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Series Hydroelectric power--British Columbia
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Water Rights Branch operational records

  • GR-0884
  • Series
  • 1901-1967

This series consists of records of the Water Rights Branch. Records include government publications, reports, memoranda, correspondence, statutes, regulations, indexes and maps pertaining to water rights, irrigation projects, water reserves, and water power developments, 1901-1967. Includes unpublished reports on the history of irrigation, water power resources policy, public utility regulation, and the Water Rights Branch, the Water Board, and the BC Conservation Fund.

Box 1-2 contains general files.

Box 3 contains the Provincial Water Power Index, ca. 1925-1933. Files are arranged alphabetically by Water District, with Water Rights Branch index numbers, Commission of Conservation index numbers, and Dominion Lands Branch index numbers. Also includes Water District maps showing locations of power site developments, water reserves, applications, and horsepower outputs.

Box 4 contains the Water Reserves Notices Index, 1901-1963. Files are arranged alphabetically by Water District, redone and rechecked February 13, 1963.

Box 5 contains Acts and regulations.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Reports on water management and power projects

  • GR-1427
  • Series
  • 1941-1978

This series contains special studies and reports on water management, power projects and related topics.

British Columbia. Water Management Branch

Engineering reports on Liard and Peace River watersheds

Engineering reports on the power potential of the Liard and Peace River watersheds prepared by British Columbia Engineering Co. and Associated Electrical Industries Ltd. for the Wenner-Gren British Columbia Development Co. and the British Thomson-Houston Co. Includes maps showing potential dam sites and explanatory notes by Ray Williston.

Lands correspondence

  • GR-0360
  • Series
  • 1896-1936

This series consists of selected correspondence files from the several branches of the Department of Lands and works, and its successor the Department of Lands: Lands, Surveys, Water Rights, and Forests. Records include requests for information concerning the availability of land in British Columbia, Water Rights Branch correspondence concerning various power projects and irrigation, forest fire reports, and files on Forest Branch launches. Note: "WRB" refers to Water Rights Branch.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works

Records relating to water works and water power projects

  • GR-1236
  • Series
  • 1915-1953

This series contains records relating to water works and water power projects. The records consist of International Joint Committee hearings, proceedings before the Comptroller of Water Rights, hearings on the Buttle Lake project before a special committee of the B.C. Legislative Assembly, applications, submissions and briefs, engineering data, technical reports, and specifications. Includes materials pertaining to the Kootenay River reclamation projects of the West Kootenay Power and Light Company, 1929-1950; the Columbia River reclamation project at Golden and Windermere, 1913-1915; the Powell River Company's project at Lois River, 1930; the B.C. Electric Railway Company development at Jordan River, 1929; the Burrard Power Company projects at Stave River and Alouette Lake, 1924; the B.C. Power Commission development of Buttle Lake on Vancouver Island, 1951-1953; and miscellaneous other projects.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Environment and Land Use Committee Secretariat programme and project files

  • GR-0881
  • Series
  • 1976-1978

This series consists of the Environment And Land Use Committee Secretariat background notes. Records include program and project briefing notes on resource developments, highway, pipeline and transmission line projects, environmental impact studies, parks and recreation management, forestry operations, university endowment lands, salmonid enhancement, and agricultural land reserve matters, 1976-1978.

The series has been divided into the following subseries:
I. Integrated Resource Planning Studies
II. Policy, Procedures and System Development Studies
III. Project Impact Studies, by ELUC Secretariat
IV. Project Impact Assessment Reviews.
V. Miscellaneous Projects
VI. Agricultural Land Reserve Processing

British Columbia. Environment and Land Use Committee. Secretariat

Wesley Black collection

Wesley Black was a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and cabinet minister for British Columbia.

The records include speeches to the Legislative Assembly (1953-1971) while holding various cabinet portfolios (Provincial Secretary, 1952-1972; Municipal Affairs, 1952-1964; Social Welfare, 1959-1966; Health Services and Hospital Insurance, 1966-1968; Highways, 1968-1972); radio broadcasts, 1959-1971; speeches, 1954-1971; a report; scrapbooks containing clippings, invitations, programs, photographs, menus, letters, and memorabilia, 1952-1972 (7 volumes.); scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, 1952-1967 (4 volumes); scrapbooks, "The British Columbia Medical Plan, Press Book," 1965-1970 (7 volumes.); scrapbooks, "The Overall Medical Service Plan of British Columbia, Press Book, " 1970-1972 (4 volumes); leather bound, presentation copy of Maclean's May 1, 1965.

49 photographs of Black, both individual and group portraits were transferred to Visual Records and reaccessioned as 198202-036.

Black, Wesley Drewett, 1910-

British Columbia Electric Railway Company Victoria branch records

The series consists of records created by the Victoria Branch of the BCER Company between 1867 and 1967. The records, including those of predecessor companies, are grouped in seven categories: Administration, Light and Power, Transportation, Advertising and Publicity, Shortt Commission (1917), Miscellaneous and Maps

Administration includes financial records (accounts, appropriations, reports of corporate officials, salary ledgers - which reflect company organization - etc.).

Light and Power includes reports and statistics re power production and consumption, substation journals, engineering reports on the progress of the Jordan River development, Jordan River powerhouse journals (1912-1966), Goldstream powerhouse journals, records of predecessor companies as well as Public Utility Commission reports and appraisals of BCER property (1939).

Transportation includes internal reports, correspondence and financial records of predecessor company (National Electric Tramway and Lighting Company, Victoria Electric Railway and Lighting Company, Consolidated Railway Company).

Advertising and Publicity includes advertising files of copy and newspaper ad schedules, clipping books of newspaper ads and news items.

Shortt Commission records consist of 3 volumes containing proceedings, evidence exhibits and the report.

Miscellaneous includes some statistical data on rivers in BC some score books of the Jordan River Athletic Club as well as minutes and club files of the BC Electric Tennis Club.

Maps includes 9 maps of various systems and dams.

Fraser River Board library

  • GR-4074
  • Series
  • 1916-1987

This series consists of the contents of the Fraser River Board library. The majority of records date from 1950-1970. The library consists of reference material used by Board staff, as well as reports and records created by staff and contractors in the course of their work for the Board. Most of the studies were completed by the Fraser River Board, as well as its predecessor, the Joint Dominion-Provincial Board, Fraser River. Some records were also created by the Fraser River Board’s successor, the Fraser River Joint Advisory Board.

The records were maintained in order to document studies of various lakes and rivers with emphasis on determining the most effective ways to reduce the flooding potential of the Fraser River. The primary methods of investigation were to increase storage of water in the upper Fraser River through construction of hydro-electric dams, and to expand and improve the dyke systems in the Fraser Valley. Also included are studies of the economic value of lakes and rivers. Other topics addressed include agriculture, power generation, dyke construction, geography, geology, hydrology, transmission lines, meteorology, navigation, oceanography, pollution, sedimentation or erosion, and fish and wildlife in BC.

The library is arranged in four sections:

Section 1 relates to studies of specific sites on the Fraser River, by the Board. Many of these reports contain survey information, technical data, charts, photos and maps relates to the geology or hydrology at a site to determine stability and volumes of water flowage. Many of these reports were created through field work in an attempt to determine potential sites for the construction of dams or water diversion on the Fraser and its tributaries to improve flood control. Other records include: soil samples; technical drawings and design calculations of structures such as dams; studies of watersheds; studies on potential generation and transmission of hydro-electric power; aerial photos; project cost estimates and financial information; assessments of impacts on agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, particularly salmon habitats; as well as oceanography and tidal studies.

Section 2 relates to the Fraser River generally. Much of this material was created by the Board or the Government of BC. Subject matter is similar to section 1, though it includes fewer drafts, technical reports and field note data.

Section 3 contains more general reference material, much of it published, but still relates to places and topics in BC. Some records are created by other government bodies, such as the Canadian government.

Section 4 contains “miscellaneous” library material, much of it was not catalogued. This section includes the final, preliminary, annual and interim reports of the Board and its successors. The section also includes some records about other major dam construction projects in BC, particularly the Columbia River dam. There is also annotated copies of the library index.

Each book or report has a three part call number. The first number is a topical category, such as agriculture or geology (the numbers may vary by section). The second number is a geographical location in BC. The third number is a sequential number. Reports in section 1 have an additional number preceding a “/” which refers to a specific project site on the Fraser River, such as a potential location for a dam. See the original library index for detailed explanations of each of these numbers.

For example, 104/5.1.1 represents McGregor River project / water flowage. Upper Fraser. Item one.

These records were transferred under one time schedule number 890395.

Joint Dominion-Provincial Board, Fraser River Basin (Canada)

Energy Board records

  • GR-0442
  • Series
  • 1960-1972

This series consists of Energy Board records, 1960-1972. Records include administrative files, published Provincial Power Study and related files, reference library files, studies, and reports. This series has been organized into sub-series A to D with the following sub-sub-series:

A: BC Energy Board administrative files - A1. general alphabetical files (19 boxes); A2. Personnel files (3 boxes)
B: Provincial Power Study - B1. Provincial Power Study administrative and organizational files including the following file subjects: Power supply system - existing, under construction and committed, the power market, power resources - general, special studies, power planning, correspondence outward (14 boxes); B2. Provincial Power Study. Montreal Engineering Company Limited. April 1972 10 Volumes plus index (6 boxes); B3. "New Files" Generated After Completion Of Power Study (1 box).
C: Library: a detailed list of this material is appended to the hardcopy of this finding aid. A list of the articles is in of each box (Boxes 45-70)
D: Miscellaneous - D1. Studies; D2. Reports; D3. Ottawa (one box each)

British Columbia. Energy Board

British Columbia Electric Railway Company records

The series consists of records created by the B.C. Electric Railway Company and its predecessors, 1861-1944.

Series includes financial records of the Victoria Gas Company, 1861-1904, Victoria Electric Illuminating Company, 1887-1890 and the National Electric Tramway and Lighting Company, 1889-1944.

The series also includes records and correspondence of the local manager, legal department, Light and Power Department, traffic superintendent, etc. newspaper clippings of the British Columbia Electric Railway, 1897-1944; and records of the Vancouver Island Power Company, 1910-1944.

Utilities regulation files and staff reports of the Public Utilities Commission (1929-1972)

  • GR-1390
  • Series
  • 1929 - 1979

This series contains utilities regulation files and staff reports of the Public Utilities Commission (1929-1972) pertaining to the regulation of private and municipal gas, water, and electric utilities pursuant to the Public Utilities Act. Includes petroleum regulation subject files of the B.C. Energy Commission, Westcoast Transmission Company's rate hearings and pipeline applications (1977-1979), Kitimat pipeline application (1976), records relating to natural gas pipeline applications (1959-1968) and to water power development projects on the Columbia and Peace Rivers (1953-1963), and records of the Puntledge River inquiry (1962).

British Columbia. Public Utilities Commission

Morfee Heritage Group Society. Mackenzie.

Laminated correspondence and reports concerning the Central British Columbia Development Project, a scheme promoted by Percy Gray, Axel Wenner-Gren and others to encourage hydro-electrical development in the Peace River/Liard River districts.

Presented by Percy Gray, London, England and the Morfee Heritage Group Society, 1980.

Morfee Heritage Group Society