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Speeches on education

  • GR-0292
  • Series
  • 1967; 1969

The series consists of speeches given by S.N.F. Chant (Dean of Arts at the University of British Columbia between 1949 and 1964): On university freedom, 1967, and The future of higher education in British Columbia, 1969.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Circulars and brochures pertaining to patriotic activities and special events

  • GR-0176
  • Series
  • 1930-1937; 1976

The series consists of circulars and brochures pertaining to patriotic activities and special events, created by the Dept. of Education, dating mainly from the 1930s. It includes "Instructions to Teachers Regarding the Use of the Flag on School Premises" (1930), "Suggestions for celebrating Good Will Day [18 May 1932] in B.C. schools," commemorative booklet and "Suggestions for Coronation Programmes for the Schools of B.C." (1937). This unit also includes brochures re: the Overseas Education, 1976.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Private and independent school statistics

  • GR-4073
  • Series
  • 1964-1979

This series consists of statistical information related to private and independent school enrollment and curriculum for the years 1964-1979. Some statistics were collected for the Dominion Bureau of Statistics and Statistics Canada. Information relates to student demographics, teachers, length of instructional time, and subjects offered.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Home Economics in British Columbia

  • GR-2562
  • File
  • 1941

The file contains a photocopy of a typescript of an article by Home Economics Branch director, Jessie L. McLenaghen, giving brief survey of the development of Home Economics in B.C. schools from 1895 to 1941. The article was intended for publication in "The School".

British Columbia. Home Economics Branch

Mary Nichols fonds

  • PR-0333
  • Fonds
  • 1943-1948

The fonds consists of letters describing life at the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School.

Nichols, Mary, 1919-

Task Force on the Community College records

  • GR-0682
  • Series
  • 1974

This series consists of records of the Task Force on the Community College, 1974 under Chairperson, Hazel L'Estrange. Records include reports, memos, agendas, minutes, public submissions, briefs, and hearing records. The series includes submissions from Academic Board of British Columbia, Douglas College, Capliano College, Cariboo College, Okanagan College, Vancouver City College, Camosun College, and others. It also includes a sound recording of a submission from Malaspina College.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education. Task Force on the Community College

Council of Public Instruction records

  • GR-0448
  • Series
  • 1910-1932

This series consists of official orders and correspondence inward from the Superintendent of Education, primarily regarding acquisition, disposal of school lands and staff appointments; record of business conducted by the Council, Oct. 16, 1928 to Oct. 24, 1929; and minutes of Council meetings, June 17 to Aug. 3, 1929.

British Columbia. Council of Public Instruction

Cadboro Bay School District fonds

  • PR-2092
  • Fonds
  • 1885-1894

The fonds consists of records of the Cadboro Bay School District. Records include the visitors' book maintained by Cadboro Bay School (1885-1894).

Cadboro Bay School District

Register and account book

  • GR-2055
  • Series
  • 1861-1865

Register of Victoria District School, 1861-1865, and school account book, 1862-1864. The Register shows the names and attendance of students at the school. "Accounts" include supply list of food staples, etc., showing prices and customs duties, along with student fee payments. As well, the volume contains addresses and a "Story of Moses" by schoolmaster W. H. Burr. Also included are newspaper cuttings re: the early history of Victoria schools and an annotated list of pupils attending the Victoria District School, ca. 1862. The list was prepared for the Provincial Archivist, John Forsyth, by Edgar Fawcett in April 1922.

Victoria School District

Draft resolution

  • GR-2053
  • Series
  • ca. 1864

Draft resolution of the Legislative Assembly, urging the establishment of a nonsectarian public school system for the Colony of Vancouver Island; also a petition from a committee of citizens of Victoria, advocating a central location for the city's common school. These documents are undated, but likely relate to the introduction of the colony's Common School Act of 1865.

Vancouver Island. Legislative Assembly

Yale School District fonds

  • PR-2099
  • Fonds
  • 1887-1929

The fonds consists of records created by the Yale School District as required by the Public Schools Act. The records include a minute book of the Board of School Trustees (1887-1929), which also includes correspondence and accounts.

Yale School District

Sooke School District fonds

  • PR-2108
  • Fonds
  • 1886-1921

The fonds consists of records of the Sooke School District. Records include trustee minute books (1886-1910) and letterbook and accounts books (1893-1916).

Sooke School District

Sandon School District fonds

  • PR-2128
  • Fonds
  • 1916-1932

The fonds consists of records of the Sandon School District. Records include school trustee correspondence and copies of school inspectors' reports.

Sandon School District

South Saanich School District fonds

  • PR-2098
  • Fonds
  • 1876-1897

The fonds consists of records of the South Saanich School District. It also includes records created by schools in the East-South Saanich School District. The fonds includes a visitor's book (1876-1884) and attendance registers for South Saanich School (1878-1881, 1884-1886, and 1888-1897). It also includes attendance registers for East-South Saanich School (1882-1884). Some of the registers include the courses taken by the students.

South Saanich School District

Minute book and accounts

  • GR-2068
  • Series
  • 1906-1928

School Trustees' minute book and accounts.

Port Simpson School District

Education Branch correspondence.

  • GR-1709
  • Series
  • 1871-1889

This series includes a suggested draft for the 1872 Public Schools Act by Thomas Nicholson (1871), correspondence regarding the school at Burton's Prairie (1882) and correspondence regarding a request for an additional teacher at New Westminster High School (1889).

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Register of Attendance

  • GR-2070
  • Series
  • 1862-1865

Register of Attendance, Nanaimo "Colonial" School, 1862-1866. The Register, showing the names of pupils attending the second public school in British Columbia, was maintained by Cornelius Bryant, schoolmaster from 1856-1870. Also included, on a loose sheet, is a detailed schedule showing time devoted to various subjects on a typical school day.

Nanaimo School District

Public business files of the Minister of Education

  • GR-1791
  • Series
  • 1983

Includes correspondence from other sections and offices of the Ministry; school districts; colleges; universities; associations and miscellaneous material. This unit may be used in conjunction with GR-1788.

British Columbia. Ministry of Education (1979-1996)

Education policy records

  • GR-1768
  • Series
  • 1978-1982

Education policy records. Minutes and agenda of policy committee meetings comprising Deputies Committee 1978-1982, Management Operations and Education Finance Committee 1981-1982, Policy and Resource Allocation Committee 1981-1982, Post-Secondary Policy Committee 1981-1982, Schools Management Committee 1982 and Schools Policy Committee 1981-1982. The following files contain an agenda and an expanded agenda in which individual agenda items may be explained in detail. Sometimes supporting documentation and policy statements are attached to the individual agenda item. Log numbers were assigned to supporting documentation.

British Columbia. Ministry of Education (1976-1978)

Ministry of Education correspondence inward with regard to restraint programme

  • GR-1788
  • Series
  • 1984-1985

Correspondence (letters and petitions) to the Minister dealing mainly with the "Restraint Programme in Education". In April, 1982 the Social Credit Government passed the Education (Interim) Finance Act. The main effects of this Act were to give the Minister of Education control over the size of the budget for each local board and the portion allocated for special education programmes, and to deprive local school boards of their right to levy taxes on non-residential property. The elected school boards were thus deprived of their major revenue source, and stripped of the power to spend their own money on educational services beyond the levels approved by the Minister. On 5 May, 1983 the Social Credit Party under Premier W.R. (Bill) Bennett was elected to a third term of office on the promise of a continuation of the politics of moderate restraint his government had thus far followed. On 7 July the government introduced its budget and 26 Bills. Layoffs of Provincial Government employees began almost immediately and demonstrations were held throughout the Province in support of economic, democratic and human rights. Bill 6, the Education (Interim) Finance Amendment Act became law on 21 October, 1983. Like the April, 1982 Act, the amended act deprived local school boards of their right to levy taxes on nonresidential property and gave the Minister of Education control over the size of the budget for each local board. It also extended the "sunset" provision of the 1982 Act to the end of 1986. Thus control over education became more stringent and the government proceeded to develop a new formula-based "fiscal framework" to govern the budgets of school boards. The government's stated objective was to roll back education services in the Province to the level they were when the Social Credit Party resumed office a decade before. This meant reducing spending at both the local and Provincial levels, in actual as well as deflated dollars, between 1983 and 1986. School boards were forced to cut back a range of services, including various special education programmes and there was a downgrading of art, physical education, shop facilities etc, as well as a reduction in teaching staff and a general increase in class sizes. Teacher's aides vital to special education were lost, provisions for substitute teachers were reduced, budgets for transport and utilities pared, building and ground maintenance reduced and materials and supplies cut. This situation was further exacerbated on 20 February, 1984 when the Government introduced the 1984/1985 budget, which cut funds to all ministries and eliminated grants to students. Plans were announced to fire 2,000 public employees by 31 March, 1984. GR-1788 consists of a selected series of letters to the Minister of Education in the period 1984 - 1985. Most of these letters dealt with the Government's restraint programme in education, although letters dealing with other topics have been included (for example abortion, the fine incurred by the Delta School Board and the dismissal of the Vancouver School Board). Not all letters have been retained. Those discarded include photocopies of letters to Premier Bennett, and to the Minister for Intergovernmental Relations, Mr Garde Gardom and form letters. The letters remaining are mainly from concerned parents worried about reduced standards of education for their children. The majority of letters are against restraint, although some writers are for it. GR-1788 also contains many petitions to the Minister of Education asking for an end to restraint (over 5,000 signatures). This unit can be used in conjunction with GR-1791, Public Business File of the Minister of Education 1983, which contains some earlier "restraint" correspondence.

British Columbia. Ministry of Education (1979-1996)

Department of Education executive records

  • GR-1561
  • Series
  • 1972-1975

This series contains Associate Deputy Minister's files. The records include correspondence and reports dealing with schools, colleges, teachers, curricula, libraries, and various other education-related topics.

These records consist of subject files arranged alphabetically by file title.

[These records were previously known as G 84-266.]

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

BC Ministry of Education policy files

  • GR-1599
  • Series
  • 1978-1983

This series contains policy files accumulated by J.L. Canty, Executive Director, Deputy Minister's Office. Files pertain to school law, ministry contracts with school districts, school finance and facilities, and interest groups (i.e. B.C. Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, B.C. School Trustees Association, and B.C. Teachers' Federation).

British Columbia. Ministry of Education (1976-1978)

Jericho Hill School operational records

  • GR-0885
  • Series
  • 1918-1920, 1949-1967

This series consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda, etc. relative to the operation of the Jericho Hill School for the Deaf and the Blind, Vancouver, B.C. The collection includes the daily diary and staff attendance book, 1918-1919; minutes of meetings and related materials from the Management Committee and its successor, the Advisory Committee (established February, 1954); building specifications; and miscellaneous reports.

British Columbia. School for the Deaf and the Blind

Board of Education correspondence and other records

  • GR-1468
  • Series
  • 1872-1884

This series contains records of the provincial Board of Education. The records include a minute book of Board meetings (1872-1878), a register of teachers' certificates (1872-1883), correspondence regarding Victoria School Reserve (1875-1876) and diaries of provincial school inspectors John Jessop, R.M. Clemitson, and C.C. McKenzie. McKenzie diary includes list of students [giving names, ages, classes and grades] in provincial schools from 1880-1881. Map of Victoria School Reserve, 1876, transferred to BC Archives Map Division.

British Columbia. Board of Education

Commission on School Taxation (1947)

  • GR-0920
  • Series
  • 1947-1948

This series consists of records of the Commission on School Taxation, 1947-1948. Commission records include the Provincial Secretary file P5 which contains correspondence, vouchers, and copy of Letters Patent appointing the commissioners; commission correspondences files; transcripts of evidence presented at the hearings; commissioners' notes; briefs; and reports.

British Columbia. Commission on School Taxation (1947)

Speech by G.M. Weir to BCLA

  • GR-1716
  • Series
  • 1946

This series contains a typescript of speech given to the British Columbia Library Association convention by Minister of Education, Dr. G.M. Weir on 13 May 1946. Weir's speech, given in Nanaimo, provided a general review of the government's educational policies and priorities.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Frontier College report

  • GR-1715
  • Series
  • 1953-1954

This series contains a report on the work of Frontier College in British Columbia for 1953. Frontier College was a voluntary organization designed to promote citizenship and education among migratory workers in isolated camps and settlements. The College was founded in 1900 and incorporated in 1919. Instructors were recruited from Canadian universities to work as labourers-teachers in the summer months. Instructors usually worked as paid labourers by day and conducted classes in the evenings. The majority of the students were recently arrived immigrants. The report is illustrated with black and white photographs of railway labourers and workers at Kitimat and Kemano. Photographs and biographical sketches of instructors are also included.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Committee on Continuing and Community Education records

  • GR-0681
  • Series
  • 1976

This series consists of public submissions, briefs, minutes of meetings, questionnaires, drafts, evaluating forms, and other records of the Committee on Continuing and Community Education, 1976. Chairman, Dr. Ron Faris.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education. Committee on Continuing and Community Education

Council of Public Instruction correspondence and other material

  • GR-0899
  • Series
  • 1954-1970

This series consists of correspondence, minutes, briefs, memoranda, etc., of the Council of Public Instruction. Most of the records in this unit date from the 1967-1970 period. Included are records relating to Indian schools, private schools, universities and colleges, curriculum development, vocational programmes, and the Dept. of Education's Instructional Media Committee. Also included are records of the department's Community Programmes Branch which, in April 1970, was transferred to the Department of Recreation and Conservation. The minister's and the superintendents correspondence, and the Accreditation and Legislation Committee files in this collection are restricted.

GR-0899 consists of correspondence, minutes, briefs, and memoranda of the Council. The outside dates for material in the collection are 1954-1970, but most of the files date from the period 1967-1969. The collection includes material relating to Indian schools, private schools, universities and colleges, the Provincial Board of Examiners, curriculum development, and the Department of Education Instructional Media Committee. Also included are records of the department's Community Programmes Branch (19641970), a branch which was transferred to the Department of Recreation and Conservation on 01 Apr 1970.

British Columbia. Council of Public Instruction

Universities Council of British Columbia records

  • GR-1701
  • Series
  • 1974-1987

The series consists of records documenting the activities of the Universities Council of British Columbia while promoting the systematic development of university education and creating public accountability for university expenditures. Series include council minutes, agenda material, sub-committee minutes, notices of motions, correspondence inward, registers of correspondence inward, correspondence outward, register of correspondence outward, and miscellaneous reports.

Universities Council of British Columbia

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