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Public welfare--British Columbia
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[Drug abuse commercials]

Television commercials. Three 60-second spots on drug abuse, featuring: (1) inmate James Ferlig; (2) radio announcer Fred Latremouille; and (3) young boy and girl walking, with announcer voice-over.

Drugs is a bummer . . .

Educational. B.C.'s Heroin Treatment Act of 1978 initiated government programs for the treatment of heroin addiction in the province. Health Minister Robert McClelland, other government officials and medical staff are shown addressing sympos...

[Jobs available]

News item. Department of Human Resources job finders. In 1975, 2,000 people found jobs and were taken off welfare.

[Vander Zalm]

News item. At a press conference, Human Resources Minister Bill Vander Zalm discusses combining the human resources and health boards. Individual resource boards to be eliminated. Combined boards will continue to work through Regional Directors,...

[Transition houses]

News item. Transition houses for women in a time of crisis. Spokeswoman feels that such houses should receive funding from provincial welfare department.

[Resource boards]

News item. The Minister of Human Resources announces that Community Resource Boards are to be abolished. A central government Resource Board will replace them. As a result, people will have less say in community affairs.

[Vander Zalm]

News item. Human Resources Minister Bill Vander Zalm claims that "welfare numbers have constantly and steadily reduced" in 1976. He goes on to say that "more and more people are being placed in employment . . . and fewer can fewer ...

[Vander Zalm -- fraud]

News item. Human Resources Minister Bill Vander Zalm talks about peole who cheat on welfare, and how they could be caught by 12 inspectors working throughout BC.

[GAIN demonstration]

News item. The GAIN welfare program does not give people who are handicapped and/or chronically unemployed enough money to live on their own, even if they could or wanted to do this. Demonstration at the Legislature has the support of MLAs Rosema...

[Vander Zalm -- handicapped]

News item. Demonstration on Legislature grounds. Protestors wear signs reading: "Vander Zalm punishes the handicapped with unfair criteria." Human Resources Minister Bill Vander Zalm intends to give the handicapped more help with priorit...


Educational. The purpose and services of HAVEN, a Nanaimo-based agency providing emotional support and emergency lodging for battered women, are discussed by founder Donna Watt.

Webster! : 1987-01-19

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: To start the show, Jack speaks with Claude Richmond, Minister of Social Services. They discuss Mr. Richmond’s latest threat in saying th...

Webster! : 1987-01-21

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: Jack starts the show with Darlene Marzari, NDP MLA Vancouver-Point Grey, and Joan Smallwood, NDP MLA Surrey-Guildford-Whalley. They are...

Robert Bonner interview : [Young, 1966]

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Robert Bonner : a Social Credit cabinet minister, 1952-1968 PERIOD COVERED: 1950-1966 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1966 SUMMARY: Bonner made only cursory study of Social Credit doctrine. Disenchanted with "old-line...

Bill Vander Zalm : [press conferences, etc., 1976-1977]

CALL NUMBER: T0985:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Vander Zalm: Comments on Partis Quebecois victory RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976-11-16 SUMMARY: Bill Vander Zalm comments on the election victory of the Parti Quebecois, November 16, 197...

Vancouver Resources Board abolition -- protests

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Protests against the abolition of the Vancouver Resources Board RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1977-06 SUMMARY: Protests against the proposed abolition of the Vancouver Resources Board, June 1977. Speakers include Darlene ...

Tilly Rolston : [talk]

SUMMARY: Talk by Tilly Rolston, Member of Legislative Assembly for Vancouver-Point Grey, about: British Columbia election June 15, 1949; socialism, British experience; Coalition Government, accomplishments; so;cial security, hospitalization plan; ...

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