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Jim Ryan fonds

  • PR-2163
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1995

The fonds consists of photographs and other records from 1908 to ca. 1995, created or collected by Jim Ryan in the course of his career as a photographer. There are approximately 105,738 photographs, mostly black and white and colour negatives, but also including prints, slides and glass slides. The fonds also includes textual records consisting of news stories, copies of Ryan's publications, a few letters and other such material. The majority of the photographs were taken in the Victoria area and include images of the harbour, the city, buildings, events and parks. There are many photographs of British Columbia politicians, notably W.A.C. Bennett, as well as distinguished visitors, federal and local politicians. There are also photographs of local characters, children and ordinary people. Although most of the photographs were taken in the Victoria area, there are occasional images taken in other areas of Vancouver Island as well as some of Ryan's travel photographs. Some of the earliest material relates to World War I and may be Ryan family photographs or items that Ryan collected out of interest.

The fonds also includes motion picture film material, including completed films, production elements, news stories shot for television, and selected reels of footage.

Ryan, Jim, 1920-1998

Municipal corporation case files

  • GR-3992
  • Series
  • 1974 - 1996

The series consists of records documenting situations where municipalities establish or join corporations for the purpose of carrying out commercial activities such as community forests or purchasing shares in a company to build infrastructure, such as arenas. Local governments may enter into these arrangements because they want a separation of authority to shield local taxpayers from potential legal or financial risks. The records relate to commercial, industrial or business undertakings, including local government resolutions approving the incorporation of or purchase of shares in a company, the agreement between the local government and the company, and articles of incorporation. The Local Government Act (RSBC 1996, c. 323) provides that a local government may engage in commercial, industrial or business undertaking and incorporate a company or buy shares in a company already involved in the undertaking with the requirement that the local government receive approval from the Inspector of Municipalities. The records were created between 1974 and 1996 by the ministry responsible for municipal affairs.

The records are arranged by local government classification and then by the name of the municipality or regional district. They include correspondence, copies of local government resolutions, and copies of articles of incorporation. The records are classified as municipal corporation case files (54030-60) under the 2006 version of the Local Government Services ORCS.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs (1993-1996)

Community transition support files

  • GR-3986
  • Series
  • 2005 - 2009

This series consists of records relating to developing tools to support communities in economic and social crisis in BC. This includes providing economic and social support to communities in need such as resource dependent communities in immediate economic crisis caused by events such as mill closures, and inner-city urban areas experiencing economic and social issues. Records include agreement development, socio-economic background information, meeting materials, and draft agreements in Prince George and Victoria. These records were created by the Ministry of Community Development and the Ministry of Community Services from 2005-2009.
The records are arranged alphabetically by community name. They consist of correspondence, agendas and minutes, reports, news articles, draft agreements, and presentations. These records are classified under the 2006 version of the Local Government Services ORCS as community transition support policy and procedures files (55400-00).

British Columbia. Ministry of Community Development

Board of examiners meeting files

  • GR-3985
  • Series
  • 1996 - 1998

The series consists of the meeting records of the board of examiners, a statutory body established under the Local Government Act (RSBC 1996, c. 323) to recognize and support the work of local government employees in the province by awarding certificates in local government administration through the certification program, and providing scholarship awards/financial assistance to local government employees who are pursuing courses leading to certification through the scholarship program. Established in 1948, the principal goal of the three-member board, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on the minister’s advice, is to improve the professional skills of British Columbia's local government administrators. These records were created between 1996 and 1998 under the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
The records are arranged chronologically by meeting date. They consist of correspondence, meeting minutes, annual reports, and meeting agendas. These records are classified under 55100-20 (meeting files) and 55100-25 (meeting minutes) of the Local Government Services ORCS approved in 2006.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (1996-1998)

Improvement district letters patent and bylaw register files

  • GR-3978
  • Series
  • 1922 - 2011

The series consists of improvement district letters patent and bylaw register files, 1922-2011. These records document the creation and dissolution of improvement districts, the approval and registration of their bylaws, and provincial government advice and support. Letters patent are the legal instruments for incorporating improvement districts in BC. They establish the name, boundary, services, voting procedures, and other fundamental aspects of each improvement district. Supplementary letters patent cover changes to improvement district boundaries, services, or the number of trustees. Improvement districts were initially created under the Water Act (SBC 1914, c. 81) to provide water and irrigation services to their residents. From 1914 to 1979, administrative responsibility for most improvement districts resided with the Office of the Comptroller of Water Rights (Water Rights Branch). In 1956, responsibility for improvement districts that provided fire protection came under the Dept. of Municipal Affairs, 1934-1976. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs (1978-1986) assumed administrative responsibility for all improvement districts in 1979 with the enactment of the Municipal Act (RSBC 1979, c. 290). This administrative responsibility continues under the Local Government Act (RSBC 2015, c. 1) with the following ministries: Municipal Affairs and Transit, 1986; Municipal Affairs, 1986-1988; Municipal Affairs, Recreation, and Culture, 1988-1991; Municipal Affairs, Recreation, and Housing, 1991-1993; Municipal Affairs, 1993-1996; Municipal Affairs and Housing,1996-1998; Municipal Affairs, 1998-2001; Community, Aboriginal, and Women’s Services, 2001-2005; Community Services, 2005-2008; and Community Development, 2008-2009. Regional districts, introduced in 1965, provide many of the services once provided by improvement districts so new improvement districts will not likely be created. All improvement district bylaws are filed with the ministry and some require registration with the Inspector of Municipalities before taking effect. Others do not require registration, taking effect upon adoption by the trustees of the improvement district.

The records include correspondence, indexes, letters patent and supplementary letters patent, orders in council, approval certificates, and maps. They are arranged alphabetically by improvement district name; some of the records also contain an improvement district number and code. The records were classified under 52000-40 (improvement district letters patent files) of the Local Government Services ORCS, 2006 (schedule 126379).

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Regional growth strategy case files

  • GR-3973
  • Series
  • 1996 - 2006

The series consists of advisory and informational records developed by the provincial government for local governments to facilitate developing, adopting, and implementing regional growth strategies, which are strategic plans that commit participating municipalities and regional districts to a course of action to meet common social, economic, and environmental objectives, 1996-2006. The Local Government Act (RSBC 1998, c. 323) provides a framework for interactive planning between regional districts, municipalities, and the provincial government for creating these long-term land and resource management plans at the regional level. The plans often deal with rapid urban growth and its effect on matters such as air quality, affordable housing, transportation, drinking water, farmland, and wilderness, and natural areas. Some of the records in this series cover provincial government involvement in major projects such as large-scale transportation projects that may have significant environmental, economic, social, cultural, and health effects. The Local Government Department, part of the Ministry of Community Services and its predecessors, is responsible for this set of records.

This series is arranged by regional district or project name. The records include correspondence, memoranda, briefing notes, bylaws, minutes, agreements, and reports. The records are classified under growth strategy case files (55700-20) of the Local Government Services ORCS, 2006.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (1996-1998)

Regional and local government structure historical policy files

  • GR-3972
  • Series
  • 1912 - 1999

The series consists of records documenting the creation of regional and local government structures and policies, and subsequent amendments to these structures and policies. Many of the records were created during the development of the province’s regional and local government system starting with the Dept. of Municipal Affairs in 1934. Prior to this, municipal matters were administered by a municipal branch of the Dept. of the Attorney-General. The records were the responsibility of the following: Dept. of Municipal Affairs,1934-1976; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, 1976-1978; Ministry of Municipal Affairs, 1978-1986; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Transit, 1986; Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Recreation, and Culture, 1988-1991; Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Recreation, and Housing, 1991-1993; Ministry of Municipal Affairs, 1993-1996; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, 1996-1998; and Ministry of Municipal Affairs, 1998-2001. The records cover the formation of regional districts, the role of regional district boards, and regional district services reviews by the provincial government. They also cover regional planning and other related issues such as land use for park purposes and subdivisions, refuse and sewage disposal, air quality/pollution, public transportation, fire protection, taxation, cost-sharing between different levels of government, property tax, and other financial matters. The records also include bylaw approvals, letters patent, supplementary letters patent, and amendments to electoral areas. The records were created under the Local Services Act (RSBC 1996, c. 276) and the Local Government Act (RSBC 1996, c. 323).

The records are arranged by regional district name and regional district coding system or by topic. They consist of correspondence, minutes and agendas, reports, maps, bylaws, letters patent, news clippings, and contracts. They were initially regional district day to day operational files so were also assigned bylaw advice and approvals ORCS numbers (51030, 51040) from the Local Government Services ORCS, 2006. The function of these records changed when the program area started collecting and using them as regional and local government structure historical policy files. This artificial collection was eventually classified as policy and procedures files (55000-00), reflecting the final purpose of this record series.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Municipal complaint case files

  • GR-3668
  • Series
  • 1939 - 1997

The series consists of written complaints and other correspondence on issues raised by the public, together with replies from public officials and records generated by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Investigations Branch and Inspector of Municipalities. Examples of complaints include those concerning violations of zoning regulations or Board of Variance rulings, treatment of people at a municipal facility, property assessments and taxation, awarding of contracts, or allegations of conflict of interest and misuse of public funds. There are also many expressions of opinion in letters regarding public affairs including, for example, disputes over land use.

Each file includes a "master complaint form" at the front of the file which gives details in different parts of the form, including: the file number, the complainant in the case, the name of the investigator, the dates the complaint was received and date investigation was completed, the municipal area and location involved, the nature of the complaint, and the resolution of the case if any.

Each file title includes first the municipal area concerned and secondly a brief description of the nature of the complaint or issue involved. Complainant names are not in the file titles. The complainant’s name, address and telephone numbers is found on the master complaint form.

Other record types include correspondence, copies of zoning bylaws and community planning documents, committee and board meeting minutes, and news clippings.

Letters from the public were typically sent or copied to a chairperson of a municipality, the Premier or a cabinet minister (for example Minister of Municipal Affairs or Minister of Environment). In many cases the Inspector of Municipalities was involved with looking into the concern or complaint. The municipal bodies concerned include regional districts, cities and villages.

The records are evidence of the wide array of types of concerns raised by citizens, and they document the functions and activities of the ministry investigations branch.

The photographs in the series tend to have been used to support complaints made; they tend to be extraneous to the textual records which contain the main evidential and historic value.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs (1986-1988)

Bylaw approvals, land use planning and administrative records

  • GR-3656
  • Series
  • 1914-2004

The series consists of records of two different types, those concerning land use and planning in each municipality, and those concerning other aspects of administering the affairs of each municipality, such as incorporation and boundaries.

The first type of record includes land use planning records, falling under ORCS 52100, in particular those concerning official community plans, local property rezonings including applications to rezone, complaints against violations of zoning, proceedings of public hearings on zoning, building permits, building inspector correspondence and other records. The series also consists of records of the Secretary to the Board of Appeal for various areas, including the regulated areas of North Saanich, the Capital Region, Saanich, View Royal, Golden, including requests for rezoning, for building permits, and for certain types of land use.

The second type consists of bylaw advice and approvals, generally falling under the ORCs classification 51030. These records relate to approving municipal bylaws (except planning bylaws) that required the approval of the minister or inspector of municipalities, as well as providing related bylaw advice and support to municipalities.

The second type (bylaw advice and approvals excepting land planning bylaws) includes records concerning boundaries and boundary extension, local government structure, change of status, disincorporation, amalgamation, and order in council distribution.

The records include the files of the Inspector of Municipalities dating back as early as 1914, which include records concerning a broad range of records regarding the administration of local government, with subject matter including incorporation of localities in the province, changes in municipal status, including dissolution of incorporated bodies, amalgamation, boundaries and boundary extensions; legislation agreements and public investigations. Notably, the records include early files regarding the incorporation of many BC localities. These include plans, boundary descriptions, petitions and letters reflecting public opinion, local incorporation committee records including minutes, financial statements for local governments, and assessment rolls and taxation.

Record types include correspondence, bylaws, bylaw attachments and schedules, forms, sketches, photographs and maps and plans, public notices in newspapers, news articles, position papers, letters patent records and boundary descriptions.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs (1993-1996)

Land use planning and management records

  • GR-3647
  • Series
  • 1950 - 2014

The series consists of records regarding the review and approval by the minister of bylaws concerning land use and planning, amendments to official community plans and their related amending bylaws and changes of zoning. These include case files for individual localities, in particular regional districts. The records were used for legal purposes, research and reference.

The records include a coded subseries, known as the "36 series," which documents planning bylaw review and approval, planning grant review and approval, and ministerial authorizations related to land use planning and management bylaws.

Planning bylaw review and approval involves planning bylaws that require ministerial approval (e.g., regional district, the Islands Trust, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler planning bylaws). Planning staff reviewed those bylaws in order to ensure that they did not conflict with provincial government interests.

Record types include correspondence, forms, briefing notes, bylaws, minutes, studies and reports, official community plans and their supporting documents, records regarding local committee meetings (agendas etc.) public hearings and workshops (public posting of notices, minutes from public hearings), responses from referral agencies (comments on bylaws by government agencies), documents regarding rezoning applications, petitions from the public and news clippings. Intermingled in the predominantly textual records are maps and engineering plans and some photographs. Records also include bylaw submission forms submitted with bylaws requiring approval of the minister.

The creator of the records used a coding system that assigned a code to each local government. For example, the regional district codes consisted of the two-digit alphabetic prefix “RD” for regional district followed by the alphanumeric coding system in use in the ministry responsible for municipal affairs at the time. In many cases the files would be labeled in such a way as to abbreviate the code. While the filing systems initially appear to be aimed at an alphabetical order, by locality, that order is often broken. Local government codes used in this record series can be found in Appendix D of the Administrative Records Classification System 1993 Edition. Some of the codes on files are extended with dashes or decimal numbers which represent subject categories.

The records were created by several ministries which carried out the functions and activities of provincial responsibility for local governments; in addition to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (the name used at different times), the creators included: the Department of Municipal Affairs; the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing; the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Transit; the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Recreation and Culture; and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Recreation and Housing.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs (1993-1996)

Victoria by-laws

  • GR-3067
  • Series
  • 1901-1957

By-laws of the Corporation of the City of Victoria.

British Columbia. County Court (Victoria)

Saanich by-laws

  • GR-3064
  • Series
  • 1906-1957

By-laws of the Corporation of the District of Saanich (indexed).

British Columbia. County Court (Victoria)

Victoria By-laws and zoning map

  • GR-3063
  • Series
  • 6 cm

By-laws (nos. 1-78) from the Corporation of the District of Central Saanich signed by Reeves Sydney Pickles (1951-1954) and H. Rupert Brown (1955-1957). Also a copy of a zoning map of Central Saanich showing commercial and industrial designations and an alphabetical index to these by-laws.

British Columbia. County Court (Victoria)

Public inquiry records

  • GR-2899
  • Series
  • 1974

A Public Inquiry, under section 728 of the Municipal Act, re the Corporation of the District of Surrey, Donald S. White, Esq., Commissioner: report of the Commissioner, January 28, 1974. The Commissioner was appointed by Order in Council 1586/73 to Inquire into (1) the affairs of the Corporation of Surrey involving land transactions and re-zoning applications, and any involvement therein of members of Council, officials or employees since January 1, 1971, (2) whether information gathered in the pursuit of official business was disclosed for private advantage, and (3) any matter affecting the good government of Surrey that may come to the attention of the Inquiry.

British Columbia. Dept. of Municipal Affairs

Correspondence and by-laws

  • GR-1707
  • Series
  • 1871-1886

This series contains correspondence and by-laws for Saltspring Island (1871-1882) and the Municipality of Surrey (1880-1886).

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Election records from Victoria

  • GR-1667
  • Series
  • 1871-1872

This series consists of poll-books, voters' lists, and correspondence relating to two landmark elections in British Columbia: the election of 1871 of representatives to the provincial legislature, and the election of 1872, called to elect provincial members to the Dominion House of Commons - respectively the first provincial election and the first federal election held in B.C. These records document B.C.'s last "open voting" elections (i.e. a secret ballot was not used). Compiled by A.F. Pemberton, Chief Returning Officer for Victoria, the records pertain to Victoria City, Victoria District, Esquimalt and Metchosin.

The election of 1871 was held in various parts of the province between October and December. It was conducted in accordance with the Colonial Election Regulation Act [34 Vic., No. 13, a statute which affirmed the practice of open voting (as opposed to the secret ballot). Thus, the poll books in this collection show the names of electors and the candidates for whom each elector voted. Voter's qualifications were determined by the colonial Qualification and Registration of Voters' Act [34 Vic., No. 156]. To qualify for the franchise, a voter had to be male, a loyal British subject, over twenty-one years of age, literate (at least able to write his name), and a resident in B.C. for no less than six months. In addition, qualified electors had to meet one of the following criteria: occupy premises with an annual rent of $40 or more; own freehold property having an assessed value of at least $250; have a pre-emption claim of 100 acres or more; possess a free-miners' license.

The Dominion election of 1872 was held under the authority of two federal statutes: the Interim Parliamentary Election Act of 1871 [34 Vic., c.20] and the Act to Re-adjust the Representation in the House of Commons, 1872 [35 Vic., c.13]. The first statute made provisions for holding a federal election in B.C.; the second confirmed the number of MPs to be elected from B.C. [6] and established federal electoral boundaries. 2 MPs were elected from the district of Victoria; 1 MP from the district of Vancouver (i.e. Vancouver Island north of Victoria and adjacent to the Gulf Islands); 1 MP for each of the districts of New Westminster, Yale, and Cariboo. Section 5 of the Interim Parliamentary Elections Act declared that the laws already in force in B.C. would apply to the election of 1872. Accordingly, polling for the province's first federal election was carried out under colonial legislation noted above. The Dominion election was also carried out in accordance with B.C.'s Corrupt Practices Prevention Act [34 Vic., No. 158], a colonial statute which stipulated that candidates had to declare all expenses incurred during their campaign. Hence the documents in Box 1, files 6 & 7 of this collection.

The records in GR-1667 relate solely to the Victoria electoral district. For elections to the provincial legislature, the riding included areas within the city's limits. Federally, however, the electoral district of Victoria embraced the City of Victoria and adjacent areas of Saanich (Victoria District), Esquimalt and Metchosin. A.F. Pemberton was the district's chief Returning Officer in both elections. In the provincial election -- held on 16 October 1871 -- Pemberton established the district polling station at the Police Barracks in Bastion Square. In the Dominion election -- held on 2 September 1872 -- he established six polling stations. The polls were open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Three candidates contested the two Victoria seats: Amor DeCosmos, Henry Nathan and Robert Beavan. DeCosmos, and Nathan were elected. The results of the election, and returns from each of the polling stations, were published in the Victoria Daily Colonist (3 Sep 1872).

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Legal opinions offered by Attorney General

  • GR-1459
  • Series
  • 1864-1879

This series contains legal opinions offered by Attorney General on a wide range of subjects. For more information on the subjects covered, please consult the attached finding aid.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Minister of Municipal Affairs correspondence

  • GR-0938
  • Series
  • 1978-1979

This series consists of correspondence files of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, from November 1978-1979.

British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs (1978-1986)

Public Inquiry Into Matters Concerning the Conduct of the Business of the City of Port Alberni (1950)

  • GR-0923
  • Series
  • 1950

This series consists of records of the Public Inquiry Into Matters Concerning the Conduct of the Business of the City of Port Alberni, 1950. The records consist of transcripts of evidence presented at the hearings. In the transcript (pp. 224-225), the commissioner noted that the conduct of the affairs of the city disclosed "an utter lack of appreciation on the part of appointed and elected officials of the implications present when sound principles and statutory requirements are not followed".

British Columbia. Public Inquiry Into Matters Concerning the Conduct of the Business of the City of Port Alberni

Commission on Saanich Secession (1928)

  • GR-0875
  • Series
  • 1928-1929

This series consists of records of the Royal Commission regarding Saanich Secession, 1928-1929. Records of the commission include transcripts of proceedings of hearings, exhibits and the report.

British Columbia. Royal Commission re Saanich Secession

Royal Commission on Municipal Taxation (1933)

  • GR-0802
  • Series
  • 1933-1934

This series consists of records of the Royal Commission on Municipal Taxation, 1933-1934. The commissioners, judge of the County Court of Vancouver, Andrew M. Harper (chairman) and Alexander McDonald Paterson, Reeve of Delta Municipality, were appointed on 22 May 1933. They were charged with investigating all matters relating to municipal taxation in British Columbia as well as the financial relationship between the Government of British Columbia and the municipalities. Commission records consist of Provincial Secretary correspondence file Pi 13/33 which includes a copy of the letters patent appointing the commissioners, transcripts of evidence presented at proceedings and the commissioners' original, signed report. In their report, the commissioners addressed responsibility for social services including mothers' pensions, administration of justice, schools and education, mental hospitals, unemployment relief, etc.

British Columbia. Royal Commission on Municipal Taxation (1933)

Royal Commission to inquire into the Administration of South Vancouver Municipality (1912)

  • GR-0787
  • Series
  • 1912-1913

This series consists of the records of the Royal Commission to Inquire Into the Administration of South Vancouver Municipality, 1912. The commissioner, Vancouver accountant Matthew Joseph Crehan, was appointed on 6 May 1912 to inquire into the affairs of the Municipality of South Vancouver. He investigated the administration of school affairs (purchasing of school sites, supplies, awarding of contracts, etc.) as well as the administration of the departments of the municipal government. Commission records consist of the original signed report, plus copy and five volumes of typewritten transcripts of proceedings.

British Columbia. Royal Commission to Inquire Into the Administration of South Vancouver Municipality (1912)

Correspondence from convention held at Harrison Hot Springs

  • GR-0700
  • Series
  • 1946

This series consists of eight pages of correspondence regarding subjects arising from the convention held at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., September 23, 24 and 25, 1946 to be submitted to the Hon. the Premier and the Cabinet by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Commission on the Conduct of the Affairs of the Municipal Council of Victoria, 1891

  • GR-0687
  • Series
  • 1891-1892

This series consists of the records of the Commission on the Conduct of the Affairs of the Municipal Council of Victoria. Records include report and minutes of proceedings and evidence (printed).

British Columbia. Commission on the Conduct of the Affairs of the Municipal Council of Victoria, 1891

Metropolitan Joint Committee records

  • GR-0575
  • Series
  • ca. 1959-1960

This series consists of the files of the Metropolitan Joint Committee Chairman, Hugo Ray, including correspondence, research notes, minutes of meetings, and reports. The series has been divided into the following subseries: general files, metropolitan government, miscellaneous literature, air pollution, planning, sewerage, water supply, finances, health & welfare, correspondence, clippings, administrative & background material, bound reports and bibliographic material.

British Columbia. Dept. of Municipal Affairs. Metropolitan Joint Committee

Provincial Secretary correspondence with municipalities

  • GR-0566
  • Series
  • 1911-1937

This series consists of Provincial Secretary correspondence with municipalities, 1911-1937. Records include correspondence inward with copies of replies from cities, towns, villages, and municipalities. Files deal with a variety of topics, such as local by-laws, amendments to the Municipal Act, transfers of Crown lands, urban development and unemployment relief. Records are arranged alphabetically by relevant city or municipality.

For most of the period covered by these records, municipal affairs were the responsibility of the Municipal Branch of the Department of the Attorney General (1914-1933) and the Department of Municipal Affairs (1934). The Provincial Secretary's department, however, always served as conduit between provincial municipalities and various levels of government.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Commission on Municipal Government, 1912

  • GR-0519
  • Series
  • 1912

This series consists of exhibits, transcripts of proceeding and correspondence from the Royal Commission on Municipal Government, 1912. Records relate to the following municipalities: Cranbrook, Duncan, Fernie, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, Penticton, Revelstoke, Rossland, Summerland, Vancouver, Vernon, and Victoria.

British Columbia. Royal Commission on Municipal Government

Various reports from Department of Municipal Affairs

  • GR-0395
  • Series
  • 1936-1954

This series consists of various reports from Department of Municipal Affairs, including, a report of the Board of Arbitration established under the Residence and Responsibility Act (1936), including correspondence of the Board pertaining to cases arbitrated; report of the Commission of Inquiry into Educational Financing (Cameron Report, 1945) and correspondence of the Minister and Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs relating to educational costs in various municipalities; correspondence, minutes of meetings, and draft legislation respecting airport zoning, correspondence and reports on annual proceedings (1949-1953) of the B.C. Aviation Council.

British Columbia. Dept. of Municipal Affairs. Office of the Minister

Commission on Property Assessment and Taxation records

  • GR-0362
  • Series
  • 1975-1976

This series consists of the records of the commission of Inquiry on Property Assessment, 1975-1976, including: exhibits, transcripts of evidence, minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports, memoranda, working papers and statistics. Contains photocopies of files on assessment and taxation created by the Select Standing Committee on Municipal Affairs and Housing of the British Columbia Legislature.

British Columbia. Commission of Inquiry on Property Assessment and Taxation

Health and Welfare Accounting Division correspondence

  • GR-0341
  • Series
  • 1945-1969

The series consists of correspondence pertaining to reciprocal agreements with other provinces respecting tuberculosis patients; statements of policy and procedure respecting various health facilities; correspondence and memos regarding accounts for various public inquiries.

British Columbia. Dept. of Health and Welfare. Accounting Division

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