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Cash book and debt attachment book

  • GR-2374
  • Series
  • 1892-1959

Most of this volume is a cash book for the sale of law stamps, 1951-1959 (p.34-219). It is also the Debt Attachment book (indexed), 1892-1895 (p.1-15) & 1910 (p.28-29). Records relating to expenses and results from the "1900 Provincial Election for the Riding of Chilliwack" (p.17-20) and expenses of the "Provincial Election - Chilliwack Electoral District, 1907" (p. 21-24).

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works correspondence inward

  • GR-1180
  • Series
  • 1859

This series contains the correspondence inward to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Colonel R.C. Moody. The records consists largely of letters from Governor James Douglas and the Colonial Secretary pertaining to town lots, other lands, trails and roads, and other public works in the vicinity of New Westminster. The series includes letters on the Harrison River road and pack trail.

British Columbia (Colony). Lands and Works Dept.

Chilliwack County Court civil case files

  • GR-2392
  • Series
  • 1947-1949

Civil case files, 1947-1949 with the exception of probate/estate files (GR-2205) which are filed separately.

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Chilliwack Small Debts Court cause books

  • GR-1641
  • Series
  • 1914-1951

This series contains cause books from Chilliwack Small Debts Court covering the periods 1914-1925 and 1929-1951. The series also consists of one index volume to records from 1914 to 1937. The index is arranged alphabetically by both plaintiff and defendant.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Chilliwack)

Chilliwack Supreme Court civil case files

  • GR-2339
  • Series
  • 1939-1949

Civil case files, 4/1939; 1/1942 - 46/1949 with the exception of probate, divorce and adoption files which have been removed from this series and are filed separately.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Chilliwack)


  • GR-0955
  • Series
  • 1927-1973

This series consists of circular letters from District Forester to field staff pertaining to forest protection, forest management, etc. Includes some circular letters from Chief Forester to District Foresters.

British Columbia. Vancouver Forest District

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-1197
  • Series
  • 1893-1897

This series contains official correspondence, reports, and related papers of Premier John H. Turner. Records include correspondence pertaining to provincial railway charters (1893-1897), agriculture, and mining; also includes B.C. Agent-General's Report (1895), applications for employment, and miscellaneous letters.

Papers in this series are those of the Honourable John Herbert Turner (1833-1923), premier of British Columbia from 4 March 1895 to 8 August 1898. Since Turner's administration was characterized by rapid industrial development (notably in railways, mining, and agriculture), and by no little political controversy, his official papers are especially valuable.

Most of the reports and correspondence in GR-1197 originated while Turner was the province's chief minister and, as such, they have been included in the archive's collection of Premier's Papers. As will be seen, though, some of the papers pertain to Turner's tenure as Minister of Finance and Agriculture, a portfolio he held from 1887 to 1898.

GR-1197 may be regarded as a supplement to GR-0441 (British Columbia - Premier: 1883-1933), Series II, volumes 2-13, which also contains official correspondence of Premier Turner. Researchers may find that Volume 354 of GR-0441 (Index to Official Correspondence, 1895-1897) will assist them in locating other related records.

British Columbia. Premier

Correspondence and reports from Department of Provincial Secretary

  • GR-1665
  • Series
  • 1887-1953

This series contains miscellaneous correspondence and reports. These records were originally a part of the Provincial Secretary's central registry but, for reasons unknown, became separated from the department's main files. A wide variety of subjects are addressed in these records.

Many of the records in this unit concern investigations carried out under the authority of the Departmental Inquiries Act and the Public Inquiries Act. Many relate to conditions in public institutions and activities of government employees. Many inquiries relate to hospitals and schools in the province, including Vernon Mental Hospital, Tranquille Sanatorium, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and Provincial Mental Hospital at Essondale. Other inquiries and Commissions include bribery of the Liquor Control Board, the Beban Mine disaster, Royal Commission on Dominion Provincial Relations, Inquiry into the death of John Meredith Sweeney and the state and management of the Quartermaster Stores of the Provincial Police Force.

The records also relate to child welfare programs, including the general management of the Provincial Industrial School for Boys and to the Girls' Industrial School, ca. 1930-1945. Additional documents in this collection relate to subjects such as squatters' claims at the Granville Townsite [Vancouver (1887)], to the Fraser River Flood Relief programme (1894), applications for seed, the Victoria Consolidated Hydraulic Mining Co., government perquisites, legislation, estates, and to proposed sites for the University of British Columbia (1910). "Anti-Oriental" petitions and voting returns of the 1924 beer-by-the-glass plebiscite also included.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Correspondence inward

  • GR-1124
  • Series
  • 1890

The series contains correspondence inward relating to roads and road construction. These letters have notation that they were referred to J. Sprott, road superintendent, New Westminster district, for consideration.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works

Duty Officer's radio log during the fire season

  • GR-1234
  • Series
  • 1967-1970

This series contains Duty Officer's log of radio messages received during the fire season. The majority of the messages refer to the Vancouver Forest District, but there are a significant number which concern other Districts.

British Columbia. Vancouver Forest District

Dyking records

  • GR-1569
  • Series
  • 1916-1975

The series consists of the records of the Sumas Drainage, Dyking and Development District created between 1916 and 1975. The records conain general files, orders-in-council, financial statements, engineering reports, assessments, purchase agreements, minutes, history. In addition there are 73 photographs and maps.

British Columbia. Office of the Inspector of Dykes

Firm index book and individual index book

  • GR-3250
  • Series
  • 1949-1960

Firm index book and individual index book kept at New Westminster Court Registry. Entries are for many communities in the lower mainland: Abbotsford, Agassiz, Burnaby, Cloverdale, Clearwater, Coquitlam, Deer Lake, Delta, Langley, Haney, Langley, Matsqui, Maillardville, Maple Ridge, Mission, New Westminster, Port Kells, Richmond, Sapperton, Surrey, Whalley and White Rock.

British Columbia. County Court (New Westminster)

Fraser River Board library

  • GR-4074
  • Series
  • 1916-1987

This series consists of the contents of the Fraser River Board library. The majority of records date from 1950-1970. The library consists of reference material used by Board staff, as well as reports and records created by staff and contractors in the course of their work for the Board. Most of the studies were completed by the Fraser River Board, as well as its predecessor, the Joint Dominion-Provincial Board, Fraser River. Some records were also created by the Fraser River Board’s successor, the Fraser River Joint Advisory Board.

The records were maintained in order to document studies of various lakes and rivers with emphasis on determining the most effective ways to reduce the flooding potential of the Fraser River. The primary methods of investigation were to increase storage of water in the upper Fraser River through construction of hydro-electric dams, and to expand and improve the dyke systems in the Fraser Valley. Also included are studies of the economic value of lakes and rivers. Other topics addressed include agriculture, power generation, dyke construction, geography, geology, hydrology, transmission lines, meteorology, navigation, oceanography, pollution, sedimentation or erosion, and fish and wildlife in BC.

The library is arranged in four sections:

Section 1 relates to studies of specific sites on the Fraser River, by the Board. Many of these reports contain survey information, technical data, charts, photos and maps relates to the geology or hydrology at a site to determine stability and volumes of water flowage. Many of these reports were created through field work in an attempt to determine potential sites for the construction of dams or water diversion on the Fraser and its tributaries to improve flood control. Other records include: soil samples; technical drawings and design calculations of structures such as dams; studies of watersheds; studies on potential generation and transmission of hydro-electric power; aerial photos; project cost estimates and financial information; assessments of impacts on agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, particularly salmon habitats; as well as oceanography and tidal studies.

Section 2 relates to the Fraser River generally. Much of this material was created by the Board or the Government of BC. Subject matter is similar to section 1, though it includes fewer drafts, technical reports and field note data.

Section 3 contains more general reference material, much of it published, but still relates to places and topics in BC. Some records are created by other government bodies, such as the Canadian government.

Section 4 contains “miscellaneous” library material, much of it was not catalogued. This section includes the final, preliminary, annual and interim reports of the Board and its successors. The section also includes some records about other major dam construction projects in BC, particularly the Columbia River dam. There is also annotated copies of the library index.

Each book or report has a three part call number. The first number is a topical category, such as agriculture or geology (the numbers may vary by section). The second number is a geographical location in BC. The third number is a sequential number. Reports in section 1 have an additional number preceding a “/” which refers to a specific project site on the Fraser River, such as a potential location for a dam. See the original library index for detailed explanations of each of these numbers.

For example, 104/5.1.1 represents McGregor River project / water flowage. Upper Fraser. Item one.

These records were transferred under one time schedule number 890395.

Joint Dominion-Provincial Board, Fraser River Basin (Canada)

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