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Ocean Falls Hospital Society fonds

  • PR-2287
  • Fonds
  • 1935-1972

The Ocean Falls Hospital Society (S2000) was incorporated in 1932. Records consist of administrative and operational correspondence, Board of Management meeting minutes, schedule 50XH reports and Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act correspondence. Also included are Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act reconciliation reports, 1961-1970.

Hospital Programs executive records

  • GR-3998
  • Series
  • 1974 - 1989

The series consists of correspondence and other records of the executive director’s office, Hospital Programs, Ministry of Health. The correspondence is between members of the Health Programs executive team (executive director, regional directors, Assistant Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister, and Minister of Health) and regional hospitals or health care facilities in British Columbia. The correspondence documents routine business activities relating to hospital reviews, hospital programs, staffing levels, hospital expansion, hospital expenditures, operating budgets and other financial/funding issues, hospital complaint files, hospital annual reports, and regional hospital district matters. The records were created by the Ministry of Health’s Hospital Programs division and Hospital Insurance Service between 1974-1989. These records were created under the Hospital Act (RSBC 1996, c. 200), Health Act (RSBC 1979, c. 161), and Health District Act (RSBC 1996, c. 202).

The records are arranged alphabetically by hospital or facility name and by ministry file code. They consist of incoming and outgoing executive correspondence, accompanying reports, hospital publications, data and statistics, memoranda, briefing notes, agendas and minutes, and annual reports. The records are covered by the Executive Records schedule (schedule 102906).

British Columbia. Hospital Programs

Hospital constitutions and bylaws

  • GR-3724
  • Series
  • 1911-1987

The series consists of correspondence, memos, annual reports, draft bylaws, procedures, short reports, constitutions, certificates created under the Societies Act, and small booklets, usually pertaining to a hospital society’s constitution and bylaws. The records provide evidence of the process of developing and amending constitutions and bylaws for hospital societies across British Columbia. Hospital societies appear to have been governed under both the Hospitals Act and the Societies Act, and the Revised Statutes of British Columbia has noted that “notwithstanding the Society Act, a society that owns or operates a hospital shall not exercise any of the borrowing powers conferred by the Society Act without the prior approval of the minister.” (RSBC 1979, c. 176) Under later iterations of the Hospitals Act, a society could not change its constitution or bylaws without ministerial approval. In many cases, however, amendments appear to have been made to the consitutions and bylaws in this series in order to comply with changes made to the Societies Act.

Records in this series are arranged alphabetically by institution name. The BC Cancer Foundation has been filed under “c” for “Cancer Foundation,” and the Mount Waddington Hospital Society was filed under “P” for Port McNeill.

Some of the files originally had records on both the left and right side of the file folder. The metal clips holding these records in place have been removed for preservation purposes. Records that were originally on the left side of the file can be found on the top of the records and are face down. Records that were originally on the right side of the file are on the bottom of the pile, and are face up.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Private hospital establishment and inspection records

  • GR-3652
  • Series
  • 1941-1982

The series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence, memoranda, financial statements, lists and inventories and sale agreements relating to private hospitals across the province. The records were created between 1941 and 1982 by the British Columbia Hospital Insurance Service and its successor body, the Hospital programs branch of the Ministry of Health. The records provide evidence of the licensing function of the branch, and provide information about the administrative structure of private hospitals in the province. Under the Hospital Act (RSBC 1960, c. 178, s. 10) no private hospital could be licensed without first receiving approval from the Chief Inspector. The series also provides evidence of the closure of private hospitals and the transferal of patients to other facilities. The series also includes a number of inspection reports for private facilities, although these are by no means complete and GR-2565 and GR-2567 provide additional inspection reports.

The series is arranged alphabetically by property name.

British Columbia. Hospital Insurance Service

Alternative Payments program files

  • GR-3487
  • Series
  • 1968-2011

The series consists of applications, reports, forms, correspondence, printouts from government databases, and budget information received, maintained and created by the Ministry of Health and its successors. The records were created between 1968 and 2011 for the Alternative Payments program. The series documents the provision and monitoring of Medical Services Plan (MSP) funding for physician and health care practitioner services through alternative payment agreements to regional health authorities. The functions of the Alternative Payment program were controlled by the Physicians’ Compensation branch.

The Alternative Payments program is a method of funding physician services by the Medical Services Plan through means other than the fee-for-service method. The program is designed to secure sufficient access to care in situations where fee-for-service arrangements may not guarantee physicians the financial support or stability to be able to provide needed care, such as in teaching hospitals or community-based services in rural areas. There are two models for alternative payments : service agreements and sessional arrangements. Service agreements consist of a contract between the Ministry of Health and a Health Authority which retains physicians under contract or direct employment. Sessional arrangements are based on contracts between a Health Authority and a physician.

Records consist of alternative payment agreement accountability records case files. Records regard reviewing applications from regional health authorities for funding for programs within their geographic areas of responsibility; developing and monitoring agreements with regional health authorities; monitoring programs funded by alternative payments methods; and processing payments to regional health authorities in accordance with approved agreements. The series also include some files with related policies, procedures and forms.

Ministries responsible for the creation of this series, and their dates of the responsibility, are:
British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)
British Columbia. Ministry of Health Services (2001-2005)
British Columbia. Ministry of Health (2005-2008)
British Columbia. Ministry of Health Services (2008-2011)

The records are arranged in several groups of accessions by health region and then by agency or health authority. The records are covered by Medical Services Plan ORCS 40740-20, 40600-00 and 40700-02.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Hospital Consultation Division records

  • GR-2670
  • Series
  • 1955-1978

These records document the activities of the Hospital Consultation Division, including its liaison with and supervision of public hospitals throughout the province. The records are arranged alphabetically by the geographic location of each institution, from Abbotsford to Williams Lake. Records relating to each hospital are separated into files for general correspondence (1964-1978), reports (1955-1976), functional program (1971-1978) and equipment (1974-1978). Some hospital records include additional files relating to special subjects such as disaster plans or controversial issues.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Publications relating to regulation of hospitals

  • GR-2650
  • Series
  • 1937-1971

Records of the Finance Division of the B.C. Hospital Insurance Service, hospital manuals issued by the BCHIS and publications relating to hospitals and hospital management.

British Columbia. Hospital Insurance Service

Commission on the Hospital for the Insane at New Westminster (1901)

  • GR-0731
  • Series
  • 1901

The Commissioner, C.K. Clarke, M.D. of the Rockwood Asylum for the Insane (Kingston, Ontario), was appointed to inquire into all matters connected with the general administration of the Hospital for the Insane at New Westminster. Records include the Commissioner's 14 page report in which he called attention to certain administration defects and offered recommendations. He also noted advances and advocated changes in the treatment of patients.

British Columbia. Commission on the Hospital for the Insane at New Westminster (1901)

Hospital Insurance Service correspondence and other material

  • GR-0679
  • Series
  • 1948-1971

This series consists of correspondence, memoranda and reports regarding hospitals and hospital insurance, 1948-1971. Boxes 3 to 5 consists of policy files.

British Columbia. Hospital Insurance Service

Hospital Insurance Service diary and inspection reports

  • GR-0267
  • Series
  • 1948-1950

The series consists of an unsigned diary believed to be kept by the Hospital Insurance Commissioner, Dr. J. Hershey, from 1948-1950; and inspection reports submitted to A.W.E. Pitkethley, Executive Director of BCHIS.

British Columbia. Hospital Insurance Service