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Administrative records relating to Forest Protection Plans

  • GR-0992
  • Series
  • 1929

This series consists of Forest Protection Plans, 1929, by S.E. Marling (288 pp.). Includes information on ranger stations, buildings, boats, equipment, fire lookouts, organization, trails, forest cover, causes of fires, and list of settlers with telephones.

British Columbia. Kamloops Forest District (1913-1978)

Annual grazing reports

  • GR-1238
  • Series
  • 1951-1955

This series contains grazing annual reports for the years 1951, 1952, 1954 and 1955. The reports are typescripts with inset photographs.

British Columbia. Kamloops Forest District (1913-1978)

Archibald McKinlay Diary Part 2

File consists of the diary of Archibald McKinlay, the second part of two. The diary documents his travels in the role of reserve commissioner through the Okanagan region, and also contains copies of outward correspondence and expenses. A loose sheet in the back of the diary contains copies of letters written by James McKinlay and a list of plants.

McKinlay, Archibald, 1811-1891

Ashcroft Police Court record books

  • GR-0033
  • Series
  • 1911-1961

The series consists of record books created by the Ashcroft Police Court from 1911 to 1922 and 1948 to 1961.

British Columbia. Police Court (Ashcroft)

Bench book and record book

  • GR-2185
  • Series
  • 1910-1913

Combined bench book and record book.

British Columbia. Small Debts Court (Elko)

Bills of sale and orders-in-council

  • GR-1825
  • Series
  • 1873-1912, 1914-1922

Register of bills of sale, 1873-1912 (case nos. 1-856). This register is primarily for Clinton, but also includes bills of sale from Williams Lake, Canoe Creek, and Ashcroft. Copies of orders-in-council relating to the administration of bills of sale are also included. An alphabetical index to the names of grantors listed in this volume is tucked into the front cover. An alphabetical index to the names of grantees was later discovered in a different accession and is available in 002340-1022.

The series also consists of several type-written pages of bills of sale and chattel mortgages dating from 1914 to 1922. The 1914-1922 records were originally transferred with registers of bills of sale from Kamloops, but were not found to match the Kamloops records. The case numbers run from 1047 to 1598 and cover bills of sale from Ashcroft, Upper Hat Creek, Clinton, Lillooet and Lytton. A comparison between many of the grantor and grantee names in the 1912 and 1914 records suggests that both sets of records belong to the same series.

Related Orders-in-Council:

OIC: established C.E. Pope with authority for Polling Divisions of Williams Lake, Canoe Creek and Clinton, 25 Apr 1873

OIC: Lillooet named as a district (based at Clinton) for Bills of Sale, 1 Oct 1895

OIC: Cariboo district also to be handled at Clinton for Bills of Sale, 9 Jan 1896

OIC: changing base of County Court of Cariboo from Ashcroft to Clinton, 23 May 1905

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Board of Investigation records

  • GR-1367
  • Series
  • 1911

This series contains a record of the Board of Investigation list of streams upon which water records have been issued in the Kamloops Water District by E.T.W. Pearse, Water Commissioner, Kamloops, B.C., May 5th, 1911. The series includes an index to water rights transfers in Kamloops, no date.

British Columbia. Water Rights Branch

Board of Review files

  • GR-2396
  • Series
  • 1936-1939

The series contains Board of Review files from the Kamloops County Court, created under the federal Farmers' Creditors Arrangement Act, 1934 and registered in the Kamloops County Court from 1936 to 1939.

British Columbia. County Court (Kamloops)

[British Columbia Ministry of Forests stock shots]

Thie series consists of an extensive collection of stock shots, depicting a wide range of B.C. Forest Service and Ministry of Forests activities and related subjects. Compiled from footage shot for a variety of purposes, the material was retained for potential use as stock footage in BC Forest Service and Ministry of Forests film productions and TV spots. Some footage was also loaned out for TV news use.

Calumet Journal

File consists of one unbound journal from Calumet Farm kept by William Manson between April 17 and July 31, 1860. Calumet Farm was a created as a farming outpost for Fort Kamloops.

Manson, William

Charles George Cowan business records

Business records of Cowan and Penrose Land Agents (Kamloops), including office diaries, correspondence, accounts, and legal documents re property they handled arranged alphabetically under the names of the English investors. Papers of C.P. Cunliffe re his investments in Colonel James Baker's Cranbrook estate and the Cariboo Trading Company, 1913-1931. Papers of C.G. Cowan re acquisition of the Onward Ranch and the 150 Mile Ranch from the Cariboo Trading Company.

Clinton and Kamloops Assize jury lists

  • GR-3248
  • Series
  • 1884-1896, 1906-1968

Jury lists: annotated copies of lists of the Panel of Grand Jurors and Panel of Petit Jurors summoned to attend the Court of Assize in Clinton (1884-1896) and Kamloops (1906-1968). The date of the Assize, name, occupation and place of residence are given.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Kamloops)

Commissioner of Grazing's records

  • GR-1206
  • Series
  • 1919-1920

This series contains the Commissioner of Grazing's file carbon copies of free grazing permits issued in the Vernon and Cariboo Grazing Districts as well as a letter transmitting grazing fees (form) from the Kamloops Grazing District. The boundaries of grazing districts coincide with those of the forest districts of the same name.

British Columbia. Forest Branch


Letters from Anne (McQueen) Gordon written from Nicola and Kamloops (1887-1888), St. Thomas, Ontario (1890), Salmon Arm (1894-1895), Crow's Nest Landing, Phillipps, and Gateway (1897-1905), and Victoria (1912-1925). Two letters from Jessie McQueen, Lower Nicola, 1890-1891. Anne Gordon taught school in Nicola before her marriage. In Victoria she was involved with community and women's organizations and was head of the Homes Branch of the Soldier Settlement Board.

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-1227
  • Series
  • 1972-1976

This series contains files from the Public Information and Education Division. The records consist of correspondence of the Minister of Lands, Forests and Water Resources on controversial matters including: multiple use in the Nitinat Triangle (1972) and Fry Creek (1972-1973) areas, and the Eden Fire (1973-1975). This series also contains the report of the Committee for Ranger District Organization (1976) which was appointed as a result of the Eden Fire controversy.

British Columbia. Forest Service. Public Information and Education Division

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-1228
  • Series
  • 1933-1954

This series contains general correspondence files regarding Provincial Forest Reserves coded MFR Supervision according to the Forest Service filing system described in Operational Manual with instructions to Forest officers ... (Victoria, 1942), pp. 109-110, 341-353. For a copy see GR-0944, Box 1. Files containing this code pertain to all correspondence and reports dealing with Forest Reserves, policy, methods of classification for Reserve, regulations, Orders-in-Council establishing boundary surveys, etc.

British Columbia. Kamloops Forest District (1913-1978)

Correspondence outward

File consists of transcription copies of outward correspondence of Hamilton Moffatt while employed by the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Kamloops.

Moffatt, Hamilton

Cowan Family records

Ledger, 1887-1889, and daybooks, 1889-1892 and 1892-1894, Eagle and Paxton (Onward Ranch); reminiscences and scrapbook of C.G. Cowan re big game hunting, travel in the Yukon, Alaska, and British Columbia, and work as ranch manager and land agent, Kamloops and Cariboo; letters of his wife, Vivien Cowan to a friend, 1964-1970, describing life on the Onward Ranch, painting, artist friends, etc.

[DeWolf collection : McKowan mill operation]

Amateur film. Footage of the McKowan Mill, a portable sawmill, cutting Ponderosa Pine at an unknown location in the Nelson or Kamloops Forest District. The mill is a very basic one, mounted on skids similar to those used for donkey engines on the coast. Some scenes show the mill being yarded to a new location.

Fernie Supreme Court orders

  • GR-2182
  • Series
  • 1907-1917

The series consists of indexed Supreme Court orders from 1907 to 1917, from the Fernie Court Registry. An order is the document, filed in the court registry, which sets out the decision of the judge or master.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Fernie)

Fort Kamloops fonds

  • PR-1665
  • Fonds
  • 1841-1870

The fonds consists of journals of Fort Kamloops, created between 1841 and 1870, and kept by John Tod, William Manson, Hamilton Moffat and Paul Fraser, as well as a letter book of Hamilton Moffatt's outgoing correspondence during the time he was Chief Trader at Fort Kamloops.

Hudson's Bay Company. Fort Kamloops

Fort Kamloops Journal

File consists of one journal kept by John Tod while employed by the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Kamloops between August 3, 1841 and December 19, 1843.

Tod, John, 1794-1882

Fort Kamloops Journals

Series consists of five bound journals kept by Hudson's Bay Company employees Paul Fraser, William Manson, and Hamilton Moffatt at Fort Kamloops.
Journals consist of:
Paul Fraser's Thompson River Journal vol. 1, August 17, 1850 - May 17, 1852
Paul Fraser's Thompson River Journal vol. 2, September 1, 1854 - June 10, 1855
William Manson's Fort Kamloops Journal vol. 1, January 1, 1857 - December 15, 1860
William Manson's Fort Kamloops Journal vol. 2, December 16, 1860 - November 30, 1862
Hamilton Moffatt's Kamloops Journal, January 1, 1867 - July 10, 1870.

Hat Creek Ranch business records

The Hat Creek Ranch was formed in 1910 by Charles Gottfried Doering when he purchased the McCosh, O'Hara and original Hat Creek Ranches and amalgamated them. The ranch, which was located in the Bonaparte Valley near Ashcroft, was a cattle and horse-breeding, as well as an agricultural centre. Hotel Hat Creek was also situated on the ranch and was operated by Doering.

In addition to his ranching interests, Doering was involved in the brewing industry and associated hotel trade. He was president of the British Columbia Breweries, Ltd., which was incorporated in 1911 following an amalgamation of three other breweries. Until prohibition in 1917, he was also involved in the operation of several Vancouver hotels.

Business records of the Hat Creek Ranch, including account books and land, water and livestock records, and of British Columbia Breweries and Hotel Hat Creek. The business records reflect the day-to-day business operations of Hat Creek Ranch and, to a lesser degree, Hat Creek Hotel, first under Doering and later under John Basil Jackson. There are also records related to land transactions, grazing leases, water rights applications and breeding. Also included is correspondence regarding Doering's brewery and non-local hotel interests which deals primarily with the windup of British Columbia Breweries, Ltd., and his divestiture of his hotels.

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