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  • GR-2570
  • Series
  • 1937-1956

Scrapbook of the Inspector of Hospitals. Contains articles regarding programs for the care of the chronically ill, care of the aged, child care programs, mental illness and hygiene, home care programs and other subjects. Also contains pamphlets regarding alcoholism and drug addiction.

British Columbia. Office of the Inspector of Hospitals

Royal Commission of Inquiry, Health and Environmental Protection, Uranium Mining

  • GR-2582
  • Series
  • 1979-1980

The Commissioners, David V. Bates, James W. Murray and Vaulter Raudsepp were appointed in 1979 to inquire into the adequacy of existing measures to provide protection in all aspects of uranium mining in British Columbia especially as to worker and public safety and protection of the environment. Early in 1980, the Government of British Columbia declared a moratorium on exploration for and mining of uranium. In the wake of this decision, the Commission was rescinded by order-in-council 442/80 on 27 February 1980.

The records in GR-2582 consist of: verbatim transcripts of public hearings held by the Commission (72 vols.), indexes to transcripts and statements of evidence; a witness list; and an index to the Commission's research library (the Uranium Information Centre). A published three volume Commissioners' Report is held by BC Archives Library, call number: NW 338.274932/B 862. Video tape recordings of hearings are available under accession numbers: V1981:16/122 and V1988:50/162. Additional records of the Commission, transferred in 1980, are held in GR-0882. Most of the commission's records were transferred to the BC Archives in 1980. The library of the Commission was transferred to B.C. Research in Vancouver where it became known as the Uranium Information Centre.

British Columbia. Royal Commission of Inquiry, Health and Environmental Protection, Uranium Mining

Records of the Provincial Health Officer

  • GR-3518
  • Series
  • 1984-1988, 1997-2010

The series consists of the records of the Provincial Health Officer from 1984-1988 and 1997-2010. These records are arranged into subseries for each Provincial Health Officer.

Subseries 1 is the records of H.M. Richards, Provincial Health Officer from approximately 1981 to 1993, though records only cover the dates 1984-1988. Richards had previously been the Assistant Deputy Minister, Preventative Services. Records may also be those of Ron de Burger the later, Assistant Deputy Minister, Preventative services and Robert Fisk, Acting Provincial Health Officer.

The majority of records relate to epidemiology, AIDS and tuberculosis. Records include correspondence, including letters from concerned members of the public and interest groups, draft and final copies of educational material and pamphlets, reference material, and reports.

Subseries 2 is the records of Dr. Perry Kendall, who served as the Provincial Health Officer from 1999-2018. The series consists largely of news releases, correspondence, annual reports, presentations, and notes dating from 1997 to 2010. The series includes records that address the health of the province’s aboriginal population, air quality, fall prevention for the elderly, infant mortality, teenage obesity and activity levels, teenagers’ sex education, and a provincial drug strategy. The series also consists of a VHS recording of Dr. Kendall at a December 15, 2004 press event, as well as a DVD and audio dubbing master for the short informative film “Step by Step : preventing falls among the elderly.”

The records in subseries 2 are arranged by project and were originally housed in file folders within expandable project folders. Files have been removed from the expandable folders due to over-stuffing, however, the first half of each file title reflects the title of the expandable file.

British Columbia. Provincial Health Officer

Records of Dr. Richard Gordon Foulkes with regard to health care in BC

  • GR-2662
  • Series
  • 1946-1974

Dr. Richard Gordon Foulkes was appointed as a Special Consultant to the Minister of Health in 1973. His terms of reference were "to present recommendations which could lead to a rationalization of health care services of the Province".

The files include working papers (produced by other researchers), subject files of Dr. Foulkes, and published material gathered by Dr. Foulkes. The published material includes the 1946 Plan of Medical Services in B.C. by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Access to these records will be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The working papers and the published material do not contain any restricted material.

Series 1 - Working papers

Series 2 - Subject files

Series 3 - Published material

British Columbia. Dept. of Health

Public Health Branch newspaper clipping books

  • GR-0144
  • Series
  • 1916-1925

The series consist of five newspaper clipping books created by Public Health Branch between 1916 and 1925.

British Columbia. Provincial Board of Health

Provincial Board of Health glass negatives and slides

  • GR-2192
  • Series
  • 1922-1932; [ca. 1946]

The series consists of glass slides and negatives created by the Provincial Board of Health from 1922 to 1932 and ca. 1946. The photographs were created to document the infectious diseases of leprosy and smallpox, 1922 to 1932, and the slides in particular were used to provide information to health care professionals about infectious diseases. Another set of slides, made ca. 1946, were created to educate people about the steps Civil Defence units would take to provide medical service in the event of an atomic bomb.

British Columbia. Provincial Board of Health

Operational records

  • GR-2875
  • Series
  • 1938-1983

Card series documenting activities of the public health nurses in relation to school inspection, immunization, natal care and co-operation with the Indian Health Services.

British Columbia. Coast-Garibaldi Health Unit

Newspaper clippings and other material

  • GR-0638
  • Series
  • 1906-1908

This series consists of newspaper clippings concerning public health and the campaign to establish an institution for the treatment of tuberculosis. Includes one photograph, "Lepers at D'arcy Island".

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Minutes and annual reports

  • GR-3494
  • Series
  • 1914-1999

The series consists of the annual reports, publications and minutes of various health units in the Okanagan and Kootenay regions. The records were in the custody of the Interior Health Authority and it appears that the Health Authority received them after 20 smaller health units were merged to create one geographically-based health authority in 2001.

The series consists of the annual reports of the South Okanagan-Similkameen, the Cariboo, the Northern Interior, the North Okanagan, West Kootenay, Central Kootenay, East Kootenay, Skeena and Selkirk health units. Although the records date to between 1914 and 1999, not every health unit is represented by a complete run of annual reports. The Legislative Library of BC also has many of the same annual reports, and it is possible that any gaps in this series can be filled by their holdings. The annual reports provide statistics and overviews of matters of public health and safety.

The series also consists of the minutes of the South Okanagan-Similkameen Board of Health, and the Health Officers’ Council of British Columbia. The minutes document key decisions made by the Board.

The records are covered by ARCS 202-20, 338-20 and 442-20.

British Columbia. Interior Health Authority

Health records with regard to disease outbreaks

  • GR-2586
  • Series
  • 1924-1939

The series consists of files kept by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Henry Esson Young, from 1924 to 1939. The files relate mostly to outbreaks of disease, including smallpox, infantile paralysis (poliomyelitis), plague, trachoma, tick paralysis, psittacosis, and leprosy. The files contain correspondence of the Provincial Health Officer with Medical Health Officers in B.C. and the U.S. Public Health Service about outbreaks of infectious disease, including the 1932 smallpox epidemic in Vancouver and recurring incidents of diphtheria at the Queen Alexandra Solarium. They also include reports relating to lab services.

British Columbia. Provincial Health Officer

Health education newspaper clipping book

  • GR-0145
  • Series
  • 1936-1943

The series consists of a newspaper clipping book and loose clippings concerning venereal diseases created by the Dept. of Health between 1936 and 1943.

British Columbia. Health Education and Information, Dept. of Health

Harriet Gerry fonds

  • PR-1912
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1941]

The fonds consists of Gerry's amateur films depicting her experiences as a public health nurse in First Nations communities around B.C.

Gerry, Harriet Emma, 1892-1981

Executive records of the Assistant Deputy Ministry, Community and Family Health

  • GR-4019
  • Series
  • 1987 - 1990

This series consists of the executive records of the Assistant Deputy Ministry (ADM), Community and Family Health, 1987-1990. These records document the creation of the Community and Family Health division which was the amalgamation of the previously separate Preventative and Community Care Services in 1988. The new division included all Public Health promotion and protection programs delivered through health units across the province and the BC Centre for Disease Control, and programs operated or funded by Mental Health Services, Forensic Psychiatric Services, and Services to the Handicapped. Examples of records documenting these activities include the advisory committee on health promotion and wellness (Preventative Services), vocational rehabilitation of disabled persons (Services to the Handicapped), and child and youth mental health services (Mental Health Services). Records also include program specific reports, correspondence on restructuring the Community and Family Health division, program specific briefing notes, cooperation and liaison files documenting significant program specific relationships (Associated Boards of Health), and other related committee activities such as the hospital and community partnership program committee and the interministerial committee on strengthening the family. These records were created and received by the Ministry of Health in BC under the Health Act (RSBC 1996, c. 179) and other applicable legislation such as the Forensic Psychiatry Act (RSBC 1979, c. 139), and the Mental Health Act of British Columbia (RSBC 1996, c. 288). The mission of the division was to promote the health of individuals and communities in BC by monitoring population health, and the cost-effective implementation of community-based preventative, protection and treatment strategies.

The records are arranged by subject and relevant Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS) code. They include correspondence, memoranda, reports, briefing notes, and meeting materials. These records are classified under the Executive Records schedule (102906). Records in this accession appraised for destruction documented routine administrative activities. Some files have been removed for tobacco litigation. These files are identified on the file list as [removed].

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Executive records

  • GR-2698
  • Series
  • 1946-1978

In 1946 the health and welfare programs of the Department of the Provincial Secretary were transferred to the new Department of Health and Welfare. The Provincial Secretary continued to be responsible for the administration of the Hospital Act, including funding the hospitals, until 1948, when the B.C. Hospital Insurance Service was introduced as a third branch of the Department of Health and Welfare.

These files contain correspondence of the Deputy Ministers of the Health Branch from 1946 to 1974, G.F. Amyot, J.A. Taylor and G.R.F. Elliot, and also correspondence of G.R.F. Elliot when he was the Assistant Deputy Minister of Community Health Programs, 1974-1978.

British Columbia. Dept. of Health Services and Hospital Insurance

Executive records

  • GR-2649
  • Series
  • 1963 1979

Ministry of Health executive records. This collection includes the files of J.W. Mainguy (Deputy Minister of Health 1975-1978), W.J. Lyle (Deputy Minister of the Hospital Insurance Service 1972-1975 and Deputy Minister of Medical and Hospital Programs 1975-1977), and Chapin Key (Deputy Minister of Health 1978-1981). It also contains files of outgoing correspondence of Dennis Cocke (Minister of Health 1972-1975), and R.H. McClelland (Minister of Health 1975-1979). These files were transferred from the Ministry of Health in 1987. There are four series: 1.Subject files of the Deputy Minister of Health, J.W. Mainguy (1975-1978), followed by Chapin Key (1978-1981). Boxes 1-23, 1963-1979. 2.Subject files of the Deputy Minister of Medical and Hospital Programs (W.J. Lyle). Boxes 24-27, 1964-1978. 3.Binders re Conferences of Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Boxes 27-28, 1974-1977. 4.Daily correspondence files (outgoing) Boxes 29-30. -Minister of Health - (Dennis Cocke), 1974-1975. -Minister of Health - (R.H. McClelland), 1976-1977. -Deputy Minister of Medical and Hospital Programs (W.J. Lyle), 1974-1977.

British Columbia. Dept. of Health Services and Hospital Insurance

Executive records

  • GR-2588
  • Series
  • 1977 1981

Files of two Deputy Ministers of Health, J.W. Mainguy (1975-1978) and Chapin Key (1978-1981). Initials for each file note their creator.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Community Health Services records

  • GR-2688
  • Series
  • 1979-1981

Files of Dr. G.H. Bonham, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Community Health Services.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)