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Bureau of Mines photograph albums

  • GR-3264
  • Series
  • [188-?]-1936, 1966

The series consists of photographs taken by or collected by the Bureau of Mines, where they were compiled into 30 photograph albums. Some of the albums, or parts of the albums, were compiled at the end of the year's work and were intended by the Provincial Mineralogist to document his annual summer field work throughout the province.

Many of the photographs were published each year in Department bulletins and in the Annual Report of the Minister of Mines. There is a coding in the albums which indicates that a photograph was used in the Annual Report. For example, “R1925 - A182” signifies that the photograph was used in the 1925 Annual Report of the Minister of Mines on page A182. Each Annual Report of the Minister contains narrative descriptions of the field trips taken by the Provincial Mineralogist and other Bureau of Mines staff, so it is possible to trace the relationship each year between these field trip narratives and the photographs.

W. Fleet Robertson (Provincial Mineralogist from 1898 to 1925) took some of the photographs. Beginning ca. 1906, Harold T. Nation was an assistant to the Provincial Mineralogist, and travelled with him on his summer field trips, taking photographs, compiling many of the photo albums and indexing them. Exceptions were the years 1914-1917, when Nation served in the military in Europe, after which he returned to his former position. Others from the Bureau of Mines who contributed to the creation of the albums include: W.A. Carlyle, (W. Fleet Robertson's predecessor as Provincial Mineralogist); J.D. Galloway (Robertson's successor); Herbert Carmichael (an Assistant Mineralogist); and Newton W. Emmens. They took photographs or directed that photos be taken to document their work in the field. Many photographs are labeled “B.C. Bureau of Mines” but the photographer is not identified.

Some of the albums, or parts of albums, appear to have been compiled, not an annual basis, but at a later date, and were labeled “miscellaneous.” They relate to the mining industry, geology, mineralogy, and local culture, but are not related to the annual field trips. The Provincial Mineralogist's office collected some of these from private sources including mining companies and miners. Professional photographers whose work is found in the albums include: R.J. Hughes (Trail, BC), Hughes Bros. (Trail, BC), Joseph F. Spalding (Fernie, BC), Carpenter & Co. (Rossland, BC), Carpenter & Millar (Rossland, BC), The Dominion Photo Company (Vancouver), Richard H. Trueman (R.H. Trueman & Co., Vancouver), E.F. Tucker, and Leonard Frank. There are a small number of photos taken by Charles Camsell of the Geological Survey of Canada, 1911, so it is possible others were taken by federal government employees.

Subjects include a very wide range of industrial and cultural activities and geographic features. These include: mines and mining operations and equipment; mining camps, prospectors, miners' houses, powder magazines, first aid teams, fire brigades, mine rescue squads and stations; immigrant workers; refineries, smelters, coke ovens, concentrators, brickyards, slag dumps and tailings; railways and rail trestles; boats, scows, ships, and dredging; landscape and terrain features including rivers and mountain ranges; mining industry towns, schools, hospitals, hotels, churches, government offices and wireless offices; First Nations activities and culture, including totem poles, grave sites, and villages; whaling and whaling stations; horse pack trains, Hudson's Bay Company posts; and conferences and congresses attended by Bureau of Mines staff.

Many of the photos are annotated with directions for the printing/publication process. Many are pieced together to create panoramas. Some albums have accompanying individual indexes and some have been indexed in the master alphabetical index.

Container No. Photograph Album
001302-0001 -- Bureau of Mines photographs miscellaneous album, H.T. Nation [album misc. B] ca. 188-?-1919
001302-0002 -- Bureau of Mines D, photographs ca. 1898-1917
001302-0003 -- B.C. Bureau of Mines [E] miscellaneous photographs compiled from October 1927
001302-0004 -- 1895 Bureau of Mines [photo album 29]
001302-0005 -- 1896 Bureau of Mines
001302-0006 -- Bureau of Mines, 1897-1898
001302-0007 -- Bureau of Mines photos 1898, 1899, 1900
001302-0008 -- Dept. of Mines, 1901, 1899-1901
001302-0009 -- Bureau of Mines 1902
001302-0010 -- Bureau of Mines, 1903, Victoria, B.C.
001302-0011 -- Photographs : 1905
001302-0012 -- Bureau of Mines photos collected during 1909 [Harold T. Nation]
001302-0013 -- 1907 Bureau of Mines, Victoria B.C.
001302-0014 -- 1908 photos by Bureau of Mines, Victoria B.C.
001302-0015 -- Odd photos collected in the Provincial Mineralogist's office, entered Nov. 1910 by Harold T. Nation
001302-0016 -- Summer trip of the Provincial Mineralogist to the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers and the Slocan Mining Division, 1911 photos, Harold T. Nation
001302-0017 -- Provincial Mineralogist trip to Cassiar, 1912. Photos to accompany report on Peace River coalfields by C.F.J. Galloway M.E., 1912
001302-0018 -- Photos for 1913 report, taken by W.F. Robertson, B.G. Forbes, W.M. Brewer, J.D. Galloway
001302-0019 - 1914 photos. Photos with report of Newton W. Emmens on Trout Lake & Lardeau 1914
001302-0020 -- [Bureau of Mines photo album 1915]
001302-0021 -- Photographs : Dept. of Mines album 1916
001302-0022 -- Photographs : Bureau of Mines 1917-1918-1919
001302-0023 -- Photographs : Bureau of Mines 1920-21
001302-0024 -- Photos received at the Bureau of Mines during 1921 & 1922, compiled by Harold T. Nation
001302-0025 -- 1923 current photos, Bureau of Mines, 1920-1925
001302-0026 -- Dept. of Mines album : photos 1925 continued, 1926, 1925-1926
001302-0027 -- Bureau of Mines photographs 1926 (continued), 1927, 1922-1928
001302-0028 -- Bureau of Mines, Victoria, B.C. misc. photos, compiled by Harold T. Nation, 1927 [misc. album C], 1895-1927
001302-0029 -- Bureau of Mines photographs, 1926-1930, 1966
001302-0030 -- Dept. of Mines album 1930, [ca. 1930-1936]

British Columbia. Dept. of Mines

Fred Lade fonds

  • PR-2394
  • Fonds
  • [189-?]-1963

The fonds consists of the photographs created or collected by Fred Lade, documenting the Kootenay region in the early 20th century. It also contains a photocopy of Lade's reminiscences.

Lade, Fred, 1891-1976

George Edgar Winkler fonds

  • PR-0045
  • Fonds
  • [189-]-1978

The fonds consists of records created by George Edgar Winkler between the 1890's and 1978. Fonds includes Winkler's correspondence, both personal and business, maps and clippings, photograph albums, books and pamphlets and Winkler's poetry and political files. Files includes correspondence with William (Shorty) Dunn.

Winkler, George E.

Bureau of Mines negatives and lantern slides

  • GR-4099
  • Series
  • [ca. 190-] - 1953

The series consists of photographs (lantern slides and a few glass or flexible negatives) created by the offices of the Bureau of Mines and the Dept. of Mines between ca. 1900 and 1953. The photographs depict all aspects of Bureau activities including surveys and inspections. Many of the glass negatives were taken by W.F. Robertson and H.T. Nation of the Bureau of Mines and were often used for annual reports and other publications. The bulk of the photographs are glass lantern slides, either made from Bureau of Mines photographs or copied from other sources. Photographer Edgar Fleming took or copied many of the photographs for the Department. These slides show mines and mining operations and equipment; mining camps, first aid teams, refineries, smelters, coke ovens, concentrators, railways and rail trestles; boats, landscape and terrain features including coast, rivers and mountain ranges and aerial views. There are also a significant number of maps and technical drawings.

Occasionally other photographer initials M.S.H., S.S.H. and W.H.M. are noted on the slides. There are 63 slides of South African mines and general views, 23 slides of the Alcan Kemano project from 1953 and various portraits scattered throughout the series, as well as ca. 115 aerial views from the 1930s, many with their own numbering scheme.

The series also includes an additional 38 glass lantern slides from the 1920s, alienated from the main run of lantern slides and transferred separately. Most of these slides were made of photographs taken by Edgar Fleming for the Bureau of Mines but also include some slides of maps and technical drawings.

British Columbia. Bureau of Mines

Records of the Government Agent, Clinton

  • GR-3762
  • Series
  • [192-?] – 1927

The series consists of assorted forms and records that may have been used by the Government Agent in Clinton in the 1920s. The series includes a formulaic Grand Jury statement signed by C A Semlin, as well as forms and instructions for opening court, a memorandum on the fees and expensees allowed to witnesses attending speedy trials and assizes, and several blank forms for County Court matters. Several of the records bear the letterhead or stamp of the Clinton Government Agent.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Clinton)

Indigent Fund administration files

  • GR-0289
  • Series
  • 1914-1933 [predominant 192-]

The series consists of records created by the Deputy Provincial Secretary between 1914 and 1933 pertaining to the administration of funds for the "aid of the destitute, poor, and sick."

Between 1872 and 1942, an annual vote of funds was included in the estimates of the B.C. legislature. The fund, which was administered by the Office of the Provincial Secretary, originally contained $500. By 1935, this figure had risen to $110,000; but in the fund's final year of existence, 1943, the vote of funds had declined to $40,000.

The Indigent Fund, unlike the Mother's Pension, the Old Age Pension (1927), or the Veterans Assistance plans was not tied to an Act of Parliament, and thus relief was provided to people under a wide range of circumstances, and included many who failed to qualify for assistance under specific federal or provincial schemes. The fund was designed to meet the immediate and shortterm needs of rural B.C. residents (municipalities had their own funds) who through misfortune or bad planning had found themselves without "the necessities of life." The key to the fund, until the early 1930s, when the position of Superintendent of Welfare was created, was the Deputy Provincial Secretary, for it was often at his discretion that assistance was provided. He was aided in his duties by the various Government Agents, who were responsible for handling vouchers, disbursing cheques, and reporting to Victoria any new developments in individual cases. They, in turn, were assisted by Provincial Police constables who usually investigated each case and submitted a report.

The records consist of correspondence inward and outward from the Deputy Provincial Secretary's office; correspondence from Government Agents to the Deputy Provincial Secretary; Provincial Police reports on the condition of Indigents; correspondence from indigents or persons representing them to the Premier, Ministers, and the Deputy Provincial Secretary; and miscellaneous correspondence to and from various government departments and agencies such as Workman's Compensation Board, Department of Immigration, public hospitals, police departments etc.

The files are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the indigent. They are not, however, arranged alphabetically within each folder. There are two alphabetical series, as well as two sets of files titled "miscellaneous". All files have been preserved in their original order.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

David Scholes fonds

  • PR-0192
  • Fonds
  • [193-]-1943, 1960-1987

The fonds consists of Scholes' photographs of Victoria buildings and panoramas and three framed of the Victoria Short Wave Club. The fonds also includes Scholes' membership card for the Victoria and Island Gliding and Soaring Club from ca. 1943 as well as 15 black and white photographic prints and the matching 15 black and white negatives showing the construction of gliders at Lansdowne Field, 1943 to 1944.

Scholes, David

Fort Chipewyan fonds

  • PR-1814
  • Fonds
  • 1850-1851 [Photocopied 193-]

The fonds consists of a photocopy of the private letterbook of James Anderson while Chief Factor of Fort Chipewyan.

Hudson's Bay Company. Fort Chipewyan

Process books

  • GR-3507
  • Series
  • 1913-[195-?]

The series consists of one unindexed process book dating from 1913 to 1916 and two process index books. The indexes appear to be for much later records and likely date to the 1950s. A typical entry shows the date received, plaint number, plaintiff, defendant, nature of process, amount, court issued from, name of solicitor, date of return, nature of return and remarks.

British Columbia. County Court (Vernon)

Jean B. Wilton oral history collection

  • PR-2357
  • Collection
  • [196-]-[197-]

The collection consists of sound recordings compiled by Jean B. Wilton while researching her book "May I Talk to John Howard?: The Story of J.D. Hobden, a Friend to Prisoners" (1973).

Wilton, Jean Birch, 1906-

Moose Factory fonds

  • PR-1672
  • Fonds
  • 1745-1779

The fonds consists of the Moose Factory book of entry for letters received from the Hudson's Bay Company.

Hudson's Bay Company. Moose Factory

Harris family fonds

  • PR-0864
  • Fonds
  • 1753, 1834-1920

The fonds consists of correspondence of the Harris family, principally that of Martha and Dennis Harris, memoirs, journals, business records of Dennis Harris and family memorabilia. Fonds includes records relating to Sir James Douglas, the diary of Martha Douglas kept as a child (with annotations by Douglas), published books owned by the Harris family, and a survey book of Dennis Harris for a CPR survey. Fonds also include 4 photo albums and some loose photographs.

Harris (family)

Crease family fonds

  • PR-1344
  • Fonds
  • 1753-1965

The fonds consists of diaries, correspondence, journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and account books of Henry Pering Pellew Crease; diaries, correspondence, sketchbooks, notebooks, and letter index of Sarah (Lindley) Crease; diaries, correspondence, notebooks, sketchbooks and commonplace book of Lindley Crease; diaries, sketchbooks, library catalogue and correspondence of Susan Crease; diaries, sketchbooks and notebooks of Josephine Crease, including records relating to Island Arts and Crafts Society; and diaries, correspondence and account books of Arthur Crease. Includes diaries of Emily Howard Crease, correspondence of Barbara Crease, correspondence of other family members, diaries and sketchbooks of Mary Crease, and minutes of the Colonial Securities Company. Fonds includes maps of the Crimea, Toronto, and various locations in B.C. Also includes a scrapbook regarding the Bishop Hills, Dean Cridge dispute.

Crease (family)

Records pertaining to Indian lands

  • GR-0200
  • Series
  • 1763; 1859-1870 [photocopied 1976]

The series consists of certified copies of records pertaining to Indian lands obtained by the Dept. of the Attorney-General in 1976 from the Public Record Office, London.

It includes selected page copies of proclamations (PC 2/110), correspondence, and despatches (C.O.5/65, C.O.42/24 and C.O.398) from successive Secretaries of State to the Governor of British Columbia pertaining to Indian lands and Crown lands in North America as well as British Columbia.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

McKenzie family fonds

  • PR-0563
  • Fonds
  • 1779-1943

The fonds consists of business and personal papers including correspondence, diaries, documents, maps, and photographs relating to appointments, property and estates. [Also available on microfilm.]

McKenzie (family)

Chamberlain family fonds

  • PR-1271
  • Fonds
  • 1783-1922

The fonds consists of a diary of Theophilus Chamberlain (1783), letters, memoirs, and scrapbooks of James Robert Chamberlain, and miscellaneous papers of Alban Edward Chamberlain.

Chamberlain (family)

Archives research collection

  • F2
  • Collection
  • 1785-1991

The collection consists primarily of copies or records collected by the archives, loaned to the archives or donated to the archives. These records encompass all aspects of the political, economic, social and cultural history of the province. They come from all over the world but have a BC connection. These copies come from other archives, universities, historical societies, institutes and individuals.

British Columbia Archives

Sea Otter fonds

  • PR-1518
  • Fonds
  • 1785

The fonds consists of the logbook of the ship Sea Otter.

Sea Otter (Ship)

Charles William Barkley fonds

  • PR-1519
  • Fonds
  • 1787-1792

The fonds consists of Barkley's logbook for the ships Loudoun, Diana, Warren Hastings, Princess Frederica and Halcyon.

Barkley, Charles William, 1759-1832

Admiralty fonds

  • PR-2125
  • Fonds
  • 1788-1903

Fonds consists of records of the Admiralty in carrying out its activities. Records relate to the area of the West Coast of Canada and include reports and dispatches from the Pacific Station at Esquimalt (1848-1898). Fonds also includes microfilm copies of correspondence and reports of the Pacific Station, and logs of ships that explored the Pacific Northwest between 1788 and 1795.

Great Britain. Admiralty

Ebenezer Dorr fonds

  • PR-0937
  • Fonds
  • 1790-1819

The fonds consists of correspondence regarding news of the fur trade and documents of ships engaged in the triangle trade between Boston, the West Coast and China.

Dorr, Ebenezer, 1762-1847

George Vancouver collection

  • PR-1824
  • Fonds
  • 1792-1891

The collection consists of original letters of George Vancouver and photocopied commissions, correspondence and certificates of and pertaining to George Vancouver.

British Columbia Archives

Ruby fonds

  • PR-1517
  • Fonds
  • 1794-1796

The fonds consists of the logbook of the ship Ruby, as kept by Commander Charles Bishop.

Ruby (Ship)

O'Reilly family fonds

  • PR-2025
  • Fonds
  • 1795, 1830-1992

The fonds consists of the diaries, correspondence, notebooks, survey field books, accounts, business and personal papers, photographs, watercolours, maps, and ephemera created by members of the O'Reilly family between 1830 and 1992. These records reflect the family's role as part of the inner circle of administrators during the colonial period and as part of Victoria's upper middle class, until the death of Peter O'Reilly in 1905. They also document the everyday activities and events in the life of the family. The work of Peter O'Reilly took him to most parts of the British Columbia mainland. In his roles as Stipendiary Magistrate and Gold Commissioner, he was expected to supply the Governor with information on all happenings and developments in his district and was responsible for the administration of justice, lands and mining matters, roads and trails, public works, postal service, the issuance of trade and other licences, collection of various taxes and the district accounts. As a High Sheriff from 1860-1866, he was responsible for arranging hangings in the Colony. He also served as a returning officer, in 1872 and 1874, for the electoral district of Yale, which encompassed Yale and Kootenay districts. He was also asked to report on the Chilcotin Indians in 1872. The textual records are arranged into eight sous-fonds by the creating family member and also include ten series of mixed family records, not belonging to any one individual. The sous fonds were created by: Peter O'Reilly; his wife Caroline A. (Trutch) O'Reilly; their daughters Charlotte Kathleen O'Reilly and Mary Augusta O'Reilly; their sons, Francis Joseph O'Reilly and Arthur John O'Reilly; wife of Arthur John O'Reilly, Mary Beresford (Windham) O'Reilly; and the son of Arthur and Mary, John Windham O'Reilly. The ten series of mixed family records consist of general family records such as house account books, published materials, and letters addressed to more than one person. The series are: correspondence inward; miscellaneous correspondence; bills received and paid; house account books; miscellaneous account books; school books; miscellaneous books; scrapbooks; ephemera; and miscellaneous. The non textual records are arranged by accession. The ca. 2500 photographs are in seven different accessions. The records, ca. 1860-1992, include many photographs of O'Reilly family members, relatives and other prominent Victoria families. There are also photographs of the O'Reilly home, Point Ellice house. There are postcards and photographs of Victoria, Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia and Alberta. There are four watercolours painted by Charlotte Kathleen O'Reilly and one by M.S. Townsend. One additional accession includes maps of the Oregon territory, Yukon, British Columbia and the North West Territories, ca. 1855-1890 and blueprints and sketches of claims and subdivisions in Hope, Victoria, Port Moody and New Westminster.

O'Reilly (family)

Sir Joseph Banks fonds

  • PR-1086
  • Fonds
  • 1801-1803

The fonds consists of Sir Joseph Banks' letters from Baron Glenbervie on matters affecting English trade during the Napoleonic Wars.

Banks, Joseph, Sir

Dease family fonds

  • PR-1392
  • Fonds
  • 1801-1829, 1924-1934

The fonds consists of a will, inventory of estate and effects of John Dease, correspondence, and other miscellaneous documents of the Dease family, principally those of Peter, Francis, and John Warren Dease. Fonds includes a diary (1829) of John Warren Dease at Fort Vancouver.

Dease (family)

John Stuart fonds

  • PR-1504
  • Fonds
  • 1805-1806, 1826 [Photocopied 1928]

The fonds consists of Stuart's journal, and a transcript of outward correspondence. The correspondence, which is in file A/B/40/St9.2, was addressed to J.M. Yale and is dated 1826. The original can be found in MS-0182, box 2, file 1.

The fonds consists of Stuart's original journal, a photostat copy, a photocopy, and several transcriptions. The journal runs from December 20, 1805 to February 28, 1806. Stuart wrote the journal at "Rocky Mountains;" this is presumably a reference to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, where he helped Simon Fraser to establish a trading post in the fall of 1805. The journal details daily life at the fort, including interactions with the local Indigenous population. In particular, Stuart mentions "Beaver Indians," more properly known as the Dane-zaa or Tsattine peoples.

Stuart, John, 1779-1847

Vernon Denton fonds

  • PR-1402
  • Fonds
  • 1806-1808, 1852-1943

The fonds consists of Denton's correspondence relating primarily to Simon Fraser, copies of Simon Fraser's 1806 and 1808 journals, notes on the fur trade, the Gold Rush, the building of the CPR, and other significant historical events.

Denton, Vernon

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