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Don Laws interview : [Bambrick, 1976]

RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1976-11-23 SUMMARY: Selling ads, George Chandler, work duties, selling, radio advertising, regulations regarding advertising, CJOR history, Mart Kenney, sport, "Town Meeting in Canada", music, radio popularity, "Treasure Trail".

Earle Connor interview

CALL NUMBER: T4049:0004 - 0005
RECORDED: Chemainus (B.C.), 1976-11-25
SUMMARY: Early reception, CKMO, wages and money, first Vancouver stations, CKWX, battery-powered transmitter, CKWX start, equipment, disc cutters, broadcasting singer, records, CJAT Trail, CKWX transmitter, drama program from Trail.

Ernie Rose interview : [Bambrick, 1976]

RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1976-11-23 SUMMARY: First job CKMO, shared frequencies, DX Prowl, equipment, other Vancouver stations 1930's, unauthorized power increases, equipment, wages, collecting accounts, (?), ad copy story, equipment, wages, early TV set, CBC war news.

John Baldwin interview

RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1976-11-18 SUMMARY: Casey Wells and CHWK, news, importance of radios in home, radio sets, selling ads, wages, advertising details, commercial costs, Interprovincial Broadcasting Association, Taylor Pearson and Carson, ad; copy-writing, selling ads, transcription, local music programming.;

Laurie Irvine interview

RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1976-11-24 SUMMARY: Start (radio store), CKFC, Vancouver stations in the 1930s, CKFC, CFJC Kamloops, working conditions, programming, drama with Fletcher Markle, record programs, gags (setting fire to copy), music, drama, news.

Ross MacIntyre interview : [Bambrick, 1976]

RECORDED: Nanaimo (B.C.), 1976-11-20 SUMMARY: Early Vancouver stations, programs in evening, remotes, bike rare (?) story, early station set-ups, early network broadcasts, defiance of off-air order, news, CKWX history.;