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Hollywood Hospital fonds

  • PR-2316
  • Fonds
  • 1957 - [1975?]

There are two series of files: MS-3092 consists of 510 case files for patients treated with hallucinogenic drugs at Hollywood Hospital, with opening file dates from 1957 to 1968. As some patients returned for later treatments some of the material may date from the early 1970's. These files were kept in a separate series from Hollywood's other patient case files. Most of the files contain correspondence and an autobiography recording answers to questions about early childhood, family relations, sexual history, mental health issues and problems with addictions. A standard file would also include a Minnesota Personality Profile, an analysis by a psychiatrist, a medical report on overall health, and a detailed log of the drugs that were administered and the patient's behavior while undergoing the hallucinogenic experience. Patients were also encouraged to prepare a report on their experience after the session, and to evaluate its benefit. The case files are arranged in ascending order by patient case file number. Box 1 of MS-3092 contains index cards, filed alphabetically by patient name. Based on this index, more than 800 patients were treated with hallucinogenic drugs at the Hollywood Hospital, but only two thirds of the files have been located and transferred. MS-3093 contains alphabetically-arranged index cards (Boxes 121 and 122) and selected patient case files for Hollywood Hospital patients who were NOT treated with hallucinogens (10 boxes). The majority of the patients were treated for alcoholism. MS-3093 patient files were created between 1944 and 1975. The files consist mainly of Patient Identification Sheets, Physician's Orders and Progress Notes, Clothing and Article Lists, Laboratory Reports, History and Physical Examinations, Admission-Separation Records, and Consent for Treatment forms. Approximately 8% of the original 15,000 files were selectively retained, based on their year of file closure.

Hollywood Hospital (New Westminster, B.C.)

Peter A. Knox audio collection

  • PR-2314
  • Collection
  • 1959-1967

The collection comprises sound recordings of Kwakiutl songs and ceremonies, 1959-1967. These tapes are copies of recordings accumulated by Peter A. Knox of Fort Rupert, from a variety of sources (including Mungo Martin and the CBC). The material includes recordings of Mungo Martin, Emma Hunt, Helen Hunt and Frank Savey; a potlatch for Peter Hunt; a funeral ceremony for David Martin (d. 1959); and a potlatch for David Martin.

Knox, Peter A.

Noel Hall fonds

  • PR-2312
  • Fonds
  • 1972

The fonds consists of the working papers of Noel Hall created between 1973 and 1974 that document his involvement in the project to draft the BC Labour Code of 1973. The files include various drafts, files on particular portions of the code and press clippings. It also includes two reports written by Hall, one called "The birthing of the Labour Code of BC" probably created in the 1970s and one called "Developing the Labour Code of BC" dated June 2003.

Hall, Noel

John Mar fonds

  • PR-2310
  • Fonds
  • 1882-2012

The fonds consists of records created by John Mar that document both his professional and private life. Mar's professional work is documented in his research notes and other public records of his work on the Canadian Alouette Satellite program. Of particular value is a laboratory notebook Mar kept, with photographs documenting his research on the Allouette Satellite Program. There are also two 16 mm films and one video cassette concerning the creation and launch of Canadian satellites and three video cassettes relating to his time working on the Norman Wells pipeline.

Mar's private life is represented by a significant genealogy of the Mar family reaching back centuries. There is also a small volume of personal correspondence with immediate family members and other records.

Mar, John

British Columbia Social Credit Party fonds

  • PR-2309
  • Fonds
  • 1956-1993; predominantly 1986-1991

The fonds consists of records created by the British Columbia Social Credit Party between 1956 and 1993.

The records include Social Credit newspapers and brochures, manuals and history files, correspondence, budget and election material. The records also include member files arranged by the name of Social Credit candidates which contain biographical information and photographs.

In addition there are records relating to leadership conventions and provincial elections which include photographs, audio and video records, posters and metal election buttons, especially relating to the Social Credit leaders Bill Bennett, Bill Vander Zalm and Rita Johnston.

There are photographs in many forms including prints, negatives, slides and contact sheets of Social Credit events, training sessions and campaigns.

Social Credit Party (British Columbia)

Weldwood-Westply Limited fonds

  • PR-2308
  • Fonds
  • 1910-1988; predominantly 1945-1982

Fonds consists of broad-ranging records pertaining to the management and operations of the Western Plywood Company Limited and the Weldwood-Westply Limited group of regional and national companies, subsidiaries, divisions and branches in Canada and the United States. Records in this fonds are from the British Columbia Head Office of Weldwood-Westply and include material to do with management and operations of various plants, particularly the Kent Avenue plywood plant in Vancouver, where the head office was located, and the Cariboo Plywood plant in Quesnel. The fonds includes records of the following companies, subsidiaries, divisions and branches: Alwest Wholesale, Canadian Collieries Resources Limited, Cariboo Pulp and Plywood (Quesnel), Empire Lumber Company, Hay & Company Limited and Hubbell Lumber Company (both Ontario), Flavelle Cedar Limited, J.R. Murray Timber Limited, Kent Avenue plant (Vancouver), Keeley Lumber Company, Kirk Coal Company, Mount Baker Veneer Company, Tepson's Wholesale (Ontario), Timberland Plywood, United States Plywood, Weldwood of Canada and others. The fonds consists of eight series: Series 1. Executive papers, 1934-1970, predominant 1960-1969. Sub-series: President's files, Vice-President's files, Secretary files. Series 2. Correspondence, 1956-1963, predominant 1960-1962. Sub-series: General Correspondence 1960-1961, General Correspondence 1961-1962. Series 3. Financial records, 1910-1973, predominant 1945-1966. Sub-series: Financial files, annual reports and statements; General accounting correspondence; Tax files; Ledgers and account books. Series 4. Head Office general files, 1946-1969. Sub-series: Topical files, Forest Industry Summaries. Series 5. Labour and personnel files, 1951-1988. Sub-series: Set 1, Set 2. Series 6. Old files, 1907-1967. Sub-series: Companies, Log and timber sale files. Series 7. Cariboo Plywood plant, 1950-1982. Sub-series: Quesnel timber files, General files, Correspondence and reports, Financial files. Series 8. Timberland Sawmill, 1946-1982. Sub-series: Timberland Sawmill technical drawings, Reference drawings, Sawmill and machinery files. Original series, series/sub-series titles, and arrangements have been retained. Arrangements are alphabetical, chronological or numerical.

Weldwood-Westply Limited

Savona Timber Company / Evans Products Company fonds

  • PR-2307
  • Fonds
  • 1931-1986; predominantly 1948-1978

Fonds consists of administrative and operating records of the Savona Timber Company in Savona, British Columbia, ca. 1948 to 1969, and continuing operations under Evans Products Company, post-1969 and until 1986. Records pertain primarily to timber harvesting in British Columbia's central interior and to B.C. Interior logging operations. The fonds also includes a scrapbook which documents the activities of Evans Products Company at their Vancouver sawmill and battery separator plant from 1931 to 1961. The fonds consists of five series: Series 1. Administration and finance files, 1952-1985, predom. 1960-1978, ca. 1.6 m which includes financial records, month-end reports, and general files; Series 2. Crown timber sales (TSX), 1948-1976, ca. 1.65 m; Series 3. Private timber sales, 1965-1980, ca. 30 cm; Series 4. Timber sales harvesting licences (TSHL), 1963-1986, ca. 1 m; and, Series 5. Evans Products Company Limited, Vancouver, scrapbook, 1931-1961, 1 vol. Predominant in the fonds are timber licence records: Crown Timber Sales (series 2), Private Timber Sales (series 3) and Timber Sale Harvesting Licences (series 4). The Savona Timber fonds includes records pertaining to associated and subsidiary companies such as Ashcroft Lumber (Savona Timber Holdings Limited), Bonaparte Lumber and Gateway Lumber and illustrates involvements and interactions between the British Columbia Forest Service and small lumber operators. Several different companies were often involved in initiatives such as a single timber licence, whether in financing, oversight or contracting capacity, even though only one timber company is usually listed as part of the Timber Sale record.

Savona Timber Company Limited

Chemainus Sawmill fonds

  • PR-2306
  • Fonds
  • 1879-1989; predominantly 1920-1970

Fonds pertains mainly to construction and operation of the Chemainus sawmill under the management of Victoria Lumber and Manufacturing Company until 1946, Victoria Lumber Company, 1946 to1950, and subsequently by MacMillan Bloedel Limited, Chemainus Division. It includes a small quantity of records pertaining to other MacMillan Bloedel operations on Vancouver Island. The fonds documents the rebuilding of the Chemainus sawmill in 1924-1925, particularly the interactions between suppliers and the mill builders, equipment design and placement and site and townsite planning. Further, the fonds documents Chemainus sawmill history before 1924 and the technical, mill site and town changes that occurred after reconstruction. The fonds consists of four series: Sawmill reconstruction and operation: administrative, construction and operational records of the Victoria Lumber and Manufacturing Company, Victoria Lumber Company Limited and MacMillan Bloedel Limited, Chemainus Division pertaining to the Chemainus sawmill reconstruction and operation, 1920 to 1989; Legal agreements and insurance policies, 1879-1947: legal agreements generated through the establishment and management of the Chemainus sawmill between 1879 and 1947; Financial records, 1913-1973: dated files of transactions in the form of invoices, credit vouchers and journal records, as well as ledgers, generated by the companies in possession of the Chemainus sawmill between 1906 and 1973; and Plans and drawings, 1920-198-: approximately 6000 technical drawings and cartographic material.

Chemainus Sawmill

British Columbia Forest Products, Plywood Operations fonds

  • PR-2305
  • Fonds
  • 1942-1988

Fonds consists of administrative and operating records of British Columbia Forest Products Limited in British Columbia between 1946 and 1986, pertaining particularly to plywood production, 1952-1986. Incorporated are records of predecessor companies including Industrial Timber Mills of Cowichan Lake and Douglas Plywood of Vancouver. The fonds illustrates the operating data and composition of working documentation for single plant operations that formed part of a multi-plant company. The fonds is comprised of the records of two of the corporate divisions involved in plywood production: Victoria Plywood and Sawmill and Delta Plywood. Topical files, financial statements, working files, equipment documentation, ledgers and registers, technical drawings and cartographic material predominate. Content pertains to all aspects of division and plant operations including, but not limited to, products, finances, suppliers, clients, markets, partners, facilities, equipment, supplies and human resources. Records from the Victoria Plywood and Sawmill division pertain to operations at Victoria, BC. They were created between 1942 and 1988 and are in three series: 1. Manager's Office files, ca.1950 to 1988, ca. 3.5 metres; 2. Accountant's Office files, 1942 to 1987, ca. 4 metres, and; 3. Cowichan District plans and drawings, ca.1950 to ca.1975, ca. 120 items. The Cowichan Division operated an affiliated veneer plant and sawmill at Youbou on Cowichan Lake, BC. Records from the Delta Plywood division consist of operating files for the plant at New Westminster, BC and pertain to administration and finance. Series are: 1. Administration,1970-1985, ca. 1.5 metres; 2. Accountant's Office, 1972-1985, ca. 3 metres and 3. Douglas plywood project financial files. Alphabetical-chronological filing arrangements have been retained and reconstructed. The fonds also contains a scrapbook of construction photographs.

British Columbia Forest Products, Limited

Yorke Edwards fonds

  • PR-2304
  • Fonds
  • 1938-2011

Fonds consists of journals, notebooks, lecture notes, essays, professional correspondence, certificates and graphic material documenting the professional and private life of Yorke Edwards. The records are in loose chronological order based on the original order.

Edwards, Roger Yorke, 1924-

Donald MacLachlan fonds

  • PR-2303
  • Fonds
  • 1886-2011

The fonds consists of records documenting the professional and personal life of Donald MacLachlan. The predominant theme of the records is MacLachlan's involvement in the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway, its history, operations, and advocacy when threatened with closure. The records contain textual material, photographs and plans, maps and drawings both created and collected by MacLachlan.

MacLachlan, Donald F.

B.C. Salvage Company fonds

  • PR-2302
  • Fonds
  • [Ca. 1898-1919]

The fonds consists of 132 black and white photographs (26 glass plate negatives and 106 nitrate negatives) showing the marine activities of the British Columbia Salvage Company (later the Pacific Salvage Company) between ca. 1898 and 1919. The photographs show vessels at work, wrecked vessels and salvage operations as well as buildings and camping photographs.

British Columbia Salvage Company

City of Vancouver Archives film and video collection

  • PR-2301
  • Collection
  • 1929-1961

The collection comprises seven moving image items, including four documentaries about Vancouver or British Columbia and three actuality reels depicting Vancouver and area events.

Vancouver, B.C. City Archives

E.F. Dunlop fonds

  • PR-2300
  • Fonds
  • 1958-1972

The fonds consists of records created by Edith Frida Dunlop between 1958 and 1972. The records relate to her volunteer work in the Cowichan Station area of Vancouver Island with the British Columbia Civil Defence. The records include correspondence, civil defence circulars, civil defence training materials, certificates and photographs, civil defence reference material, radiac calculators, chemical safety slide rulers and maps of the Cowichan area.

Dunlop, Edith Frida

Malcolm H. Campbell fonds

  • PR-2298
  • Fonds
  • 1975

The fonds consists of 26 photographs of Anyox, Alice Arm, Kitsault River, and Observatory Inlet, taken in August 1975 by M.H. Campbell, a former Anyox resident. The photographs highlight the smelter site, mine workings, slag pile, coke plant and remaining buildings at Anyox (abandoned in 1935), and the townsite and buildings at Alice Arm (1975 population: 15).

Campbell, Malcolm H.

Western Council of Arts in Education Associations fonds

  • PR-2297
  • Fonds
  • 1977-2011

The fonds consists of the records of the Western Council of Arts in Education Associations (which also operated as Arts in Education Council of B.C.). The Council advocated for fine arts instruction in schools, sponsored programs and activities for teachers and students, and prepared reports and publications for submission to government and commissions. These activities are documented in the records, which consist of board minutes, publications and newsletters, reports, surveys, projects, and correspondence.

Western Council of Arts in Education Associations

48th Battalion C.E.F. Association fonds

  • PR-2296
  • Fonds
  • 1915-1980

The fonds consists of the records of the 48th Battalion, C.E.F., Association and includes correspondence, newsletters, programs and financial information from 1936 to 1980. Most of these records were created by the Association's Vancouver branch secretary, Al La Fortune. The fonds also includes a photograph album created by La Fortune between 1915 and 1959 which shows members of the 48th Battalion (3rd Pioneer Battalion) at the Willows training camp in Victoria, going overseas, in England and at Vimy in France. The album also has photographs of the Association getting together for their reunions in Victoria from 1947 to 1959.

48th Battalion C.E.F. Association

Dorothy MacKinnon fonds

  • PR-2295
  • Fonds
  • 1969-1998

The fonds consists of the records of Dorothy MacKinnon relating to her work with the British Columbia UNICEF Committee and the Canadian UNICEF Committee. The records date from 1969 to 1998 and include correspondence, executive and AGM minutes, clippings, BC UNICEF Committee annual reports, Canadian UNICEF Committee annual reports, BC newsletter and speaking notes. The fonds also includes an interview with Dorothy MacKinnon about the founding of the BC UNICEF Committee on cassette and 82 photographs of UNICEF activities taken by Noreen Bullock.

MacKinnon, Dorothy G.

W. Kimball Nichols fonds

  • PR-2294
  • Fonds
  • 1922-1929, 1951-1967

The fonds consists of records created and acquired by W. Kimball Nichols between 1922 and 1967. The records include records created by his father, W.K. Nichols and consist of contracts, correspondence and reports from 1922 to 1929 of the Eagle Lake Spruce Mills Ltd. in Giscome BC. There is also a photograph showing a forest fire at Giscome BC ca. 1928. This company was managed by W.K. Nichols. The fonds also includes financial records of Beaver Pass Gold Placers of Wells, BC from 1951 to 1967. This gold mine was owned and operated by W. Kimball Nichols and W.E. North.

Nichols, W. Kimball

Pemberton Holmes Ltd. fonds

  • PR-2293
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1857-1991], predominant 1890-1950

The fonds consists of the business records of Pemberton Holmes Ltd. and its predecessor companies, including Pemberton & Son, Pemberton & Son Ltd. and Pemberton, Holmes Ltd. It also consists of records which relate to personal business activities and personal family matters. The records were created between 1859 and 1989, with the bulk of the material dating from the founding of Pemberton & Son in 1887 to approximately 1950. The records document the business and economic life of the province, and many aspects of social history. The geographic scope of the records includes the entire province of British Columbia, and to a lesser degree, parts of the Prairie Provinces and Washington State. Of particular significance are records for Victoria, Oak Bay, Port Alberni and southern Vancouver Island, Vancouver and the lower mainland of British Columbia.

The company records are evidence of a wide range of business and legal transactions, including the brokering of private mortgages, property sales and transfers, the renting of residences and small business premises, insurance purchases and servicing, estate management, and investments in industries such as mining. The parties to the business and legal transactions range from large companies and institutions to the average person wishing to rent or purchase a house, lot or farm. The records reflect that a major client of Pemberton & Son was the Anglican Synod of the Diocese of British Columbia, for whom the company served as financial agent.

The company remained a family enterprise, and it appears the principals of the company tended to maintain personal records intermingled with company records. Frederick B. Pemberton was principal trustee of the J.D. Pemberton estate, which included large land holdings in Oak Bay, which over time were sold and subdivided. The records reflect the fact that the management of the family estate was integrated with the activities of the company. Furthermore, just as his father had farmed in Oak Bay, Frederick operated a farm in Gordon Head and an 1100-acre farm at Cowichan Station; the records generated by these operations were closely interwoven with the company. Similarly, in the case of Brentwood College, the principals of Pemberton Holmes Ltd. had a personal involvement in its founding and management, and at the same time, their company had a business relationship with the school. Personal records include but are not limited to: tax returns, insurance policies, and records concerning purchase and sale of securities, goods and services. They also consist of family photographs, ephemera, and correspondence. The latter includes letters from J.D. Pemberton to his daughter, the artist, Sophie Pemberton.

The fonds includes approximately 2750 business files, originally in docket envelopes, which made up the main filing system of Pemberton & Son and its successor companies. Most of these files consist of client transaction records, including business and legal documents with accompanying correspondence. A majority of the files concern specific properties or lots, and relate to the sale, conveyance, mortgage, rent or lease of those properties. A smaller number relate to a person, estate, organization, company, or subject, but not to a specific property. The physical housing of these files was, in most cases, a string-bound, reinforced, docket envelope, which contained the folded documents. The fonds also consists of a large group of financial records, including 103 bound ledger books, journals and cash books. There originally were links between these financial records and the docket files, but it is often not possible now to establish those links, and significant gaps exist for both groups of records.

Other textual materials include correspondence, annual reports, minutes of directors and shareholder meetings, monthly and annual financial statements and reports, tax returns, legal documents including wills and other estate records, records for real estate sales particularly in the Greater Victoria area, and routine office records. Records of some clients (notably, relating to an estate) have been maintained as they were originally filed, in their own series. There is a smaller amount of ephemera, including newspapers, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, and collected published material including brochures and pamphlets.

The records include published and unpublished maps, fire insurance maps, subdivision plans, blueprints, architectural drawings, advertising display materials, and photographs of the Pemberton Holmes buildings and various buildings and locations in Victoria and the south Vancouver Island region.

The fonds also contains business and personal records of Frederick George Pennington (Fred) Maurice, who worked for the company for 52 years (ca. 1926-1977) and who became a director of the company. In the 1980s, in his retirement, Fred Maurice wrote an unpublished history, which is a part of the fonds. Largely anecdotal in nature, his manuscript covers Pemberton and Holmes family history (ca. 1850 to 1940) and company history (ca. 1887 to 1940). In the course of his research, it appears Maurice removed some records from their original locations. His handwritten annotations and bookmarks also appear on or with some of the records.

The Pemberton & Son office building at Fort and Broad Street, Victoria, BC, was destroyed by fire on March 23, 1909. In his history, Fred Maurice attributes "significant blanks" in the company's early records to this fire.

Pemberton Holmes Ltd.

W.C. Budd fonds

  • PR-2292
  • Fonds
  • 1962-1968

The fonds consists of material accumulated by W.C. Budd between 1962 and 1968 while he served as executive assistant to Premier W.A.C. Bennett. The records consist of correspondence, both political and personal; framed photographs of W.A.C. Bennett and others, correspondence and photographs relating to Bennett's trade mission to Japan in 1966, pamphlets, newsclippings and magazines relating to Bennett and the Social Credit party and other material including two signed copies of a Len Norris cartoon.

Budd, William Clarence

Harry Jomini fonds

  • PR-2291
  • Fonds
  • 1951-1954

The fonds consists of over 1100 black and white photographs taken by Harry Jomini between 1951 and 1954.

Jomini, Harry

Archives Association of British Columbia fonds

  • PR-2290
  • Fonds
  • 1973-2008

The fonds consists of the operational records of the Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC) and its predecessor bodies the Association of British Columbia Archivists (ABCA) and the British Columbia Archives Council (BCAC). The records date from 1973 to 2000 and cover all aspects of AABC business including executive minutes and correspondence, financial records, grant applications, committee files, publications, copies of the newsletter and other material. Included in the fonds are 49 3.5 inch floppy disks that date from 1990 to 1999. Some material from these disks was printed out in 2012.

Archives Association of British Columbia

Geoffrey Wilson Taylor fonds

  • PR-2289
  • Fonds
  • 1905-1980

Records of Geoffrey Wilson Taylor, accountant and historian. Includes a visitors' book, 1929-1946; research notes, postcard albums; photo albums; stamp album, loose postcards, and copy prints, from other institutions, of images used in Taylor's various publications .

British Columbia Museums Association fonds

  • PR-2288
  • Fonds
  • 1957-2008

The fonds consists of records created and maintained by the British Columbia Museums Association (BCMA). The BCMA has a mandate to support museums and galleries across British Columbia. The records document the governance, professional development, advocacy, and support and liaison functions of the BCMA.

The fonds is arranged by the following series:

  • MS-3314: Governance and administration
  • MS-3315: Conferences and seminars
  • MS-3316: Membership
  • MS-3317: Awards and bursaries
  • MS-3318: Programs and partnerships

British Columbia Museums Association

Ocean Falls Hospital Society fonds

  • PR-2287
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1972

The Ocean Falls Hospital Society (S2000) was incorporated in 1932. Records consist of administrative and operational correspondence, Board of Management meeting minutes, schedule 50XH reports and Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act correspondence. Also included are Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act reconciliation reports, 1961-1970.

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 44 fonds

  • PR-2286
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1979

Consists of general office files created by Branch 144 of the Royal Canadian Legion, located at Ocean Falls, BC. Includes correspondence with outside organizations, arranged alphabetically, applications for membership and a history of the branch.

Thomas Frederick Seldon fonds

  • PR-2284
  • Fonds
  • 1898-1899, 1996

The fonds conists of four notebook diaries kept by Thomas Frederick Seldon between May 12, 1898 and November 10, 1899 recording his experiences while travelling to the Yukon Territory via the Teslin Route, including the Stikine River, and mining and living in northwestern BC. Also included is a photocopy of a transcript of the diaries and Seldon's letters to his parents in England. This transcript was made in 1996 by Betty and George Seldon.

Seldon, Thomas Frederick

Myfanwy Pavelic fonds

  • PR-2283
  • Fonds
  • 1942-1944

The fonds consists of 29 handwritten letters from Emily Carr to Myfanwy Pavelic, with some to her parents, nearly all written in pencil, 1942 to 1944. There is also one letter from J. Delisle Parker to the editor of Victoria Daily Times about an exhibit in Vancouver of Pavelic's paintings.

Pavelic, Myfanwy (Spencer)

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