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Executive Council records

  • GR-0444
  • Series
  • 1859-1913

Minutes of Colonial and Provincial Executive Council, ministerial reports, State Books, orders-in-council, registers, and indices (1859-1913), along with petitions, dispatches, and correspondence inward to Lieutenant- Governor in Council (1871-190...

British Columbia. Executive Council

Legislative Council records

  • GR-1530
  • Series
  • 1859-1871

Drafts of bills, ordinances, and regulations.

British Columbia. Legislative Council

Speeches by and addresses to colonial governors

  • GR-1717
  • Series
  • 1860-1865

Opening and closing speeches of Governors Douglas and Kennedy to the Legislative Council and House of Assembly of Vancouver Island, 1860-1864; closing speeches of Governor Seymour to the Legislative Council of British Columbia, 1865. Also address...

British Columbia (Colony). Governor

Bruce McKelvie papers

Bruce Alistair McKelvie (1889-1960) was born in Vancouver. He worked as a reporter for the Vancouver Province and later became Managing Editor of the Daily Colonist in 1930. He wrote a number of books on the history of British Columbia and was i...

McKelvie, Bruce Alistair, 1889-1960


Diaries, May 1862 - July 1864, November 1866 - June 1869, July 1869 - December 1871, 1872 - 15 July 1873 (in diary for 1865) recording life at Ashcroft Manor, a sojourn at Wild Horse Creek in the summer of 1865, and in Ottawa as a senator in the s...

Cornwall, Clement Francis, 1836-1910

Barnard Family records

Diary (1867), newspaper clipping books, correspondence out (1863 and 1867), deed and indenture re land of F.J. Barnard; scrapbooks and printed books of F.S. Barnard and dinner party record of Martha Amelia (Loewen) Barnard (1904-1931); F.J. Barnar...

Executive Council meeting minutes

  • GR-1223
  • Series
  • 1864-1866

Minutes of Executive Council meetings, Colony of Vancouver Island. 2 vols., 26 March 1864 - 27 June 1865 and 18 July 1865 - 19 November 1866.

Vancouver Island. Executive Council

Maitland family papers

The Royal Lethington "Pat" Maitland family papers are composed of Maitland's personal correspondence, speeches and addresses, Logs of the House (Legislative Assembly of British Columbia), scrapbooks, etc. Also includes corresponden...

Legislative Council records

  • GR-1531
  • Series
  • 1864-1868

Messages to the Governor conveying resolutions of the Legislative Council.

British Columbia. Legislative Council

Ship's journal

Ship's journal, January 1 - June 13, 1865; also contains random diary entries [R. Colston], 1873, 1874, 1882, 1883. Blank pages not filmed.

Leviathan (Ship)

Great Britain. Colonial Office.

Copies of British Columbia Executive Council minutes, 10 January 1865 - 7 July 1871. Originals in Public Record Office, London, among Colonial Office records: 62/2.Presented by J.E. Hendrickson, Victoria, 1981.

Great Britain. Colonial Office

John Robson papers

Series consists of correspondence inward and outward (1868-1894), commissions, certificates, letters of appointment, testimonials, invitations and dance programmes, messages of condolence to Mrs. Robson on the death of her husband (1892). Also in...

Morton, James. Victoria; Newspaper Reporter.

Manuscripts of articles and poems, newspaper clippings of articles, letters to the editor, and poetry. Many of the articles are on BC history and political figures. Morton was a legislative reporter and later secretary to Premier Oliver and MacL...

Morton, James


Incomplete diary, 1870, of the governor's private messenger. Blank pages not filmed.

Legislative Assembly records

  • GR-1533
  • Series
  • 1871-1893

Drafts of bills, acts, ordinances and regulations.

British Columbia. Legislative Assembly

Lieutenant Governor's records

  • GR-0443
  • Series
  • 1871-1936

Papers of the Lieutenant-Governors of British Columbia. Includes transcripts of telegrams between Victoria and Ottawa, letterbook copies of official despatches outward (1871-1881), despatches inward from Governor General, Secretary of State, and ...

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Election records from Victoria

  • GR-1667
  • Series
  • 1871-1872

GR-1667 consists of poll-books, voters' lists, and correspondence relating to two landmark elections in British Columbia: the election of 1871 of representatives to the provincial legislature, and the election of 1872, called to elect provin...

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Lieutenant-Governor letters inward and speeches

  • GR-0049
  • Series
  • 1872-1878

The series consists of letters inward to the lieutenant governors of British Columbia from 1872 to 1878, enclosing copies of speeches made by the lieutenant governors of diverse provinces re: opening or closing legislative assemblies, or acknowled...

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Correspondence of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

  • GR-1312
  • Series
  • 1873-1875

Correspondence of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly [J. Roland Hett], 12 November 1873 - 14 January 1875. Letterbook copies; 1 volume.

British Columbia. Legislative Assembly

Provincial Secretary letterbooks

  • GR-0540
  • Series
  • 1873-1918

Letterbook copies of correspondence outward. Index to correspondence missing.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Regulations and circulars

  • GR-0551
  • Series
  • 1873-1908

Miscellaneous regulations and circulars emanating principally from Provincial Secretary's office, 1873-1904, 1908.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary


  • GR-1305
  • Series
  • 1879-1881

Volume containing letter-book copies of correspondence from Lieutenant Governor A.N. Richards to Senior Naval Officer, Esquimalt (3 January 1879 - 2 June 1881), along with schedule of despatches received by Lieutenant Governor Edgar Dewdney from S...

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor


  • GR-1306
  • Series
  • 1881

"Correspondence between Mr. De Cosmos, as Special Agent to London, and others, respecting the Petition of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, to the Queen, on the subject of the Canadian Pacific Railway from March 22nd 1881 ... to A...

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Premier's records

  • GR-0441
  • Series
  • 1883-1887, 1895-1933; predominantly 1883-1887, 1895-1933

The duties and powers of the Premier of British Columbia devolve from the practices and traditions of British parliamentary government, and are nowhere clearly defined. Indeed, the Constitution Act of 1871 and its revisions make no mention of the ...

British Columbia. Premier

Bruce A. McKelvie papers

Correspondence, notes, diaries, typescripts of speeches and articles, scrapbooks and historical manuscripts relating to British Columbia history and politics. Born in Vancouver in 1889, Bruce Alistair McKelvie was a historian and newspaperman. He...

McKelvie, Bruce Alistair, 1889-1960

Circular letters

  • GR-0050
  • Series
  • 1887-1896

The series consists of circular letters to the Lieutenant Governors of British Columbia from 1887 to 1896, from the Under Secretary of State, Ottawa.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-0586
  • Series
  • 1890-1972

Correspondence relating to the issuance of commissions to members of the Executive Council, to the oath of allegiance taken by cabinet ministers, and to royal toasts; index and registers of oaths of office and oaths of allegiance of members of the...

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Sessional clipping books

  • GR-1480
  • Series
  • 1891-1972

Sessional clippings books of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Consists of newspaper accounts of the debates, along with notices of motion, petitions, committee reports, etc. Volumes also contain editorials from major newspapers in N...

British Columbia. Legislative Library

Pattullo papers

Private and official correspondence, speeches, accounts, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, reports, memoranda and miscellaneous items. The papers consist of 84 document boxes [volumes 1-84] of private and official correspondence, inward and outward...

Pattullo, Thomas Dufferin, 1873-1956

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