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Assessment roll

  • GR-2000
  • Series
  • 1893-1899

Assessment roll, 1893-1899, for Dewdney district municipality incorporated 7 April 1892. For definition of the boundaries of the municipality, see British Columbia Gazette, 1892, page 482.

Dewdney, Corporation of the District of

Briefs for real property taxation review

  • GR-0278
  • Series
  • 1974

Briefs responding to the committee's review of real property taxation submitted to the Chairman of the Select Standing Committee on Municipal Affairs and Housing from March to October 1974.

British Columbia. Legislative Assembly. Select Standing Committee on Municipal Affairs and Housing

Cariboo assessment rolls

  • GR-2599
  • Series
  • 1918-1948

Cariboo Land District, assessment rolls of reverted lands, lots 1-10025, plus Quesnelle Forks and Barkerville Townships. The lots are listed numerically, and record tax sales and reverted lands. Information includes the name of the assessed owner ...

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands

Commission on Property Assessment and Taxation, 1975

  • GR-0362
  • Series
  • 1975-1976

This series consists of the records of the commission of Inquiry on Property Assessment, 1975-1976, including: exhibits, transcripts of evidence, minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports, memoranda, working papers and statistics. Contains pho...

British Columbia. Commission of Inquiry on Property Assessment and Taxation

Commission on Provincial-Municipal Relations in British Columbia (1946)

  • GR-0919
  • Series
  • 1946-1947

The commissioner, Montreal barrister H. Carl Goldenberg, was appointed to inquire into the performance of municipal functions and services in British Columbia as well as the relations between the municipalities and the provincial government. Commi...

British Columbia. Commission on Provincial-Municipal Relations

Commission on School Taxation (1947)

  • GR-0920
  • Series
  • 1947-1948

Commissioners for this inquiry were H. Allan Maclean, Assistant Deputy Attorney General (chairman), Benjamin C. Bracewell, Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs, J.T. Clark, Surveyor of Taxes, R.R.F. Sewell, Secretary of the Union of B.C. Municipal...

British Columbia. Commission on School Taxation (1947)

Custom House Returns

  • GR-2957
  • Series
  • 1859-1869

Custom House Returns. The records In this volume include: lists of articles (quantity and value) imported to British Columbia from Vancouver Island, the United States and the United Kingdom; lists of articles exported from British Columbia; ship...

British Columbia (Colony)

Land tax assessment counterfoil books

  • GR-3767
  • Series
  • 1905-1908

The series consists of four land tax assessment counterfoil books created by the Surveyor of Taxes between 1905 and 1908. The volumes contain the counterfoils of certificates created under form 50 of the Assessment Act, 1903. The certificates we...

British Columbia. Surveyor of Taxes

Legal opinions offered by Attorney General

  • GR-1459
  • Series
  • 1864-1879

Legal opinions offered by Attorney General on a wide range of subjects, as listed in finding aid.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Mineral Revenue Division sample files

  • GR-1787
  • Series
  • 1973-1978

Correspondence; plans, accounting records, audit statements, and related material concerning the collection of taxes on sand and gravel. The tax was initiated in 1975 and discontinued in 1981. This is a sample to show the procedures followed and ...

British Columbia. Mineral Revenue Division

Property tax assessment rolls

  • GR-1637
  • Series
  • 1889-1890

Property tax assessment rolls for the Cowichan Assessment District, 1889, 1890.

British Columbia. Surveyor of Taxes

Provincial Police record of ticket sales and stock book of amusement tax tickets

  • GR-0096
  • Series
  • 1917-1920

The series consists of records created by the British Columbia Provincial Police between 1917 and 1920 relating to the enforcement of the Amusements Tax Act, 1917. Includes record of ticket sales [Victoria?] and stock book of amusement tax ticket...

British Columbia. Provincial Police Force

Reports on cruise and logging conditions

  • GR-1001
  • Series
  • 1922-1931

This series contains reports (4 vols.) on cruise and logging conditions by Ryan, McIntosh Timber Co., Ltd. for land assessment purposes. Includes character of timber, soil, and surface and information on logging operations, log grades, and genera...

British Columbia. Surveyor of Taxes

Royal Commission on Municipal Taxation (1933)

  • GR-0802
  • Series
  • 1933-1934

The commissioners, judge of the County Court of Vancouver, Andrew M. Harper (chairman) and Alexander McDonald Paterson, Reeve of Delta Municipality, were appointed on 22 May 1933. They were charged with investigating all matters relating to munic...

British Columbia. Royal Commission on Municipal Taxation (1933)

Royal Commission on Taxation (1911)

  • GR-0786
  • Series
  • 1911-1912

The commissioners for this inquiry were Price Ellison, Minister of Finance (Chairman), Albert E. McPhillips, MLA, Charles H. Lugrin, Victoria journalist and lawyer and Vancouver businessman W.H. Malkin. The commissioners were appointed 14 Septemb...

British Columbia. Royal Commission on Taxation (1911)

Succession and probate duty registers

  • GR-2930
  • Series
  • 1892-1935

Succession and probate duty registers.Entries in volume 1 are in numerical order with no precise date provided. Entries provide name, whether by probate or letters of administration (P or A), duty paid, and remarks (sometimes date of death, speci...

British Columbia. Property Taxation Branch

Succession duty/probate fees index cards

  • GR-3259
  • Series
  • 1934-1981

Succession duty/probate fees index cards. These records were created by the Income Taxation Branch to track location of probates and payment of succession duties and constitute the only centralized probate index for British Columbia prior to 1980...

British Columbia. Property Taxation Branch

Taxation summaries and statements

  • GR-1444
  • Series
  • 1906, 1930-1931; 1950-1973

The series consists of four folders of summaries and statements created by the Taxation Branch and its predecessor body the Surveyor of Taxes between 1906 and 1973.Folder 1 contains compiled statements of ownership and assessment of timbered parce...

British Columbia. Property Taxation Branch