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Alexander Harris interview : [Orchard, 1965]

CALL NUMBER: T0345:0001 RECORDED: New Denver (B.C.), 1965-05-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Alexander Harris describes prospecting and mining in the Arrow and Kootenay Lakes area in the 1890s. His father, Joseph Harris, came to Slocan in 1896, established a ranch or farm that supplied vegetables and fruit to the mining camps. Alexander Harris' account includes stories about mining camp life, Orientals, travel on Arrow Lakes, and individual miners: Carpenter, Seighton, Monty; Davis, Martin Fry and Johnny Harris.

TRACK 2: He tells about the naming of mining towns in the area: New Denver, Three Forks, etc. The high school for the area was located on his father's ranch. He describes local culture, social activities, sports, as well as mining techniques, locating ore and equipment.

CALL NUMBER: T0345:0002 RECORDED: New Denver (B.C.), 1965-05-19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Rock drilling techniques and competitions are discussed. Mr. Harris continues his description of mining methods, ore extraction, transportation to the mills, such as aerial trams, use of horses, processing of ore at the mills, shipping and tailings. A Welsh choir on tour in Canada went bankrupt in the Slocan area and the men worked in the mines at Silverton and New Denver area to earn some money.

TRACK 2: This tape continues with discussions of the New Denver town site, buildings, water transportation, early roads, the Japanese evacuation, Slocan Lake, also known as Lucerne, the Valhalla Range, and New Denver's growth. Wildlife was depleted during the early years of these communities. Mr. Harris speaks about an early trip to the Kokanee Glacier, 1919; Theo Rankin, a local teacher; and his father and mother.

Alexander Harris interview : [Reimer, 1976]

CALL NUMBER: T0345:0003 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976 SUMMARY: [No content documentation available for this tape.]; CALL NUMBER: T0345:0004 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Reminiscences of Early New Denver and the Harris Ranch PERIOD COVERED: 1900-1955 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Harris describes: C.C.F. leaders, including Woodsworth, Coldwell and Dr. Telford, visiting J.C. Harris' ranch in New Denver; J.C. Harris running unsuccessfully in a provincial election; J.C. Harris' attitude towards unionism. Discusses personal background of A.L. Harris' mother, who was a very capable and adaptable person. Domestic details about J.C. Harris' ranch: Chinese cook, English maid, wash day, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, household appointments, flower gardens, wood gathering, small sawmill on Harris ranch. English source of J.C. Harris income. J.C. Harris a generous man. J.C. Harris' socialist philosophy. A.L. Harris takes over management of New Denver water system, 1929. Japanese live on ranch during WW II. Japanese gardens on ranch. Views on the Japanese deportation. TRACK 2: Quick acceptance of Japanese in New Denver. Poor housing conditions for Japanese. Arrival of Japanese at Harris ranch, 1942. Description of Japanese housing. Anecdotes about Japanese. Anecdote about William Davidson, MLA. Stories about Mr. Tanaka. Description of Japanese gardens on Harris ranch. Death of J.C. Harris, 1951.; CALL NUMBER: T0345:0005 - 0011 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976 SUMMARY: [No content documentation available for these seven tapes.]

[Alfred E. Booth footage : CBC sample reel]

Footage. Comprises eight unedited film items from the Alfred E. Booth collection.

  1. Cariboo scenes, ca. 1936: includes ranch scenes (Flying U Ranch?), river ferry, etc.
  2. B.C. interior scenes, ca. 1937-1945: includes buses, beer parlour interior, Kamloops Indian Residential School, fire trucks, steam train.
  3. Kelowna Regatta, ca. 1939: water sports, lifesaving class, "Ogopogo" replica, Okanagan scenery.
  4. Greenwood, ca. 1939: visiting baseball team on street with locals, mining scenes, old-timers, artist at work, scenery.
  5. Edgewood and Arrow Lakes area, ca. 1938: townsfolk, street scenes, etc.
  6. Cariboo scenes, ca. 1936 or 1939: guest ranch scenes (Flying U Ranch?), orchard, trail riding (or pack train?) scenes. 7. New Denver area scenes, ca. 1938-1939: ore refining [?], town scenes, fire hall, etc.
  7. Pier D fire, Vancouver, 27 July 1938: the fire (various angles), crowd of onlookers, fire crews and fireboats at work.

Correspondence and other material

Series consists of letters inward on business and personal affairs, 1907-1931 [A00942-A00944]; journals, 1903-1912, 1922-1926; cash books, 1907-1911, 1908-1912, 1922-1926; cash books, 1907-1911, 1908-1912; ledgers, 1927-1930, 1931-1935 [A00944].

Edith Greer interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1965-05-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Edith, Mrs. J.A. Greer, had lived in New Denver for her entire life except for a period of ten years when she lived in Sandon. She came from Manitoba as an infant. Her father, Samuel Burgess, was a labourer at the local lumber mills who came to New Denver because of the booming economy. She discusses some early settlers of New Denver: William Crop, Charlie Cook, J.C. Harris, fruit farmers; Dr. Jacob E. Brouse who built the hospital, 1898; and Tom Hoban, J.D. Smith, Tricket and C.F. Nelson, storekeepers. Recollections of Sandon in its boom days are included, with stories of Johnny Harris, one of the earliest residents, who staked the town and ran the Reco Hotel, owned mines, the light plant, and the waterworks, and had gardens. Trueman's photos of Sandon prior to the fire and after the fire of 1900 are discussed. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Gordon Sutherland interview

CALL NUMBER: T4135:0002 PERIOD COVERED: 1890-1975 RECORDED: Robson (B.C.), 1983-10-13 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Biographical information; came to the Kootenays in 1906; money scare in Nova Scotia; harvest excursion from Pictou County and price; landed in Nelson; Parker Williams hiring hall; Paulsen logging camp; paid $1.00 for job; left Paulsen camp with filer; wages; Winlaw's camp; hand logging; gyppo logging explained; tie and pole camps; camp hours; hours on boats; room and board; food in Paulsen camp; mining and hazards; New Denver mine and conditions; anecdote about quitting New Denver mine; Silicosis; railroad work; Leary's pole yard; Sandon in 1915 and unemployment; labourer's work conditions; prospecting for molibdonite; working boats at Pingston Creek; forced enlistment into the army; lobster fishing off Nova Scotia; Molson Bank, Revelstoke, owned Pingston Creek; working for Leary's on boats; Waldie Lumber Co. in 1931; anecdote about writing exam for skippers ticket; anecdote about colour blindness test. TRACK 2: Colour blindness test; relief in Nakusp; anecdote about being hired by Waldie's; Waldie's mill shut down in winter; part time fork in winter; relief in Nakusp, conditions and pay; [tugboat] "Elco I" in 1916; marriage. [During last 20 minutes of this tape, Mr. Sutherland is referring to photo album.] Building the M.V. "G.O. Sutherland"; Arrow Lakes poles; Beaton; "Elco II"; fuel and drive train; 1914 trip back to Nova Scotia; in charge the "Irene" in 1914; skating on lakes; demise of the "Elco II"; One Big Union membership at Pingston Creek. CALL NUMBER: T4135:0003 RECORDED: Robson (B.C.), 1983-10-13 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Bunks in logging camps; furnished own blankets; One Big Union dues turned in to Trout Lake secretary; anecdote about Trout Lake OBU dues scandal; Seaman's Guild; white sheets in lumber camps; WWII effects on unions; joined union at Waldie's in 1931; Sammy Stewart returning officer; anecdote about Depression years; Waldie's "reasonably honest"; free lumber for community halls; Waldie's camp operations; gyppo logging; Imperial Bank buys Molson's Bank; houseboat on S.S. "Kootenay"; anecdote about selling home during Depression; more discussion of pictures in photo album; stable employment on the CPR; lumber and logging operations that went broke; pay in lumber and shingles one year. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Hotel registers, account books and other material

Hotel registers, 1912-1939, 1949-1950 (13 vols.); dining room and bar account book, 1912-1917, 1917-1930 (contains accounts for St. James hotel dining room and bar, 1917-1930); bar ledger (New Market Hotel?), 1912-1915.

New Market Hotel (New Denver, B.C.)

Insurance plan No. 5 : New Denver

Item consists of one bound album measuring 33 x 55 cm. It contains three fire insurance plans for New Denver, BC. Maps represent the community of New Denver "situated at north end Slocan Lake (east shore)". They were created by the British Columbia Fire Underwriters' Association and are dated April 1928. Two paper labels adhered to the inside front cover include a "Key of signs" as adopted May 1, 1927 and note "Plan no. 5" and that the plan was loaned to "Mr. Hugh Nelson".

Fire Insurance plans and atlases are large-scale (high resolution) urban maps which grew out of the need of fire insurance underwriters to understand the physical characteristics of a structure to be insured. These maps show, with detailed colour drawings and symbols, the character of the construction of buildings, passages, probable fire cut-offs, fire walls, openings in walls, height and occupancy or use of individual buildings or groups of buildings. Street widths, street addresses, property lines, water pipes or mains, and fire hydrants are also typically located on the maps. Although fire insurance plans stopped being produced in the 1970s and have long outlived their primary function, they continue to act as important source material.

Joseph Colebrook Harris personal papers

Personal correspondence; letters to editors; essays, articles and lectures; poems and songs, most of which reflect Harris' socialist viewpoint.

For ease of retrieval, since some essays duplicate letters to editors, only those items which are specifically addressed to an editor are considered letters to editors; these are filed in chronological order. Those items not specifically addressed to an editor are considered essays and are arranged alphabetically by title.

Harris, Joseph, 1871-1951

Kootenay west

Travelogue. From Osoyoos to Trail and Nelson by the Southern Trans-Provincial Highway. Footage includes: Cominco smelter; the sternwheeler "Minto" on the Arrow Lakes and at Castlegar; Kootenay River power station; lumbering scenes; car ferry on Kootenay Lake; and Nelson scenes (including the Curling Bonspiel parade).

[Kootenay-Boundary area] : [footage and out-takes]

Footage. Shows various communities and activities in southeastern B.C. Several shots of a hydro-electric dam (possibly Bonnington Falls on the Kootenay River). Nakusp lakefront, with the retired sternwheeler "Bonnington" at dock; local residents, streets and buildings (Arrow Lake Hotel, Arrow Lakes Hospital); a sawmill. Brief shot of sternwheeler "Minto" approaching dock. Edgewood General Store. Lake fishing; resort. Parade and sports day in Salmo (joint Dominion Day and Independence Day celebration?), with long sequence showing a performance by a uniformed girls' drill team. Main street of Greenwood, where a baseball team warms up and poses with locals. A nearby mining community (probably Phoenix), with mining operation and many dilapidated buildings; residents and a bearded old timer pose for the camera. Scenery with river and waterfall (possibly Cascade Falls on the Kettle River?). New Denver Fire Hall.

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