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Fernie Supreme Court orders

  • GR-3720
  • Series
  • 1983-2002

The series consists of orders from the Supreme Court in Fernie. The orders date from 1983 to 2002 and the series is largely composed of divorce orders. There is one folder of adoption orders and one of general court orders, which also includes orders related to probates and estates. Divorce orders were originally arranged by volume and folio number, but this system appears to have changed in 1999 and the records were subsequently arranged by filing date. Researchers should note that there is sometimes a gap between the date the order is issued and the date it is filed. Other orders appear to be arranged by filing date.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Fernie)

Supreme Court civil orders and reasons for judgment

  • GR-3637
  • Series
  • 1953-2001

The series consists of civil orders and judgments from the Supreme Court of Creston. The records date from 1953 to 2001. Orders and judgments are interfiled, and the series also includes divorces. Although most divorces are interfiled, the series also includes one file of divorce orders that were either removed from their original volumes or were maintained separately.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Creston)

Cranbrook Supreme and County Court civil orders

  • GR-3704
  • Series
  • 1955-1999

The series consists of civil orders from both the Supreme and County Courts of Cranbrook. The orders were created between 1955 and 1999. Records from the Supreme and County levels were interfiled together and are arranged by volume and folio number. Records in this series consist of adoption, divorce, probate, and other civil orders. In most cases, the orders have not been divided by type and are filed together. However, probate orders from 1973 to 1974 were split into their own files separate from the remainder of the orders. Civil orders represent the formal expression of the ruling of the court.

When the records originally arrived at the Archives, they were housed in shannon files that were based on volume number. For preservation purposes, the records have been removed from the shannon files and rehoused in acid-free folders. As the majority of the volumes were quite large, the contents of each shannon file has been divided between several acid-free folders.

Researchers should note that some volumes or portions of volumes were not transferred to the Archives, and their whereabouts are unknown.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Cranbrook)

Golden Supreme Court civil orders

  • GR-3766
  • Series
  • 1960-1991

The series consists of civil orders created in the Supreme Court in Golden between 1960 and 1991. Orders are a formal expression of the court’s will, and orders in this series cover a variety of issues, including adoption, probate and divorce.

The series is arranged by volume, and then by folio according to filing date. Some folios may not be clearly labeled, may not be filed chronologically or may have duplicated folio numbers. Each folio is labeled with a coded registry number. Some additional documents may be interfiled with numbered folios, such as affidavits. There is only one partial index for volume 4 included.

The dates listed in the file list are derived from the date on which the order was filed. Although the filing date for the majority of the records corresponds closely to when the order was issued, this is not always the case, and there are instances in which orders were filed months after being issued.

Originally the files were arranged in Shannon files based on volume number. For space and preservation reasons, the records have been placed in acid-free folders. Each volume was split into multiple folders, which are linked by volume number.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Golden)

Golden Supreme and County Court probate cause book

  • GR-3725
  • Series
  • 1955-1980

The series consists of one volume of a cause book listing the proceedings in matters concerning probates proved in the Supreme and County Courts of Golden between 1955 and 1980. The cause book is arranged chronologically, and lists the probate number, the name of the deceased, and a list of the activities involved in proving a will, along with their associated costs. The volume can be used as a backup index to Golden’s probate records. The cause book also lists which estates were administered by the Official Administrator.

There is a nominal index to the volume in the front of the ledger.

British Columbia. County Court (Golden)

County Court registrar’s book

  • GR-3638
  • Series
  • 1933-1978

The series consists of one volume of the registrar’s book for the County Court of East Kootenay holden at Golden. The volume includes trial transcripts, lists of individuals applying for naturalization, grants of letters of administration, adoption cases, and other trial details. The book was used by several different registrars, and includes cases primarily heard by Justices Thompson and Providanzo. The volume is arranged in chronological order

British Columbia. County Court (Golden)

Cause book

  • GR-2153
  • Series
  • 1946-1978

This series consists of cause books from the Supreme Court of Rossland from 1946-1967 and 1974-1978. The books include primarily civil matters, as well as probates, estate administration, divorce, and adoption. May include some criminal cases.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Rossland)

Creston County Court plaint and procedure books

  • GR-3841
  • Series
  • 1951-1977

This series consists of plaint and procedure books for Creston County Court from 1951 to 1977. The three volumes primarily contain civil cases, including some appeal cases. There are no probate, divorce or adoption records included. All volumes are indexed. Volume 1 covers October 29, 1951 to September 18, 1961, file numbers 1/51 – 21/61. Volume 2 covers September 25, 1961 to December 18, 1968, file numbers 22/61 – 34/68. Volume 3 covers January 20, 1969 to August 17, 1977, file numbers 1/C/69 – 17/77.

British Columbia. County Court (Creston)

Cause books

  • GR-2916
  • Series
  • 1901-1977

The series consists of one indexed cause book on microfilm (1901-1959) and one unindexed volume (1959-1977). The volume running from 1959 to 1977 has a sheet of paper in the front listing divorces found in the ledger. All other cases are unindexed.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Golden)

Cause books

  • GR-2148
  • Series
  • 1905-1977

Cause books, 1905-1977 (4 volumes: 1905-1925, 1924-1971, 1971-1974; 1974-1977); front indexes to cause books, 1905-1971 (7 volumes: 1905-1908; 1908-1911; 1906-1914; 1913-1924; 1924-1971); back indexes to cause books (2 volumes. 1913-1924; 1924-1971); and a general index (1 volume: 1971-1974). The volume covering causes 16/1975 - 94/1977 is indexed at the front of the volume.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Fernie)

Plaint and procedure books

  • GR-2137
  • Series
  • 1903-1977

Plaint and procedure books (indexed to 1976).

British Columbia. County Court (Fernie)

Rossland County Court plaint and procedure books

  • GR-1631
  • Series
  • 1897-1976

The series consists of plaint and procedure books from the County Court of Rossland from, 1897-1976. There are notes regarding snowfall in the area, 1896-1903, inside the back cover of volume one. Books contain primarily civil matters, including some estate administration, as well as appeals and some criminal matters under the Speedy Trials Act.

Researchers should note that one page from the volume 6 defendant index was missed during microfilming. This page has been scanned and is included at the end of the PDF file list.

British Columbia. County Court (Rossland)

Grand Forks Supreme Court cause books

  • GR-1635
  • Series
  • 1900-1969

The series consists of four volumes of indexed cause books, created in the Grand Forks registry between 1900 and 1969. A typical cause book entry lists the style of cause, solicitors' names, nature of claim, and the dates of various proceedings in each case. The entry also provides the case file number. For Supreme Court cases, cause books are often used as a starting point for research. The cause books include information on adoption, divorce, chattel mortgages, and other civil proceedings.

The records are arranged by case number, and are also chronological.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Grand Forks)

Cranbrook Supreme Court cause books

  • GR-1833
  • Series
  • 1908-1968

This series consists of cause books from Fort Steele Supreme Court, 1900-1908 and from Cranbrook Supreme Court, 1908-1956. Attached to the covers of volume 1 is a list of trust companies registered in 1914; instructions regarding estates of alien enemies, 1915; and British Columbia Gazette excerpts regarding Workmen's Compensation, 1902 and 1904. The books contain primarily civil matters.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Cranbrook)

Cranbrook Supreme Court and County Court minute books

  • GR-3849
  • Series
  • 1960-1968

The series consists of minute books from the Supreme Court of Cranbrook and the County Court of Cranbrook from 1960-1968. The books include information from criminal court, assizes, appeals and citizenship court cases. Most entries include dates, names of defendant, names of lawyers, names of jurors, names of witnesses called, exhibits, and other events of individual trials. Trials are organized by date, and are not indexed. Trials may not have an associated file number. Volume 1 covers 1960-1963, volume 2 covers 1963-1966, and volume 3 covers 1966-1968.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Cranbrook)

Suitors' fund registers

  • GR-2468
  • Series
  • 1903-1964

Suitors' fund registers.

British Columbia. County Court (Fernie)

Indexes to Bills of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Assignments and Lien notes

  • GR-2824
  • Series
  • 1903-1963

Indexes to Bills of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, Assignments and Lien notes. Although these volumes have entries for the years 1903-1963 they are not complete. The records these indexes cover are found in GR-2198 and GR-2513. (6 vol.)

British Columbia. County Court (Fernie)

Fernie County Court criminal case files

  • GR-2422
  • Series
  • 1905-1962

The series consists of case files for criminal cases heard under the Speedy Trials Act at the Fernie County Court, 1905 to 1962. Criminal case files may contain the notice of claim or notice of petition, writs and affidavits, orders and a final judgment

British Columbia. County Court (Fernie)

Speedy trials cause books

  • GR-2816
  • Series
  • 1907-1962

Indexes (1907 and 1911-1962) and indexed cause books (1907-1916; 1921-1925) to criminal cases heard under the Speedy Trials Act. (4 vol.)

British Columbia. County Court (Fernie)

Woodmen's liens

  • GR-2293
  • Series
  • 1904-1960

Woodmen's liens.

British Columbia. County Court (Fernie)

Partnership declarations

  • GR-2445
  • Series
  • 1909-1957

Partnership declarations (indexed).

British Columbia. County Court (Fernie)

Plaint and procedure books

  • GR-2130
  • Series
  • 1895-1956

Plaint and procedure books, 1895-1911, 1915-1923; 1940-1956 (some indexed). Also includes list of cases heard at Nelson, 1899.

British Columbia. County Court (Nelson)

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