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Newspaper cuttings

The file consists of one bound volume of newspaper cuttings that Walbran collected between 1909 and 1912. A label in the front page of the scrapbook indicates that this is scrapbook volume 63; this appears to be an Archives numbering system and should not be taken to mean that Walbran had 63 clippings books.

The articles were taken from a variety of newspapers including some from the UK, and include articles both written by Walbran and those that he found interesting.

The front of the scrapbook has an alphabetical index; Walbran has entered the articles here by title.

Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver / J.T. Walbran

The file consists of several typed pages and an excerpt of a handwritten letter by J.T. Walbran to an unknown correspondent with the initials WPQ. The letter indicates that "before leaving the Quadra, Mr. Keefer asked [Walbran] to give...a short account of the early history of Victoria, Nanaimo [and] Vancouver to embody in a report of his on the seaports of this coast which he has been asked to prepare by his Department at Ottawa."

Correspondence outward

The file consists of a letter written by Walbran to Judge Martin while Walbran was working at the Marine and Fisheries Department. In the letter, Walbran discusses the cruise of the "Washington" up the straight of Juan de Fuca in 1789. Walbran has included an extract from the journal of Robert Haswell, who served with Captain Gray on the "Washington." The extract concerns the discovery of Nootka.

Letter regarding life of Thomas Lowe

The file consists of a 6 page letter addressed to the editor of the Victoria Colonist. The author of the letter is unclear, although there is a note indicating that the first paragraph was written by Walbran and a later note states "Thomas Lowe by John T. Walbran."

The letter provides a great deal of biographical information on Thomas Lowe and was reprinted in full on page 56 of the December 13, 1913 edition of the Victoria Colonist.

Thomas Lowe correspondence

The file consists of several letters written by Thomas Lowe to Walbran between the years 1906 and 1910. The letters are typed copies, and the copies all appear to have been made at the same time on the same typewriter. It is unclear who made the copies. The letters generally deal with the early history of Victoria and its early inhabitants. Lowe appears to have corrected and provided input on Walbran's notes, including passages that were to be included in Walbran's "Place Names" book.

The Tonquin, 1810 / by J.T. Walbran

The file consists of 5 typed copies of "The Tonquin : 1810 - Captain Jonathan Thorn." The booklets were copied from a transcript loaned to the Provincial Archives by Judge Howay in 1936.The bulk of the text may have been written by Walbran, and the books include copies of his notes and remarks.

The Cruise of the Imperial Eagle / Captain J.T. Walbran

The file consists of 3 bound copies of "The Cruise of the Imperial Eagle" written by Captain Walbran as well as what appears to be a transcript from Frances Barkley's journal. The copies were created from a transcript loaned to the Provincial Archives by Judge Howay in 1936. The work was written by Walbran and was originally published in the Victoria Colonist on 3 March 1901. A 1904 note (presumably made by Walbran) indicates that the account is taken chiefly the original diary of Francis Hornby Barkley.

Correspondence outward

The file consists of one letter from Torrens in 1859. The letter lacks an addressee, but may be written to Douglas. Torrens writes from Haida Gwaii, and it is likely that the letter was written during his "expedition to the North." The letter makes further mention of his time in Skidegate and his interactions with the Indigenous peoples there as well as his impressions of the geology, flora and fauna of the area.

Excerpts and notes of expedition to the North, 1859

The file consists of two copies of a typed transcript of notes detailing Torrens' 1859 trip. The excerpts are dated between 1 July to 31 August 1859, with a single-line entry from 1 October 1859. The covering page is entitled "Nass Dialect" and includes a list of words in Nisga'a and English, including numbers 1-20.

Report of explorations and proceedings at Clayoquot Sound

The file contains two reports written in 1865 by Torrens and sent to the Honourable William A. G. Young, Colonial Secretary. The first report was written in August 1865 and describes his trip to Bear River, which was cut short. The second report is dated September 1865 and provides lengthy detail about Torrens's trip to Nootka Sound and Friendly Cove following the aborted trip to Bear River. Torrens writes at length about the geography, geology, flora and fauna of the area and provides a detailed description of the trip.

In his September report, Torrens makes several comments on the Indigenous peoples and villages that his expedition encountered, including the villages of Maktassis on Flores Island (likely Marktosis/Maaqtusiis), Oupinit (likely Openit), Ouchucklesit, Sleeptic, and Tsumakose near Refuge Cove, the latter noted as being a village site for the Manahoussat people. Torrens also met with Imharp, whom he names as the chief of the Mowachaht peoples. Torrens attached several appendices to his report, including a vocabulary, a story he has entitled "Indian Superstitions" and a list of the villages of the Mowachaht, Muchalaht, Nuchatlaht, Ehattesaht (ʔiiḥatis), Kyuquot (Ka:'yu:'k't'h'), Cheklesath (Che:k:tles7et'h') and Cla-issat First Nations.

Journal of expedition to the North, 1859

The file consists of both the abstract and the report Torrens sent to James Douglas in 1859 regarding his trip to Haida Gwaii and inland along the Nass River. The trip took place between 1 July to mid October 1859. The report mentions interactions with the local Indigenous population on Haida Gwaii. Several Indigenous men are named, including Naskilkengans, Nestacana, Mr. Charles, Tatsai, and Kitkuhn. Naskilkengans and Nestacana appear to have been from the Skidegate area; the home village of the other men is not provided. Torrens also writes at length about the geological composition of northern British Columbia, including along the Nass River and on Haida Gwaii. He also includes his general impressions of the Indigenous peoples that his expedition met.

Torrens's abstract includes a daily assessment of the weather and general remarks.

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