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Forests and forestry--British Columbia--Measurement DNU
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Cartographic Manual

  • GR-1244
  • Series
  • 1974

Cartographic Manual. Standard legend compiled by the Forest Service Map Coordinating Committee with cooperation of Divisions and Forest Districts.

British Columbia. Forest Service

Guides to the Surveys and Inventory Division maps and photos

  • GR-2858
  • Series
  • 1913-1965

The series consists of working documents, microfilmed from their three ring binder in 1965, used by the vault staff of the Surveys and Inventory Division as location guides, finding aids and loan sheets, mainly for maps and air photographs. The c...

British Columbia. Forest Service. Surveys and Inventory Division

Key to Forest Surveys Type Mapping

  • GR-1352
  • Series
  • 1946

Key to Forest Surveys Type Mapping. Consists of instructions for entering data for tabulation on Hollerith punch cards indicating forest cover on Forest survey maps.

British Columbia. Forest Service

Operational records

  • GR-1364
  • Series
  • 1925-1965

Series consists of operational records relating to reforestation, mensuration, pathology, volume studies, personnel, financial and engineering matters.

Aleza Lake Experimental Station

Operational records

  • GR-1254
  • Series
  • 1951-1956

Operational records consisting of volume tables, Forest Classification Manual (1956) and instructions for accuracy control in forest surveys.

British Columbia. Forest Service. Forest Surveys and Inventory Division

Records of the Forest Surveys Division

  • GR-1231
  • Series
  • 1913-1938

Records of the Forest Surveys Division consisting of cruise and survey reports, instructions for surveys and machine tabulation of records as well as a typescript report on the work of the Division with manuscript amendations For related records,...

British Columbia. Forest Branch

Technical manual

  • GR-1253
  • Series
  • 1950

Summary Guide. Technical manual on how to prepare forest inventory reports. Includes species keys, charts, color codes for class numbers, grids, collecting area designations, interpolation of codes, collecting areas, filing instructions,.etc.

British Columbia. Forest Service. Research Division