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Coroner's inquiries/inquests

  • GR-0431
  • Series
  • 1865-1937

Inquisitions/inquests conducted by coroners in British Columbia and selected by archives staff for retention in their original formats. Most, if not all, of these Inquests also occur in GR-1327 and GR-1328.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Letters inward to John Clapperton, Government Agent, Nicola

  • GR-0369
  • Series
  • 1885

Letter inward to John Clapperton, Government Agent, Nicola, from William Smithe, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, 15 September 1885, concerning a water dispute between Messrs. Palmer and Scott.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works

Correspondence outward and other material

  • GR-3045
  • Series
  • 1872-1912

Correspondence outward (letterpress copies), February 1, 1894 - March 22, 1899 and cash books, 1872-1899. The cash books contain some water and mining records; volume 5 contains water records, 1901-1911 and "trail accounts", 1912. Some records may relate to Laketon and Telegraph Creek

British Columbia. Government Agent (Cassiar)

Records of the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works, Similkameen Division

  • GR-0825
  • Series
  • 1905-1920

This series consists of records of the Assistant Commissioner of Lands, Similkameen Division, Yale District, 1905-1920. Records include two volumes of declarations for Certificates of Improvement, nos. 1-182 and 183-561. The declarations give a description of improvements made on preempted lands. Some certificates are from Osoyoos Division, Yale District. There is an index at the back of each volume. Some records may relate to Vernon and Fairview as well.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands

Records of the Government Agent

  • GR-1401
  • Series
  • 1908-1912, 1936

This series contains records of the Government Agent from Cumberland relating to coal and petroleum prospecting licences for lands covered by water opposite the foreshore of Denman Island, Comox harbour, and for other lands in the Sayward and Coast Land Districts. The records consist of correspondence, notices, and plans. These records were filed in a transfer case with the Dept. of Lands on which was noted "Documents from Government Agent, Cumberland, December 18, 1939, to be destroyed under Public Documents Disposal Act. To be retained in this box pending decision of Deputy Minister of Lands."

British Columbia. Government Agent (Cumberland)

Pesticide use permits

  • GR-4033
  • Series
  • 1968-1987

This series consist of pesticide and herbicide use permit files created by the Pesticide Control Branch of the Ministry of Environment from 1968-1987. The permits were required for the application of pesticides or herbicides on specific locations of public (Crown) land. The permit system regulated the type of pesticide, where it was applied and under what circumstances or method. Permits were issued under the authority of the Pesticide Control Act (RSBC 1979, c.322) and its regulations.

Before 1977, the use of pesticides and herbicides was managed by the Etymology Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture, with regulations under the Pharmacy Act (1960). These files were referred to as proposed herbicide treatment files but fulfilled the same function as the later pesticide use permits.

Each file may contain the permit, maps, amendments, extensions, correspondence with the applicant, records related to the application process, inspections, follow up reports, work plans, reports, permit coding forms, and correspondence from concerned members of the public opposing a permit or use of pesticides. From 1988 onwards, files may also include records related to appeals with the Pesticide Control Appeal Board or Environmental Appeal Board.

Consultation and comments may be provided by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife Branch, Forest Protection Branch, Environment Canada and other local government bodies. Comments indicate if applications are approved, denied, or authorized subject to additional conditions or requirements. Permits may also be amended or cancelled as a result of an appeal with the Environmental Appeal Board or Pesticide Control Committee.

The most common permit applicants are the Ministry of Transportation, BC Forest Products, Ministry of Forests and BC Hydro. Other applicants include government ministries, municipalities, regional districts, forestry companies, railway companies, landscaping companies, pest control companies, and chemical companies such as Monsanto.

Each file title in the file list may include the applicant name, the type of program or intended use for the pesticide, the name of the chemical being use, and the district or area the chemical was applied.

British Columbia. Pesticide Control Branch

Treasury cash books

  • GR-3053
  • Series
  • 1859-1894

Cash books list receipts and payments in date order. Information is entered under the following headings: date of receipt or payment, number of voucher; name of the person or department making or receiving the payment; reason for payment or receipt; amount received or paid; the heading under which the entry was recorded in the waste book; and the waste book page number.

British Columbia. Treasury

Register of judgements

  • GR-2177
  • Series
  • 1930-1931

Register of judgements.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Kamloops)

Record book

  • GR-2537
  • Series
  • 1940-1948

Provincial Police Court record book from Vernon district showing name of prosecutor, name of defendant, nature of the charge, costs, name of arresting officer, name of gaol or lockup, order or conviction, amount of fine, name of presiding magistrate or justice and "remarks".

British Columbia. Provincial Court (Vernon)

Record books

  • GR-2534
  • Series
  • 1952-1955

Provincial Police Court record books from Vernon City showing name of prosecutor, name of defendant, nature of the charge, costs, name of arresting officer, name of gaol or lockup, order or conviction, amount of fine, name of presiding magistrate or justice and "remarks".

British Columbia. Provincial Court (Vernon)

Vancouver District Police Court record books

  • GR-1883
  • Series
  • 1910-1971

Records books, 1910-1911; 1914-1971; and record of convictions, 1916-1917. There is also a list of fines for Motor Vehicle Act offenses.

British Columbia. Police Court (Vancouver)

Record book

  • GR-2199
  • Series
  • 1910-1962

Provincial Police Court record books showing name of prosecutor, name of defendant, nature of the charge, costs, name of arresting officer, name of gaol or lockup, order or conviction, amount of fine, name of presiding magistrate or justice and "remarks". Volumes cover years 1910-1926, 1933-1944 and 1959-1962 for the Grand Forks District.

British Columbia. Provincial Court (Grand Forks)

Lower Mainland water rights correspondence

  • GR-0953
  • Series
  • 1958-1980

This series consists of correspondence files relating to water management, water utilities, and water rights applications. Includes correspondence with Dewdney-Alouette Regional District, 1972-1978, and Minutes Of Dewdney-Alouette Technical Planning Committee, File 4987; Sunshine Coast Regional District, 1967-1978, File 3787; and Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, 1969-1976, regarding water supply.

British Columbia. Ministry of the Environment

Counterfoil of records of placer claims

  • GR-0782
  • Series
  • 1925-1926

This series consists of counterfoil of records of placer claims under the Placer Mining Act, 1891, Nos. 1-99 recorded by the Atlin Sub-Mining Recorder from 1925-1926.

British Columbia. Dept. of Mines. Mining Recorder. Atlin Lake

Register of assays

  • GR-0192
  • Series
  • 1869-1895

The series consists of a register of assays created by the Assay Office and Government Reduction Works at Barkerville between 1869 and 1895.

British Columbia. Gold Commissioner (Barkerville)

Water rights record book

  • GR-1123
  • Series
  • 1897-1918

Record book of grants of water rights pursuant to the Mining Act (1896), issued in 1897. Many grants carry notes of cancellation by the Board of Investigation, dated 1918. Includes a nominal index.

British Columbia. Gold Commissioner (Cariboo)

Riverview Hospital historical collection

  • GR-3929
  • Collection
  • 1872-2008

This series consists of a variety of records created by various provincial mental health institutions from 1872 to 2008. Records relate to the administration and operation of Riverview Hospital and related mental health facilities at the Essondale site in Coquitlam, as well as other facilities across the province. These mental health institutions include: Victoria Asylum, New Westminster Provincial Asylum (later Public Hospital for the Insane or Provincial Hospital for the Insane), Home for the Aged Coquitlam (later Valleyview), Home for the Aged Terrace (later Skeenaview), Home for the Aged Vernon (later Dellview), Crease Clinic, Colony Farm, Colquitz, Woodlands School, Tranquille and other medical facilities.

The names and administrative structure of these institutions changed over time. Mental health functions were originally part of the Provincial Secretary’s mandate; they were transferred to Mental Health Services when it was created in 1950.

These government records were collected by the Riverview Historical Society and include a wide variety of subject matter and media. This includes subjects such as: early development of the Essondale lands and Colony Farm; the construction and expansion of the facility; admissions, transfers, and discharges of patients; administration of patient care; administration of therapy programs; patient and staff recreation; staff and nurse training; operation of the audiovisual department; library services; research into new medical and therapeutic practices; research by staff regarding mental health practices at Riverview and further afield; community involvement; volunteer activity; policy development; the redevelopment of the Riverview lands; general administration; and, administration of other services at the site such as postal, food, laundry, banking, transportation and safety services.

The collection has been arranged into the following series based on record types:

GR-3924 - record books
GR-3925 - operational records
GR-3926 - newsletters
GR-3927 - photographs and other graphic material
GR-3928 - films and videos

Classified as 20000-20 in Operational Records Classification System (ORCS) schedule 144007.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Provincial Secretary correspondence on diverse topics

  • GR-1668
  • Series
  • 1872-1934

Miscellaneous correspondence inward and outward on diverse topics. Most of these records pertain to the 1920s and early 1930s. Included are files dealing with the exclusion of Orientals (1921), the preservation of Craigflower schoolhouse and other historic sites, acquisitions (of paintings and photographs) by the Archives department, removal of Indian totem poles, petitions protesting the dismissal of Judge Helen Gregory MacGill (1929), and the Bedaux Sub-Arctic Expedition (1934). Early files include a memorandum on the benefits of establishing a Treasury Board for the provincial government (1872) and a letter of introduction for John Blair, landscape architect (1896).

These records were originally a part of the Provincial Secretary's Central Registry, and so may be used in conjunction with GR-0496, GR-0526 and other collections of general subject files.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Port McNeill Forest District operational records

  • GR-4105
  • Series
  • 1986-1994

This series consists of various operational records created from 1986-1994 by the Port McNeill Forest District, a division of the Vancouver Forest Region.

The series currently consists of fish and forestry guidelines created for tree farm licences (TFLs) and other forest tenures. Guidelines are provided for major licensees and smaller scale companies operating as part of the Small business forest enterprise program (SBFEP). The records relate to the guidelines followed by the Ministry of Forests concerning the harvesting of timber and the resulting affects on fish habitat. The records include maps, photos, guideline assessment action plans, correspondence, reports, and audits related to compliance or completed work.

The ministries responsible for creating these records, and the years that they were responsible, are:
Ministry of Forests (1976-1986)
Ministry of Forests and Lands (1986-1988)
Ministry of Forests (1988-2005)

The records were classified as 19910-20 in the Forest Operational Records Classification System (ORCS).

British Columbia. Port McNeill Forest District

Port McNeill Forest District forest development plans

  • GR-4104
  • Series
  • 1985-2002

This series consists of forest development plans created from 1985-2002 by the Port McNeill Forest District, a division of the Vancouver Forest Region. The majority of the records relate to Tree Farm Licences (TFL).

TFLs are a type of timber tenure which grants a virtually exclusive right to harvest timber and manage forests in a specified area. They are issued for a term of 25 years, but can be replaced every 5-10 years. The records relate to TFL 6, TFL 25, TFL 37, TFL 39, TFL 43 and TFL 47. Over the years, TFL boundaries and rights holders may have changed. TFL holders are required to submit a management plan every five years to the Chief Forester (RSBC 1996, c. 157, s. 35, and BC Reg. 23/2013).

These records include draft and final management or development plans; revisions or amendments to existing plans; correspondence between the ministry and licence holders, as well as correspondence with ministry staff; records related to public review of the development plans; consultation and correspondence with impacted First Nations; reasons for why a plan or amendment was or was not approved; advertisements in newspapers and the Gazette; maps and map overlays; reports; and charts.

The series also includes development plans for the following other types of timber tenures: replaceable forest licences, replaceable timber sale licences, and woodlot licences.

The ministries responsible for creating these records, and the years that they were responsible, are:
Ministry of Forests (1976-1986)
Ministry of Forests and Lands (1986-1988)
Ministry of Forests (1988-2005)

The records were classified as 19500-45, 19600-55, 19710-20 and 19720-55 in the Forest Operational Records Classification System (ORCS).

British Columbia. Port McNeill Forest District

Alice Ravenhill fonds

  • PR-1688
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1945

The fonds consists predominantly of records relating the publication of “Meet Mr. Coyote”, “Folklore of the Far West”, “The Native Tribes of British Columbia”, and “A Corner Stone of Canadian Culture”. In addition to these records there are correspondence and notes that tangentially relate to these publications and the creator’s interest in the artwork of B.C. indigenous populations. This includes works of art produced by both the Society for the Furtherance of B.C. Indian Arts and Crafts as well as William A. Newcombe.

The fonds includes drafts, additional legends and artwork that were not published as part of above listed works, correspondence, and records relating to the British Columbia Indian Arts and Welfare Society. Of note, the fonds also contains the doctoral certificate awarded to the creator in 1948 by the University of British Columbia and two examples of embroidery by the creator. These latter two are part of accession 199306-036 and have been assigned reference numbers PDP00679 and PDP00680.

Of those records relating to the writing of “Folklore of the Far West” some had already been re-housed and organized according to their geographic region of origin upon their initial arrival at the Archives; namely those in accessions 199306-036 and F/1/R19. This order was not further disturbed by the archivist in the process of arranging these records. Those records in accessions 86-064 and 81-152C, which had not been previously processed, were left in the order in which they were bound on entry to the archives and include records relating to each of the publications listed above.

Ravenhill, Alice, 1859-1954

Air quality studies

  • GR-3784
  • Series
  • 1964-1973

The series consists of records relating to various air quality studies in British Columbia. These records were created by the Environmental Laboratory and its predecessors, the Chemistry Laboratory and the Division of Laboratories of the British Columbia Health Service, for the purpose of pollution and dustfall monitoring in the air.

Included in the records are air monitoring data and analyses from various communities in B.C. These files include raw data from equipment readings, zoning maps, results, correspondence and a paper submission to the Air Pollution Control Association, project cost estimates, correspondence regarding appropriate and new procedures for scientific instruments and the analysis of air quality, documentation regarding site visits, photographs and graphs.

British Columbia. Environmental Laboratory

ARDA correspondence and other material

  • GR-1670
  • Series
  • 1972

This series consists of correspondence, feasibility studies, and technical reports concerning proposed Third Crossing of Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, B.C., 1972. These files were compiled by W.A. Benson, Co-ordinating Chairman of the Canada Land Inventory and director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Act Branch (ARDA) of the Department of Agriculture.

British Columbia. Dept. of Agriculture

Correspondence and other material, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works

  • GR-1381
  • Series
  • 1863-1896

This series contains miscellaneous records of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works. The records consist of correspondence, receipts, accounts, petitions relating to pre-emptions, ferries, roads, public works, leases, and tax assessments. Includes (1) Metchosin District assessment roll, 1863; (2) pre-emption correspondence with William G. Cox and Peter O'Reilly, 1865, 1869; (3) receipt book for rental of crown lands, including waterfrontage and timber cutting, 1868-1869; (4) indenture for ferry charter at Omineca, 1872; (5) accounts relating to roads and bridges 1872-1873; (6) an 1880 petition re the graving dock; (7) report on Thompson River Bridge, 1876, 1882; (8) an 1892 pre-emption of Allison, Carefoot and Cameron in Yale District; (9) copy of a letter re road to Montgomery Landing, Kootenay District, 1896.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works

Report on bridges

  • GR-1809
  • Series
  • 1962-1963

A report concerning bridges on the Fort St. James - Germansen Lake Road showing structural details and costs. Includes correspondence, drawings, and photographs. File 0244224. Photographs transferred to Visual Records, Accession no. 198605-002.

British Columbia. Forest Service

Public Works letters inward

  • GR-0287
  • Series
  • 1899-1912

The series consists of letters inward to the Public Works Engineer concerning the construction, maintenance, and repair of bridges, roads, streets, and trails in the Kootenay district. The files include maps and plans.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works. Works Branch

Project 196 records

  • GR-1382
  • Series
  • 1959

This series contains project files from the Mitchell River Bridge, Invermere Ranger District, Project 196. Types of records includes photographs and brief construction history.

British Columbia. Nelson Forest District (1913-1978)

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