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Metchosin (B.C.)
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Weir Family records

The series includes an agreement, in the handwriting of William Weir, January 1, 1865 regarding properties in Metchosin, British Columbia signed by Adam Weir, Hugh T. Weir, John Weir, Robert Weir and William Weir. It also includes a transcript typescript of the diary of Adam Weir's gold rush trip to the Cassiar district, November 1874. On this trip, Weir was accompanied by Alex Fulton, Hans Helgesen and B. Sutter.

Weir Family records

The series contains a microfilm copy of the diary of the Weir family of Metchosin, 1866-1870. The reel also includes a copy of Adam Weir's Cassiar diary, 1874 and genealogical notes on the Evans family (William Evans, 1802-1883), ancestors of Leighton Evans, coastal mariner.

Leo Vivian interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], [196-]-02-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Leopold Vivian recalls arriving in Victoria from Cornwall in 1896; working at various jobs on ships such as on the "Tartar", which went to Alaska during the Klondike days in 1896; how in 1898 he was involved in the Spanish-American War; then the South African War from 1899 to 1905; his wife and marriage; more on working on ships to Alaska and the South African War; working in the Metchosin Gravel Works; and running lake boats in the Kootenays from Nelson to Kaslo. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Christian Alexander Helgesen interview

CALL NUMBER: T2602:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Metchosin memories : the Helgesen family PERIOD COVERED: 1861-1910 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1967 SUMMARY: Christian Helgesen tells the story of his father, Hans Helgesen, who settled in Metchosin, B.C., in 1861.;

CALL NUMBER: T2602:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Miracle of the sea : a sealing tale PERIOD COVERED: 1890-1900 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1967 SUMMARY: Christian Helgesen tells the story of Hans Helgesen's adventures on a sealing schooner that overturned in a storm.;

[Metchosin -- petroglyphs]

News item. Footage of petroglyphs which shows, according to an expert, the fairly recent age of the design. These petroglyphs are light in colour, he says, which means thay have not had time enough to weather and to darken to the same degree as the rock which surrounds them.

Lawrie Wallace interview

CALL NUMBER: T3835:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Family life and early manhood PERIOD COVERED: 1913-1938 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-04-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. L.J. Wallace recalls his early life at the William Head Quarantine Station, B.C. Born April 24, 1913. Siblings: Robert, Mary and Jack. Father was Chief Steward at Quarantine Station. Discussion of Wallace's forebears, mainly in the Metchosin area. Family to Victoria in 1916. Father's occupations. Father on Victoria School Board prior to death in 1938. Anecdote about great-great-grandmother, Granny Vine, of Metchosin. Genealogy of wife's (Lois Inata Leeming) family. Married 1942. Discussion of Wallace's siblings. All trained as educators. Active in First Presbyterian (later First United) Church. Church basketball in Victoria in 1920s. Victoria Normal School, 1931-32. Taught at Alberni Indian Residential School, 1933-36. Schooling: Bank Street School, George Jay School, Victoria; High School. TRACK 2: More on Victoria High School in 1920s: Ira Dilworth, Harry Smith, Bill Roper and other teachers. Wallace not a "recreational" reader. Admirer of Rev. Bruce Gray, Rev. W.G. Wilson, Prof. Walter Gage, William T. Straith, Ira Dilworth and Harry Smith. Part-time and summer jobs. Post-secondary education at Victoria College, Victoria Normal School and University of British Columbia. Graduated B.A., 1938 in history and mathematics. Master of Education from University of Washington 1946-47. Victoria College in the early 1930s. UBC, 1936-38. Member of Psi Upsilon fraternity. More on Alberni Indian Residential School.;

CALL NUMBER: T3835:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Early teaching career and the Royal Canadian Navy PERIOD COVERED: ca. 1920-1946 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-04-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. L.J. Wallace tells of his parents' education. Father a member of Victoria School Board. Father prominent member of Masons and Orange Lodge. Wallace graduated UBC 1938. Taught at Duncan High School, 1938-41. Involvement with co-curricular activities while at DHS. Joined Navy in 1941. Part-time training at Naden, late 1941. Officer training at Royal Roads, 1942. Active Naval Service, beginning April 1942. Married Lois Leeming, April 1942. More on Royal Roads training. Service on RCN corvette, "Ville de Quebec". TRACK 2: More about the new RCN corvette, "Ville De Quebec". Convoy duty out of Halifax, 1942. Transferred to Fairmiles submarine chasers. Caribbean duty based in Miami, 1943. On staff of King's College, Officer training school, Halifax, 1943-45. Taught navigation and "c;ommand" techniques. Commander of training ship "Charney". V-E Day in Halifax, 1945. Wallace has command of the new training ship, "New Liskeard". VJ Day in Lunenburg, N.S. Discharged from RCN in December 1945 with rank of Lieutenant Commander. University of Washington for M.Ed., starting spring 1946. Began teaching at Victoria High School, September 1946. Daughter Marilyn born 1944.;

CALL NUMBER: T3835:0003 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): World War II and teaching career PERIOD COVERED: 1940-1953 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-04-23 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Lawrence J. Wallace comments on the cooperative spirit displayed in Canada during World War II. Comments on Wallace's family life during the war (short track, about 5 minutes). TRACK 2: Effects of the Depression on the Wallace family. Wallace's father out of work. Comments on the C.C.F. and Social Credit during the 1930s. Wallace briefly a member of the Liberal Party during the late 1940;s. Father was president of Victoria Liberal Association. Taught at Victoria High School, 1946-53. Basketball at VHS. Founding of the Vancouver Island High School Basketball Championship (short track, about 15 minutes).;

CALL NUMBER: T3835:0004 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Teaching career and British Columbia public service PERIOD COVERED: 1946-1967 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-04-23 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Lawrence J. Wallace discusses his career as a teacher at Victoria High School, 1946-53. Wallace the chairman of the project to build Memorial Stadium at VHS. Assistant Director of the summer school for teachers. Unwilling to leave Victoria to become a school administrator. Joins Department of Education as Director of Community Programs Branch, October 1, 1953. Also Director of Adult Education. Wallace's appointment to the Centennial Celebrations Committee in 1955. Ray Williston and Ken Kiernan recommend a Centennial celebration for 1958. No models to follow for the 1958 Centennial. The structure of the Centennial Committee. TRACK 2: More on the structure of the 1958 Centennial Committee. The "matching grants" scheme for community projects. The scheme adopted for the Canadian Centennial in 1967 (short track, about 15 minutes).;

CALL NUMBER: T3835:0005 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): "Mr. Centennial" PERIOD COVERED: 1958-1971 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-05-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: L.J. Wallace discusses his work on the B.C. Centennial Committees for the Centennials of 1958, 1966-67 and 1971. Visit of HRH Princess Margaret in 1958. Century Sam. More on the 1958 Centenni;al celebrations. Fort Steele Historic Park. TRACK 2: Wallace's assessment of the lasting significance of the Centennial celebrations. Wallace becomes Deputy Provincial Secretary, 1959. Centennial time capsules. Comments on Hon. W.D. Black. The Royal Tours of 1959, 1966, 1967 and 1971. Story of the British Columbia flag.;
ALL NUMBER: T3835:0006 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Deputy Provincial Secretary and Deputy to the Premier PERIOD COVERED: 1959-1977 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-05-21 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: L.J. Wallace describes major changes during his tenure as Deputy Provincial Secretary, 1959-1977. The British Columbia Civil Defence Program. The B.C. Civil Service Commission and the demise ;of "patronage". Wallace's various government appointments. Replaces George E.P. Jones on the Purchasing Commission, 1965. W.A.C. Bennett invites Wallace to become Deputy Premier. Wallace declines but agrees to become "Deputy to the Premier". TRACK 2: Discusses the change of government, 1972. Receives many job offers after defeat of Social Credit government, 1972. More on the 1972 change of government. Wallace asked by "every major party" to run for office. The working relationship between Wallace and W.D. Black. Wallace took cabinet oath, 1972. Wallace's relationship with cabinet. The NDP as ;a new government, 1972.;

CALL NUMBER: T3835:0007 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Deputy Provincial Secretary and Deputy to W.A.C. Bennett PERIOD COVERED: 1959-1975 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-07-09 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: L.J. Wallace discusses his working relations with various ministers. After hours and emergency work including tsunami at Port Alberni. Wallace appointed to Purchasing Commission, 1965. Operation of Purchasing Commission. The construction of Heritage Court as a Centennial project in 1967. Delegate to meeting of Colombo Plan, 1969. Peace Arch meeting between Prime Minister Pearson, President Johnson and Premier Bennett. Named to Order of Canada, 1971. More about the provincial elections, 1972 and 1975. TRACK 2: Speculation about W.A.C. Bennett's intentions regarding resignation. Relations between Phil Gaglardi and W.A.C. Bennett. Bennett expected to be succeeded by Leslie Peterson. Succession scenarios. Wallace encouraged to run for public office but declines. Violence incident in ;New Westminster during 1972 cabinet tour. Election night, 1972. W.A.C. Bennett as Leader of the Opposition. W.A.C. Bennett's ideas about his sons in politics. The redistribution commission of 1975.;

CALL NUMBER: T3835:0008 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Agent-General and Deputy Minister to the Premier PERIOD COVERED: 1959-1981 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-07-31 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: L.J. Wallace discusses his role on the Capital Improvement District Commission, 1959-77. Electoral Redistribution Commission, 1975. Change in government, December 22, 1975. Appointed Agent-General in London, 1977. Mandate as Agent-General. Made freeman of the City of London, 1978. Pays tribute to wife and family. Comments on growth of bureaucracy. Victoria High School Centennial, 1976. Becomes Deputy Minister to the Premier, 1980. As Deputy, established "Premier's Ministry". TRACK 2: Comments on his terms as deputy to W.A.C. Bennett and W.R. Bennett. The pressures on a premier. Role ;as an administrator versus policy maker. Role of "advisor". Scheduling for the Premier. Comparisons between W.A.C. Bennett and W.R. Bennett. Wallace's views of public service. Comments on attitudes in; the public service. Feels he and his brothers would have been successful in private life as well as public life. Wallace offered position in federal public service. Summary remarks. (End of interview)

Ted Brown interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Ted Brown RECORDED: Ganges (B.C.), 1982-04-13 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Ted Brown's recollections of life on Saltspring Island, various jobs on the prairie, and logging on the B.C. coast. Arrival on Saltspring via Victoria from Hull 1906. School at Cranberry Marsh until 1920. First job at Ganges Garage. Road work. Falling and bucking for Ollie Garner. Justice Sawmill. Farming at Metchosin. Longshoring at Victoria. McMorran's Garage, Victoria. Harvesting in Saskatchewan. Hand logging at Burgoyne Bay. Cusheon Cove mill. Tie mill. Cusheon Cove dock collapse. Work on Rainbow Road extension. Loading scows. K2 mill in Cranberry. Knee injury. Relief work, 1931. Firefighting. Cutting pulpwood. Singer Mills. Setting up mill in Cranberry. TRACK 2: Cutting firewood. Called up for military service, 1942, but medically rejected. Assistant civil defence warden. Running cattle and sheep at home. Job with water works. Sharpening mowers at Ganges Garage. Sale of garage. Island Freight agent. Spar tree accident, 1948. Snowstorm. Pipeline work, 1949-1950. Falling and bucking in Shepherd Hills. Chainsaw accident. WCB problems. Pipeline repairs. Placing new pipe from Maxwell Lake to Ganges and Harbour House to Vesuvius. Road widening. Survey work for Wolfe-Milner. Building Centennial Park. Private garden work. Retirement, 1972.