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Tuberculosis patient case files

  • GR-3475
  • Series
  • 1921-2013

The series consists of patient files for tuberculosis patients treated at clinics across the province. Typical patient files include medical notes, and some files include correspondence and small x-rays. The series documents the admission, diagnosis, treatment and discharge of patients suffering from tuberculosis and related chest ailments.

The records contain admission and discharge dates, diagnosis, laboratory reports, chest consultation forms with patient medical history, hospitalization summaries, applications for medical examination, progress notes, x-ray reports, clinical notes, consent forms, doctors’ orders, anti-microbial therapy records, correspondence, and, in some cases, autopsy reports with photographs.

Records in accession 95-9233 include files that were used in drug studies. These patient records are generally identified by a participant number which is linked to a master name-and-number index.

The series is arranged numerically by patient number. The records are covered by the Communicable Disease Control Services ORCS (schedule 122350), classification 23400-20. Not all records dating from this time frame are in BC Archives' custody, as some are still with the creating agency.

British Columbia. Division of Tuberculosis Control

Records of clergy in the Pacific Northwest

Series consists of records relating to clergy serving the Roman Catholic Church in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska including correspondence, diaries, memoirs, and programs for jubilees, installations and funerals as well as relics, speeches and photographs. There are notes, reports and correspondence that relate to Indigenous peoples of Vancouver Island the greater Pacific Northwest.

Records of other religious communities

Series consists of records related to other religious communities and congregations that the Sisters worked with or were familiar with, including the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Records in this series consist of correspondence, publications, newsletters, histories, and photographs. Included is a photocopied scrapbook related to Christie Indian Residential School created by the Immaculate Heart Sisters, and group photos from Lejac Indian Residential School depicting the Sisters of the Child Jesus.

Office of Protocol commemorative materials

Series consists of an assortment of textual records, pins, medals, and other materials, produced in recognition of significant symbolic events in the history of British Columbia. These include the 1958 Centennial, the 1966/7 Centennials, the 1971 Centennial, Expo 86, and events involving the Royal Family. They had been collected by the Office of Protocol to send to the Provincial Archives for preservation. Some items were selected out during the arrangement and description process due to duplication or poor condition. Given the small volume of materials, no formal arrangement has been applied.

This series contains the following items:
Go British Columbia ; complete orchestral score
For this is British Columbia - Summer Dream - by Greg and Rich ; 45 rpm single vinyl disc
B.C. 100 years of progress 1858-1958 ; novelty license plate
1871-1971 Centennial ; artistic textile map of British Columbia
1998 Royal Dedication at the Legislative Assembly ; textual record
125th Anniversary of British Columbia letter from Queen Elizabeth II ; textual record
1987 Draft Royal Proclamation regarding the coat of arms of British Columbia ; textual record
1986 World Fair Government of British Columbia Proposed Royal Visit Itinerary to the Government of Canada ; 1 vol.
1971 Centennial triangular arm patch ; 2 textiles
1971 Centennial circular arm patch ; 2 textiles
1971 Centennial circular arm patch with gold embroidery ; 2 textiles
1967 British Columbia pioneer medal ; 1 medal
1971 British Columbia pioneer medal ; 1 medal
1971 British Columbia pioneer medal with dogwood pin ; 1 medal
1977 Queen Elizabeth II medallion ; 1 medallion
1967 Centennial of Canadian Confederation medallion ; 2 medallions
1971 British Columbia centennial pin ; 1 pin
1971 British Columbia centennial pin with dogwood ; 1 pin
1967 Centennial of Canadian Confederation pin with original cardboard backing ; 1 pin
1971 British Columbia centennial medallion with cardboard backing ; 1 medallion
1966/7 British Columbia centennial medallion with cardboard backing ; 1 medallion

British Columbia. Office of Protocol

Canada Land Inventory maps

  • GR-4287
  • Series
  • [1969-1983]

The series consists of published Canada Land Inventory (CLI) maps showing land use potential in British Columbia. This includes capability for land areas to sustain wildlife, agriculture, forestry and recreation. Land inventory maps were collected and compiled by the Provincial Archives of British Columbia in the 1970s and 1980s. The maps are arranged alphabetically by geographic region within each land usage classification. 1:1,000,000 scale maps are overviews of the entire surveyed area and provide an index to the 1:250,000 scale maps, which show land capability for geographic sub-sections of the province.

Provincial Archives of British Columbia

Provincial AIDS strategy – ManCount survey records

  • GR-4302
  • Series
  • 2008 - 2009

The series consists of records created during the ManCount survey conducted from August 2008 to February 2009 in Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood. ManCount was a second-generation surveillance study linked to M-Track, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)’s national HIV and other sexually transmitted infections monitoring program. The ManCount study surveyed over 1100 men visiting gay venues in Vancouver; participants' blood samples were linked to the questionnaire and unique to the rest of Canada, a subsample of the men surveyed were tested for the Human papillomavirus (HPV). This data was collected and analyzed in order to describe changes in the HIV/AIDS epidemic over time. The questionnaire studied sexual experiences over the past six months, including assessing HIV infection prevalence, differences in behaviours between HIV negative and positive men, and the awareness of HIV positivity.

The series is arranged by subject and the survey responses are arranged by anonymized survey number. The records consist of consent forms, correspondence, memoranda, survey questionnaires and responses, laboratory results, statistics, and print outs of study data saved to CD-ROM. The series is covered by secondary 22800-03 provincial AIDS strategy of the Communicable Diseases ORCS (schedule 122350).

Federal-provincial relations records

  • GR-4278
  • Series
  • 1960 - 1988

The series consists of records documenting the participation and relationship of the BC government with provincial, territorial, federal, and international governments. The records were created and received by the Ministry of International Relations and predecessor organizations responsible for this function, the Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services and the Office of the Premier between 1960-1988 in British Columbia. Many of the records document Melvin H. Smith’s role as an advisor on constitutional reform and other aspects of federal-provincial relations. Of particular note are records from the Continuing Committee of Ministers on the Constitution (CCMC) relating to drafting and adopting the Constitution of Canada. The federal and provincial First Ministers agreed on the need for constitutional change and established a committee of federal and provincial ministers to meet and report to First Ministers. In 1982, the Constitution Act achieved complete independence for Canada by allowing Canada to change its constitution without British approval. There are also files documenting Annual Premiers’ Conferences, foreign visits and visitors, federal/provincial relations, Cabinet Committee on Economic Development, and cabinet submissions on funding for the Institute for Research on Public Policy, and correspondence (general and with ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Assistant Deputy Ministers). Records also document the ministry’s additional mandate of maintaining BC House in Ottawa and London and its cabinet committee secretariat services.

The records are arranged roughly alphabetically by conference/meeting name or subject. They consist of correspondence, meeting materials, copies of news clippings and publications, reports, verbatim transcripts, briefing materials and issues files. The records are covered by section 3 of the Office of the Premier and Executive Council ORCS (schedule 881099) primaries 12000 to 12999.

British Columbia. Ministry of Intergovernmental Relations

Maynard glass plate negatives

Series consists of 46 glass plate negatives possibly taken in the 1890s for Hannah and Richard Maynard's photography business. Most are studio portraits, many of babies and young children, and many are group photographs of people on camping trips.

Consulting engineer files

Series consists of correspondence, invoices, pay statements, maps, and photographs related to Owen Goward's work as a consulting forestry engineer from 1937 to 1968.

Reference materials

Series consists of reference materials used to support Owen Goward's career in forestry in Oregon and British Columbia from 1936 to 1969. It includes forestry, professional, and employee publications, bulletins, handbooks, and catalogues.

Personal files

Series consists of records created by Owen Goward while carrying out everyday aspects of his life, between the 1930s and 1964. The include vehicle service receipts, life insurance policies, government bonds, invoices, a journal, administrative files, and other records.

Owen Goward paintings

Series consists of 8 watercolour paintings of British Columbia painted by Owen Goward between the 1930s and 1970s. The paintings depict various scenes and locations from around British Columbia.

Goward, Owen

Owen Goward maps

Series consists of maps produced or referred to by Owen Goward in his work as a forestry engineer. Also included are some maps and architectural drawings of the family home, "Woodlands". Maps accessioned by the Maps Division are listed by their reference numbers in this series. Other maps have been arranged into files and described in the attached finding aid. The two often overlap in time, region, and project, and are clearly related to the same contracts.

Records of the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works, Yale District

  • GR-0826
  • Series
  • 1859-1886

This series consists of the records of the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works, Yale District, 1859-1886. Records include 5 volumes of pre-emption records and one volume of certificates of improvement.

Volume 1, nos. 1-392 (1859-1872)
Volume 2, nos. 275-312 and 1-24 (1870-1871)
Volume 3, nos. 25-279 (1871-1884)
Volume 4, certificates of record of unsurveyed land, nos. 250-294 (1874-1885)
Volume 5, certificates of record of unsurveyed land, nos. 292-295 (1883-1886)
Volume 6, certificates of improvement, nos. 1-27 (1870-1873)

Volumes 1 and 4 have nominal indexes. Note that these volume number have been added by the BC Archives; they are not the original volume numbers applied by the creator.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works

Pulpwood agreements

  • GR-4304
  • Series
  • [1963-1980]

This series consists of pulpwood agreements created by the Ministry of Forests and its predecessors from around 1963-1980. The records were created or received by the Ministry of Forests headquarters. They relate to the issuance, administration, monitoring and replacement of Pulpwood Agreements pursuant to the Forest Act. Pulpwood Agreements are designated to allow the continuance, establishment or expansion of a timber processing facility. Records may also relate to pulpwood areas set aside for the issuance of pulpwood agreements.

The records primarily relate to the Vancouver Forest District and the Prince Rupert Forest District. Records include correspondence, maps, applications, pulpwood licences and other legal documents.

Records scheduled as 19560-25 in the Forests ORCS.

British Columbia. Ministry of Forests (1976-1986)

Rossland government agent financial records

  • GR-4303
  • Series
  • 1906-1943

This series consists of 6 volumes of financial records created by the government office in Rossland from 1906-1914 and 1936-1943. The records are cash books used to record receipts and payments by the government agent and tax collector. Records record the collection of various taxes from Rossland and nearby towns. There is also one volume recording Rossland government agency deposits and bank remittances.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Rossland)

Rossland government agent correspondence

  • GR-4299
  • Series
  • 1893-1910

This series consists of correspondence created and received by the government office in Rossland from 1893-1910. Records may have been sent to the Government Agent, Gold Commissioner, Mining Recorder, tax Assessor and Collector, Registrar of Voters or other positions that were based in the Rossland office. May of these positions were likely held by one individual who acted in multiple roles.

Records include correspondence, forms, receipts, statistics, court records and financial records. They relate to a variety of subjects, including mining records, mineral claims, voter registration, maintenance of voter lists, court records, police matters, office administration, office expenses, land purchase, land pre-emption, and leases. The majority of the records relate to tax assessment and collection, particularly for businesses. The series also includes some records related to appeal courts and the court of revision related to property, mineral, income and business tax assessments.

Records cover the area immediately around Rossland and other towns in the west Kootenay region, such as Nelson, Phoenix, Greenwood, Grand Forks. Midway, and Trail, or Trail Creek.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Rossland)

Research notes of Wilson Duff

Referred to as the Wilson Duff Papers, these records are microfilm copies of primarily the original research and field notes of Wilson Duff who was curator of Anthropology at the British Columbia Provincial Museum from 1950 to 1965 and deal with the ethnology of aboriginal peoples in British Columbia. Some field notes of other museum anthropologists are also included. The original papers consist of approximately 1.5 meters of textual records. The majority of them were microfilmed in order to make the contents available to clients of the then British Columbia Archives and Records Service. The Royal British Columbia Museum retained the original papers including some maps, typescripts and oversize material that were not microfilmed.

Wilson Duff received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a Masters Degree in anthropology from the University of Washington (Seattle) in 1951. From 1950 to 1965 he served as Curator of Anthropology for the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal British Columbia Museum). He also directed the British Columbia Government Anthropology Program from 1960 to 1965. From 1965 until his death in 1976 he was a Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. During his term as Curator of Anthropology with the Museum, Wilson Duff conducted the research work documented in these papers. The papers are a diverse collection of material, consisting of field notes, maps, official and unofficial records, and copies of published and unpublished works. Records of later museum anthropologists also form a part of this collection. The Wilson Duff Papers document many aspects of Indigenous history and culture, and include important linguistic information. They also document the activities of Wilson Duff and other staff of the Provincial Museum.

British Columbia Provincial Museum

Rural property tax roll

  • GR-3861
  • Series
  • 1979-1995; 1997-2000

The series consists of rural property tax roll records created by the Property Taxation Branch between 1979 and 2000 for the purposes of billing. The tax roll covers every parcel of rural land in BC on which taxes are imposed. The roll is based on assessed values determined by the British Columbia Assessment Authority, parcel taxes calculated by regional districts and tax rates set by the provincial government and local taxation authorities for the various classes of real property.

The tax roll records are on over 9000 COMfiche (computer output microfiche) sheets and are arranged first by year and then by collection district. Within each collection district the fiche are arranged by the first part of the folio number (same as the school district number) and on each fiche sheet the individual records are arranged by folio number. The fiche sheet has a folio listing in the bottom right hand corner which provides the grid reference location on that sheet for the closest folio.

The collection districts may change from year to year as districts are renamed, renumbered or new districts are added, consult the file list to verify the collection district number for the year in question.

Each folio contains the name and address of the registered owner of the property, the legal description of the property and the property taxes owed for that year.

The records have been classified as 45540-14 under the Property Taxation Operational Records Classification System (ORCS).

British Columbia. Property Taxation Branch

Centennial '71 Committee records

  • GR-1450
  • Series
  • 1969-1972

This series consists of records created by the British Columbia Centennial '71 Committee from 1969-1972. The committee's mandate was to make and carry out "all arrangements necessary for organizing a celebration of the centenary of British Columbia joining Canada." As had been the case in the centennial celebrations of 1958 and 1966-1967, the Deputy Provincial Secretary, L.J. Wallace, was primarily responsible for overseeing the organization of the 1971 celebration.

Following a tradition established with the earlier centennials, the provincial government offered per capita grants to assist communities with local events and projects. The government, through the Centennial '71 Committee, also organized and helped to finance a large number of major events and programmes. Events included a Provincial Festival of Sports and a Royal Visit by HM the Queen. Educational, cultural and historical programmes included the Queen Elizabeth II scholarships, Stop of Interest plaques, and a large number of school pageants.

In addition to the above, the Centennial Committee presented pioneer medallions to B.C. residents who were either born in Canada or were a resident of Canada prior to 1897. Applications for medallions may be found in GR-1490.

Records include administrative and sub-committee files (dealing with particular events and activities) and project files (dealing with commemorative building projects undertaken by local communities throughout the province). Subseries A (Files A-A-1 to A-W-3) contains Administrative files, Subseries B contains Project files, and Subseries C contains Local Committee files.

British Columbia. Centennial ’71 Committee

Records of the Rossland Gold Commissioner

  • GR-4291
  • Series
  • 1889-1955

This series consists of records related to mining activities in the Rossland division of the West Kootenay mining district from 1889-1955. The majority of the records were created by the Rossland Gold Commissioner and the Rossland Mining Recorder. The earliest records were created by the Trail Creek Mining Recorder (located near the modern city of Trail), which predated the establishment of a government office in Rossland, around 1900.

Many of the records are copies of forms created under the Mineral Act as part of creating a mineral claim for mining purposes. There may be duplicate copies of some records.

Records include: mineral claim tax records; cash books and other financial records; records related to water rights for mining; notices of abandonment to mineral claims; notices of work on mineral claims; applications for affidavits; declarations for full or fractional mineral claims; applications for certificates of work; certificates of work; certificates of improvement; bills of sale volumes which also include mining court records and power of attorney document; free miners certificates; records of mineral claims; mining records and other statistics; maps; and various indexes.

British Columbia. Gold Commissioner (Rossland)

Cominco sound recordings

The series consists of taped interviews and radio broadcasts, all relating to Cominco. The original recordings include audio cassettes, 3", 5", 7" and 10" reels and 8 track tapes.

T3135 to T3147 consists of thirteen oral history interviews with retired Cominco employees, recorded by students employed under the Young Canada Works Program in the summer of 1977.

Items T4217:1-2 consist of the proceedings of the annual general meetings for Cominco, 1978 and 1980.

T4245 consist of oral history history interviews, recorded from [197-] to 1982. Archives staff transcribed many of the interviews or kept content notes. Three of the interviews consist of notes or memoirs only, no taped recording. If a transcript of an oral history interview exists, it is noted in the file list. Documentation files containing notes on interviews are also indicated on the file list.

T4350 consists of oral history interviews with retired Cominco employees (1-42), recorded between 1977 and 1981, mainly by Dr. Joanne Pepper. It also contains recordings (43-88) of radio broadcasts and audio tracks for slide presentations, social events and pension rallies, all recorded between the 1950s and 1983. No transcripts exist for these recordings however some content notes exist in the accession file.

Index to letters inward

  • GR-4301
  • Series
  • 1869-1872

This series consists of one index or register of correspondence inward from 1869-1872. Letters were received by the Lands and Works Department, Colonial Secretary, Provincial Secretary, Treasury Department, and other miscellaneous senders. The date of receipt and a brief description of the subject is included.

British Columbia (Colony). Treasury Dept.

Timber cruise reports

  • GR-4300
  • Series
  • 1922-1929

This series consists of three volumes of reports and indexes of timber cruises and logging conditions created around 1922-1929. The volumes were created by Ryan McIntosh of Hibberson Blair Timber Company Ltd. for the BC Forest Branch. The majority of the cruises were conducted on Vancouver Island and the Kootenay region. This includes timber in the following land districts: Alberni, Comox, Cowichan, Nanaimo, Prince Rupert, Vancouver, Victoria, Fort Steele, Golden, Kettle River, Revelstoke, and Slocan.

The reports document the quantity, quality and financial value of timber available for harvest in a given area. This includes the character of the timber, stumpage values, assessment information, logging conditions, grades of logs, map reference numbers, statistics, and other comments.

British Columbia. Forest Branch

Vancouver Supreme Court probate/estate files

  • GR-2991
  • Series
  • 1966-1999

Series consists of Vancouver Supreme Court probate/estate files for 1966-1999.

Records are arranged by file number (i.e., P-93200 to 227369). Dates in file list are filing date, not the date of death. For records on microfilm, original textual records were destroyed after microfilming. The records were scheduled for full retention under Court Services ORCS (schedule 100152) 51460-20.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Vancouver)

Mineral claim record book

  • GR-1144
  • Series
  • 1890-1897

This series contains a record book relating to mineral claims (1 volume). This register was maintained by the Mining Recorder, but contains grants and records approved by the Gold Commissioner, Nelson, B.C. Included are a record of affidavits of mineral claims, water grants for mining purposes, mineral claim extensions, relocation of mineral claims, and a permission to remove stakes from a mineral claim.

British Columbia. Mining Recorder (Rossland)

Port Simpson and Prince Rupert County and Small Debts Court plaint and procedure books

  • GR-1629
  • Series
  • 1908-1976

This series contains Port Simpson (1906-1908) and Prince Rupert (1906-1990) County Court plaint and procedure books for 1906-1976. Plaint and procedure books provide the framework for County Court civil action cases and may include the names of parties, the dates when proceedings occurred, and can be used to determine a volume and folio number for locating final orders.

Volume 5 also includes cases heard in Prince Rupert Small Debts Court in 1913.

British Columbia. County Court (Prince Rupert)

Lower Post Convent and Indian Residential School records

This series consists of records related to The Sisters of St. Ann's work at Lower Post Residential School.

Lower Post Indian Residential School was opened in 1951 on Daylu Dena territory to provide Catholic education to Indigenous children from Northern British Columbia and the Yukon. Prior to the opening of Lower Post, many children had been sent to Lejac IRS in Fraser Lake or Grouard IRS in Alberta. Following changes to federal legislation, in 1968 the institution’s name and mandate changed from Lower Post Indian Residential School to Lower Post Residence, with some students living at the residence and attending school elsewhere.

Among the first contingent of Sisters of St. Ann who arrived at Lower Post Indian Residential School was a Registered Nurse. The Sister Nurse, besides taking care of the First Nations at the school and in the Village, was also on call for the residents of Watson Lake and the Air Force Base. This outreach service merited a grant of $100.00 per month from the Department of Health and Welfare for the Sister Nurse’s salary.

For the fall of 1970, the Provincial Superior of the Sisters of St. Ann assigned only four Sisters at Lower Post Student Indian Residence for the following school term. The Provincial Superior then announced in February 1971 that the Sisters would be withdrawing altogether. The Sisters of St. Ann withdrew from the school June 1971. The Residence remained open, operated by the federal government, until 1975.

Records in this series are divided into two subseries: A. Convent records; B. School records. The convent subseries contains records relating to the activities of the local house and convent, which includes chronicles, local house minutes and accounts, and photographs. The school subseries contains a typescript history of the school as well as a timeline of events, a yearbook, a manual for Yukon teachers, a film, and photographs.

Canada, British Columbia, NTS, 1:250,000 maps

Series is a collection of 78 Canada National Topographic System maps of British Columbia, produced between 1954 and 1989, covering grid areas 82E to 114P. Most were produced by the Canada Federal Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources. Some were also produced by the Province of British Columbia. They are all at 1:250,000 scale. See file list for complete list of maps.

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