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Experimental film. Perhaps the first experimental film made in British Columbia, this short uses found footage, painted and scratched emulsion, negative and reversed images, chaotic camera movements, and holes punched in the frame and filled with ...

Beverly and Jim Nicholson interview

RECORDED: Brooklin (Ont.), 1988-10-16 SUMMARY: A.D. Kean's daughter and son-in-law relate anecdotes about A.D. Kean, Mrs. Kean, and the Kean family's life in Toronto and Bowmanville. The voice of Fraser D. Kean is also heard. Recorded at...

Charlie Edgar interview

RECORDED: Fort Macleod (Alta.), 1988-10-03 SUMMARY: Mr. Edgar, a onetime member of the RNWMP and former mayor of Fort Macleod, Alberta, recalls his involvement as an actor and advisor during the filming of A.D. Kean's POLICING THE PLAINS near...

David Rimmer interview [1969-1970] : parts 1-5

CALL NUMBER: T4298:0002 track 2 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): David Rimmer interview : part 3 SUMMARY: An interview with Vancouver filmmaker David Rimmer. (cont'd from T4298:0003 track 2);CALL NUMBER: T4298:0003 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): David ...

David Rimmer interview [ca. 1976] : part 2 and 3

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): David Rimmer interview [ca. 1976] : part 2 & 3 RECORDED: [location unknown], [ca. 1976] SUMMARY: Vancouver filmmaker David Rimmer discusses the breakup of Intermedia; teaching film; influences upon films; theories ab...

Douglas S. Wilson collection

  • PR-2232
  • Collection
  • 1938-1955 , 1969 , 1981

The collection mainly consists of copies of several short films by Oscar and Dorothy Burritt. The Burritts were film enthusiasts and amateur filmmakers who lived in Vancouver until 1947. Oscar C. Burritt also worked as a professional cinematograph...

Wilson, Douglas S.

Ernest Dixon interview

RECORDED: Fort Macleod (Alta.), 1988-10-03 SUMMARY: Mr. Dixon discusses his family's property on the Oldman River east of Fort Macleod, Alberta, where he and his brothers erected two stockades for the filming of A.D. Kean's POLICING THE ...

Fraser Kean and Robert Kennedy interview

PERIOD COVERED: ;1927;-;1961 RECORDED: Oakville (Ont.), 1988-10-15 SUMMARY: A.D. Kean's son and brother-in-law discuss Kean's activities in Toronto and vicinity, including his work as a feature writer for the Toronto Daily Star and Star ...

Goldie and Gwen Vanderburgh interview

PERIOD COVERED: ;1932;-;1954 RECORDED: Perth (Ont.), 1988-10-22 SUMMARY: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderburgh recall their friendship with A.D. Kean from 1932 to about 1954. Mr. Vanderburgh particularly recalls their shared interest in horses, and his own inv...

Jack Darcus interview : parts 1, 2 and 3

CALL NUMBER: T4298:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Jack Darcus interview : part 1 and 2 RECORDED: [location unknown], [1969-12-31 & ?] SUMMARY: An interview with Vancouver filmmaker Jack Darcus.;CALL NUMBER: T4298:0002 track 1 SUPPLIED TITLE ...

John Fremlin interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1988-10-30 SUMMARY: Mr. Fremlin, whose family owns the Flying U Ranch at Green Lake, B.C., discusses the history of the ranch and the life of rodeo champion Jack Boyd, who owned it ca.1920-1940. Boyd starred in A.D. ...

Leon Shelly interview

RECORDED: Toronto (Ont.), 1981-12-10 SUMMARY: Leon Shelly relates the history of his involvement in the British Columbia motion picture industry, 1936-1945; and discusses his motion picture production activities in Toronto, 1945-ca. 1953.;

Norman King interview

RECORDED: Golden (B.C.), 1983-12 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Horse freighting for local mines. Getting started in guiding in the 1930s. Class A licence. Advertised in Field and Stream. Minor horse troubles. Blaeberry River: pack trail, hunting c;abins,...

Oscar and Dorothy Burritt fonds

  • PR-1780
  • Fonds
  • 1938-1954

The fonds consists of the Burritt's films, which include footage of Vancouver events and places, as well as a completed documentary film called "Stanley Park" (Coast Films, 1939).

Burritt, Oscar C., 1908-1974

Stan Fox interview

CALL NUMBER: T4349:0001PERIOD COVERED: 1936-1946RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1988-06-20SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Family background. Fox grew up in Kitsilano area, studied English and history at UBC. Interest in photography began 1942; led to job with photog...

The grey fox : artists and their stories

Documentary. "ARTISTS AND THEIR STORIES is a 30 minute documentary profiling the story behind the making of THE GREY FOX. It includes extended interviews with Jackie Burroughs, who plays Kate Flynn, and screen writer John Hunter, as well as a...

Tom Braidwood & Kirk Tougas raps

RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1973-12-09 SUMMARY: Vancouver filmmakers Tom Braidwood and Kirk Tougas converse about filmmaking and about program material for the Pacific Cinematheque film study collection.;

West coast filmmaking : an historical sketch

RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1986-02-23 SUMMARY: In an illustrated lecture presentation at the Newcombe Auditorium, Dennis J. Duffy, author of "Camera West: British Columbia on Film, 1941-1965", discusses the history of filmmaking in Briti...