Asians--British Columbia



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  • LCSH. Previously Orientals in British Columbia (GR and MS subject headings).

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  • See also under Chinese, Japanese, East Indians, etc.

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Asians--British Columbia

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Asians--British Columbia

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Asians--British Columbia

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Correspondence and papers

Series consists of Alderman Wilson's correspondence and papers pertaining to his anti-Oriental stand during the years 1938-1942. It also includes papers, briefs and pamphlets concerning the Oriental situation in British Columbia and the West Coast of North America; school exercise book containing Sunday School picnic accounts and church camp accounts for various years during the 1930s.

Minutes of the B.C. Conference of the United Church

Series consists of typed minutes recording the thirteenth British Columbia Conference of the United Church of Canada held in 1954, through to the thirty-fourth conference held in 1958. As well as the regular minutes of conferences, this series includes appendices which contain special reports to Conference of secular and ecclesiastical items of contemporary interest.

This accession consists of the typewritten minutes and appendices for the British Columbia Conferences of the United Church of Canada from the Thirtieth Conference in 1954 to the Thirty-Fourth Conference in 1958. The Thirtieth Conference minutes also can be found in MS-2693. The appendices contain the complete reports submitted to Conference, often reflecting the Church's concern with secular societal problems such as unemployment, alcoholism and liquor abuse and nuclear energy. The minutes of the Thirty-Fourth Conference in 1958 have no appendix but the Report of the Executive acts in its stead.

Obituaries of clergy are found in the appendices by year.

Presbyterian Church in Canada. Synod of British Columbia.

Printed minutes of the Synod of British Columbia for the years 1902 to 1925 inclusive, except for 1904, 1905, 1906 when the two western provinces combined to form the Synod of British Columbia and Alberta, reverting to individual provincial synods in 1907. The minutes include officers of Synod, Rolls of Synod, brief committee reports on ecclesiastical and secular issues, and obituaries, as well as regular business. These minutes are the precursor of the minutes of the British Columbia Conference of the United Church of Canada which commence in 1925.

Presbyterian Church in Canada. British Columbia Synod

Price Ellison papers

Correspondence, accounts, agreements, an indenture and newspaper clippings.

Price Ellison was born in England in 1851. In 1873 he left England for North America. After travelling across the United States from Boston to California he finally moved to Canada and settled in Vernon in 1876. He purchased large amounts of land on which he raised cattle and grew wheat. In 1884 he married Sophie Johnson, Vernon's first school teacher.

Price Ellison entered provincial politics in 1898 when he was elected in the riding of Yale East. He was elected in the same riding as a Conservative in 1903. In 1909 he entered the Cabinet, holding the post of Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works. A year later he became Minister of Finance and Agriculture. He was defeated in the 1916 provincial election.

Ellison, Price, 1852-1932