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Land tenure--British Columbia

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British Columbia Federation of Agriculture records

Constitution and by-laws; minutes and resolutions of meetings and BCFA conventions; correspondence pertaining to BCFA organization, agricultural matters, the Pacific National Exhibition, freight rates, Fraser Valley floods, and taxes; papers and correspondence concerning expropriation; briefs submitted by individuals and organizations to the Royal Commission on Expropriation (1961); BCF.A. briefs and submissions to federal and provincial governments; reports and convention material of some farm product specialty organizations.

The British Columbia Federation of Agriculture (BCFA) was established in 1936 as the British Columbia Chamber of Agriculture, assuming its present name in 1941. The federation represented local agricultural associations at a provincial level and liaised with public and national organizations on agricultural matters.

The records include the British Columbia Federation of Agriculture's constitution and by-laws, minutes and resolutions, correspondence, and briefs and submissions to the Royal Commission on Expropriation Laws and Procedures (the Clyne Commission). Subjects include the Pacific National Exhibition, freight rates, the Fraser Valley floods, and the expropriation of farmland.

Related records may be found in MS-1545 and MS-0669.

British Columbia Federation of Agriculture

Colonial Office correspondence with Hudson's Bay Co. with regard to Vancouver Island

This series consists of transcripts of correspondence with the Hudson's Bay Company relating to the conveyance, settlement, and reconveyance of Vancouver Island. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Volume 1: 1822-1851
Volume 2: 1852-1856.
Volume 3: 1856-1858
Volume 4: 1858-1860
Volume 5: 1860-1863
Volume 6: 1863-1880

Great Britain. Colonial Office

Commission on Agriculture records

  • GR-0324
  • Series
  • 1912-1914

This series consists of records of the Commission on Agriculture from 1912-1914, including, proceedings, record books, transcripts of evidence, tabulated evidence, statistical data, and returns by the assessors of the Province, showing persons assessed as owners of real property amounting to 5,000 acres or more.

British Columbia. Commission on Agriculture

Correspondence files ("O" series) with regard to Crown lands

  • GR-1441
  • Series
  • 1918-1985

This series contains microfilmed copies of O series correspondence files relating to the administration, management, conservation and development of Crown Lands and natural resources.

These correspondence files were microfilmed by the Lands Branch in 3 stages between 1955-1958, 1970-1975
and 1982-1986 resulting in 9 sets, or runs, of files. Many files are missing and researchers should go directly to the Ministry at for access to the originals when they are looking for specific complex issue files or those that may not have been microfilmed.

Many of the microfilm reels contain amendments or updates to previously filmed correspondence files. These amendments are usually found at the beginning of the reel and, except for the last three files on reel B10989, are not noted on the file list.

Summarized within the finding aid are the three microfilming projects. For reels between B10918 and B10989 that were microfilmed in 1986, the lowest file number beginning a sequence may represent the start of a new range of file numbers, an amendment or update, or a file filmed out of numeric order. Check these last 72 reels carefully because many files were filmed out of numeric order.

British Columbia. Lands Branch

Correspondence files with regard to Crown lands

  • GR-1440
  • Series
  • 1872-1918

This series contains correspondence files relating to the administration, management, conservation, and development of Crown Lands and natural resources.

British Columbia. Lands Branch

Correspondence index to lands files

  • GR-0993
  • Series
  • 1980

The series consists of indexes to correspondence files relating to the administration of Crown lands and natural resources. The records were created in 1980 from a computer print-out of various departmental indexes and includes references to files created by various branches of the Dept. of Lands and Works (1872-1908), the Dept. of Lands (1908-1945), the Dept. of Lands and Forests (1945-1962), the Dept. of Lands, Forest and Water Resources (1962-1975) and the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing. It provides access to active, microfilmed and obsolete O series files and pre-1918 files.

The records consist of one subject index and two lists which can be used to identify and locate Lands Correspondence files. They are not comprehensive, as they do not cover all the correspondence files created between 1871 and 1986.

The index and lists may be used to locate a file number for a subject area of interest, or to determine the subject of a file when only the number of the file is known.

Note that a listing in these documents does not necessarily mean that the file is held at the BC Archives. Many active files remain with the Crown Land Registry.

British Columbia. Surveys and Land Records Branch

Court decisions and exhibits

  • GR-0607
  • Series
  • 1903-1904

This series consists of printed records relating to the following court cases: the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia versus Theodore Ludgate, and the Attorney General of the Dominion of Canada regarding ownership of Deadman's Island, Burrard Inlet.

Records include Attorney-General vs. Ludgate report by Robert Cassidy to the Attorney General for British Columbia on the appeal of the Dominion of Canada from the 1901 judgment of Martin, J. (Queen's Printer, 1904, 7 p.). The series also includes various exhibits and other records, such as exhibit 6, "Extracts from blue book containing papers relating to the affairs of British Columbia, 1859-1864" (pp. 307-307(81)); "Evidence before Full Court in addition to that taken at trial" and Exhibits V,W,X,Y (pp. 366-430); reasons for judgment of Chief Justice Gordon Hunter, Justice M.W. Tyrwhitt Drake, and Justice P. A. Irving (pp. 431-445); and B.C. Supreme Court decisions (pp. 446-449). Box 2 contains several duplicates of pp. 307-307(81) and pp. 366-450.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Indigenous petitions for Reserves sent to Governor Musgrave

  • GR-4213
  • Series
  • 1870

This series consists of several letters and petitions from various First Nations to Governor Musgrave requesting Reserves be formally set aside and surveyed to protect their village sites and cultivated fields from being stolen by settlers. The information on the petitions was recorded by Revered P. Durien in 1870, who then sent them to the Governor. Each petition records each Chief's name and mark.

Each petition includes annotations and comments added by the Governor and other government representatives, as well as draft responses approving the survey of Reserves.

The petitions relate to the following First Nations and village sites in the Fraser Canyon and Harrison River areas: Fort Yale, Tsenes, Tsiam, Stectelen, Showamel, Twaous, Fort Yale, Choualp, Katlatle, Skokem, Skazir, Boston Bar, Spuzzum, Fort Hope, Burrard Inlet, Shely and Larawe [all names have been transcribed exactly from the records].

British Columbia (Colony). Governor (1869-1871 : Musgrave)

Legal opinions offered by Attorney General

  • GR-1459
  • Series
  • 1864-1879

This series contains legal opinions offered by Attorney General on a wide range of subjects. For more information on the subjects covered, please consult the attached finding aid.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

List of lands advertised to be sold for delinquent taxes, Ashcroft district

  • GR-0037
  • Series
  • 8 Oct 1902

The series consists of a volume probably created by the Government Agent in Ashcroft on behalf of the Dept. of Lands and Works. The volume contains a list of lands to be sold in October 1902 for non-payment of taxes and includes the name of the party assessed, the description of the land, the amount due, to whom sold and the signature of the new purchaser.

British Columbia. Government Agent (Ashcroft)

Report on certain areas of the law relating to Indians in British Columbia

  • GR-1439
  • Series
  • 1975-1976

This series contains a report written in 1975, giving an overview of certain areas of the law relating to Indians in British Columbia, concentrating on Indian hunting, trapping and fishing, but also including material on a constitutional outline, the issue of Aboriginal Rights in British Columbia, Treaty Rights, Applicability of Provincial Laws on Reserves, miscellaneous notes and conclusions. The report includes a table of cases, a 1976 addendum, and references.

British Columbia. Fish and Wildlife Branch