments, re classification, salaries and organization; classification reports and studies undertaken by commission staff concerning categorization of employees according to occupational title, and grading within each occupational group; studies and correspondence rationalizing salary levels including comparisons between a group of employees and other groups; organization studies of government offices with related correspondence between senior officials of the commission and the department under study; employee group submissions and briefs to the commission re salaries, benefits etc., and reports, correspondence etc. relating to the settlement of employee grievances.

British Columbia. Civil Service Commission. Classification Division