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British Columbia. Water Management Branch British Columbia. Water Management Branch
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Water volume runoff forecasting files

  • GR-4241
  • Series
  • 1919-1983

This series consists of water volume runoff forecasting files created by the Water Rights Branch and its successor, the Water Management Branch. Data in the files on water flow and water volume was collected from 1919-1983, but the majority of the records were created from around 1936-1977. Records relate to forecasting river flows and water levels during floods or times of drought. They cover major rivers, reservoirs and lakes from around the province. Records include reports, studies, data, charts, histograms, working notes, and information on the equations and procedures used to create forecasts.

The records are primarily arranged by file code, which correspondence to a particular geographical location and/or study. Records without file codes are arranged alphabetically by the name of the body of water.

These records can be scheduled under Environment ORCS 35250-70.

British Columbia. Water Management Branch

Buttle Lake reports and studies

  • GR-4171
  • Series
  • 1967-1983

This series consists of reports, studies and data related to the monitoring of water pollution resulting from nearby mining operations in Buttle Lake and the greater Campbell River watershed on Vancouver Island. The records were created by the Water Management Branch, predominantly from 1981-1983. The records relate to short and long term studies on the bioaccumulation and other impacts of heavy metals and mine tailings on the water, sediment, plankton, animals and plants in the lake. The records include final reports, studies, drafts, maps, raw data, water quality reports, notes, correspondence, charts, graphs and tables.

British Columbia. Water Management Branch

Thompson River Basin pre-planning study records

  • GR-3993
  • Series
  • 1975-1981

This series consists of reports, correspondence and other records related to the Thompson River Basin pre-planning study from 1975-1981. Most records were created or used by the Water Management Branch and Water Investigations Branch.

The records relate to a federal-provincial agreement to conduct a pre-planning study of water in the Thompson River Basin. The study was intended to describe the basin’s water resources, and identify existing and potential water resource problems related to water quality and quantity. The study was to begin looking at solutions to these problems and the value of a longer-term planning study. Records document the creation and implementation of the study which involved multiple ministries from both the provincial and federal governments. The study involved scientific studies and public consultation to gain an understanding of water management issues in the area, and their associated land use and economic activity.

Records include correspondence, draft studies, reports used as reference material, minutes, maps, photographs and newspaper clippings.

Records were selected for permanent retention under one time schedule number 890487.

British Columbia. Water Management Branch

Water management agreements

  • GR-3812
  • Series
  • 1993-1995

The series contains various agreements related to funding for water-related projects by the Water Management Division of the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks. Many of the records in this series are memorandum of understanding and accompanying files detailing financial contributions from the Division toward various water studies, such as groundwater studies. There are also records regarding funding for special projects, such as flood management and dyke construction.

The records show what the projects were, who was involved with the projects and how much money the Water Management Division was able to contribute.

The records are arranged using various primary numbers from the Administrative Records Classification System (Schedule 100001) and include 152-25 : approved municipal agreements, 950-20: federal agreements and 1150-30: grant contribution case files.

British Columbia. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks

Reports on water management and power projects

  • GR-1427
  • Series
  • 1941-1978

This series contains special studies and reports on water management, power projects and related topics.

British Columbia. Water Management Branch