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Only top-level descriptions Health services administration--British Columbia
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Emergency health services committee records

  • GR-4011
  • Series
  • 1985 - 2010

The series consists of records documenting the deliberations of the Provincial Medical Leadership Council (PMLC), formerly known as the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), and other high-level emergency health services committees. The PMLC/MAC was established by the Emergency Health Services Commission (EHSC) to provide advice to the commission on all medical matters. The Council, consisting of physicians, paramedics and medical programs staff, discusses medical protocols and process issues with the EHSC and the BC Ambulance Service (BCAS). The chair of the council is Vice-President, Medical Programs. The PMLC is responsible for the review and approval of draft protocols. It may also assign responsibility for research and evidence collection to Medical Programs. The series also includes other high-level committee work such as the Emergency and Health Services Commission, the Provincial Joint Labour Management Committee, the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, the Provincial Joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee, the Medical Dispatch Review Committee, the Emergency Health Services Commission's Fire Service/BCAS Coordinating Committee, Patient Committee on Patient Transfer, and the Provincial Patient Transfer Steering Committee. Records in this series also document the work of the Senior Operations Team. They were created under the Health Emergency Act (RSBC 1996, c.182) between 1985-2010 in BC.

This series is arranged by meeting date, committee name or event. It includes correspondence, agendas, minutes, handouts, statistics, action logs, reports, and submissions. These records were classified as committee files (ARCS 200-20) with a final disposition of selective retention. The 2011 version of the Emergency Health Services ORCS (schedule 123390) classifies the MAC records as 51540-40 Provincial Medical Leadership council’s meeting deliberations. The remaining records classified under ARCS 200-20 were selected for transfer to the BC Archives because they document the work of high-level committees and the functions, decisions, and activities of the Senior Operations Team.

British Columbia. Emergency Health Services Commission

Executive records

  • GR-2588
  • Series
  • 1977 1981

Files of two Deputy Ministers of Health, J.W. Mainguy (1975-1978) and Chapin Key (1978-1981). Initials for each file note their creator.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Executive records

  • GR-2649
  • Series
  • 1963 1979

Ministry of Health executive records. This collection includes the files of J.W. Mainguy (Deputy Minister of Health 1975-1978), W.J. Lyle (Deputy Minister of the Hospital Insurance Service 1972-1975 and Deputy Minister of Medical and Hospital Programs 1975-1977), and Chapin Key (Deputy Minister of Health 1978-1981). It also contains files of outgoing correspondence of Dennis Cocke (Minister of Health 1972-1975), and R.H. McClelland (Minister of Health 1975-1979). These files were transferred from the Ministry of Health in 1987. There are four series: 1.Subject files of the Deputy Minister of Health, J.W. Mainguy (1975-1978), followed by Chapin Key (1978-1981). Boxes 1-23, 1963-1979. 2.Subject files of the Deputy Minister of Medical and Hospital Programs (W.J. Lyle). Boxes 24-27, 1964-1978. 3.Binders re Conferences of Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Boxes 27-28, 1974-1977. 4.Daily correspondence files (outgoing) Boxes 29-30. -Minister of Health - (Dennis Cocke), 1974-1975. -Minister of Health - (R.H. McClelland), 1976-1977. -Deputy Minister of Medical and Hospital Programs (W.J. Lyle), 1974-1977.

British Columbia. Dept. of Health Services and Hospital Insurance

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