Porcher Island (B.C.)



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Porcher Island (B.C.)

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Porcher Island (B.C.)

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Porcher Island (B.C.)

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James Flynn interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): James Flynn recounts his life in Northern B.C. from 1910 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: James Flynn talks about his experiences in northern B.C. from 1910. He was born in Newfoundland in 1888. He offers his reasons for leaving Newfoundland in 1903, coming out west in 1907; arri;vied in Prince Rupert in 1910, working for the Grand Trunk Railroad and Prince Rupert Waterworks. He describes Price Rupert as it was in 1910, going to Stewart in 1911, working on the telegraph to the; Nass country in 1910-1911, prospecting, starting a farm on Porcher Island, fishing on the Skeena in 1914, logging near Port Clements on the Queen Charlotte Islands in 1914, working on a pile driver and an accident is described in detail, an incident while working on a logging camp, harvest in Alberta, trapping on Nass River. One incident of burning down a telegraph cabin by accident is recalled. TRACK 2: Flynn continues with the incident: rebuilding the cabin, getting injured on the trap line, farming in the Nass, settlement on Porcher Island, settlers at Alice Arm, Captain John Irving's place there, the "Esperanza", life as a prospector near Alice Arm from the mid 1940s to the date of the interview and miscellaneous rambling comments about Alice Arm.

John Bergman (Sr.) interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): John Bergman Sr. : Oona River, 1910-1970s PERIOD COVERED: 1910-1970s RECORDED: Oona River (B.C.), [1972?] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: John Bergman Sr. discusses leaving Sweden (1910), his journey to Canada, traveling to Prince Rupert and problems encountered during his search for a pre-emption on Porcher Island. He recalls ;his first impressions of Oona River, other residents (1911), his pre-emption, settling in, employment at Anyox (Granby) Mine, gardening, his work for 30 years in commercial fishing, trolling (1917), fish prices, changes in Oona River, his lifestyle and compares gill netting and trolling. TRACK 2: John Bergman Sr. continues with recollections of his fishing career and the fishing industry. He dis;cusses changes in the Oona River settlement, effects of WWI, the first school, community life in a remote area, social life, problems with logging work and contracts, getting married, improvements in the Oona River community, and changes in population.

John Bergman (Sr.) interview : [continued]

RECORDED: [location unknown], [1972?] SUMMARY: John Bergman, Sr., talks about life, logging, etc., at Oona River. This tape is a continuation of the interview with Bergan that begins on T1398:0001.

Michael Trocha interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Michael Trocha : teaching in small communities in B.C. - experiences at Oona River PERIOD COVERED: 1958-1972 RECORDED: Oona River (B.C.), 1972 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Michael Trocha speaks about coming to Oona River to teach, his first impressions, Oona River compared to the Peace River region, people of the town and the community atmosphere. He relates his teaching activities in a one-room school, his students' backgrounds, children's winter activities, the problems with student enrolment and the declining population. The establishment of the 2 local ;communities (c.1910), early schooling, the school building (1913), local weather and wildlife is also discussed. TRACK 2: Michael Trocha recalls his sighting of trumpeter swans at Oona River, other wildlife on Porcher Island, an encounter with a wolf, sea life and outdoor activities. He speaks about his background, coming to Canada, his life in Germany, qualifying as a teacher and various jobs.

Oona River : I know an island : [master version]

SUMMARY: TRACK 1: "Oona River: I Know an Island" is a sound program, narrated by Imbert Orchard, on the history and people of Oona River on Porcher Island. The program includes the voices of: Michael Trocha, who provides a physical description; John Bergman, who speaks about his early days in the community and his livelihood; community residents talking about Oona River; and Michael Trocha commenting on the school and education. TRACK 2: The program continues with Michael Trocha speaking about the history of the community; residents commenting about local activities; Christine Fossum recalling a Christmas play; men of the community discussing logging, Columbia Cellulose, fishing and the future; Michael Trocha relating some wildlife encounters; and Ralph Edwards talking about his trip to Ottawa and receiving the Order of Canada.

Ralph Edwards interviews, 1966 and [197-]

CALL NUMBER: T2118:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1966-08-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Ralph Edwards is a pilot who recalls his arrival in Lonesome Lake. He begins by describing his family background; his settling at Lonesome Lake from 1907 to 1912, including a description of the area; the process of making his home and life, and helping to build a telegraph line and other jobs. TRACK 2: Mr. Edwards continues by describing his early married life; more on settlement ;there; his interest in flying; earning his pilots license in 1952; an account of one of his forced landings; and his care of the trumpeter swans.

CALL NUMBER: T2118:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1966-08-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Edwards continues with more on trumpeter swans; grizzly bears; a bear story; and his pilot's license. [TRACK 2: blank.]

CALL NUMBER: T2118:0003 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Ralph Edwards at Oona River RECORDED: [location unknown], [197-] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Note: This tape is labeled "Ralph Edwards at Oona River", and is from a later date than the previous three tracks. Ralph Edwards describes being too old to keep flying; he tried to go to the; Yukon to farm, but was not received kindly, so he decided to start a homestead at [Oona River?] in 1966. Experiences flying in the interior; the hospitality of Karl Bergman; Mr. Edward's stint as a commercial fisherman; trumpeter swans; his airplane, including an accident and the sale of it. TRACK 2: Mr. Edwards describes receiving an award from the Governor General award in Ottawa in 1972 for ;his work with swans; and selling his ranch in 1966 to Robert Taylor.