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Liquor traffic--British Columbia

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Liquor traffic--British Columbia

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Liquor traffic--British Columbia

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Aileen Lonsdale interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], [196-] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Aileen Lonsdale was born in the Washington Territory and moved around all her childhood; moved to Wolf Creek in 1909. She describes what was happening in Wolf Creek when she moved there, inc...

Alfred Bryant interview

CALL NUMBER: T0623:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1966-08-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Alfred Bryant recalls some of his childhood experiences settling near Soda Creek and homesteading in Tatla Lake with his family, 1919 to 1928. Mr. Bryant disc...

Angelo Branca interview : [Itter & Marlatt, 1977]

CALL NUMBER: T2619:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Strathcona neighbourhood : the Italian community PERIOD COVERED: 1896-1920 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1977-02-14 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Angelo Branca discusses background and childhood: father in gold...

Beer license files

  • GR-0048
  • Series
  • 1941-1954

The series consists of beer license files relating to hotel beer parlors in British Columbia, created between 1941 and 1954. Files contain correspondence, blue-prints, annual and follow-up inspectors' reports, police reports and other documen...

British Columbia. Liquor Control Board

Charles Sumner Whitten interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1968 SUMMARY: TRACK 1 & 2: Mr. Charles Whitten describes the road from Resplendent to Tete Jeune Cache; the Foley, Welch and Stewart boats; a description of Tete Jeune; prohibition and bootlegging; railway work at...

Commission Regarding Campaign Funds (1927)

  • GR-0872
  • Series
  • 1927

This commission resulted from a Dominion Royal Commission into customs matters which revealed that liquor interests had made large contributions to the campaign funds of both political parties in British Columbia. This matter was investigated fur...

British Columbia. Commission Regarding Campaign Funds (1927)

Commission on the Allegations of John A. Gauthier (1927)

  • GR-0874
  • Series
  • 1923-1927

The commissioner, Supreme court Justice Mr. Aulay Morrison, was appointed to investigate allegations made by former liquor broker John Alphons Gauthier who imputed improper conduct to the Minister of Public Works, W.H. Sutherland, and alleged that...

British Columbia. Commission on the Allegations of John A. Gauthier

Commission on the Kelowna Police (1929)

  • GR-0903
  • Series
  • 1929-1930

The commissioner, Lindley Crease K.C., was appointed to inquire into accusations made by Provincial Police Constable Paul Corrigan of Kelowna Police and into accusations by members of the Kelowna Police against Corrigan. Commission records consis...

British Columbia. Commission on the Kelowna Police (1929)

Correspondence and petition re Vancouver liquor traffic

  • GR-0273
  • Series
  • 1909

The file consists of Attorney-General correspondence file 12/09. It contains a file of signatures on a petition to Messrs. Hon. Bowser, J.F. Ford, A.H. MeGowan, G.A. McGuire, J.F. Garden and Hon. R.G. Tatlow, Members of the British Columbia Le...

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Heritage theatre : Rum-running

SUMMARY: "Heritage Theatre" was a series of short historical plays set in the Vancouver environs. These vignettes illustrate some of the significant events and interesting episodes from Vancouver's earliest ti;mes. First broadcast i...

Index to letters inward

  • GR-3633
  • Series
  • 1919-1972

The series consists of an incomplete card index created by the Liquor Control Board between 1919 and 1972 to register incoming letters.. The cards index the letters inward to the Liquor Control Board (and its predecessor body Prohibition Commissi...

British Columbia. Liquor Control Board

Liquor Control Board correspondence and licence files

  • GR-0770
  • Series
  • ca.1925-1954

The series consists of selected Liquor Control Board (LCB) correspondence files, club licence files, and beer licence files created between 1925 and 1954.The correspondence files are arranged by LCB file number and include records relating to the ...

British Columbia. Liquor Control Board

Liquor Control Board inspector files

  • GR-0052
  • Series
  • 1931-1955

The series consists of Liquor Control Board inspector files relating to inspections of hotels and other licenced facilities throughout the province. The files were created and maintained by the Liquor Control Board in the Victoria office between ...

British Columbia. Liquor Control Board

Liquor Inquiry Commission (1969)

  • GR-0560
  • Series
  • 1969-1970

Established by OIC 278 on 31 January 1969 the commission was to reference the 1952 Liquor Inquiry Commission and then further review the laws governing the distribution, sale, and consumption of spiritous, vinous and malt liquors in British Columb...

British Columbia. Liquor Inquiry Commission

Prohibition files

  • GR-1425
  • Series
  • 1917-1926

Prohibition files consisting of rulings; bi-monthly reports from Fort George, Hazelton, Peace River, Prince Rupert, and Vancouver districts and 'A' Division, Victoria district; convictions and certificates of conviction; inspection of dr...

British Columbia. Superintendent of Police

Responsible service of alcohol

The item consists of an informational video created in 1989 for the Liquor Control Board, which uses dramatic reenactments that show the importance of serving alcohol responsibility. It is aimed at servers and businesses involved in the industry.

Robert Naughty interview

CALL NUMBER: T1793:0001 PERIOD COVERED: 1920-1945 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1975 SUMMARY: Robert Naughty immigrated to Vancouver after the First World War. His father came out before the war and was an officer with the Union Steamship Company. D...

Rum Row as seen from the rum tender M.V. Hickey

The item consists of a video copy of R.F.H. Reed's ca.1932 amateur film showing a rum-running expedition from Victoria to "Rum Row" off the California coast. The video depicts details of the run made by the ship M.V. "Malahat...

Rum-running interviews : tape 1

RECORDED: [location unknown], [1967-1968] SUMMARY: The first of two audio reels containing interviews recorded by Ron Burton with individuals involved in rum-running (smuggling of liquor) into the United States from British Columbia during the Pro...

Rum-running interviews : tape 2

SUMMARY: The second of two audio reels containing interviews recorded by Ron Burton with individuals involved in rum-running (smuggling of liquor) into the United States from British Columbia during the Prohib;ition years in the U.S. (1919-1933).;

Scrapbooks of liquor-related newspaper clippings

  • GR-0062
  • Series
  • 1921-1963

The series consists of 37 scrapbooks created by the Liquor Control Board between 1921 and 1963. The 37 volumes contain clippings about liquor related matters from various newspapers (mostly from British Columbia) and some photographs of liquor st...

British Columbia. Liquor Control Board

Supervisors of Assessors and Agencies files

  • GR-0879
  • Series
  • 1909

Files kept by R. Ross Napier in his capacity as Supervisor of Assessors and Government Agencies. Also contains files on special projects; Merville fire relief, Lang Bay, Britannia Beach flood relief, and investigations of Liquor Board and refugees...

British Columbia. Supervisor of Assessors and Agencies


Letter from the Canadian Temperance Federation to the administration of an unidentified university; petition of West Vancouver residents to the Liquor Control Board; copy of letter from Mary Reeve to the Hon. H.H. Stevens concerning a mouse in her...

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