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Telegraph Passage (B.C.) 1
Telkwa (B.C.) 22
Telkwa River (B.C.) 2
Ten Mile Lake (B.C.) 2
Terrace (B.C.) 52
Terzaghi Dam (B.C.)
  • 'E end of Carpenter Lake at outlet to Bridge River, NW of Lillooet, Lillooet Land District... 'Formerly known as the Mission Dam; 180-foot-high earthfill construction, completed in 1960. Renamed 8 September 1965 by BC Hydro and Power Authority during the 6th Conference of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, held at Montreal. After Dr. Karl Terzaghi (1883-1963), internationally known engineer who, in 1921, developed the basic principles of modern soil mechanics; he was the principle consulting engineer during design and contruction of the Mission Dam (excerpts with photo of Karl Terzaghi and aerial photo of Terzaghi Dam in BC Hydro magazine 'Progress', Fall 1965, file G.1.36) '[Terzaghi Dam] adopted 27 May 1975 on 92J/NE as an established name. Source: BC place name cards, or correspondence to/from BC's Chief Geographer or BC Geographical Names Office
Tetachuck (B.C.) 2
Tete Jaune (B.C.) 10
Tetsa River (B.C.) 1
Texada Island (B.C.) 19
Texas 2
Texas Creek (B.C.) 2
The Barrier (B.C.) 1
The Black Tusk (B.C.) 6
The Bugaboos (B.C.) 5
The Chasm (B.C.) 2
The Gorge (Esquimalt-Saanich-Victoria, B.C.) 54
The Hoodoos (B.C.) 2
The Table (B.C.) 1
Theodosia Arm (B.C.) 1
Theodosia Island (B.C.) 1
Thetis Island (B.C.) 7
Thetis Lake (B.C.) 7
Thompson Region (B.C.) 50
Thompson River (B.C.) 26
Thompson's Crossing (B.C.) 2
Thompson-Nicola Region (B.C.) 3383
Thornhill (B.C.) 1
Three Sisters Islands (B.C.) 2
Three Valley Gap (B.C.) 7
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