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Industrial Townships Commission : reports, correspondence

  • GR-3386
  • Series
  • 1986-1997

The series consists of reports and correspondence from 1986 to 1997. These records were created and acquired by John G. Callan, Commissioner of the Industrial Townships Commission between 1989 and 1997. The records mainly consist of reports, illustrated with colour photographs, written for the Minister of Municipal Affairs. The reports give detailed information about the annual inspection trips of the three member Industrial Townships Commission to the Kemano townsite, which was run by the Aluminum Company of Canada, Limited (Alcan).

British Columbia. Board of Commissioners (Industrial Townships)

Government Information Service public information film and videos

  • GR-3435
  • Series
  • 1980-1986

The series consists of film and videos of government documentaries, television advertisements, and other promotional material from the period of 1980 to 1986. The Ministry of Government Services' Government Information Services (GIS) was the centralized government agency for producing audio-video programs for all ministries and JEM Productions was contracted by the GIS to shoot and edit various programs.

This series represents provincial government functions and events representing various regions of British Columbia, including the lower mainland, Peace River and Okanagan regions.

The records consist of 10 videos and 1 film comprising current government initiatives and accomplishments; coal mining and dam developments; BC Place and BC Transit development; a 1986 premier's address; and development of the Coquihalla highway.

  1. Premier's Report 1986. (1" video reel.)
  2. Partners in enterprise - television ads. (3/4" U-matic videocassette.)
  3. Coquihalla in 20 months through the mountains. (1" video reel.)
  4. BC Pavilion. (1" video reel.)
  5. Take a giant step. (1" video reel. 4 min. promotions in English, French and Japanese.)
  6. BC Reports - various programs. (1" video reel.) - NE coal - Best of bad times - Education - the challenge/opportunity - A forest for all seasons
  7. BC Reports - various programs. (1" video reel.) - #5 The right kind of help - #8 Health care - the first priority - #10 The planning pays off - #13 Transit & transition - Bill Bennett speech
  8. BC Reports - various programs. (1" video reel.) - #1 Food for thought - #316 BC open for business - #12 Reality of restraint
  9. Partners in enterprise - promotion. (1" video reel.)
  10. Stop the hearings start the dam. [AKA Fort St. John Site C rally] (3/4" U-matic videocassette.)
  11. Light rapid transit for Greater Vancouver. (16 mm film reel)

British Columbia. Government Information Services

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority films

  • GR-3354
  • Series
  • 1945-1984

The fonds consists of industrial, engineering, and public relations films created for or by British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority and its predecessors (the British Columbia Electric Company and the British Columbia Power Commission) from 1945 to about 1984. This material includes 164 unique film items in 16 mm film, each containing one or more printing elements such as prints, sound tracks, negative reels, selected out-takes and unedited footage. In some cases, there are no edited prints, only miscellaneous reels of footage.

Most of the BC Electric and BC Hydro films are the work of Vancouver producer Lew M. Parry. The fonds also includes a number of non-Hydro films produced by Parry, as well as a selection of prints and film material relevant to BC which had been circulated through (or stored at) Hydro's film library.

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority

Administrative records

  • GR-1002
  • Series
  • 1972-1980

This series contains administrative and subject files relating to natural resource development and environmental policies. Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, briefs, etc.

In 1971 the Environment and Land Use Act (S.B.C. 1971, c. 17) established the Environmental and Land Use Committee (ELUC) as a committee of the Executive Council of British Columbia. The committee was to establish and recommend programs to increase public awareness of the environment, to ensure that environmental concerns were fully considered in the administration of land and resource development, and to make recommendations and reports to the Executive Council. The committee was empowered to conduct public inquiries, appoint technical committees, and hire experts, specialists and researchers. Although little else was done in 1971-1972, the foundation for a full-fledged committee of cabinet had been laid. One of the first actions of the New Democratic government, elected in September 1972, was to utilize the ELUC structure as the basis of a powerful decision-making body. In May 1973, Robert Williams, Minister of Lands, Forests and Water Resources formed the ELUC Secretariat headed by a Director with Deputy Minister status and consisting of three sections with a staff of over one hundred. The ELUC Secretariat was the first time in B.C.'s political history that a permanent staff served a committee of cabinet. The Secretariat conducted studies on economic development, made recommendations to cabinet on the rationalization of resource and land use policies and provided information directly to Ministers. By 1975, ELUC had a membership of nine out of a cabinet of nineteen and was the decision making core of the government as far as resource development was concerned. The work of the Secretariat was thus central to all resource and land use policies. After the formation of William Bennett's Social Credit government in 1975, a formal cabinet committee structure was initiated in all areas of policy. The Environment and Land Use Committee was not part of this structure and the newly formed Economic Development Committee took on the chief role in coordinating resource, environment, and land use policy. Although ELUC was still nominally a cabinet committee, its importance was greatly reduced. The Minister of Environment became the chairman of ELUC and the scope of the Secretariat was diminished. The Secretariat's staff was entirely absorbed by the Ministry of Environment and there were budget cuts. Despite this reduced role, ELUC and its Secretariat were still functioning as a vehicle for advice and recommendations for a coordinated resource development policy. For most of 1978, the members of ELUC were the Ministers of Environment, Agriculture, Economic Development, Forests, Health, Highways and Public Works, Mines and Petroleum Resources, and Recreation and Conservation. The role of the Secretariat was to conduct integrated resource development planning, policy and procedure studies, to implement impact assessments of major resource developments, and to advise on Agriculture Land Reserve matters.

British Columbia. Environment and Land Use Committee. Secretariat

Utilities regulation files and staff reports of the Public Utilities Commission (1929-1972)

  • GR-1390
  • Series
  • 1929 - 1979

This series contains tuilities regulation files and staff reports of the Public Utilities Commission (1929-1972) pertaining to the regulation of private and municipal gas, water, and electric utilities pursuant to the Public Utilities Act. Includes petroleum regulation subject files of the B.C. Energy Commission, Westcoast Transmission Company's rate hearings and pipeline applications (1977-1979), Kitimat pipeline application (1976), records relating to natural gas pipeline applications (1959-1968) and to water power development projects on the Columbia and Peace Rivers (1953-1963), and records of the Puntledge River inquiry (1962).

British Columbia. Public Utilities Commission


The series consists of 63 black and white photographs or postcards created or acquired by Hutchings in the 1920s and 1930s which mainly document the 1936 Skeena flood and its impact on Anyox and Terrace. There are also snow slide photographs taken near Lillooet and Fernie in the 1930s. In addition there are some photographs of Smithers, postcards of the Revelstoke area and several other miscellaneous photographs.

The series also includes 27 black and white copy prints loaned by Hutchings for copying by the Provincial Archives in 1972. These prints show the town site of Anyox including the dam, the smelter and various fires.

Water Rights Branch operational records

  • GR-0884
  • Series
  • 1901-1967

This series consists of records of the Water Rights Branch. Records include government publications, reports, memoranda, correspondence, statutes, regulations, indexes and maps pertaining to water rights, irrigation projects, water reserves, and water power developments, 1901-1967. Includes unpublished reports on the history of irrigation, water power resources policy, public utility regulation, and the Water Rights Branch, the Water Board, and the BC Conservation Fund.

Box 1-2 contain general files.

Box 3 contains the Provincial Water Power Index, ca. 1925-1933. Files are arranged alphabetically by Water District, with Water Rights Branch index numbers, Commission of Conservation index numbers, and Dominion Lands Branch index numbers. Also includes Water District maps showing locations of power site developments, water reserves, applications, and horsepower outputs.

Box 4 contains the Water Reserves Notices Index, 1901-1963. Files are arranged alphabetically by Water District, redone and rechecked February 13, 1963.

Box 5 contains Acts and regulations.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Kenney Dam photographs

The series consists of 1146 photographic prints and negatives taken by Harry Jomini between 1951 and 1954. These photographs document the construction of the Kenney Dam, part of the Kitimat Kemano project undertaken by the Aluminum Company of Canada (Alcan). The series includes photographs of the area including Kemano, Burns Lake, Francois Lake, Nechako, Ootsa and Vanderhoof. There are also photographs of individuals and groups living in the community. The prints are almost all numbered, titled and dated and were originally filed in 14 black binders and an envelope of loose photographs and negatives. Jomini visted the construction site on a regular basis from 1951 to 1954 and documented all aspects of the construction. Volume 14 documents the ceremony for the unveiling of the cornerstone by the Minister of Public Works E.T. Kenney on May 10, 1952.

Records regarding the construction of Coquitlam Dam

  • GR-3964
  • Series
  • 1909-1916

This series consists of records related to the construction of a new dam at Coquitlam Lake Dam by Vancouver Power Co. Ltd., 1909-1916. Records cover the study and survey of Coquitlam Lake, and attaining approvals for plans, construction, and water use for producing electricity and as a municipal water supply. Records include correspondence, engineering reports and environmental reports.

At the time of construction, Coquitlam Lake was part of the Railway Belt and under the jurisdiction of the dominion government. All records are copies from Canadian Department of the Interior file 656216 nos. 3, 4, 5. The metal pin holding the file together was removed for conservation purposes and the records placed in archival folders. The copied file was likely provided to the Provincial Water Rights Branch for reference around the end of the file in 1913. There are also several loose pages of original records from the BC Comptroller of Water Rights, labelled with file number 8987 dating from 1913 to 1916.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Chief Hydrographer correspondence

  • GR-0836
  • Series
  • 1911-1912

This series consists of letterbook copies of correspondence outward from the Chief Hydrographer regarding water surveys, irrigation projects, dams, etc. Includes nominal index.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Public Works contracts, plans, and correspondence

  • GR-0087
  • Series
  • 1862-1909

The series consists of records created by the Dept. of Lands and Works between 1862 and 1909. The records include contracts, specifications, plans, correspondence, returns of work performed, reports and accounting material pertaining to the construction, maintenance, and repair of diverse roads, bridges, dams, wharves, and buildings.

British Columbia. Dept. of Lands and Works