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Kootenay district (B.C.) Ferries--British Columbia
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Correspondence and other material, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works

  • GR-1381
  • Series
  • 1863-1896

This series contains miscellaneous records of the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works. The records consist of correspondence, receipts, accounts, petitions relating to pre-emptions, ferries, roads, public works, leases, and tax assessments. Includes (1) Metchosin District assessment roll, 1863; (2) pre-emption correspondence with William G. Cox and Peter O'Reilly, 1865, 1869; (3) receipt book for rental of crown lands, including waterfrontage and timber cutting, 1868-1869; (4) indenture for ferry charter at Omineca, 1872; (5) accounts relating to roads and bridges 1872-1873; (6) an 1880 petition re the graving dock; (7) report on Thompson River Bridge, 1876, 1882; (8) an 1892 pre-emption of Allison, Carefoot and Cameron in Yale District; (9) copy of a letter re road to Montgomery Landing, Kootenay District, 1896.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works

Joseph Killough interview : [Orchard, 1964]

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-09-15 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Joseph Killough remembers Castlegar and Kinnard. He came to Castlegar in 1913 with his family. He offers his first impressions; school; the importance of the CPR in Castlegar history; Castlegar as it was in 1913; more about the railroad to 1917; the Edgewood Lumber Mill; more about trains; Kinnard in 1913; his father Captain Joseph Arthur Killough; a logging camp at Kinnard; marketing meat; an incident while swimming as a child; the wheat harvest and Doukhobors at Brilliant. TRACK 2: Mr. Killough continues with more on the Doukhobors as seen by an outsider; school; the population increase in 1918; mining and milling economy; the arrival of traction engine for one of the mills; other families; Peter "Lordly" Verigin; the Doukhobor ferry at Waterloo; the route from Castlega;r to Nelson by road; Jimmy Davidson and the Castlegar ferry; Waterloo as a mining community; and the name "Castlegar".

Pauline Romaine interview

CALL NUMBER: T4135:0004 PERIOD COVERED: 1913-1983 RECORDED: Castlegar (B.C.), 1983-10-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Biographical information. Father wants to leave Doukhobor faith; comes to Brilliant in 1913; anecdote about immigrant train; communal life in Brilliant; privation of settlers; graft in commune; father quits commune and moves to Grand Forks; mother, ostracized because her husband left, leaves commune. Anecdote about Grand Forks brothel. Father moves to Trail; family moves to Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan; life in Blaine Lake; moves back to Trail in 1924; train and boat trip back; anecdote about boat ride; child molester; anecdote, father leaded in 1928; 1927 polio outbreak. TRACK 2: Recovery from polio; high school in Trail; father sick; Normal School in Victoria; Mr. McClarren, (principal) started first Doukhobor schools; teaching certificates; back to Trail in 1931; Doukhobor school trustee, Mr. Sheffield, offers her a job; anecdote about Sheffield coming to her house; teaches at Ootischenia school for 114 dollars a month. School in cobbler's shop; teacherage in commune; trials and tribulations of teaching; Sons of Freedom children returned from foster homes; salary cut to 90 dollars a month; moves to Glade, becomes principal; accident kills several teachers; Major Clarke takes over from Sheffield; Glade school bombed in 1936; rebuilt school burned same year it was rebuilt; was paid to call the roll at burned school to keep it open; anecdote about poor heat in school; guard at Glade School; reminiscences about recreation at Ootischenia; anecdote about Glade ferry. CALL NUMBER: T4135:0005 PERIOD COVERED: 1913-1983 RECORDED: Castlegar (B.C.), 1983-10-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Anecdotes about Glade ferry; recreation; relief camp at Shoreacres; ferry operation; relief camp worker anecdote; transients calling for food and clothing during the Depression; anecdote about clothing; KC jam factory; Brilliant Doukhobor library; Depression life and commerce; local economy of the Kootenays; CPR and local economy; first radio in Ootischenia; Pat Romaine on local economy; dances at the Castlegar community hall; anecdote about courting; Swedish immigrants in Castlegar; immigration during the 1920s; Ukrainians in Castlegar; Eremenko's first store; Plotnikoff's store; White Russians arrive in the 1920s; Castlegar boomed with car pools; bought land in 1943. TRACK 2: Kinsman Park donated to city; Pauline meets Pat Romaine; father in hospital; courting Pat Romaine; anecdote about homemade beer in Trail; anecdote about a dance at Deer Park; moving to Castlegar in 1944; brother killed at Cominco; father leaded at Cominco; moved in with parents; lead poisoning and compensation; brother killed on hill; Pat Romaine on unionism; conditions before unions; move to Deer Park; electioneering in Deer Park; party at road opening; Robert Sommers as Social Credit candidate; Pauline hired as teacher; bad feelings against her as a teacher; rewards of working with children. CALL NUMBER: T4135:0006 RECORDED: Castlegar (B.C.), 1983-10-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: How the children she taught turned out; discussion of modern school politics; one room school in Deer Park; difference in lifestyles; feuding between neighbours in Deer Park; fruit farm goes down hill; local packing house; [steam?] boats taken off lake in 1954; employment lost with boats; CPR buying policy; gyppo logging on lake; log picking; Renata fruit box factory; local economy dries up; Procter maraschino cherry factory; changing fruit markets; good fruit refused; pig farming; anecdote about pig farming; BC Tree Fruits; anecdote about fruit from Australia; Grand Forks war time seed farms; fruit market during the war; forestry employed people to cut fire trails and to work as fire lookouts. [TRACK 2: blank.]

James W. Brown interview

CALL NUMBER: T4135:0014 PERIOD COVERED: 1907-1924 RECORDED: Trail (B.C.), 1983-11-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Biographical information; February 1908, family moved to bench above Robson; 11 acres covered in jack pine; bought from Kootenay Fruit Lands (KFL); agents of KFL were McDermott and McHardy; Waldie partner; KFL to put in water; KFL tried twice, then declared bankruptcy; father carried water from bottom; anecdote about water; bench abandoned; father bought lot in Robson; 100 people in Robson; father's work; Robson Farmers' Institute; feed buying through the institute; Harvey's land; Truit family and house; Joe Burfield property; Quance property; syndicate lots; McCandrew property; anecdote about getting land from McAndrew; dentist named Maybe; Ralf Funnel's property; anecdote about 1929 motorcycle trip; Maybe property and Norcoff; orchards' inability to support people; Dr. Tellford ;J. Norman, Deputy Minister of Health in Alberta, retired to Nelson. TRACK 2: Anecdote about Dr. Norman's practice; Independent Doukhobors buy land; Calder in South Africa buys land; dynamiting to plant trees; trees from nurseries; packing trees; types of orchards; varieties of fruit; dynamiting anecdote; Hedley's orchard; anecdote about steep lots; buying land sight unseen; owners of Robson townsite; Vining from Brandon College; father looked after several orchards for absentee owners; father hired as packing house manager; early fruit shipped from farms; Dominion Express; make-up of trains; buyers of Robson Fruit; fruit brokers and Okanagan United Fruit Growers; father has name changed from Robson East to Robson West; Hartfords from England; anecdote about Grechouse; school and church property; Foster and Jordan property; anecdote about blasting stumps; Fowler place and family. CALL NUMBER: T4135:0015 PERIOD COVERED: 1910-1924 RECORDED: Trail (B.C.), 1983-11-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Fowler family from Pilot Mound; anecdote about Mr. Fowler; anecdote about playing ball; Clive place and family; Millers, Christophersons, Golders sold to Quance; three Miss Perrons farmed lot; sold to Bob Waldie; horns; anecdote about maple sugar brought to Robson; Wright and Evans from Brandon; Harold Golder and family; J.D. Fergesson; Dr. McDermott from Brandon College and the Squires of Brandon; Mrs. Squires grew and sold flowers; anecdote about printing co-op shares; anecdote about Mrs. Foxlee; Oburns; Johnsons ran store; previous store owners. TRACK 2: Berry's lot; McNaughton built first summer home in Robson; dairy by dam; anecdote about meeting Frank Bentley at smelter; East Indians at Westley; anecdote about East Indians; anecdote about burying Bentley's wife; anecdote about someone running off with the governess; anecdote about First World War enlistment; Yarrow estate subdivided by CMS; Irwin place; anecdote about a man getting shot; cattle near Syringa Creek; anecdote about heart attack on first ferry; Robson Farmers' institute; poultry association in Robson; anecdote about wagon; Humpty Dumpty egg crates; first carload of feed to Robson; anecdote about Robson Institute financing. CALL NUMBER: T4135:0016 PERIOD COVERED: 1910-1930 RECORDED: Trail (B.C.), 1983-11-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Robson Farming Institute history; Harms and Coleman's box factories; Okanagan United Fruit Growers; first packing house; fruit inspections; agricultural competitions; Robson fair; institute brought in horticulturalists; horticulturists Middleton and Hunt; anecdote about meeting Hunt on ferry; schools conducted on pruning; anecdote about 1920 spring school; disease inspection; spraying for disease; coddling moth brought to Kootenays; instructors to teach packing; standardized packing and shipping problems; grafting new fruit varieties; market for different varieties; Kootenays not ideal fruit country; Kaslo cherries; Baptists in Robson; Reverend Donaldson; church life in Robson; community church; anecdote about minister from South Slocan; S.S. "Rossland"; anecdote about river boats; "Rossland" uses swing bridge; operation of railroad bridge; anecdote about [tug] "Elco 1"; towing logs on lake. TRACK 2: Boat race in the U.S.; S.S. "Rossland"; first ferry operator; BC car licence; anecdote about ferry operator; packing house as community hall; Trail dramatic society show; anecdote about railroad section crews; Lobarth turntable; feed to Corkindale; Westley mills; East Indians; at Westley; Waldie dry kiln and mill; cutting planks for "Elco II"; Waldie Lumber; anecdote about hauling poles; anecdote about children; Corporal Johnson of the Provincial Police.