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Personal and official papers

  • GR-2277
  • Series
  • 1913-1951

Personal and official papers of Victor C. Fawcett, Official Administrator of Nanaimo, ca. 1900-1940. Official papers (Files 1-10) include court documents, police records; the personal papers (Files 11-13) relate to Edgar and Myra Fawcett.

British Columbia. Official Administrator (Nanaimo)

Victoria Supreme Court orders

  • GR-1566
  • Series
  • 1880-1998

The series consists of orders issued by the Supreme Court in Victoria between 1880 and 1998. Orders dating from 1880 until December 1946 were microfilmed and the originals destroyed. Records after this period are maintained in their original bound form. Many, but not all of these volumes, include nominal indexes at the front of the ledger. Records in this series deal with a variety of matters, including adoptions and divorces. Orders are the formal expression of the will of the Court.

Records in this series were managed under secondary 51400-25 of the Court Services Operational Records Classification System (schedule 100152). They were selected for full retention because of their significant historical, evidential and informational value.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Court records

  • GR-0854
  • Series
  • 1867-1898

This series consists of 13 volumes of Victoria Sheriff court records, 1867-1898. Records include executions, process books, account books, auction book and a cash book. Records may relate to the Victoria County Court or Supreme Court.

British Columbia. Sheriff. Victoria

Registrar's daily diaries

  • GR-0851
  • Series
  • 1906-1935

This series consists of 46 volumes of the Victoria County Court Registrar's daily diaries, 1906-1935.

British Columbia. County Court (Victoria)

Telegrams sent by registrar

  • GR-0846
  • Series
  • 1899-1912

This series consists of copies of telegrams sent by registrar of the Victoria Supreme Court, 1899-1912.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Record books

  • GR-2119
  • Series
  • 1948-1950

Record books from Nanaimo City Police Court.

British Columbia. Police Court (Nanaimo)

Record book

  • GR-2120
  • Series
  • 1948-1950

Record book from Nanaimo District Provincial Police Court, July 1948 - Dec 1950.

British Columbia. Police Court (Nanaimo)

Ladysmith Police Court record books

  • GR-3102
  • Series
  • 1927-1950

Record books showing name of prosecutor, name of defendant, nature of the charge, costs, name of arresting officer, name of gaol or lockup, order or conviction, amount of fine, name of presiding magistrate or justice and "remarks".

British Columbia. Police Court (Ladysmith)

Administrative record books

  • GR-2118
  • Series
  • 1890-1912

Administrative record books kept by the Official Administrator, Mr. McAloney (to 1908) and Frederick L. Leighton (after 1908). Volume 1 begins as a Nanaimo City Police record book and has the pages prior to July 1908 glued together at the top.

British Columbia. Official Administrator (Nanaimo)

Victoria Police Court records

  • GR-0605
  • Series
  • 1865-1924; predominantly 1865-1871, 1885, 1890-1924

This series consists of Victoria Police Court record books, 1890-1924; magistrate's cash books, 1865-1871, recording fines and trade and liquor licenses; and a transcript of Regina vs. Lawrence, ca. 1896.

British Columbia. Police Court (Victoria)

Deed Poll

  • GR-2723
  • Series
  • 1930-1940

Name changes by deed poll. Documents arranged alphabetically and indexed by present name from previous name.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Informations, warrants and convictions

  • GR-2494
  • Series
  • 1872-1889; 1900-1916

This series consists of informations, warrants and convictions from the Nanaimo district. Records may be from the Nanaimo County Court, Supreme Court or Magistrate's Court. Informations are forms in which a witness submits evidence against someone accused of a crime. It includes a summary of the information and personal information of the witness and accused. Several different kinds of warrants are included, such as warrants to apprehend a suspect, warrants to commit someone to gaol and search warrants.

Records from 1872-1889 were grouped together in several volumes beginning with a cardboard name tag; these have been broken into multiple files for preservation. They are arranged mostly chronologically and all include a mixture of different types of records. Some records relate to the Comox District. Files 9 to 16 are not arranged chronologically and include a range of dates that overlap with other volumes.

Most records from 1900-1916 are signed by Stipendiary Magistrate, J.H. Simpson. These forms were removed from a Shannon file where the order of filing was broadly (not strictly) chronological.

British Columbia. County Court (Nanaimo)

Grand and Petit Jury Lists

  • GR-1321
  • Series
  • 1900

This series contains certified copies of the Grand and Petit Jury Lists for Nanaimo district, 1900.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Victoria bankruptcy orders

  • GR-2876
  • Series
  • 1920-1994

The series consists of bankruptcy orders issued by the Supreme Court in Victoria between 1920 and 1978, 1981 to 1989, and 1992 to 1994. Records for the period 1920 and 1978 are indexed, however, indexes have not been located for the later records.

Records in this series were organized by filing date.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria bankruptcy cause book

  • GR-1903
  • Series
  • 1920-1969, 1978-1981

The series consists of cause books for bankruptcies tried in the Victoria Supreme Court between 1920 and 1981. Entries are arranged chronologically by the date the case commenced, and provide a list of proceedings in the case. Entries also provide the date of the final order. Orders are found in GR-2876, and an index to the cause books can be found in GR-3743

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria Supreme Court divorce orders

  • GR-1587
  • Series
  • 1877-1998

The series consists of divorce orders issued by the Supreme Court of Victoria between 1877 and 1998. After October 1998, divorce orders were filed in the Supreme Court order books.

Records from 1877 to December 31, 1948 have been microfilmed. Records from 1949 onward are original paper records. The records consist of decrees nisi and absolute.

Volumes in containers 830561-0001 to 830561-0020 contain indexes.

Until 1968, divorces in BC were granted under the English Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857 (amended 1858). Selected sections of the Act were incorporated into BC’s Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act in 1897 (RSBC 1897, c. 62) and remained largely unchanged until 1968 when the Federal government passed the first national divorce act. This act superseded existing provincial legislation, and a Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings was also created at this time.

In 1972, BC’s Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act was repealed and replaced with the Family Relations Act, which included provisions for issues related to custody. In 1985, the federal Divorce Act was passed, and came into effect in 1986. Under the 1985 Act, the use of decrees nisi was discontinued. Decrees nisi, which had been used inconsistently prior to the 1930s, required a waiting period before a decree absolute – the finalization of the dissolution of the marriage – could be issued. Between 1968 and 1985, decrees nisi required a three-month waiting period. After this time, a decree absolute could be applied for. During this time, a divorce was not legally in effect without a decree absolute.

Under the 1985 Divorce Act, a single court order of dissolution was issued, under which the divorce automatically comes into effect 31 days after the divorce has been granted.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria Supreme Court divorce cause books and case cards

  • GR-3738
  • Series
  • 1968-1989

The series consists of cause books and case record cards for divorces at the Victoria Supreme Court between 1968 and 1989. Cause books were generally used until the mid 1970s, and were placed by case cards. The records are organized by case file number, and provide a list of actions in a case. In some instances, the cause book or case card entry may be the only surviving record of a divorce action, particularly if the case was later abandoned. The cause book or case card can be used to identify a volume and folio number, which can then be used to obtain a copy of the divorce order

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria Supreme Court divorce cause book/case card indexes

  • GR-3739
  • Series
  • 1965-1989

The series consists of indexes to divorce cause books and case cards created by the Supreme Court of Victoria between 1965 and 1989. The indexes are arranged alphabetically and provide a case file number. This can then be used to locate the volume and folio number in the relevant cause book or case card, which can then in turn be used to obtain a copy of the divorce order.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria Supreme Court daily diaries and other material

  • GR-0433
  • Series
  • 1907-1934

This series consists of 19 volumes of Victoria Supreme Court daily diaries, 1907, 1910-1912, 1916-1919, 1923-1932, 1934. Volume 1 includes weather reports as well as matters of the court.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria Supreme Court bankruptcy indexes

  • GR-3743
  • Series
  • 1920-1990

The series consists of several different indexes relating to bankruptcy in Victoria and across the country. The records were maintained in the Victoria Supreme Court, and although they generally relate to records created in the 1960s to 1990s, at least one volume dates to the 1920s and 1930s. Early indexes are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the bankrupt individual. Later indexes, particularly those dealing with the late 1980s, are divided first by year and then arranged alphabetically. The 1989 to 1990 index provides the name of the individual, the name of the trustee, and a file number. All file numbers appear to refer to cause book entries, which give a more detailed account of proceedings in the case.

The series also consists of a subseries of records maintained by the Victoria Supreme Court that relate to bankruptcy cases heard outside of Victoria. Many of these volumes index entries in the Canada Gazette, and list individuals in Ontario and across the country. There are also several volumes that index bankruptcies across the province, and include entries from places such as Barriere, Penticton, and Rossland.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria Supeme Court minute books

  • GR-1901
  • Series
  • 1889-1925

Minute books for civil and criminal cases. There are a few actions involving ships marked Vice-Admiralty Court and Exchequer Court, B.C. Admiralty Division.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Victoria County Court record books

  • GR-0583
  • Series
  • 1879-1888

This series consists of record books from the Victoria County Court, 1879-1888. Records include journals, ledgers, and a letterbook of correspondence outward, written by A.F. Pemberton, County Court Judge, Dec. 1879 - Dec. 1880; Edwin Leigh, Registrar, Feb. 1883 - Nov. 1884; and Harvey Combe, Acting Registrar, Jan. 1885 - Nov. 1886.

British Columbia. County Court (Victoria)

Victoria County Court criminal record books

  • GR-1924
  • Series
  • 1888-1990

County Courts had jurisdiction in criminal cases held without a jury under the provision of the federal Speedy Trials Act, first enacted in 1888.

British Columbia. County Court (Victoria)

Victoria County Court Speedy trials case files

  • GR-1567
  • Series
  • 1888-1916

This series contains criminal case files under the "Speedy Trials Act". May include transcripts and Police Court proceedings.

British Columbia. County Court (Victoria)

Victoria Appeal Court case files

  • GR-3721
  • Series
  • 1980-1990

The series consists of case files created by the Victoria Court of Appeal between 1980 and 1990. The Appeal Court is the highest court in the province, and hears appeals from both the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court. Records in this series are arranged numerically. Until 1984, the Court used a system of file numbers that started from 1 and refreshed every year. Records dating from 1985 onwards use a sequential “V” number that was a continual running number that did not refresh each year.

The Court of Appeal is constituted by the Court of Appeal Act (RSBC 1996, c. 77). The Court of Appeal is headed by the Chief Justice of BC and includes 14 other justices and several supernumerary justices.

British Columbia. Court of Appeal (Victoria)

Vancouver Island court records and indexes

  • GR-3758
  • Series
  • 1866-1867

The series consists of records created by the Vancouver Island courts of civil justice between approximately 1866 and 1867. The index records in this series appear to be drafts of an index to civil suits, and cases mentioned in this rough index appear in volume 3 of GR-2716 (plaint and procedure books from the Vancouver Island Inferior Court of Civil Justice). The index is not complete.

Several of the index pages were written on the back of records belonging to the probate file of Emilia Fedaro (also spelled Fidaro), who died in 1867 or 1868. The probate pages include the granting of letters of administration to Robert Newell, as well as what appears to be a draft of a covering page to the probate file.

Vancouver Island. Inferior Court of Civil Justice

Vancouver Island Supreme Court of Civil Justice fee books

  • GR-0659
  • Series
  • 1859-1870

This series consists of 7 volumes of Vancouver Island Supreme Court fee books maintained by the Registrar, 1859-1870. The volumes record fees owing to the Supreme Court. Volume 2 also includes the registrar's office diary.

Vancouver Island. Supreme Court of Civil Justice

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