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Maynard family collection Maynard, Adelaide M. With digital objects
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Photograph album of Mrs. A. H. Maynard, 1872 - 1892

File is a family carte de visite album with a brown leather cover and metal clasps containing photographic prints, the bulk of which are card-mounted studio portraits that document the Maynard family, in particular the Albert Hatherly Maynard and Adelaide Maynard (nee Graham) family. The album is attributed to Adelaide Maynard, and appears to have been a gift to Adelaide Graham (1859-1892) from Albert Maynard (1857-1934). Photographs depict Adelaide Maynard’s domestic life before and after her marriage through primarily portraits, as well as a few snapshots and other materials that document her circle of family and friends of her and her husband, her role as a wife and a mother, and the domestic life of a Victorian family. The bulk of the photographs are credited to photographer Mrs. R. Maynard (1834-1918) but there are also works of other commercial photographers including Ontario based W.A. Cooper and JAS. Egan’s New Photographic & Portrait Gallery. The album includes popular Maynard family images that appear in other Maynard family albums.

The family album consists of 100 photographic prints, including sepia toned albumen carte de visites, plus other portrait forms such as tintype miniature portraits inserted in twenty-five pages. There are annotations found on some album pages and also on the verso of prints. Information largely consists of names and occasionally the age of the subject or the price of the print. There does not appear to be dates or associated photograph numbers for the original negatives present on album pages or prints. Mounted cards, carte de visites, often contain imprints on the verso noting the name and studio location. On nine of the pages prints appear to have been removed. There are also several prints housed loose within the album. Other materials include a few hand-painted photographs, a business card and several seasonal greeting cards which do not contain photographs.

A.H. Maynard family members are represented in individual and group studio photographs. The album includes individual and group portraits of Albert Hatherly and Adelaide Maynard, several mother and child portraits of Mrs. A. Maynard and child, as well as individual portraits of their infant children including John Ridgemen Maynard (b.1879). The album also includes portraits containing the following names in their associated captions: "Bob Liddell," "Mary Vipond," "Jack Kirkup," "G Anderson," "Frank Graham," and "J. Carter." Some of these captions refer to photographs which are missing from the album.

Likenesses of Albert Maynard’s mother (Hannah Maynard) and his siblings including Emma Maynard (1859 or 1860-1893), Zela Maynard (1854-1913), and Laura Lillian “Lillie” Maynard (1867-1883) are also featured frequently in individual and group portraits sometimes depicting domestic scenes and activities. Arthur S. Rappertie (1854?-1923) who worked for the Maynards in the 1870s to early 1900s is also present here. There are a number of unidentified prints of infants, babies, children and adults, including a number of male sitters, which may or may not relate to the Maynard family. There are several non-studio images, family photographs taken on excursions at the beach, at a group picnic, and outside a residence.

Portrait styles reflected in the album include headshots, side profiles, as well as mid and full-length likenesses that employ a variety of studio props. Several portraits of the Maynard children depict Mrs. R. Maynard’s use of side lighting techniques. Child and baby portraits, as well as those of toy dolls present in the album, are similar portrayals than those featured in Hannah Maynard’s annual “Gems of British Columbia" series of portrait montages of the 1880s and 1890s.

There are also portraits of other individuals and objects. These include commercial cartes of “Effie German,” as well as a number of portraits of children’s dolls including a tintype with the annotation “Mifs M.A. Morton” on the verso of the print. There is a business card of James F. Macdonald, the husband of Emma Maynard. The album concludes with two New Year's greeting cards: one addressed to A. H. Maynard and the other Mrs. Albert H. Maynard.

Maynard, Adelaide M.