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Fonds Hospitals--British Columbia
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Hollywood Hospital fonds

  • PR-2316
  • Fonds
  • 1957 - [1975?]

There are two series of files: MS-3092 consists of 510 case files for patients treated with hallucinogenic drugs at Hollywood Hospital, with opening file dates from 1957 to 1968. As some patients returned for later treatments some of the material may date from the early 1970's. These files were kept in a separate series from Hollywood's other patient case files.

Most of the files contain correspondence and an autobiography recording answers to questions about early childhood, family relations, sexual history, mental health issues and problems with addictions. A standard file would also include a Minnesota Personality Profile, an analysis by a psychiatrist, a medical report on overall health, and a detailed log of the drugs that were administered and the patient's behavior while undergoing the hallucinogenic experience. Patients were also encouraged to prepare a report on their experience after the session, and to evaluate its benefit.

The case files are arranged in ascending order by patient case file number. Box 1 of MS-3092 contains index cards, filed alphabetically by patient name. Based on this index, more than 800 patients were treated with hallucinogenic drugs at the Hollywood Hospital, but only two thirds of the files have been located and transferred.

MS-3093 contains alphabetically-arranged index cards (Boxes 121 and 122) and selected patient case files for Hollywood Hospital patients who were NOT treated with hallucinogens (10 boxes). The majority of the patients were treated for alcoholism. MS-3093 patient files were created between 1944 and 1975.

The files consist mainly of Patient Identification Sheets, Physician's Orders and Progress Notes, Clothing and Article Lists, Laboratory Reports, History and Physical Examinations, Admission-Separation Records, and Consent for Treatment forms. Approximately 8% of the original 15,000 files were selectively retained, based on their year of file closure.

Hollywood Hospital (New Westminster, B.C.)

Health Association of British Columbia fonds

  • PR-1111
  • Fonds
  • 1918-2002

The fonds consists of the records of the Health Association of British Columbia and its predecessor organization the British Columbia Hospitals' Association. The records date from 1918 to 2002.

Health Association of British Columbia

Frederick Bell fonds

  • PR-1175
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1973

The fonds consists of diaries, correspondence and miscellaneous papers. Fonds includes photographs of Garibaldi Park and of the Bell Family, as well as copies of prints from the National Archives of Canada and approximately 37 published maps. The fonds also includes files on hospital accreditation created by F.C. Bell between 1955 and 1959.

Bell, Frederick, 1883-1971

Sisters of St. Ann, St. Joseph's Province fonds

This fonds consists of records created by The Sisters of St. Ann over the approximately 160 years that they have operated in the West.

St. Joseph’s Province, as an organizational structure, was formed in 1891 and incorporated by the Province of British Columbia in 1892. Prior to that, the governing body of the Sisters of St. Ann in the west was primarily the Vicariate, and the Vicariate’s records and functions were absorbed by the Provincial Administration within St. Joseph’s Province. The Province encompassed all the western provinces and the two territories of Canada as well as Alaska and Washington State. The Administration was composed of the Provincial Superior or Leader, her secretary and Councilors, the Provincial Bursar or Treasurer, the Provincial Archivist, and at one time, the Prefect of Studies, Prefect of Music, Mistress of Novices, and Directress of Juniorate. In 2004 co-leadership roles were established, with two Sisters as co-leaders in 2004 and a triumvirate created in 2017. In 2019, St. Joseph’s Province was suspended and a new Local Community was founded.

As it was an intermediate form of government, the Provincial Administration raised issues with the General Administration on behalf of the local houses, but was free to act on its own within the constraints of the Constitution and Rules of the Sisters of Saint Anne, particularly with regard to dispensations, permissions, finances, and establishment or closing of ministries. The Provincial Administration of St. Joseph's Province has always been maintained in Victoria, B.C., as a separate juridical entity and until 1974, was housed at St. Ann's Academy in Victoria. After the closure of the school and the sale of the buildings, the administration was moved to Begbie House at 1550 Begbie Street, Victoria, B.C.

Recording activities, transactions, and persons has always been a policy with the Sisters of St. Ann and these are found in ledgers, registers, and forms throughout the fonds, particularly in the context of schools. There are files of correspondence relating to certain subjects or activities, reports and copies of reports made to counterparts in the General Administration and vice versa, minutes of meetings, chronicles (house journals), journals of official visitations, school records, records of Sisters' studies, and a great deal of miscellaneous reference, "orphaned", or ephemeral material.