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Colonial correspondence : correspondence of the Government of the Colony of Vancouver Island, 1849-1866 and of the Government of the Colony of British Columbia, 1858-1871

  • GR-1372
  • Series
  • 1852-1872

GR-1372 is an artificial series, created by the Provincial Archives of British Columbia in the 1920s and 1930s from records of the governments of the Colony of Vancouver Island (1849-1866), the Colony of British Columbia (1858-1866) and the United Colony of British Columbia (1866-1871). The records, consisting of correspondence inward to and among officials and departments, were originally organized more or less chronologically as records of the department or agency to which they were sent, e.g. Colonial Secretary, Attorney-General, Commissioner of Land and Works, etc. Letters when received were logged into a register and assigned sequential numbers with the last two numbers of the year appended, creating the file number, e.g. 105/62. Some of these registers still exist, e.g. GR-0625. The correspondence was often accompanied by enclosures such as reports, sketches and maps which were considered part of the file.

Sometime during the 1920s and 1930s, Archives staff undertook to re-organize these records into a single alphabetical series organized primarily by the name of the originating office or sender (road tolls and petitions are notable exceptions). Formerly separate records were intermingled and the original order was lost. The records were indexed using new file numbers assigned for that purpose. These are the F numbers written in red crayon on the records. Starting with the number 1, each folder of records in the new alphabetical sequence was assigned a number as well as the individual files (items) within that folder, e.g. F33/1.

It appears that later insertions into the alpha sequence, after the initial assignment of numbers, were dealt with by using letters (e.g. F85a, F85b), or a number in parentheses (e.g. F79(1), F80a(1)). When an F file required more than one folder, either letters were added to subsequent folders, (e.g. F102, F102a, F102b) or numbers in parentheses were used (e.g. F142b(1), F142b(2)). The F numbers on the documents, however, were not affected by the change in numbering as they formed one continuous sequence (e.g. F102, files 1-9; F102a, files 10-22; F102b, files 23-30b).

Some of the correspondence was transcribed by Archives staff. These typed transcripts are either in the file folders together with the originals or in a separate file folder following the file folder with the originals. Most of the transcripts were not microfilmed and consequently do not appear on the microfilm reels. The records were microfilmed 1978-1980.

See attached finding aid for more information about the history, contents, and indexing of this collection.

Provincial Archives of British Columbia

Premiers' papers

  • GR-1222
  • Series
  • 1917-1952

This series contains official reports and correspondence accumulated during the administrations of Premiers Tolmie, Pattullo, Hart, and Johnson. It includes Departmental, General, and Federal files, plus separate series of documents on Pacific Great Eastern Railway (1917-1945). It also includes applications for employment, petitions, press releases, speeches, and vouchers.

The records which comprise this unit were stored for many years in a maintenance shop adjacent to the Parliament Buildings. Storage conditions were less than ideal and in 1982 arrangements were made with the Premier's Office' to transfer the records to the Provincial Archives. It was a signal event, for the records provide documentation on virtually all facets of provincial life over a thirty-five year period. Additionally, the documents which make up GR-1222 provide a valuable record of the administrations of Premiers Tolmie (1928-1933), Pattullo (1933-1941), Hart (1941-1947) and Johnson (1947-1952). The records fall into three main categories or series, namely Departmental files, Federal files, and General files.

British Columbia. Premier

Provincial Police correspondence

  • GR-0105
  • Series
  • 1918-1923

The series consists of Provincial Police Inspector's files created between ca. 1918 and 1923. The files are numbered from 50 to 106 and are subject files containing letters addressed to the Superintendent, Inspector and Chief Constable. The correspondence relates to the Victoria Police District.

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force. Inspector

Correspondence and applications for pool room licences

  • GR-0109
  • Series
  • 1913-1919

The series consists of records created by the British Columbia Provincial Police between 1913 and 1919. The records consists of applications for pool room licences under the Act to amend the Pool-rooms Act of 1913.

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force

Unemployment relief census

  • GR-0164
  • Series
  • 1935-1936

The series consists of a census of unemployment relief for the province of British Columbia, with breakdowns for various communities, from Dec 1935 to Aug 1936 showing classification of direct relief recipients per month.

Canada. Department of Labour

Script of play and notes by Llewelyn Bullock-Webster

  • GR-0174
  • File
  • [193-?]

The file consists of a script of play called "The Curse of Chirra-Poonge" by Llewelyn Bullock-Webster, Director of the Dept. of Education's School and Community Drama Branch. The accompanying note from the Provincial Drama Advisor said it was performed at Government House in the early 1930's.

British Columbia. School and Community Drama Branch

Circulars and brochures pertaining to patriotic activities and special events

  • GR-0176
  • Series
  • 1930-1937; 1976

The series consists of circulars and brochures pertaining to patriotic activities and special events, created by the Dept. of Education, dating mainly from the 1930s. It includes "Instructions to Teachers Regarding the Use of the Flag on School Premises" (1930), "Suggestions for celebrating Good Will Day [18 May 1932] in B.C. schools," commemorative booklet and "Suggestions for Coronation Programmes for the Schools of B.C." (1937). This unit also includes brochures re: the Overseas Education, 1976.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Submission to Commission on Forest Resources, 1943

  • GR-0181
  • Series
  • 1945

The series consists of two copies of a three volume submission to the Royal Commission on Forestry by the Bureau of Economics and Statistics. It includes a statement showing the amount of timber held under all types of tenure, by individuals and firms in B.C. during 1938 and 1944.

British Columbia. Bureau of Economics and Statistics

Sooke District Mining Board minute book

  • GR-0204
  • Series
  • 1865

The series consists of a minute book for the Sooke district created in 1865 by the Vancouver Island Gold Commissioner.

Vancouver Island. Gold Commissioner. Mining Board of the Sooke District

Memoranda, notes and transcripts of speeches re vocational education

  • GR-0209
  • Series
  • ca. 1956-1969

The series consists of "historical" files maintained by John S. White, Director, Technical and Vocational Education Branch. Includes an historical overview of Technical and Vocational Education in B.C. (1906-1962); memorandum on the "Functions and Activities of Adult Education Branch" (1956); and essay by White entitled "History of British Columbia Institute of Technology" (1969). Also included are notes on the development of B.C. Vocational Schools in Prince George, Nanaimo, and Victoria, and transcripts of speeches given by the Premier and the Minister of Education at the opening of the regional vocational school at Dawson Creek (1967).

British Columbia. Technical and Vocational Education Branch

Rock Creek Gold Commissioner letterbook

  • GR-0234
  • Series
  • 1861-1863

The series consists of letter book copies of outward correspondence and cash book entries written by William George Cox, Gold Commissioner, Rock Creek, June 1861 - Nov. 1862 (and Jan. 26 and March 4, 1863).

British Columbia. Gold Commissioner (Rock Creek)

Register of mining leases

  • GR-0242
  • Series
  • 1879-1902

The series consists of a register of mining leases organized by district, created by the Provincial Gold Commissioner between 1879 and 1902.

British Columbia. Gold Commissioner

Index to Free Miners Certificates

  • GR-0247
  • Series
  • 1916-1924

The series consists of an index to free miners certificates arranged alphabetically by year, created by the Grand Forks Mining Recorder between 1916 and 1924.

British Columbia. Dept. of Mines. Mining Recorder. Grand Forks

Records of mining claims and other material

  • GR-0257
  • Series
  • 1909-1939

The series consists of records created by the Sub-Mining Recorder at Fort Grahame between 1909 and 1939. It contains records of claims, applications for certificates of work, powers of attorney, correspondence outward to the Mining Recorder in Smithers and instructions as to the duties of Sub-Mining Recorders. Records may also relate to the Omineca Mining Recorder.

British Columbia. Dept. of Mines. Sub-Mining Recorder. Fort Grahame

Inquiry on Mobile Homes in British Columbia

  • GR-0266
  • Series
  • 1975

The series consists of records created by the Inquiry on Mobile Homes in British Columbia (also known as the Audain Commission) in 1975. It includes minutes of hearings (with a list of briefs presented at the hearings) in Kamloops, Cranbrook, Penticton, Kelowna, Chilliwack, Nelson, Victoria, Nanaimo, Prince George, Terrace, Surrey; a report (printed); and briefs submitted to the Commission.

British Columbia. Inquiry on Mobile Homes in British Columbia

Moses v BC and Canada : reasons for judgement

  • GR-0272
  • File
  • 1977

The file consists of a photocopy of reasons for judgement in the case (43319/75) of Donald Moses et al (other members of the Lower Nicola Indian Band) versus Canada and British Columbia, May 5, 1977.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Vancouver)

Correspondence and petition re Vancouver liquor traffic

  • GR-0273
  • Series
  • 1909

The file consists of Attorney-General correspondence file 12/09. It contains a file of signatures on a petition to Messrs. Hon. Bowser, J.F. Ford, A.H. MeGowan, G.A. McGuire, J.F. Garden and Hon. R.G. Tatlow, Members of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for the Electoral District of Vancouver City, 14-26 January 1909. The petition concerns the idea of including with the balloting at municipal elections "a local option system to determine whether or not the traffic in intoxicating liquors shall be permitted or prohibited." The petition was received by the Attorney General's office 28 January 1909.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Annual Report of the Government Agencies

  • GR-0274
  • Series
  • 1977

For the period (April 11, 1976 - March 31, 1977).

British Columbia. Ministry of Finance. Director of Agencies and Personnel

Briefs re agricultural workers

  • GR-0280
  • Series
  • 1974

Briefs responding to the committee's enquiry into the exclusion of agricultural employees from protective labour legislation September to October 1974.

British Columbia. Legislative Assembly. Select Standing Committee on Labour and Justice

Speeches on education

  • GR-0292
  • Series
  • 1967; 1969

The series consists of speeches given by S.N.F. Chant (Dean of Arts at the University of British Columbia between 1949 and 1964): On university freedom, 1967, and The future of higher education in British Columbia, 1969.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Provincial Library correspondence

  • GR-0300
  • Series
  • 1942-1945

The series consists of correspondence created by the Provincial Library between 1942 and 1945 and contains requests for information necessary to military intelligence.

British Columbia. Legislative Library

Memorandum and auditor's report on Archives investigation

  • GR-0301
  • Series
  • 1931

This series consists of a memorandum to John Hosie, Provincial Archivist, enclosing a report of the Auditor of Revenue to the Comptroller General concerning an investigation of the Archives, dated 1931.

British Columbia. Legislative Library

Minutes of meetings of heads of departments with the Governor of Vancouver Island

  • GR-0303
  • Series
  • 1861-1864

This series consists of 14 pages of photocopied minutes of meetings of heads of departments with the Governor of Vancouver Island, including the Attorney General, Colonial Secretary and Surveyor General. The records are dated between 12 August 1861 and 14 March 1864 and were photocopied around 1977.

Vancouver Island. Governor

Provincial Library correspondence

  • GR-0320
  • Series
  • 1946

The series consists of correspondence between the Provincial Librarian and Mr. G. A. Bulhak concerning an exhibition of his photographs at the library.

British Columbia. Legislative Library

Returned Soldiers Aid Commission minute book and other material

  • GR-0321
  • Series
  • 1919-1927

This series consists of records of the Returned Soldiers Aid Commission, 1919-1927. Records include: a minute book of the commission, 1919-1920, including statement of expenditures and refunds; copies of orders-in-council dispensing grants for patriotic purposes, 1919-1923; and a report of a special committee of the House of Commons appointed in April 1924 to make an enquiry into an old age pension system Canada.

British Columbia. Returned Solders’ Aid Commission

Metlakatla Commission hearings

  • GR-0351
  • Series
  • 1884

This series consists of records of the Metlakatla (Metlakahtla) Commission Inquiry, including handwritten notes of evidence taken at hearings. Vol. 2, pp. 3-265, odd numbers only, is an emendation of the original notes in Vol. 1, pp. 3-113, odd numbers only.

British Columbia. Metlakatla Commission Inquiry [1884]

Notice of appeal of case (Gray et al v McCallum etc.)

  • GR-0355
  • Series
  • 1889-1894

This series consists of the notice of appeal for the case of Samuel Gray, John Gray and James Gray versus Arthur Edward McCallum, and by counter-claim, McCallum versus the Grays and Edward Mainwaring Johnson and the Ophir Bed Rock Flume Company (1894). Includes letter from John Gray to McCallum, Dec. 25, 1889.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

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