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Diamond, Randolph William, 1891-
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R.W. Diamond interview

CALL NUMBER: T1701:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): A mining engineer : work with Anaconda PERIOD COVERED: 1913-1917 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1975-11-26 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Diamond discusses his personal background, beginning with his education and interest in geology. His early work in mining while at university. His decision to go west and his beginning em;ployment with the Anaconda company. Moving to Montana. Initial work in the testing department and work in devising a good information retrieval system. Change to working with the early stages of the f;roth flotation process. Interest in this area and work with Anaconda. TRACK 2: In charge of all floatation research and testing for Anaconda. The importance of the floatation process to mining. The d;evelopment of floatation processes for Anaconda Company. Early contact with Cominco about its problems with the Sullivan ore. Description of Trail in 1917.; CALL NUMBER: T1701:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): The beginnings of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company RECORDED: [location unknown], 1975-11-26 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Diamond discusses: the background development of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company; the importance of the Sullivan Mine to the company; the problem of making use of the ore fro;m the Sullivan Mine; the problem of mineral separation created by the ore; the effort to solve the problem of the Sullivan ore. TRACK 2: Mr. Diamond talks about: the solution to the Sullivan ore sepa;ration process and the beginning of the differential flotation process developed by Mr. Diamond; the impact of the Sullivan Mine on the rest of Cominco; the growth of Cominco at Trail and in B.C., Alb;erta and elsewhere; the beginning of his involvement with the fertilizer business. (End of interview);

David McLennan interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Early Cominco-Trail history PERIOD COVERED: 1916-1955 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1977-07 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Born in PEI in 1890; went to Seattle and worked as a plumber; came to Vancouver and went to Trail in 1916; worked in Rossland installing a heating plant; went to work at Ainsworth in the powe;r plant for Number 1 Mine at Centre Star; came back to Trail. His impressions of Trail, including the wooden sidewalks; vegetation; the pollution caused by the smoke and what was done to prevent it; p;opulation and makeup of peoples; the production of acid for fertilizer ("Elephant Brand"); schools and quality; community and Trail holidays. Then went to Warfield; his first Impressions. TRACK 2: Em;ployee/employer relations; brief mention of Tadanac; beginning of the union; working conditions and how they changed after the union; unionist Harvey Murphy; change in security during the Second World; War, and problems associated with it; plant during the Second World War; women worked; various personalities, including S.G. Blaylock, George Murray, R.W. Diamond; safety precautions.;

Edward and Eda Rowlands interview

CALL NUMBER: T3146:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Early Cominco-Trail history PERIOD COVERED: 1914-1950 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1977-08 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Rowlands: Welsh birth; came to Canada in 1924. Engineer in Trail machine shop; Herb Clark; Cominco men as civic officers; work at Warfield; heavy water plant in Second World War; pollution and fertilizers. Depression hours and wage; first impressions of Trail; description of slag piles. Rory McLaren; Pat Sullivan; Trail hospital; pollution and health; early buildings in Trail; social; life; radio; involvement in sports; Pete McIntyre; Brown; Caledonian Days; Blaylock and George Williamson playing tennis; the company choir and its leader, Gwyllym John. TRACK 2: Population; flowers; and vegetation of early Trail; work he enjoyed. George Murray; J.J. Buchanan; R.W. Diamond; Blaylock. Work spirit in early days of the company. Mrs. Eda May Rowlands (nee Randell) speaks; she came to Trail from Nelson in 1914; father worked in carpenter shop at Cominco; Trail in 1914; natural settings; Trail Creek; pollution; the fire in the summer of 1917 or 1918; sand storms. She taught school in Annable, Kerr Creek, Wynndel and Trail Central schools. Italians as stone workers in Trail. Social life in Trail; early stores; Lloyd Crowe was the manager of the company store; holidays.;

CALL NUMBER: T3146:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Early Cominco-Trail history PERIOD COVERED: 1914-1950 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1977-08 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Sports in Trail; the old arena; the town butcher, Steve Matobitch. Raising their family in Trail. The Eleanor Hotel. [TRACK 2: blank?];

Edward Ivison interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Early Cominco-Trail history PERIOD COVERED: 1929-1948 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1977-07 SUMMARY: Mr. Ivison came to Vancouver from Britain in February of 1929; them to Trail to look for work; O.H. Nelson took him on at Trail, where he began work in the oxide plant; technical data on what his work; involved. Working conditions are discussed, shifts, days off; workmen's committee; Depression-related work problems; work gangs. The Depression; cooperating, home gardens; company loans. In 1941, was; put into housing administration, responsible for arranging home construction, inspections and approvals; supply of land and loans for housing; Blaylock partially responsible for construction of a "Mi;ckey Mouse" town. Union comes in 1945; Blaylock dies; Mr. Diamond becomes president. The Depression, government camps and unemployment; women working in the plants during the war; extra security durin;g the war; city improvements; war production; home guard; warehousing, suppliers, benefits; sick leave; medical; hospital; family life; social events; sports; pollution; bus transportation; roads cars; plant management; the 1917 strike; Trail fires and floods.;

Matthew Marshall interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Early Cominco-Trail history PERIOD COVERED: 1912-1963 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1977-08 SUMMARY: Born in Scotland in 1903; arrived in Moyie in 1909 with his family, father worked for the St. Eugene Mine. In 1912, the family moved to Trail; discusses working for old "Trail Creek News" newspaper; l;ater for Nick Wilmus's son's hardware store. In 1916, worked at Cominco for Rutherford, the chief chemist; went to Vancouver during the First World War; returned to Trail in 1919 and worked for Mr. Bi;ssett in the assay office; then at the zinc plant, then to the concentrator under R.W. Diamond in 1918; then to main office at Trail under Mr. Fuller. Discusses efficiency bonuses; paving of streets, ;flooding in 1948, and Cominco's help. Retired in 1963 after 46 years; the crew that worked in the concentrator; the kindness of R.W. Diamond; more detail about working in the concentrator. Discusses h;is involvement in sports (baseball, hockey, soccer, etc.); also talks of the social life; the workmen's committee; Cominco's involvement during the Depression; changes during the Second World War; Ge;rman and Italian population at the time; recalls Cominco's executives, Kirkpatrick, Blaylock and Teajey.;

Richard Gop interview

PERIOD COVERED: ;1917;-;1967 RECORDED: Trail (B.C.), 1983-06-27 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Background to organising in BC and Trail. He join the union in 1939; was a charter member. His birth date, 27 Oct 1905; first union bargaining with Blaylock; Blaylock's tactics. Harvey Murphy;'s tactics, opinion of Blaylock; Blaylock bargains on sick bed. Union gets men on Women's Cooperative Committee; Gop on Workmen's Committee. Union negotiates a dollar increase in first contract. Compa;ny store; company gave credit to men on job; organising union on job. Union go to court to get dues check-off. Opinion of Harvey Murphy. first steelworkers paid; Mine/Mill wins jurisdiction vote. Murp;hy sells out for a pension. Murphy one of the best. Explains shop steward system. Steel brings in several organizers for raid. Murphy was a communist. Union and Communists. TRACK 2: Anecdote about Go;odwin's shooting. Union afraid of going out on strike because company might break union. Good for workers to join steelworkers. Steelworkers picnic; women's auxiliary meetings. Organising women into u;nion; Belanger's were communists. Tillie Belanger ran for M.P. as a communist. Union was nicknamed Red Union and called Communist Union. Couldn't blame low membership on communist leaders. Murphy was ;a good orator and hard worker. Gop's wife leaves him over union work. Diamond took over after Blaylock but his style was to leave things to loggers. More opinions about Blaylock. Working conditions on; the hill.;